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Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline Series: 1989 WCW as told by Jim Cornette

This was released on May 19th, 2015

The interview was conducted by Sean Oliver

It runs for three hours and thirteen minutes long

Before they start discussing the topic at hand, Cornette shows us all the materials that he brought for the interview: booking sheets, TV formats, contracts, and books among other things.


The first question asked is about the “Bunkhouse Stampede” series, which started on Christmas in 1988 and ran through January of 1989. Cornette said that it was Dusty’s idea and it was great when it started (1986). When asked if the guys liked working the Bunkhouse Battle Royale matches, Cornette said it depended who it was as some guys did not like putting extra clothes in their bags to wear for the match. Cornette won the Manager’s Bunkhouse match on New Years Day 1989 after tossing out J.J. Dillon. He said that only Oliver Humperdink and himself were babyface managers at the time so they decided to give it to him.

On the Midnight Express vs. Midnight Express feud, Cornette starts by saying they were making a lot of money feuding with Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson but they left for the WWF. The Midnight’s and Cornette went back to working with the Fantastics then Cornette went to Dusty and asked him to bring back Dennis Condrey, who just got back into the business and was managed by Paul Heyman, and also bring in Randy Rose. This was back in November of 1988. They devised an angle to have the original MX managed by Heyman attack the current version on TV. Cornette said they were not supposed to “get color” on TBS but Dusty told him he could get a little bit. Cornette tells the story of how he took a wild bump, suprising himself that he was not hurt, then swiped his forehead with the blade but nothing came out. Cornette said afterwards he learned the studio was only 55 degrees so it took a while for the blood to come out but at the time he was clueless about that so he swiped the blade several more times then after that a “waterfall” of blood was pouring down his face. He then turned toward the camera and had the blood all over his white jacket and after that everyone backstage was talking about the blood as Cornette said it helped kickstart the angle. However, Dusty got axed as booker when TBS got mad when Dusty booked the Road Warriors to stab himself in the eye with a spike as he was bleeding all over the place, saying it was too violent, so when Dusty was replaced, the Midnight Express feud was relegated to the bottom of the card.

Still on the Midnight Express feud, Cornette said that the company no longer wanted to pay for the managers to be at the House Shows. Cornette said Heyman and himself were integral to the feud, especially Heyman as Condrey and Rose, who were not as over as the other team. Cornette then proceeds to tell us a great match is like a “hand job.” He said if you are already hard, you can just grab it and go but if not hard, you have to do all sorts of things to get it hard. Cornette then said that Heyman and himself also offered to pay their flights to make the shows but Turner denied their request. He then talks about how Jim Crockett was the interim booker from when Dusty was fired to when they brought in George Scott and how he hated Randy Rose and wanted him to eat the pin in a “Loser Leaves Town” match then have Condrey get a new partner, which Cornette thought was awful because they were the original team. When that happened, Condrey no-showed as he knew he would be in trouble with a new partner and that was the end of that. Cornette then said when George Scott came in he was going to have the current version of the Midnights. Cornette then tells a story about Scott, who said he never heard of them when hired as booker, walked right past Bobby Eaton as he held the door for him one day. He said that when they first met with Scott, he told them he did not know what to do with them as Cornette goes on about how they were one of the top drawing teams of the past few years in the NWA at that point. Cornette said they all thought he either had Alzheimer’s or was the biggest goofball ever due to the way he presented himself.

On the Western States Heritage Title, Cornette said that Dusty loved flying out to Texas and wanted to have a belt for when they toured there but they barely ran in that area as he talks about how no one gave a shit about the belt and it got phased out as a result.

Jim Herd was hired on January 3rd as the Executive Vice President. Before that, Herd was a regional manager for Pizza Hut and a station manager for KPLR-TV in St. Louis. Cornette said that it wasn’t until Turner bought the company when they got involved in backstage politics as before that, they were all making money and just did what they wanted after the show. He said TBS officials brought in top guys in for a meeting to ask about Dusty, under the pretense that it was confidential but it was not as Tully talked badly about Dusty, who found out by those conducting the meeting, so Dusty kicked Tully off of the Crockett’s plane and as a result, Tully & Arn Anderson left for the WWF. Cornette said that Herd was the station director when his station played “Wrestling at the Chase” but his wife was close to someone higher up and he got the job.

On January 17th, Dusty Rhodes resigned from WCW after being removed from the head booker role. Cornette said it would be awkward for him to go from the head booker to a regular guy in the locker room. Cornette said he loved  Dusty and still thinks that he is a great booker despite repeating finishes and puts him over for making him a shitload of money too.

Ricky Steamboat returned to the company on January 21st after he was revealed as Eddie Gilbert’s surprise partner. Cornette said that he believes this was when Scott became the booker as he had close ties to Steamboat from the Carolinas. Cornette then drops a whole lot of knowledge about the Carolina territory and how Scott took it from a primarily tag team territory to a top one as he brought in all sorts of guys like Ric Flair.


On when Hiro Matsuda bought the contracts of Barry Windham and Ric Flair from J.J. Dillon, Cornette said that J.J. was leaving for the WWF and saw the writing on the wall when Dusty was removed from the head booker position. He puts over Dillon’s book then puts over the accomplishments of Matsuda but how he was not a good promo and wrong for that role as Cornette then said that Scott was 10 years behind the times and starting to bring in guys he worked with over 20 years ago.

