Simple Question. I think. Plus a blog topic.

It seems like there's a lot of guys coming through NXT these days. But there's not a lot of room on the main roster for them to come up and take.

Which five guys would you take off the roster and why? (By either firing them or what have you. Letting Miz work for Stephanie in the charity division or whatever she does, for example.) and who would you replace them with from NXT? (They don't need to have the same type of role.)

​There's TONS of room on the main roster!  They have 5 hours of first run TV to fill every week, plus another 2 hours of C-shows.  It's just that they have expenses cut so far back that they can't splurge for enough guys to actually fill all the TV time without using Kane and Big Show 17 times per episode.  Just look at the Royal Rumble this year and how thin that was.  
That being said, I'd fire Dolph Ziggler because he's pretty much hit his ceiling and could use a tour of the indies to learn that WWE isn't the only option.  Get rid of Zack Ryder because they never use him anyway and he could make a better living on his own.  Get rid of the Ascension because DUH.  And I'd fire a Diva, say, Alicia Fox just because.  Replace them with Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Enzo/Cass (only as a unit, however) and Sasha Banks, all of whom are beyond ready for the main roster.  ​

Simple Annoyance

Does it bother you as much as it bothers me that whenever a WWE Superstar leaves the ring…they always have to walk backwards and look at their opponent while their opponent looks back and them and attempts to appear angry?  Just walk the fuck away.

​Yeah, well that's a WWE thing that they teach in NXT along with always working to the hard camera and a billion other stupid little things that no one used to care about but now get hardwired into them.  Goddamned indy geeks, with all their bad habits like going for a pin opposite of the hard camera. Fuckers.  

Simple Moves

Here’s a random one for discussion: what simple, well known wrestling moves could be dusted off and repurposed as someone’s finisher today? My two picks are the belly to back suplex and the hangman’s neckbreaker. The belly to back because it can seem at least as effective as an Angle Slam or a Shellshock, and because it seems like a lot of people try to label simple belly to backs as Backdrop Drivers, which makes them seem much more vicious. And the hangman’s neckbreaker because it seems like a move that should be thought of as legit devastating but got weakened due to overuse, and because it seems much less common these days and is due for a comeback. Thoughts?

Simple Bret question

Hey Scott,

Knuckleberry Pinn from the blog here. I just have a specific question about Bret that surprisingly doesn't involve politics or Montreal.

Bret's pinfall covers involved him usually laying across the shoulders, but on many occasions, the commentators (especially Gorilla Monsoon) would talk about how nonchalant and uncharacteristic of Bret this was. Was there never any communication where one party could say to the other "your covers are coming across as lame, can you hook the leg?", or "this is how I've been taught to pin a guy, mind changing the commentary up?"

Thanks for the insight, and keep up all the great work.

That is a frighteningly specific question.  
OK, here's the deal with pinfalls, because Lance Storm was raging about the subject a few months ago.  Basically guys develop their own style from training onwards, and someone like Lance always tries to instill a sense of "realness" by getting his trainees to actually attempt to hold the shoulders down.  Lance made it sound like he was kind of beating his head against the wall trying to get people to change, so it's probably something very ingrained.  I too have noticed that Bret is pretty lax in his covers.   There is actually a psychology about it, in that you start with a simple press of the shoulders, and then move onto hooking the leg if that doesn't work, and then both legs, which gives you three pin attempts and makes it seem like a struggle.  
So there's your wacky discussion for the night.  

Simple Question

Hi Scott-

  Where does the phrase “let’s wait and see what happens / where it goes” come from?   I’ve seen it a lot lately.  Did I miss a quote from Vince or something?   Brian   No, the quote from Vince was "We're telling stories."  The "let it play out and see where it goes" thing was kind of the overwhelming battle cry of the "anti-smarks" on my blog and others, in response to everyone complaining about how things didn't pay off the way they wanted.  Specifically, it was in reference to the CM Punk v. Kevin Nash feud going on after Summerslam 2011, which everyone assumed was headed towards an endgame that made sense.  And of course, it did not.  But people continually dismissing criticisms of the whole stupid thing with "Well, just let it play out and see where it goes before you make any judgments!" got to be kind of a meme.