NOVA Pro Wrestling: Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Hey, they were back in my neighborhood, so I stopped by. DVDVR already reviewed this show, but I was there so I wanted to join in. As a note, I am reviewing the DVD of the show, to make sure I didn’t miss anything when taking notes. This show is available on SmartMarkVideo, and I cannot recommend it highly enough – as you’ll see, holding the show on Black Friday allowed for an all-star cast to show up.

From Fairfax, VA.

Your hosts are Kevin Ford and Emil Jay.

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GFW announces shows!

What a pair of barnburners.  Running shows for a 500 person crowd in a baseball stadium with Chris Masters on top and doing 13 weeks of TV tapings without a TV deal.  Clearly this is a company that has learned from TNA's numerous mistakes of the past and has decided to … uh, I forget.  

Global Force Wrestling to Start Filming TV Shows?

According to Mike Johnson of, the company is planning on holding TV tapings in Las Vegas. One source told Johnson that the tapings will occur at the beginning of May while another claims that the announcement will be made later this month for the tapings to start in July. When reached for comment, Jeff Jarrett declined to comment on this story and said that he would be happy to speak “once contracts in Vegas are signed.”

So it appears that GFW will be a promotion after all.

WCW TV Shows on WWE Network

Hi Scott

I was wondering if you had any idea when WWE plans on adding old WCW TV Shows like worldwide & Saturday night from the 80's onto the Network please?


​ ​


​Nope, and neither do they.  The really frustrating thing about the whole deal is that there's literally HUNDREDS of hours of those shows, plus Primetime Wrestling, that were cleaned up and digitized for WWE 24/7 and literally just need to be dumped onto the Network and indexed.  Since no one is buying a subscription for these shows except for, you know, exactly the kind of hardcore wrestling nerd they're trying to sell to, I don't know why they feel the need to withhold them.  
The best resource on updates and discussion of the Network I've found is the sub-Reddit for it, by the way:

​  There's a daily bot that updates new content and people chat about it there all the time. ​

Best TV wrestling shows

We were talking about it in another thread and I thought it might make for good discussion…What are some of your favorite/best Raw, Nitro, or ECW, tv episodes?

97 WWF and Nitros had some great ones.  A personal favorite is the Raw where they essentially reset everything after the Invasion, and bring in Flair as co-owner.


5 shows that would make the WWE network perfect

Hell, they're getting my money anyway but here are my 5 suggestions for the new network. From airing Georgia Championship Wrestling/WCW/WCW Saturday night episodes at 6:05 on Saturdays to "DDP Sober House," 

Jesus, is this WWE Network e-mails day or something?  Where's all the Daniel Bryan talk?  
I'm all about video game countdown shows on YouTube, and WWE's website geeks usually do an awesome job on them as it is.  

The look of the shows

Why the hell do all the shows look the same? It used to be that Raw and Smackdown had their own individual sets and rope colors. Even the ppv's use those lame ass white ropes. Are blue, red and even black ropes not considered PG?
Well, NXT looks different, but that's kind of a special case.  By the way, Hulu didn't put the new episode up tonight, so I dunno what's going on with that.  Usually they're up at midnight EST on the dot.  
Anyway, I think the sameness of the shows is for budgetary reasons, in that they have to tape Superstars/Main Event/Smackdown/Saturday Morning Slam/Ring Ka King all in one go a lot of times, and it's easier to change the graphics on the big screen and use a generic set of ropes and ring aprons rather than having to swap out entire sets from show to show.  Plus it gives the entire lineup a unified feel, which I can understand from a business standpoint.  
Now, my own pet peeve is that they haven't actually changed the basic look of any of the shows in 10 years, outside of Smackdown getting rid of the big fist, but that's another issue entirely.

TNA wants to tape 4 to 6 weeks of shows at once

in the Impact Zone

I seem to remember some other wrestling promotion taping over a month of TV at a time in Florida in the early 90's trying to save money. 

That sure worked out great for that company, so I'm sure it will do even better now that there are even easier ways to find out spoiler results for shows.  