Cornette talks about Tony Schiavone leaving for the WWF. He said he wasn’t there for everything but heard that Schiavone was upset over being passed over by Jim Ross for the top commentator position as he had been there for several years. Cornette calls Schiavone a friend then tells a funny story of when he was with the Midnight Express and Arn Anderson as Schiavone as his family pulled up in their station wagon to drop him off so he could head on Crockett’s plane. When the doors opened, Cornette said you heard all of the kids screaming and Tony slammed the door as he got out. Arn then went over to Tony and told him that he had “enough cum in him to shampoo a buffalo.” Cornette then goes back to Tony, saying he was a good announcer but that Ross was just above everyone else and it wasnt a slight on Tony because everyone else saw that. He then said when Tony came back to WCW the following year he was miserable.

Ricky Steamboat defeated Ric Flair for the WCW World Title at the “Chi Town Rumble.” Cornette said they both were the gold standard in terms of ring work. He also said he would order the PPV’s so he could watch them at home as that way he could hear the commentary. Cornette then talks about how every Wednesday was promo day as he then pulls out a script that the camera shows us as he said that he would write down every opponent, city, and spot on the card for that particular match for the promo itself.

The Iron Sheik came back as Cornette said that Scott brought him back as they worked together in the 70’s but Sheik’s star power had faded greatly and could no longer go in the ring as he talks about how people say he is out of touch for instilling old school logic with today’s talent while Scott wanted the same exact people he had on top in 1978 in 1989. He also said that Sheik only wrestled about 10-12 matches and got sent home for the rest of his contract, which was $100,000 for a year. Sheik then came back after the year ended as they forgot to send the notice to cancel his contract so as a result it rolled over as the Sheik got paid for another year but is work was still so bad that they sent him home again until his contract finally ran out.


The “Danger Zone” talk show segment with Paul Dangerously made its debut on March 4th. Cornette said that he was a great talker. Jack Victory was brought in as the bodyguard as Cornette talks about all of the different roles Victory had in wrestling. Cornette said he was a great guy.

On the debut of the Great Muta and if the company missed an opportunity with him, Cornette said yes and no as he was talented and caught on quickly but did not get a lot of heat as a heel because the fans reacted to his cool moves. They were going to turn him face but Cornette said that Gary Hart convinced him to stay heel.

He talks about Don Glass, who was hired from the WWF where he was the assistant under Ed Cohen, who booked the arenas. Cornette said Glass was an idiot and basically a go-fer for Cohen then talks about how he decided, for the first time in history, to book a show in Greensboro, NC on a Wednesday night and it only drew $19,000, the lowest ever for that city. Cornette asked Joe Pedecino why they booked that night and he was told they were saving the weekend shows for the bigger cities as Cornette went through his book and showed him they usually drew six-figures there has Pedecino had no idea. He then said that Glass booked a show in San Antonio on Easter Sunday, in a predominantly Catholic city, that took place in a 15,000 seat arena and ended up drawing 600 people.


Cornette is asked about WCW putting on the Clash of the Champions opposite of WrestleMania 4. He said they drew 5,300 fans in a 70,000 seat arena and how that area was facing tough economic times so no fans came. Cornette said it looked like a “pisshole in a snow bank” on TV as there was no way to hide the amount of empty seats. He then said that Scott did not want to promote the show because it would kill the house show business if people saw them on TV as Cornette talks about how ridiculous that notion is as they had ran these specials for over a year. He said the ratings were shit as it was not promoted, which was insane as WCW was owned by a television company.

After the debacle that took place at Clash of the Champions, George Scott was fired and replaced by a booking committee. At that time, it featured Jim Herd, Jim Barnett (who Cornette credits for inventing “studio” wrestling), Jim Ross, Eddie Gilbert, and Jody Hamilton (Who Cornette said was in charge of the jobbers and the ring crews).

Cornette then talks about how they gave notice after Scott told them he had no plans for them and there contract was expiring in May but Scott got fired before that and Jim Ross asked them if they would reconsider. Cornette talked about how they had arrangements to work a few shows in Memphis for Bill Dundee but told Ross he would go on TV and cut a promo about how they were hurt and needed to heal up so they could perform, allowing them to go away for a few months as they could re-build their image as they were losing a lot of matches at that time. So, Cornette met with Herd for the first time and talked about wanting to be loyal and help the company as they moved forward so Herd offered him $100,000 a year while Stan & Bobby received $75,000, which were significant pay cuts across the board. Cornette told Herd that Stan & Bobby deserved more as Herd kept telling him that he would get more because he could also do color commentary. He left after declining the deal then Herd countered with $125,000 for him and $90,000 for Stan & Bobby. Cornette then told Herd he would take the $100,00 for himself, as that was a lot for a manager,but Stan & Bobby needed to get $150,000. They went back and forth as Cornette said he would offer Stan & Bobby a little more each time but he kept raising Cornette’s amount, when he said he would accept the initial offer as Herd then came back with $150,000 for Cornette, $50,000 more than what he asked for and offered Stan & Bobby $125,000. He asked his team if they wanted that as they said yes, as Bobby also had three kids to support.


