Yeah, about that Shawn DVD…

So yeah, when they said "all 17 of Shawn's Wrestlemania matches" what they REALLY meant was "16 of them and we'll pretend the 17th didn't happen."  
Honestly, the Benoit stuff is a bit ridiculous at this point.  If you want to not promote his match on the DVD, fine, but to excise a classic Wrestlemania match from history and cheat the consumers who would assume it was on the DVD?  Come on now. 

Shawn Michaels Mr. WrestleMania DVD set

It's just a compilation of all 17 of his WrestleMania matches. 
I for one am particularly stoked for the Orient Express-Rockers match at WM6 where the Rockers were practically smoking dope on the way to the ring.  Here's hoping for an Akio Sato alternate commmentary!  They sure do love repackaging their previously released matches, though, don't they?

Who gives a shit about Shawn Michaels anymore?

Why the fuck should we give a fuck about Shawn Michaels vs Danial Bryan?

Let's face it. Shawn has become a pathetic joke. He exist SOLELY so Undertaker or anyone who HHH's feuding with, to beat the shit out and in the case of HHH, he's basically a human shield that exists solely so SOMEONE has to get the shit kicked of of them by his opponent, since HHH won't let himself look weak.

He's weak on the mic, has zero character (and hasn't had one in AGES worth a shit) and quite frankly, the idea of him being offered to Danial Bryan as a consolation gift opponent after three months of consistent burial, is a joke.

I'd rather see Bryan get the honor of beating Undertaker (with the added bonus of Undertaker reminding HHH that Undertake has made him his bitch countless years in a row when he publicly tells HHH he won't wrestle HHH again at WM and for him to force HHH to eat shit and let him fight Bryan, who is Undertaker's preferred opponent, with the Undertaker basically BURYING HHH by telling him that HHH is jealous of Bryan because Bryan worked hard to get to the top, whereas HHH had to fuck his way to the top and still the fans fucking hate him and cheered Brock Lenser beating the shit out of him and ruining his big "retirement" moment awhile back).

Bonus points if they stick HHH in the humiliating role of being chained to Kane during the match Jim Cornette style and a situation where HHH his life savings (and Steph's) that Undertaker will beat Bryan and have HHH cry like a bitch over the fact that Bryan did what HHH couldn't do: end the streak. HHH goes away (and we get a couple of filmed vignettes of HHH and Steph living on the streets as homeless scum, with Vince having successfully revoked their parental rights to their kids for extra shits and giggles as far as taking their kids away from them and HHH finding out that everyone remembers him as Rock's bitch boy).

You know what's still awesome?  Superior Spider-Man.  Love me some Dan Slott.

Shawn vs Bret SS92

Question for blog on the first time Bret and Shawn faced off on pay-per-view:

1-I feel like the crowd is dead for 90% the match until the finish. Do you think this was the WWF audience just getting used a more mat based main event style now that Hogan and Warrior were gone? Or was Shawn not over enough at the time to be be considered a serious threat to actually win the title?
2-Do you know the original plans for surviver series 92 before the title got switched to Bret? Was it going to be Flair defending against Macho Man? 

1.  Shawn was in a different universe from Bret at that point and had no viable chance of winning.  Plus it was a different style on top, as you note.  
2.  No, I’m pretty sure Savage/Warrior v Flair /Razor was always the idea, unless we’re veering into the weird parallel universe where Warrior turned heel at Summerslam.  

Mr Perfect vs Shawn Michaels At Stars & Stripes Forever 91

So, I know everybody shits on their Summerslam match, but this is a great little TV match as Shawn and Curt try to out-sell each other. It drags a little in the middle, but two ridiculous Shawn bumps and a pretty great ending sequence (if not a great ending) make it well worth watching… and it makes it all the weirder that their Summerslam match wasn’t better. 

Well, to be fair, everyone shits on their Summerslam match because the WWF themselves basically did everything short of literally going on TV and promising a ***** match and it was only **1/2 or so.  But yeah, I’ve seen this match and it was damn good, and they had one on Coliseum Video somewhere that was damn good as well, and to this day I can’t understand why they didn’t click. 

See also:  Rey Mysterio v. Eddie Guerrero at Wrestlemania 21.

Shawn Michaels match I found

I found this match on youtube between Shawn Michaels and Rad Radford from the Action Zone. I didn't even know that Shawn and Louie had a match against each other that wasn't a two minute squash on Superstars. It's a pretty good match too. Thanks 


h, Rad Radford, WWE's comment on the grunge fad long after Cobain had already killed himself.  Truly they had their finger on the pulse of America's youth.  