Dude, you gotta stop sending me these shitty c&p site "news" stories.  I have an Observer subscription and Dave talks about this stuff in much more detail and with actual credibility.
TNA is trying to get into either the Impact Zone again, or a venue in Vegas, and they're actually leaning towards Vegas because they can possibly make some money off tourists there, although getting talent in and out for tapings might be a big holdup with that. Taping on the road is costing them tons of money for absolutely no benefit, and although I don't blame them for making a go of it, they really should have done some due diligence before making that kind of investment without a backup plan.  But they were dying at the Impact Zone and SOMETHING had to be done.  If they can survive doing 6 weeks of TV at a time to save money, good on them.  No one gives a shit about taped v. live TV anyway and only a small percentage of internet nerds even care about spoilers for those shows.  NXT is taped weeks in advance and I don't pay the least bit of attention to the tapings, so it's all new to me when I watch anyway.

Will TNA’s “Clash” shows help or hurt their PPV buys?


Hope you are having a wonderful summer weekend. With TNA just having Destination X on free TV and with Hardcore Justice on free TV as well, do you think it will help or hurt TNA's PPV buys? If they are putting "Clash" style shows on free TV for 6-8 months out of the year, why would the casual viewer care to order the PPV's the other 4 months? We got a World title change on free TV at Destination X and probably another one at Hardcore Justice. I just can't see TNA building up a stronger PPV consumer base with them giving away free World title matches on a monthly basis on TV. While I love the free shows, I think it would be better if they used that show as a "medium" to build stronger feuds heading into the PPV's. 


h, the 4 PPV model has been a disaster on several levels.  Buyrates didn't go up, and now Dixie Carter is claiming that the cost of taping all the replacement shows in one shot is the reason for their financial woes.  Plus the show has been pretty aimless without monthly PPVs to build towards.  Even if they had cut it down to 8 they would still have direction.  Now they've got the problem with Bound for Glory of building it with a giant tournament where you don't even know who the main contenders are going to be!  April – October is just WAY too long between shows.  That's a huge commitment to ask newer viewers to make.  

WWE Shows at Fairgrounds

Hello Mr. Keith.  A video you had on your wall not too long ago, and the comment you made about it, where the ring was outside on the grass and it was a safer bumping area for them, got me thinking….

Since the look of a wwe show is as stale as it has ever been, maybe a simple Raw or Smackdown in the summer Fair season, most likely at a Giant Known State Fairgrounds(Texas or NY), I think is an Idea worth exploring.  Besides the throwback to the Territory Days having these kind of shows, plenty of families(kids!) go to these fairs, and just the visual of a Match taking place with the Midway lit up at night in the background would be worth it.  Waddya think?

Sidenote: Wargames dvd review coming?  Keep up the good work and thank you

I've been saying for a while they should do ANYTHING differently.  A fairground would be awesome, like in the old JCP Bash days, or in a train station like the first few Shotgun Saturday Night shows, or when they had that arena problem in Denver I thought they should have set up the ring in the parking lot and ran a show like that.  Be dangerous!  
As for the Wargames, I already did the complete run for 24/7 a few years back so I don't really see the point in reviewing the DVD, but I'll repost that rant for people who might now have read it.  

WWE House Shows lately…


I came across this card at a house show that happened yesterday in Tennessee…


1. The Uso's beat The Prime Time Players.
2. Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater and Hunico in a Triple Threat match.
3. Curtis Axel defeated Sheamus by count out.
4. Layla and Alicia Fox beat A.J. Lee and Aksana.
5. The Great Khali defeated Jinder Mahal.
6. Alberto Del Rio defeated Big E Langston (w/Dolph Ziggler, A.J. Lee).

Is that not the WORST house show lineup you've seen in some time? Who the heck would PAY to see Big E vs. Del Rio VI? No stars. Looks like an episode of Superstars, and a bad one at that. I actually find this type of show insulting to the paying customers. Even if they are in a no name city, WWE should still send a couple stars. But maybe I'm overshooting here considering WWE has a very limited amount of stars today. 