The Dynamic Dudes made their debut at the May 6th TV tapings from Center Stage. Cornette said that Jim Ross wanted to re-create the Rock & Roll Express and saw that Skateboards were popular and thought it would work but the gimmick was awful. He also said that Johnny Ace had two left feet and could not even ride a skateboard then talks about how they were the only team Herd liked less than the Midnight Express and that was why they worked a program together.

Cornette talks about Terry Funk returning and how he wanted to show everyone that he could still go in the ring. He even worked with a broken tailbone and even had to fly by kneeling into the seat and hunching over the chair due to the pain but still wrestled. Funk also brought in Eddie Guerrero to a TV taping attempting to get him a job during this time.

He talks about losing the Tag Team Tournament Finals to the Freebirds but the air conditioning in the building was broken and it was over 100 degrees in the building. Cornette talks about this version of the Freebirds as at that time, Terry Gordy was willing to work here but wanted to keep his Japan dates. However, the company wanted a full-time Freebird so they got Garvin. Cornette said that Haynes wanted to re-create the Freebirds of old and that Garvin, who was 5’10 and 210lbs started to take “supplements” and wanted to work like a bad-ass so they both didnt want to sell. Cornette said that Garvin flipped out on him once because he didnt sell a punch enough as Cornette talked all but said he was on steroids and wanted him to be carried to the back after getting punched once as Cornette also brings up how Garvin was  chickenshit heel is whole life. He said Haynes refused to sell the tennis racket because he said they had to get over huge, despite teams like the Road Warriors selling the racket. Cornette goes into his book and how during a Bash Tour at the Boston Garden and how after working a six-man teaming with Dr. Death, the Freebirds beat them, barely selling during the match, then decided to all of a sudden attack them afterwards to get more heat so Dr. Death got fed up and grabbed a chair then whacked Garvin repeatedly for trying to fuck with him. After the match, they went to the locker room as Garvin was all busted up as Eaton yelled at the Freebirds for not just being there to get them over as things were tense and that seeing Eaton, who rarely ever yelled, got the Freebirds to think a bit and they started to sell more for them after that.


Cornette confirms that the Ding Dongs were a Jim Herd idea. He said that the idea of this gimmick was that the WWF had all the kids as fans so they thought this would attract some. Cornette even said Herd once said if he had a 6’5 one-legged guy he would have his “Long John Silver” as Herd wanted to turn wrestlers into movie characters.

On Lex Luger turning heel at “Clash of the Champions VII,” Cornette said that Luger was a tremendous athlete and a nice guy but never a wrestling fan growing up and had no idea he was insulting people in wrestling when he was there as he always made money and was the focus so he did not know better. Cornette said that Luger was not a natural worker and had a hard time feeling out wrestling but was a solid heel.


He is asked about the “Great American Bash” PPV but first talks about the tour and how it was making no money as he lists off the meager house show draws. Cornette said that the PPV was heavily promoted and sold out Baltimore. He talks about his Tuxedo Match against Paul E. Dangerously and the night before he tore cartledge in his knee in a house show match. He iced the knee the rest of the night but it was stiff when he got up in the morning. They both wanted the match to be a grudge instead of comedy then talks about how he was the most experienced worker of the two and how that was a bad thing. He gathered up a Percocet, Vicodin, and an anti-inflammatory then decided to walk down the aisle and not limp, which was painful, then said he wanted Dangerously to hit his knee as hard as he can because his brace would absorb most of the it but Dangerously hit the wrong leg as Cornette says you can see him tell Dangerously to hit the other leg.


Cornette is asked about Ricky Steamboat leaving for foot surgery. He talks about Ricky’s wife Bonnie and how she was vocal behind the scenes and how she once did not allow him to attend a Smoky Mountain Show because she had something to do with him. Cornette then goes on about how no one wanted to see Steamboat the family man and that he looked lame in comparison to Flair, who was cool and fucking all of the women.

Ric Flair became the booker at his request as Cornette said that Flair had enough and went in after the disaster that was the “Great American Bash” tour. Cornette names off the ratings for the shows, which were bad, and said Flair was promised full control. Flair then called Cornette at that time that he wanted him on his committee but first he had to take care of something, which was getting rid of Eddie Gilbert. Flair did not like Gilbert’s Memphis-style of booking and that Gilbert once changed a finish to put himself over Ron Simmons in Memphis which pissed Flair off so Cornette was going to replace Gilbert’s spot. Cornette then pulls out some of his booking notes, shooting formats, and announcer’s notes, and even the list of job guys as Cornette said he always wanted to use Louie Spicolli as Bobby Eaton’s younger brother as they looked alike. Flair also wanted a lot of interviews but Herd did not want that as Sam Mushnick in St. Louis did not use them much and would change the shows as Cornette said that Flair would keep the original notes Cornette wrote. He said Herd was dividing the guys as he put word out that Jim Ross changed the scripts, which he did after being told to by Herd himself and that caused a lot of problems.


When asked about the angle in which Funk put a plastic bag over Flair’s head, Cornette said that it got over as Funk was convincing in his role. Cornette said that it brought in complaints but TBS was not prepared for calls from wrestling fans actually calling and believing that Funk was trying to kill Flair and the corporate guys took the complaints seriously.