Shawn Michaels last match

Hey Scott!

In your Wrestlemania 26 rant regarding the Michaels/Taker match, you said:

"If this was Shawn’s last match (which it’s not), he went out with
another Wrestlemania classic."

Over three years have passed, and although he's injected himself in
several matches since, he has not actually WRESTLED (err…SPORTS
ENTERTAINED?) another match.  It seems that WWE has plenty of ways to
trot out Michaels whenever it is necessary without having him
technically wrestle in a match, and that seems to be satisfying enough
to both parties.

So are you finally willing to say that Wrestlemania 26 was, indeed,
Shawn Michaels' final match?

Nope, he'll be back.  There'll be a match big enough and enough money dumped on him for one more match at some Wrestlemania.  He's still healthy and marketable and Vince is Vince, so unless his spine was fused again or something like that, I guarantee he'll wrestle again.  

Shawn in 1995 Question

Hi Scott.

Got one I was hoping you might be able to shed zsome light on.

If Shawn Michaels never got injured in 95, where does that lesve the IC Title? Obviously, we know the injury led to a chain ending with Goldust getting it at the Rumble…but say Shawn didn't get beat up. Does he carry the titlr all the way to WM, or what?

I hate to shatter your illusions, but Shawn was already gonna drop that belt to Dean Douglas and it was only the very well-timed attack by the marines (Cena?  Dibiase Jr? Miz?) that allowed him to conveniently forfeit it like a hero instead.  Not that I would insinuate Shawn Michaels fabricating an injury in order to avoid losing a title in the ring, but…OK, that's exactly what I'm insinuating.

Great Match of the Day: Kurt Angle v. Shawn Michaels

Who’s the jackass that artificially stretched it into widescreen?  Anyway, one of the best Wrestlemania matches ever, although I’ll probably try to do a more WM-specific great match countdown as we get closer.  This was the first PPV I saw in a movie theater, and the crowd was JACKED for Kurt Angle and just screaming for Shawn to tap out in that anklelock.  If it didn’t last for fucking TWO MINUTES it would have been a ***** match.

Shawn Michaels – Back Injury Talk

Hi Scott,

LONG time reader and Blog of Doomer here–having a solitude Saturday night (and not choosing UFC), so I decided to rewatch WrestleMania 14 with Stone Cold vs. Michaels. I had a question though for you–In your opinion, was Michaels in as bad as shape as everyone had us believe? I know from his book he states he injured himself at the Rumble and then pilled himself up for the match, but there are so many things that contradict that. 1) He's roided to the max and in great shape. If he was having back issues (which I have had with surgery btw), there is no way he should be looking that fit or touching a barbelle.  2) He starts the match absolutely limber and taking great bumps–no sign of a "back of doom." It's only after a conspicuous railing shot outside that he begins to properly sell how his bad back–(it was amazing selling anyway; in 1998, I believed the awful pain on his face)  3) He made it very well known at the time that he was not happy being pushed aside for Mr. Austin (yes, he states otherwise now). 
Anyway, do you think he just sold his injured back as "career ending" just to let the cards fall and let Austin hang himself (and then come to the rescue if he failed?). He wasn't a saint at the time, so I don't put it past him.  I look forward to your thoughts, as always.

Shawn was of course full of shit on a lot of stuff, but that back injury was pretty much as close to a real life miracle as you're going to get.  By all accounts, Shawn was in constant pain from his retirement all the way until about 2001, including his one "comeback" match in his TWA promotion where he worked a smoke and mirrors match against Paul Diamond and didn't take any bumps.  This would be one of the few times where I 100% believe Shawn was telling the truth, or was at least the most convincing liar in history.  

