WWF “War to Settle the Score” MTV Special

February 18, 1985

This was broadcasted live on MTV

The show begins with a Hogan promo. He says that he is out
of control and it is up to the Hulkamaniacs to determine how much punishment he
will inflict on Roddy Piper.

Your hosts are Alan Hunter and Gene Okerlund. For those who
are unfamiliar with Alan Hunter, he was one of the five original MTV VJ’s (Martha
Quinn, J.J. Jackson, Mark Goodman, and Nina Blackwood were the others). Anyway,
Hunter seems like he is really out of his element here and it shows throughout
the show.

They show a video package recapping the entire series of
events that led to this match, starting at the beginning of the “Rock ‘n’
Wrestling” creation.

Hunter is shown interviewing heels in some previously
recorded bits, including David Schultz who was fired from the company a week
before this aired.


Piper cuts a promo, dressed in street clothes, and angers
the women by stating that he is not afraid to hit a woman if she touches him


Now we are shown a series of interviews between wrestlers
and celebrities that are mad at Piper. Celebrities include Gloria Steinem,
Patty Smith, Ted Nugent, Dee Snider, and Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro.


More promos are shown. This time we have the heels against MTV
and Rock music with the faces and celebrities for those things.


Okerlund narrates a series of events featuring Piper acting
out of control.


We then find out that Vegas odds have Hogan as a 7:4
favorite then we get predictions from wrestlers and celebrities.


Roddy Piper w/Bob
Orton vs. Hulk Hogan w/Capt. Lou Albano, Cyndi Lauper, and David Wolfe

The match is airing live from Madison Square Garden. Piper comes out holding a guitar and wearing a “Hulkamania”
shirt. He even does Snuka poses in order to offend all of the fans in atendance. Orton has his arm in a sling as the result of
his match against Snuka earlier in the show. Bob Costas is the guest ring announcer and Mr. T is at
ringside. The heat for this match is off the charts. The match starts with both
guys brawling on the mat. Hogan takes down Piper with a back elbow smash then
hits a few slams. Piper takes the advantage with a clothesline in the corner.
He gets a few nearfalls and taunts the crowd a bit. Piper jumps on Hogan’s back
and locks on a sleeper. He brings him to the mat and Hogan tries to power up
but Piper rams him into the corner. Piper goes back to work and Orton helps him
out too. Hogan fights back and the crowd goes nuts. They engage in an eye-rake
battle until Hogan takes him down with a clothesline. Paul Orndorff appears
ringside and is cheering on Piper. Piper breaks up an atomic drop attempt and
in the process the ref gets knocked out. Piper holds Hogan down as Orndorff
comes off the top with a kneedrop. Lauper tries to help out as Wolfe attempts
to get her off the apron. Piper and Orndorff corner Lauper but Mr T. hops the
railing and the place goes nuts. The heels back off and Piper tells him to come
into the ring. He does but the heels attack him from behind then they turn
their attention to Hogan, who is standing up. Mr. T gets up and evens things up
as the fans are out of their minds. Orton joins the heels then the police swarm
the ring and separate everyone but not after Hogan lands a few more shots on
Piper. The fans stay rabid as the heels are dragged off by the police. Mr. T
and Hogan shake hands. Hogan grabs the mic and orders the heels to get back
into the ring then Finkel lets us know that Hogan won by DQ (7:40) **1/2.


Thoughts: I thought this match was really laid out well. They kept things simple and the crowd reacted to nearly everything they did so it was a huge success. It also saw Orndorff re-align himself with Piper after several months and more importantly, set up the main event for the first WrestleMania. 



Hunter and Okerlund are now in the locker room. Hogan comes
in and cuts a promo on Piper, saying he was trying to destroy their way of life
and will do anything to stop him. He will even die for Rock ‘n’ Roll too. A
crazy but passionate promo from Hogan. Wolfe and Lauper come in and talk about
the match too. Lauper notes that she had trouble in her match with Wendi and
she said that as she lost the Women’s Title on this card to Leilani Kai after
Moolah hit her with  forearm.


More celebrities come in and congratulate Hogan. Mr. T comes
in and calls the heels chumps and sissies. Okerlund plays the trio of Lauper,
Hogan, and Mr. T as a group of friends. Mr. T promises they will get them next


Even more celebrities enter including Andy Warhol, Billy
Squier, Joe Piscopo (who really thinks he is still a huge deal), and Danny DeVito. Piper interrupts after coming out of the
shower and goes insane in his promo, promising to take out Lauper, Mr. T, and


Okerlund and Hunter wrap things up and Okerlund does not
believe the war between Piper and Hogan is over yet.



Final Thoughts: This
show was a huge success not only for the WWF but also for MTV as this show drew
at the time, the highest rating in the history of the network. It also made
wrestling seem cool with all of the celebrity involvement and kept the feud
going between Hogan and Piper, which was red-hot. The rest of the card was not
televised on this broadcast though and things of note included the Women’s
title change and the MSG debut of Hillbilly Jim. The WWF was riding a wave of popularity here and capitalized on that in a big way.