WWE Network “Customer Service” Story

Hey Scott,

I never e-mail you, but I'm a reader of your work for going on 10+ years now, and felt compelled to share my experience interacting with @AskWWENetwork on Twitter with the fellow Blog-ites (or whatever name you have for us).

A few weeks ago, when the Network was doing the Smackdown anniversary deal and was uploading all that Smackdown-related material, I went to go pull up the 2004 episode they uploaded/aired, which had the Eddie Guerrero-JBL cage match that I never saw before.  I didn't catch it on the live stream, but that's one of the best things about the Network, right?  Everything is available to watch on demand, IMMEDIATELY!

Not exactly.

I went to the year filter under "Smackdown Replays" and noticed that 2004 was not available to choose.  "OK", I figured, "I can just use the search engine and pull the episode up that way".  Well, I think all Network users know how well that probably worked out (side note – I mean, really, it's been 8 MONTHS and you can't get the search feature working at least somewhat properly?). 

My next thought was to reach out to the @AskWWENetwork handle on Twitter and let them know of what I perceived to be a minor, easily-fixable issue.  All you have to do is add a filter…it can't be that big a deal.

@AskWWENetwork Just a heads up, 2004 isn't available from the Smackdown Replays drop-down menu filter, so you can't access the 2004 episode.

@JFratt Hey there! Thanks for letting us know. We'll send this information to our tech team for further analysis. ^AW|

Fair enough. Again, this shouldn't be a major issue, so hopefully the filter will pop up in the next day or so.

Two days later, I decided to sit down and watch the Network…but it was kind of sticking in my craw that I couldn't pull up a show I wanted to watch. So again, I decided to reach out.

@AskWWENetwork Noticed this still isn't fixed. Any update?

The reply I received wasn't very helpful.

@JFratt Unfortunately, we have received no further info, we hope to have an update soon! Thanks for your patience. ^JS

OK. Well it was a holiday weekend in the States, maybe they just need the right person in to take care of this…say it with me…minor issue.

Well, a week passed. Two weeks. Three weeks. Finally, today, a MONTH later, I decided to ask again, just out of morbid curiosity as to how something so simple to fix could be neglected so easily. I replied to the thread from a few weeks back so whoever was responding could see what I was referring to.

@AskWWENetwork Is there an update on this? This seems like a pretty minor issue that should be easily fixable.

The response didn't seem to make a ton of sense.

@JFratt Thanks for reaching out. We have no further info on when those episodes will be available. Stay tuned for a future update. ^SO
Did you read the question I originally asked before you inserted your typical, blow-off response that you've been sending out to quite a few users about quite a few topics? (Check their timeline and see what I'm talking about.)
@AskWWENetwork You didn't read the problem correctly. There is an episode already available that you can't access because the drop-down…

@AskWWENetwork …menu doesn't have the year listed to choose from. I'm not asking for info as to when episodes would be available…

@AskWWENetwork …this is regarding an episode that already aired that subscribers can't access.

Alright, I aired my grievances, and spelled the issue out pretty well, methinks.

@JFratt Unfortunately, we do not have an update regarding when these will be available to view. Sorry for any inconvenience. ^SO

So this whole deal was…"helpful". Look, I've been a subscriber since Day One. And I'll probably continue to be one, because I love the idea behind this product. Lord knows it satiates my appetite for wrestling better than today's lousy product does. And again, I know it's ONE little episode of Smackdown and it's definitely not as in-demand as the Nitro episodes were, or the ECW material, etc, but to me, this is a great illustration and a microcosm of how disorganized and poorly executed this has been, in many ways.

Anyway, I know this was long and maybe drawn out, but I figured it was worth sharing…I'm sure other readers have had experiences that are somewhat similar in nature.

Keep up the great work, Scott. Always been a fan and will continue to be one!

​Thanks, I'll pass your concerns on to the blog technical staff and get back to you once we figure out the best way to respond to your positive feedback.  
If it helps, everything I've heard about people who are involved with the Network is that they're just as frustrated as we are due to budget cuts overriding any other consideration, so I wouldn't hold your breath for things to improve any time soon.   ​

The wonderful WWE Network Customer Service dept

Hey Scott  – thought I share this with you
 I think the people who work for WWE creative, moonight in the customer service department. The Friday of the week one 7 day trial period, I called and cancelled my subscription (as directed  how to by their website). A few days later I noticed I still had the service. I e-mailed and asked if it was because it was still the trial period and they said yes.
Over this past weekend, I noticed I still had the service. I was going to call today anyway, but I got an e-mail saying my refund request was denied.
 I called their customer service and, despite them having it in their records that I had cancelled, it took me 30 minutes on the phone to get my refund. I was bounced to a level 2 problem handler, who multiple times had to put me on hold (to speak to a supervisor) before the refund could be processed. I was planning on purchasing the network Wrestlemania weekend anyway, but between this and all of the x-box content issues, having some second thoughts. Though, I don't think I could live with myself if I missed that magical WM moment of HHH winning the belt
You lost me when you said you were cancelling the Network. Although the Xbox deal is certainly a valid concern at this point.  I'm kinda debating getting an Apple TV because my Roku HD isn't actually compatible with the Network and I feel like I need access in every room of the house without having to carry my iPad around.  FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.