The SmarK DVD Rant for Superstar Collection: Shawn Michaels

The SmarK DVD Rant for Superstar Collection: Shawn Michaels Yup, another 90 minute special from the WWE DVD library. But for the price, you can’t argue. Especially with the content here… Chris Jericho v. Shawn Michaels From Judgment Day 2008. I guess this is non-title. Shawn teases the leg injury to start and they go right into a pinfall reversal sequence to trade some near-falls, then fight for the backslide before reversing each others’ bodypress attempt to put Jericho on top for two. Shawn with the inverted figure-four, but Jericho makes the ropes. Jericho goes for the leg, so Shawn bitchslaps him and now it’s on. Shawn starts acting all heelish by hiding in the corner to hide, then grabs the headlock, so Jericho elbows out and stomps him in the corner. Shawn, however, grabs the arm and holds an armbar while hanging upside-down, then takes him down with a nasty armbreaker. Oh, I like these matches where it’s face v. face and it starts getting all nasty and mean because they want to win so much. THAT’S wrestling! Jericho sends Shawn into the corner with a Flair Flip and stomps him down, but can’t get a superplex. Shawn sets up on top, but Jericho tries his suplex again and Shawn blocks with a front suplex, then follows with the flying elbow…which hits the knee. OUCH. Now that’s unique! Normally you just move to escape that, not put the knees up. Jericho starts working on the ribs and gets a backdrop suplex, leading to the abdominal stretch. Gorilla is up there bitching about it now, I bet. If Jericho is haunted by a mysterious voice telling him to hook that other leg, that’s why. Gutbuster gets two. Shawn gets sent into the corners, but Shawn blocks the bulldog attempt by sending him into the ropes and comes back with chops. Flying forearm, but the kip-up hurts the ribs, so Jericho POUNCES with the Walls of Jericho. Shawn makes the ropes, however, so Jericho stomps him down and follows to the apron…where he walks into a superkick. Oh, snap! Jericho’s ramrod-stiff sell to the floor was a thing of beauty. Shawn doesn’t want the countout and drags Jericho back into the ring, where he gets two. Shawn follows with the flying elbow, but they’re BOTH hurt by it. This sets up the superkick, but Jericho collapses twice to mess up Shawn’s timing. And indeed, he was faking, as Shawn gets fed up and moves in…right into the Codebreaker. Awesome. That gets two. Shawn reverses a suplex into the crossface (what is WITH that move on WWE PPV lately?) and Jericho WANTS to tap, but ends up grabbing the ropes instead. Another try is reversed by Jericho into the suplex he originally wanted, and he drops Shawn on the top rope to set up the Lionsault, but Shawn puts up the knees…which is what Jericho wanted! He hooks the Walls, but Shawn reverses to the pin at 15:54. Now this is more like it, a masterpiece of two guys being total pricks to each other in the name of WINNING. Jericho offers a handshake and if someone turns on the other I’m adding another 1/4*. Both guys flinch, but no turn is evident. Darn. ****1/4 Of course the turn would come a little later, leading to an even better ladder match between them. Why they didn’t include that one here, I do not know, unless it’s because Shawn won here and lost there. D-Generation X v. Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase This is the semi-main event of Summerslam 2009. I had the unfortunate honor of being at the RAW in Calgary where Shawn made his “return” in a series of vignettes as a short-order cook who superkicks a little girl to pay the whole thing off. DX literally rides a tank into the arena, preceded by the military, or least guys dressed like them. HHH and Dibiase fight over a headlock in the corner and slug it out, which of course HHH wins. Cole makes an offhand remark about how HHH won the World title at Summerslam there in Los Angeles one year. I have no idea what he’d be referring to there, since he never won either version of the World title at Summerslam or even in Los Angeles at any point. Suplex and kneedrop gets two. Over to Shawn and he disrespects Cody, prompting Legacy to regroup outside. Back in, Cody tries the sneak attack and gets foiled, but Dibiase manages to get the heat on Shawn with the Flair Flip in the corner. Funny how poor Shawn is always the one who has to get the shit kicked out of him when he’s teaming with HHH. Hot tag HHH and he beats on Dibiase before giving both heels the spinebuster. Shawn comes in and it’s LUCHA DX, as HHH backdrops Shawn over the top onto Cody. However, this allows Dibiase to punt HHH right in his chief operating officers. And now HHH gets the heat for once! Dibiase with the chinlock right out of Randy Orton’s boring playbook, as HHH is unable to escape and make the tag. That segment goes on for quite a while until HHH makes his comeback and slugs it out, then tosses Dibiase to buy time. Rhodes throws his partner back in, but it’s hot tag Shawn. Dibiase cuts him off with a clothesline off the kip up, and the