About Paul E. Dangerously got fired, Cornette said that back then you were told in your promos to get yourself over so Dangerously cut a promo appealing to the “sheet readers” as Flair was next to Cornette backstage and said “fuck this guy” and Flair told him he was done. Dangerously thought he meant done for the night but Flair told him he was fucking done for good. Cornette said that Dangerously’s rendition was incorrect as Flair slammed the door after yelling at Heyman then a little bit after that, Dangerously tossed the garbage can while Flair was behind a closed door.


On October 6th, TBS Executive Vice President Bob Levi and Vice President of Programming Jeff Carr sent out a memo that said there would not be anymore violence on their shows, due to the plastic bag angle and mugging of Scott Steiner. Cornette reads some of the new guidelines at that time. He then talks about the awful tension at the booking meetings and how no one got along and nothing got accomplished as Herd suggested stuff that would hurt the product and wanted to change what Flair wanted to do.

Ole Anderson returned to the company. Cornette said that Ole could still cut a promo and contribute so he was brought back.

He said that the bit were he was in the hotel room with Woman was his mother’s favorite angle.

Cornette talks about the Thunderdome match. He said they thought the match would look cool but when they got there, the special effects were set up terribly as Muta was trying to blow out the fire with his mist as Tommy Young went over to put it out and it came off terrible. On Bruno Sammartino as the special referee, Cornette said that having him brought into Philly would draw a good house.


On the “I Quit” match between Flair and Funk, Cornette said Funk was not happy about quitting and said how he was told about the match before he agreed to it as Cornette said Herd wanted to make Funk a color commentator.

He talks about the angle when he tricked the Dynamic Dudes after they were feuding with the Midnight Express, culminating in a match at “Clash of the Champions IX.” Cornette said that it was his idea for the finish but then said he underestimated the sympathy the Midnight Express got from the fans for being booked like shit and how the fans loathed the Dynamic Dudes.

Flair wanted to defend the title against Bobby Eaton as Flair thought he was the best wrestler and did not want to even beat him as it ended in a DQ. Cornette said the rating for the match was the best in a year but Herd was pissed that Flair did not beat Eaton. So, Flair booked a rematch then Cornette booked a finish in which he and Stan tried to interfere but it backfired as Flair beat them all up with the racket and that rating topped the show that featured their initial match.

Cornette talks about Tully & Arn coming back to WCW for $250,000 a year but when Tully failed a drug test, Herd found out and rescinded the offer as he said it looked bad. Cornette suggested all sorts of things such as Tully going to rehab then come back as they could say TBS helped him out but Herd said no then cut Arn’s deal for $150,000 a year because he was less valuable by himself and Arn already gave notice to the WWF had to take the deal for $100,000 less than was promised to him.


On the Round-Robin Tournament for “Starrcade,” Cornette said that it was problematic choosing who would be in there and who would job and they all struggled to come up with finishes.

Cactus Jack made his debut. Cornette said that Continental was closing and Jack came over to a show. Cornette and Sullivan liked him and brought him in and said the more he dropped the elbow from the apron the more crazy the fans got and it caught on so he got a chance to get in full-time. However, most guys at the time saw nothing in him.

Cornette talks about how he fought Shane Douglas but before that in a match the crowd was yelling “Johnny sucks dick” at Johnny Ace as fans draped a bedsheet over the balcony that read “Johnny sucks Shane’s dick.” He then said that he came up with the idea that he would accidentally sign a contract to wrestle Shane. Cornette said he likes Shane but at the time he was young and told him in the airport he was not going to sell any of the “Memphis stuff” as Cornette said that while he was a Jr. member of the booking committee, Shane was a Jr. member of the talent roster and did not realize he was doing him a favor as this was a chance to get him over. After the match, Herd said that a wrestler should not sell for a manager after Shane called and complained so Herd ordered them to re-tape the match in a different city with Stan Lane wrestling on his behalf as they baited-and-switched the fans.

Flair resigned from the booking committee as Cornette tells us Flair sent a memo to everyone about how he had Herd changing his ideas and was not promised full control as promised and would go back to being a wrestler full-time.

Final Thoughts: I thought this was good but nowhere near as wonderful as his 1997 WWE Timeline. Cornette enjoyed himself and was in good spirits here. And for those wondering, there were no mentions of Russo or politics as he stayed on the topic at hand.

There were some entertaining stories and you got a good picture of what it was like to work on the booking team. However, the major angles were not discussed all that much, and Cornette himself was away from the company for several weeks when he was between contracts. The Midnights also did not work near the top of the card at the time either so he does not have much to say about being directly involved in the key feuds either.

Cornette loves wrestling and that shows here. As far as the WCW Timeline installments are concerned, this is probably the best one. I do recommend this as it is entertaining but again, do not expect it to be as great as his 1997 WWE Timeline.

You can purchase this On Demand for $20.99 or the DVD, which is a Two DVD set for $25 by clicking on the link below.

Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline Series: 1986 WWE as told by George “The Animal” Steele

This was released in 2012

The interview is conducted by Sean Oliver

It runs for two hours and fifteen minutes long

The interview starts with Steele joking around then Oliver asks him about the landscape of the company at this time. Steele talks about he came back to the full time in January of 1986 (he was wrestling part-time for the past few years) as he was teaching and coaching football and got burned out by that. Steele then talks about when he turned babyface on the first ever episode (during the first match too) of “Saturday Night’s Main Event” and how he started to eat the turnbuckles after the match and they sent Capt. Lou Albano in after him and then Steele put his head down in his stomach as the place went nuts for the turn, which Steele never thought would work, and when he saw that it did, he figured that he should come back for a full-time run. He then talks about how he was a cartoon character at that point and how they were selling toys and memorabilia rather than wrestling.


George is asked about Vince’s infatuation with hillbillies as Steele said that it was due to Hillbilly Jim’s popularity and how they decided to give him a family. Steele then tells the story of how Cousin Junior quit. Junior showed up to the arena in a limo, wearing a white tuxedo and smoking a cigar. He got out of the limo and told the agent that he had already made enough money needed for the rest of his life and that he was retiring as he stepped back inside of the limo and drove away.

He is asked about Hogan’s relationship with the rest of the locker room. Steele said he separated a little bit out of necessity but remained “one of the boys.” Steele said that Hogan was the guy Vince dreamed about as he had the look and the charisma and a good but not great worker. Steele said that he would build a company around Hogan as well.

Sean asks Steele about Terry Funk and if he struggled to fit in with the cartoonish product of the WWF. Steele laughs and said that Funk was always a clown and fit right in as he did his character well with the company. When asked if Funk should have been given a title run, Steele said no. Sean asks why as Steele talks about Hogan being so good that it was tough to do return matches at arenas with him because it has not believable that you could leave him laying twice. Steele then goes on about how great workers, like Funk, do not need belts and that the marginal workers do to help give them a jump start.

He talks about “Saturday Night’s Main Event” when he was at the water park as Steele tells a story about how he accidentally called NBC Executive Producer Dick Ebersol “Dave” and how that became a running joke whenever he saw him. Steele said he did it at first by accident because he is dyslexic. Steele then talks about Ebersol changing wrestling as he gave input into the shows such as scripting the matches themselves as he wanted the cameraman to know where the wrestler would be at a certain point in the match. Steele said he always called everything in the ring and how it was a struggle to adapt to this change, even saying that he just did what he wanted most of the time. He also puts over the announcing and guys like Gene Okerlund for helping make them all bigger stars.

On Lou Albano, Steele laughs and tells a story of how in his first run back in the 60’s, he rode around with Albano, who paid for his meals and took care of him. On the last day of his run, Albano gave him a bag filled with all of the bills that he took care of for Steele as a rib. Steele then talks about how Vince loved Albano, especially when he was wild as Steele recalls Vince telling him to get Albano a large bottle of vodka to liven things up when they were quiet.

Steele is asked about Adrian Adonis changing to the “Adorable” gimmick. He talks about how they were close and Adonis came up to him backstage at a “TNT” taping and told him to pay attention as he walked out and gave away his signature leather jacket. Steele said that Adonis thought of the idea himself and while he took a lot of ribbing from the locker room he loved the attention.


About his feud against Randy Savage over his love of Elizabeth, Steele said it was Chief Jay Strongbow’s idea. Steele talks about how it was natural as Elizabeth was gorgeous and Randy was extremely jealous in real life. Steele then talks about how difficult it was to work with Randy but not before putting over his work ethic and talent. Steele said he always improvised in the ring and Randy planned everything out. Steele says they clashed over that but part of that was due to the wrestling business changing towards the way Savage was operating. He then tells a story at a SNME taping where Savage gave him a notebook that had pages filled with details for their match as Steele ripped them out one by one and threw the pages in the trash as he told Savage to listen to him and they would have a good match. He talks about how Savage would even step between anyone talking to Elizabeth, during segments or backstage, just so they would not be looking at her.

On Savage becoming the Intercontinental Champion, Steele said that Tito would have made the better champ as Savage was such a good performer that he did not need the belt where as Tito was a great worker but needed a bit of a push. Steele then talks about how Randy and Tito were going to have a long feud but because of the popularity he had with his infatuation of Elizabeth, Tito ended up losing his run to Savage in favor for Steele.

When asked if it was Savage’s idea to make Elizabeth his valet, Steele said that the WWF wanted to bring in a model for Savage, who nixed the idea and said that he already had a model in Elizabeth. Steele then recalls how the first time Elizabeth came to the “Championship Wrestling” tapings in Poughkeepsie, NY, Savage made her practice how to get in and out of the ring without revealing too much of her legs and body about 200 times as Steele said it was brutal and that he felt bad for Elizabeth as he goes into how much Savage controlled her.

Sivi Afi, billed as the cousin of Jimmy Snuka, made his debut this month. Steele recalls standing next to Vince backstage during his Madison Square Garden debut as the place was going crazy as they thought it was Snuka but when the lights came on it revealed Afi and the crowd booed loudly as Vince commented how Afi’s career was now ruined. Steele then talks about how you can never replace a talent, who is over with another talent acting as a replacement, no matter how good a worker they as he says it is also a disrespect to the talent too. Steele said Vince Sr. never made that mistake but Vince Jr. has many times.