But check out Curtis Axel continuing his awesome non-losing streak!  
Yeah, Dave was talking about the house show situation in the last Observer.  Basically they're wanting to groom someone to head up the B-Team to prevent situations like the above one.  Del Rio was supposed to be the guy but obviously that's not working, and now the plan appears to be CM Punk as the B headliner with Cena doing the A shows.   Here's the operative passage:
"But as noted before, Lesnar vs. Punk is an obvious direction but the wind is blowing toward Punk as the face. It looks like, if Orton goes heel, which has been the plan since late last year, that on the road, Team Orton may become Team Punk and Cena and Punk become the two house show headliners as faces. The feeling is they need a major face to lead each touring brand, and one of the reasons Orton hasn’t turned yet is because they didn’t think either Sheamus or Del Rio had gotten over enough to be that face, even though both at times were planned for the spot."
There was a show here in Saskatchewan with a card so bad I didn't even bother driving down to Regina for the cheap tickets, with something like Sheamus v. Wade Barrett as the main event.  They need to start downsizing to large halls like in the 90s again, because it's gonna get embarrassing.  

Fwd: old school wrestling tv shows

Hey Scott,
After reading about the crap of the pre-raw WWF tv tapings, what aspects would you bring back from the 1980s/early 1990s WWF/NWA TV shows? I always liked the weekly interview segments like the Brother Love Show and the pre-match promos that were in the corner of the TV because you can explain reasons for a feud in a few minutes not twenty. I also liked that the big stars especially Hulk Hogan were not wrestling on TV every week which made it very special when they did wrestle.

I have always considered NWA's weekly TBS show to be the perfect template of exactly what I want in a TV show.  Recap of a big angle to start, promo, squash, promo, squash, promo, Midnight Express, promo, hype upcoming big show, done.  Memphis was also much the same.  Early Monday Night RAW was probably #2.  I'd like to see more off-the-cuff promos, where someone wins a big match and then just talks themselves up or calls someone out.  Kind of like what UFC fighters do now, hmm?  

Post-Game Shows

Here in America, pre- and postgame roundtable discussions are very popular during sporting events. "NFL Today" on CBS, "Monday Night Football" on ESPN, "Sunday Night Football" on NBC, "MLB on Fox", "NBA Thursday" on TNT…these various shows feature a bunch of ex-players hyping the day's games and providing analysis. Every major sport in America has this; it's become a necessity for a broadcast. My question: how awesome would this be for WWE? You take the old Saturday morning recap format of something like "Live Wire" but have guys like Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Roddy Piper, Edge, JR, Stone Cold, etc. breaking down the previous or upcoming events. 
They could do interviews with wrestlers and add to the feud. Maybe JR asks Randy Orton why he decided to randomly attack Kane in the middle of "Raw." Then we're not left with inexplicable run-ins and feuds would actually make sense!
I think it'd really add something to the product and those guys could actually — gasp! — get guys over! Yeah, imagine how much more acceptable Miz would Miz have been if someone like HBK was talking him up? 
I haven't figured out the logistics to something like this and I'm not sure when it would air, but I guarantee it would get eyeballs. Hell, just replace that dumbass "NXT" show. Who wouldn't want to watch a half-hour or hour of guys we love doing analysis???

"Here in America"?  It's not like I live in Kazakhstan or something.  
Anyway, they actually have a pre-game show before RAW up here on the Score, because their broadcasting license prohibits them from showing more than (x) hours of live events per week and they're basically forced to show RAW on a 15-minute tape delay to get around that.  There's also a post-game show after Smackdown called Aftermath, where they break down the show and referee Jimmy Korderas answers questions and gives opinions and stuff.  It's a neat idea, actually, although there doesn't tend to be actual WWE talent involved in the show and it doesn't stray far from kayfabe.  Considering that WWE actually owns a pretty good chunk of the channel you'd think they would send more guys who aren't doing anything.