6 Times The WWE Tried (And Failed) To Tackle Serious Issues

6 Times The WWE Tried (And Failed) To Tackle Serious Iss…

Vince McMahon apparently believes wrestling is the perfect medium through which to tackle complex societal issues, and here are six examples of him trying to do exa…
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How DID X-Pac get away with doing Blackface, anyway?

​I knew someone would send me this one as soon as I saw it on Cracked this morning.  The funny thing is that WWE played up the Billy and Chuck stuff as this lighthearted and beloved angle on the Jerry Springer deal.  ​

Super Serious Topic

Dear Mister Netcop Sir

I know such SUPER SERIOUS topics as bob cat and Announcer 3-ways(GO COLE!!!) have been covered this week but there's an even bigger SUPER SERIOUS topic you haven't covered. The imminent return of the greatest Diva to ever grace the ring: Eva Marie. 

Ah fuck I can't even. Could you please go on vacation so something horrific can happen for us to talk about? I mean besides being subjected to Eva Fucking Marie?

The entity that posts as Darklight.

​My Sporting News mailbags are gonna be pretty dull compared to this week.  ​

Are You Serious questions

Hey Scott,
Like you, I'm very into Are You Serious, so I was wondering what you made of Matthews' snide remark of "Plus, at least this show has lasting power," when told of Zack Ryder's claims of gimmick infringement. Is this Vince laughing in the face of the Internet about Ryder's de-push? What exactly is the point of THAT supposed to be?
Also, what exactly was up with that Hade Vansen guy? What were the plans for him, and why was his planned run squashed?

I literally wasn't watching at all during the period when Vansen apparently did his one-week debut on Smackdown in 2008, so I have no clue what was up with the guy except for what I could learn from Wikipedia.  Apparently he was a European guy they had in developmental who was supposed to be a big deal and go against Undertaker, and they changed their mind on him after one promo and sent him packing.  That's life in the funny pages sometimes.

As for the Ryder thing, my WWE-to-English dictionary skills are getting increasingly rusty I guess, because I also don't know what exactly the point was supposed to be.  It's like they forget that they are a worked sport and once they book Ryder to be on a giant losing streak, they treat it like it's something out of their control and make fun of him being on a giant losing streak.  Maybe, in their bizarre backwards minds, the Kane angle was supposed to be the thing to get him over as main event guy and when it failed spectacularly the blame went to Ryder?  Like now they're saying to him "Hey, we did everything we could and you dropped the ball"?  I dunno, they're on a different planet sometimes and I don't pretend to understand it.