On Dory Funk coming into the WWF as “Hoss Funk,” Steele said that it was a case of Vince wanting control as he would tell the guys they could make a lot of money but it had to be done his way. Steele said it never worked and Dory knew that and left rather quickly. Steele then talks about how the business was changing as it was geared more towards television that all of the talent would come in as the TV would act as a monster and chew and spit them up as if you were not able to get over through TV, you were gone. He says the guys that lasted a long time, like Jake Roberts, were able to overcome all of that. Steele then talks about today’s wrestlers and how they are great athletes but lack the showmanship talent.


The first ever “Slammy Awards” air on March 1st. When asked if he had fun, Steele said while he resented it at first, he started to have fun and was making more money than ever. When asked if he received any royalties for the “Wrestling Album,” Steele said that he received nothing for both the recording or from royalties but it did pay in the long run as it got them more notoriety.

On Mr. T, Steele said that he had an attitude and did not respect the wrestlers or the business. He even believes that if he came along a few years earlier the wrestlers in the locker room would have destroyed him but at that point the business was changing. He also said that Hogan shielded him away from others in the locker room as well.

Steele talks about King Kong Bundy and how he challenged Hogan for the Belt at WrestleMania 2. He recalls a story of how Bundy, at this time, talked about how he was one of the top guys in the WWF as Strongbow started to laugh as he said top guys had 4-5 years while he had one shot at a top feud. Steele then tells another story of how when Bundy appeared in the WWF in 1985, he was standing next to Don Muraco and asked where they got this guy as Muraco told him that he used to do jobs for the WWF in the early 80’s with his brother and back then did not have a shaved head or eyebrows. It was after that when he went to Texas and Gary Hart managed him and suggested he shave his head and eyebrows when he became a star.

Ricky Steamboat and Bret Hart faced off against each other at the March 8th house show at the Boston Garden. Sean asks Steele why we do not see matches like this, between two great workers, happen more often. Steele said the answer is that they do not sell tickets as you need a hook to draw the crowd in and that babyface matches do not draw and that the Hart Foundation were not strong heels at that time.

Steele is asked about the “All-Star Wrestling” tapings being held in Brantford, ONT as he had no idea why the chose that location but tells a story about the Junkyard Dog taking a job guy and smashing his head off of the wall after a match. Steele and Albano grabbed JYD and asked him why he did that as JYD was pissed about the guy not selling his finisher. Steele said he saw the tape later and JYD was right then when the custodians went to clean the blood off of the wall, Steele told them to leave it there as it was a good reminder for people to see what would happen if they did not want to sell any offense during the match. He talks about how it stayed on the wall for about three shows.


They talk about WrestleMania 2 and how it was broadcsted from three different locations as Steele mentions how Vince was ecstatic that all of the different satellite feeds worked as he had a lot of money riding on the show and that he would have been broke if it did not go off. Steele then credits Vince for actually putting his profits into the product, specifically the production values as most promoters did not do that. When asked why Vince chose to have it take place at three different venues, Steele said that he learned a long time ago that in wrestling you have to make people talk and cites an example of how Vince had the Fabulous Moolah win a battle royal once by sneaking behind Greg Valentine and dropkicking him over the top rope as his point was that Valentine winning wasn’t going to garner any buzz and that Moolah would.

Sean asks Steele about the celebrities (as a scroll listing off all 18 of them appears on the screen). Steele had no idea who handled them. He starts laughing when asked about Ray Charles as he went into his room to meet him and turned on the light as Charles told him that he did not need that. Steele said that he was a great guy. On which celebrities got wrestling, Steele said Lou Duva and Joe Frazier got it but he was not around all of them. Steele tells another story of how his wife was at the hair salon and when asked why she was there, she said that she was going to a wrestling show as the hair dresser put her hand on her shoulder to feel sorry for her then a few years later, at the same salon with the same hair dresser, she was asked why she was there as she told them that it was for WrestleMania III as the hair dressser asked his wife if she could get her some tickets.

Steele is asked about his match at WrestleMania 2 against Savage. He said that it was originally supposed to be Savage against Tito but he got into the match due to the popularity of the Elizabeth angle. He is also asked about the main event, King Kong Bundy vs. Hulk Hogan in a cage match for the title as Steele said that he thought Bundy was in over his head. He said the match was alright overall but nothing he would go buy a ticket to see or anything.

He is asked about the Rougeaus as Steele said they were good workers but Jacques could be difficult to get along with. He said Raymond was great to get along with and talks about how he worked with their father.


He talks about Adonis again and how wonderful he was as the “Adorable” one but got carried away with the “nose candy” and couldnt help himself after that. Steele tells a story of how he wrestled Adonis, who took a bump to the floor and landed hard on his hip, then in the locker room, Adonis was crying due to the pain and had his makeup running down his face and as Steele tried to console him, Pat Patterson would walk up and make it seem like he was about to laugh, which would get Steele to laugh himself, then Patterson kept doing that as Steele talked about how Patterson pulled a lot of ribs in his day.