brawl is on. Cody TO THE TOP, but the flying elbow misses. Shawn goes up in turn, but Cody puts him down and they fight for a superplex. Cody ends up on the mat, but Shawn drops an elbow on his knees and Cody gets two. You’d think that would have hurt Cody’s knees as much as it hurt Shawn’s elbow. And indeed, Shawn snaps a figure-four on him. That’s why he’s in the Hall of Fame. Dibiase breaks that up and it’s BONZO GONZO, leading to Rhodes hitting Crossroads on Shawn for two. HHH breaks it up with a KICK WHAM PEDIGREE, but Dibiase hits the Dream Street on Shawn. So Rhodes and Shawn are out in the ring, while Dibiase and HHH are out on the outside. Superkick on Cody finishes at 20:00. Mostly dull tag match with a tremendous finish. ***1/2 This would lead to a bizarre submissions-only tag match at that crappy Breaking Point show, and then a really good and unique Hell in a Cell blowoff. The end result was supposed to be making Legacy look like superstars who could hang with D-X, but then they just ran a breakup angle after the Orton deal and they never teamed again. Shawn Michaels v. Kane From RAW, March 2010. Kane pounds away in the corner and gets a dropkick for two. Suplex gets two. Chinlock and corner clothesline and Kane slugs away in the corner and follows with a sideslam for two. Kane goes up and tries a clothesline, but Shawn catches him with a crossface on the way down. That was not a pretty sequence. Kane quickly gets to the ropes, but Shawn takes him down with an anklelock now. Kane makes the ropes again, so Shawn hits him with the flying forearm and goes up with the flying elbow. He sets up to finish, but Undertaker appears after a blackout and chokeslams him. Kane gets two off that. Tombstone is reversed to the superkick to finish at 5:25. Nothing match, which ended up being Shawn’s last one on RAW. *1/2 Streak v. Career: Undertaker v. Shawn Michaels Shawn’s last match to date, from Wrestlemania 26. Shawn fires away with chops in the corner, but eats Snake Eyes and a big boot. Corner clothesline and Taker tries to go Old School, but Shawn pulls him down. A second try hits, however. Taker pounds away in the corner and sets up for the tombstone, but Shawn slips out and fights for a crossface. Taker fights that off, but nearly takes the superkick before slipping away. Shawn decides to work on the leg in the corner, but Taker slugs him down and clotheslines him to the floor. That sets up a tope attempt, but Shawn slides in and clips the knee to stop him. Taker tosses him and runs his back into the post, then drops the guillotine legdrop on the apron. Back in, Shawn takes him down with a figure-four, but that only seems to make Undertaker really, really mad. He reverses the move and Shawn releases, and they slug it out. Shawn puts him down and kips up, but it’s a chokeslam for two. Tombstone is reversed into an anklelock by Shawn, so I guess that’s why Jericho couldn’t have it. Taker kicks him in the head a few times to break, but Shawn clotheslines him to the floor and follows with a moonsault. Taker catches that and tombstones him on the floor, and you have to figure that’s not good for Shawn’s career. An EMT runs down to check on Shawn, but Taker beats him up and rolls Shawn back in for two. Last Ride, but Taker’s knee gives out and Shawn gets two. Looked bad. Shawn goes up and drops the elbow, but Taker gets his knee up to block and Shawn takes the bump on his ribs. Ouch. Taker tries Hell’s Gate and Shawn rolls it over for two. They both struggle up and Shawn superkicks him for two. Shawn cues up another one, but Taker catches it and counters to the Last Ride for two. That was a giant near-fall. A frustrated UT tosses Shawn and preps the announce table, but Shawn escapes a powerbomb and superkicks him onto it instead. And given that it’s Wrestlemania, Shawn can’t resist a moonsault from the top, which puts Taker through the table. He even hits the knee, which is either a great bit of psychology or a lucky miss. Back in, Shawn adds one more superkick…for two. This match needs Jim Ross so badly. Shawn wants another one, but Taker chokeslams him. No cover, as he opts for the tombstone instead, and that only gets two. The crowd is just going insane now. Taker’s had it and he pulls the straps down, but he stops because he doesn’t want to end Shawn’s career. Just awesome facials from Shawn, as he gives Taker’s throat-cutting gesture right back to him, and then slaps Taker. And that’s it, as Taker tombstones him extra-super-duper hard for the pin at 23:57 to end it. If this was Shawn’s last match (which it’s not), he went out with another Wrestlemania classic. However, I just don’t think it was as good as last year, because expectations were so ridiculously high. ****1/2 The Pulse Hey, for $7 what are you gonna complain about here? Nothing, that’s what. Yeah, it’s really limiting to only be able to use stuff from the HD era and nothing past 2010 apparently, but for a quick fix (even if all the matches are already featured on other DVDs) you could do worse. Recommended.

