15 Mug Shots of arrested WWE Superstars (this is what a google search can find Triple H…)


It's interesting looking through these mug shots, keeping in mind Triple H's concerns about WWE fans finding inappropriate results if they searched for Chyna….Apparantly being a porn star is worse than violence against woman, drink driving and murder

I'm just disappointed that they left the curveball hanging with the Big Show slide.  Arrested for indecent exposure but released due to "insufficient evidence"?  That punchline writes itself!  Bunch of amateurs.   

The 10 Greatest Wrestler Glamour Shots of All Time

Hey Scott,
I don't know what to say about this. I'll just say it involves pictures of the Fabulous Ones. If you still want to click, you do so at your own risk.

You know what's sad/funny is that I got about halfway through that list and I was thinking "Man, if this guy thinks these PICTURES look gay, he should see the VIDEOS they used to put out." and then we got to the end of the list and I laughed even harder as a result.
Just think — Skinner used to be half of a cheesecake babyface team.