When asked about Jake Roberts hitting Steamboat with a DDT on the floor during “Saturday Night’s Main Event,” Steele said it was a great angle and talked about how George Scott was booking and overpushed some of the guys he brought in, like Steamboat, who were not getting over and once they held him back a little and started a feud with Jake he began to get more over with the fans.


George Scott was demoted from his role as head booker. Steele recalls once during a taping of “TNT,” Scott became disgusted over a segment then told Steele that Vince was going to do things to hurt the business and if he saw something that would in fact hurt it to pull Vince aside and tell him as Steele was close to Vince. Steele said that he wasn’t going to tell Vince then talks about the business was changing and that you could not knock success.

King Tonga (Haku) bodyslammed John Studd on an episode of “Championship Wrestling.” When asked about any stories about his toughness as Steele recalls a story while at a bar in Canada when some guy kept taunting Tonga about how he was not able to slam him. Steele said that a cop was there near the guy but Tonga picked him up anyway and slammed him near the cops foot. The cop then said that the guy was asking for it as Steele noted he didnt want any part of Tonga either. Steele said that he was a good guy who also loved his scotch. He also said that for some reason whenever they went all went out Tonga was the guy that would get challenged by bar patrons.

Steele talks about the Komodo Dragon that Steamboat carried with him as he said that the British Bulldogs would mess around with it and burn it with cigarettes and as a result Steamboat hated to pick it up because he never knew what the dragon would end up doing. Steele also tells a story of how the dragon escaped while in Connecticut and when it finally got caught it was several pounds heavier and the area had calls for missing cats and dogs.

On June 17th, Andre the Giant lost to Antonio Inoki in Japan. Sean asks Steele if Japan had to get permission from Vince for Andre to lose and he said that they did. Steele then tells a story about during a match Andre asked him to try a slam. Steele said he went over and attempted to pick him up but then acted like his back hurt and after that, Steele said that Andre came up to him backstage and put him over and always respected him for that. When asked about guys that Andre disliked, Steele said that he did not like Big John Studd, as Steele said Studd was dumb as Andre would tell him to not do certain spots that he did but Studd did them anyway. Steele said that Andre also hated the Iron Sheik and the Ultimate Warrior as Steele tells a story that happened a few years later when he was the agent for a Warrior vs. Andre match at a house show in Florida that was booked to have Warrior beat Andre in 14 seconds. When that happened, the fans booed as they felt cheated out of a match and started to rip up their Warrior posters and throw them at the ring. Steele called Vince to tell him what happened as he felt this would hurt both guys but Vince told him that they would shove this match down the fans throats and after three months of the same reactions it actually ended up getting Warrior over at the end.

Steele said that Billy Jack Haynes was a tough guy and had a good look but the machine swallowed him up. He then tells a story of how he ribbed Haynes once when he asked him if he was gay as the night before he saw Haynes’ girlfriend in the hotel lobby alone then asked Haynes would he had in his room. Steele said that Haynes blew up and talked about how he beat the shit out of a TV producer in Oregon to which Steele once again asked him if he was gay as Hillbilly Jim was cracking up in the car but also warning Steele that Haynes might actually act violent towards him.


Harley Race won the “King of the Ring” tournament in Foxboro, MA. Steele said giving Race the king gimmick was one of the biggest ribs in the history of wrestling as Race had to carry the crown and the robe everywhere he went.

About Paul Orndorff turning heel on Hogan, Steele said that he was much better as a heel then talked about how Orndorff was bipolar and always an inch away from going off of the deep end.  Steele does have a lot of respect for him. Steele then talks about how at one point Danny Spivey was going to be considered as a protege of Hogan then end up turning on him as Steele talks about how he helped devise an idea to have Spivey team with Hogan then one day come out with his hair dyed black and slap Hogan as he would then say how he was sick of being in his shadow but the story then went to Orndorff as Steele said that Hogan used some of their idea and brought it to that storyline. After being asked if Orndorff being difficult to work with cost him a run as the champion, Steele said that he gets a kick out of “smart marks” needing to think that the best worker needed the belt and that being in multiple territories also made you great as Steele said that just means you were unable to get over and stay somewhere and that you could put the belt on anyone and have them beat people but you cant make them into a good worker so he feels it is a waste to give a great worker a belt (The World Heavyweight Title).


Steele laughs when asked about Slick as he said the character was a joke but also gives Slick credit for doing a great job with the character.

On whether or not Roddy Piper returned to the WWF with an ego, Steele laughed and said that he had one before he left the questions to find a superstar who made it in wrestling without having a huge ego.

When asked about the Machines gimmick, Steele said they outright stole that from Japan and they were trying all sorts of things at that time.


He is asked about the change from taking the TV tapings from Poughkeepsie to on the road, Steele joked about how there were wires everywhere for cameras and everything else. Steele also talks about how the company was all about the production.

The final episode of “TNT” aired as Steele recalls how much fun he had doing those shows and joked that Vince backed out as host and put Mean Gene in charge so it would fail without him as the host.

Steele then talks about Superstar Billy Graham returning and how that did not work out. He then goes off topic and talks about how when Graham thought he was returning for a run on top, no one could follow Hogan without a big drop then brings up one guy who he thought could have followed Hogan with just a slight drop off years later was Sid Vicious, prefacing that comment by stating how people will probably laugh at him for saying that.

