Filmmaker shoots wrestling match like a fight scene in a movie and it’s awesome


I hope this message finds you well. I’m a filmmaker that shot a pro wrestling match like a fight scene in a movie. I’m sharing it with you in hopes that you’ll share it with your audience. I’ve included a press release and some behind the scenes photos as well. Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please let me know. Thank you!

​I like that the clickbait title was already there in the e-mail. Obviously a man who knows what he’s doing!​

Press Release.pdf

Randy Savage/Crush Summit: Savage shoots on Hogan

 So I am watching the Monday Night Raw episode on the WWE Network where Crush turns heels and attacks Randy Savage, because Crush says Savage turned his back on him because he didn’t save him from Yokozuna a while back. During the episode, Savage makes a Comment how he friendship went down the drain with Hulk Hogan. And he also made the comment how Hogan is an backstabber, big ego and how Hogan thought of himself as God but there’s only one God. This seems like an shoot from Savage and not something Vince told him to say.

​I dunno, sounds like something Vince would say by my reckoning.  But as noted a few days back, Hogan and Savage had a really bizarre relationship and they were definitely in the "hate" portion of it in 1993.  ​

WWE Shoots

Inspired by the Big Show interview topic (, I got a question for you:

Do you think WWE would ever consider releasing shoot interviews of their own wrestlers (past and present, perhaps. More so past, i'm guessing)?

And do you think it'd make money?

It just seems like shoot interviews are fairly popular amongst the IWC, and I feel there's some money on the table there. I understand there's some topics they might steer clear from, but that's the beauty of it for WWE – they only ask the questions they feel comfortable hearing answers to.


Well they kinda did with the Bret v. Shawn DVD, and it did spectacularly well, so yeah, I'm thinking they're absolutely considering more "shoot" style stuff.  Here's the thing — if this stupid network ever launches, they're gonna need HUNDREDS of hours' worth of material to fill time, every week  And that's gonna mean random crazy stuff like shoot interviews, obscure footage from the libraries, and anything else they can throw on the air to get people to watch and subscribe.  

Shoots and Street Fights

If you can link this to your readers I'd be very appreciative.

Ha, the Randy Savage pistol-whipping story, awesome.  Sure, in the real world he'd be classified as a sociopath, I'm sure, but somehow his craziness and drug-addled rages just made him all the more charming within wrestling's confines.