Shawn v. Rock

Hey Scott.  Thanks for the good work.  All your stuff is easy to get caught up in on a boring day at work. 

Your talk about Wrestlemania and part timers pointing at signs made me think that they could make that work for one more year.  Do you believe that the WWE should give us The Rock vs Shawn Michaels while they can.  Shawn seems to keep showing his face on TV and i'm sure he's still capable of putting on one last classic, and they shouldn't wait before his body starts to deteriorate, or until the Rock is uninterested in coming back.  I believe its the one of the last big Superfights left for the WWE, and they should get it done asap.  Do you think it has a shot of happening?

I don't think Shawn has any particular desire to return, but I certainly wouldn't say NEVER or anything.  I think it's one where their careers were kind of ships passing in the night, because Rock didn't become a megastar until after Shawn left, and then Shawn came back after Rock had moved onto becoming more or less a full time actor, so it's not like there's years of history there for them to draw from.  The dynamic would be kind of weird, too, I think.  Honestly, making Superfights with a part-timer jobbing to a new guy is much more productive than popping one big buyrate at Wrestlemania, so I don't think it would be a terribly productive match.  The stereo kip-up would really be the only reason to justify it.

Shawn Michaels

Thanks for taking my questions…was reading "Sex Lies and Headlocks" and Shawn Michaels seems to be a fascinating person.  I've always been a big fan of his, but where do you put him in the pantheon of all-timers?  He didn't have the longevity as Flair, Hogan, Austin, or even HHH or UT as "the man".  His early years as "the man" coincided with Nitros dominance over Raw.  As much as he delivered in the ring, I'd have to see he's historically overrated and behind  Hogan, Austin, Flair, HHH, UT, Rock, and Cena.  Thoughts?  Thanks       MH

Well, the thing with Shawn is that you kind of have to divide his career into the two different eras, because it's basically like two different people.  The arrogant drugged-out ass who put on great matches but tanked ratings, and then the beloved legend who ended up carrying the promotion on his back through some times when key people got injured and someone needed to step up.  As I've said many times, I hate the first guy and love the second guy.  I think the second guy is enough to put him over the top as one of the best of all-time, though, because he got out at the right time and left an awesome legacy.  

Bret v. Shawn

Hi Scott, hope you are well. Here is the complete DVD listing for the WWE’s Wrestling’s Greatest Rivalries, Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart DVD…

Disc 1
San Antonio vs. Calgary
The Rockers vs. The Hart Foundation
Heartbreak Kid vs.The Hit Man
Intercontinental Champion vs. WWE Champion
Showstopper vs. Excellence of Execution
Progressive vs. Traditional
Fantasy vs. Reality
Respect vs. Trust
Redemption vs. Reconciliation
Hope vs. Peace
Disc 2
The Rockers vs. The Hart Foundation
Madison Square Garden – 25th November, 1989
Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
Wrestling Challenge – 10th February, 1990
The Rockers vs. The Hart Foundation
Tokyo Dome – 30th March, 1991
Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
Portland, Oregon– 21st July, 1992
Intercontinental Championship Match
Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
Syracuse, New York– 29th April, 1992
WWE Championship Match
Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
Survivor Series – 25th November, 1992
Steel Cage Match
Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
Utica, New York – 1st December, 1993
Disc 3
Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship
Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
WrestleMania 12 – 31st March, 1996
WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Bret Hart’s Induction
Chicago, Illinois – 1st April, 2006
Bret Hart Returns to Raw
Raw – 4th January, 2010
WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Shawn Michaels’ Induction
Atlanta, Georgia – 2nd April, 2011
Blu-ray Exclusive Moments
Vince McMahon Interviews Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart
Raw – 3rd February, 1997
Bret Hart Promo In Ring
Raw – 12th May, 1997
Hart Foundation Promo In Ring
Raw – 19th May, 1997
WWE Championship Match
Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
Survivor Series – 9th November , 1997
Blu-ray Exclusive Special Features
The First WWE Ladder Match
SummerSlam 1992
Winning the WWE Championship for the First Time
Bret’s WCW Regrets
Cameras Rolling Between Takes

Credit: Thoughts?

They devote an entire DVD to Bret v. Shawn and DON’T EVEN PUT THE MONTREAL MATCH ON THERE?  Otherwise, that’s a whole lot of Bret v. Shawn.  After viewing that DVD, you could safely say you’ve seen all of them you’ll ever need.