Steele said that the Honky Tonk Man brought in as a face was an instant failure and even thought coming back as a heel would fail as well but credits him or being the best at his gimmick and talks about how he had a ton of heat with the fans and nearly caused a riot in Panama City, FL as a result at a house show.


When asked about Vince proclaiming Tom Magee as his future World Champion, Steele talks about Vince being one of the best TV people there and great at merchandising but wrestling his just not his thing as he witnessed so many mistakes. Steele said Magee with a nice guy and a good “beer drinker” but thought Vince was on drugs when he thought Magee could be a champion then even questions if Vince said that as a rib as you never knew what he was doing.

Steele said that the Danny Davis as a heel referee worked then talks about how even though it might sound egotistical, Steele himself believes he was responsible for the far out and cartoonish ideas in the 80’s as when he turned and got over by acting ridiculous, Vince took things farther with other performers.


Steele laughs when asked about Outback Jack but did say he got over a little bit due to the vignettes but the TV ate him up quickly and also said he began to date one of the girls in the office and that was looked down upon and was the beginning of the demise. Steele also joked how the girl he dated was as attractive as Jack and wouldnt want to see what their children looked like.

He is asked about Tom Zenk as Steele said that he just didnt fit in with the locker room and was the type of guy who blamed everyone else for his failures.

On the start of the Savage/Steamboat feud, Steele said that he had his heart broken a bit being the manager for their WrestleMania III match because that was his hometown and he wanted to wrestle in front of the home crowd.


He is asked about the finish at “Saturday Night’s Main Event” (filmed in December 1986 but aired on January 1987) where both Orndorff and Hogan hit the floor at the same time after escaping the change and said that Orndorff’s feet really hit the ground first.

Steele talks about how at that same taping, he took Elizabeth backstage during their match but a few nights before, Vince wanted Steele to grab Elizabeth by the ankle and capture that on photo but Savage flipped out and thought that Steele and Vince were trying to rib him by doing that then JYD started to egg on Savage by telling him he should be asking if Steele would be laying on his belly or on his back, looking up her dress as Savage went ballistic. Savage also went nuts over Steele taking her away in the match as he wondered what the fans thought he would be doing to her. Steele then talks about how Savage being off of the wall made him a great worker.

Final Thoughts: Excellent interview. Steele was fantastic throughout and gave great insight mixed in with funny stories and gossip. Steele also displayed a great mind for the wrestling business too. He came off as a personable guy and did not have an agenda or an ax to grind.

As someone who recently watched all of the WWF TV and major house shows of 1986, Steele really was a huge part of the company and the crowd did love him. I thought he was a fine choice as the subject of the timeline. His close relationship with Vince also gave us some details that I have never heard before.

Overall, I highly recommend this interview. It is another fine installment in the KC Timeline Series and you will not be disappointed. Steele is an entertaining guest in general and keeps things moving along.

You can purchase this interview for $20 by clicking on the link below

Next week, I will be reviewing the classic RF Video Al Snow shoot interview from 1998.

If You Liked…Daredevil (TV Series)

Hey Scott,

I don't know if you've had a chance to check out the new Daredevil show on  Netflix yet, but it's fantastic. I've seen very few people complain about it, honestly. As of now, I'm only two episodes in and I'm already hooked.

Anyway, I thought you or others might be interested in a new blog post I made. I'm making a bunch of comic book recommendations for 'ol Hornhead. I know we've many people here are comic book aficionados, so they might find it interesting. (Also, because there's a lot to cover, this is Part 1; I'll be posting Part 2 next Sunday).

​It's on the list, fear not.  I wish I would have had Netflix and all these awesome shows back when I was single and had time to do stuff like marathon 2 seasons of 24 over three days.​

WWE Announces New Network Series

The WWE sent out the following listing of original programming that
will be coming to the WWE Network, and in that announcement was news
that the NXT brand will be doing monthly, two-hour specials. Here is the


CAMP WWE – COMING LATE 2015: WWE, in partnership with Seth
Green’s Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, will debut a new, animated short-form
comedy series entitled Camp WWE. Imagine WWE Superstars and Divas when
they were kids at their favorite summer camp…which happens to be run by
none other than Mr. McMahon – add in shock-value, slapstick humor and
social satire – and you have WWE’s first adult comedy, which will debut
later this year.

SWERVED – COMING IN MAY: WWE teams up with the Director of
Jackass and Bad Grandpa, Jeff Tremaine, to give you the hilarious
original series, Swerved. Swerved is a half hour series and will
premiere in May.

DIVA SEARCH – COMING THIS FALL: WWE spans the globe in search
of the most beautiful, athletic and charismatic women to find the next
stunning WWE Diva. This competition will give viewers the opportunity to
witness the challenges, trials, drama and rewards that accompany the
journey of these women, as they vie for superstardom. Coming this Fall.

Hosted by legendary talk show host Jerry Springer, this series will
re-introduce the WWE Universe to the most outrageous stunts and
cringe-inducing moments in TV history. The series will be chock full of
insane situations and racy romps from WWE’s past that will have members
of the WWE Universe asking, “Did they really do this?!” Springer will
inject his own brand of humor into each episode with themes such as
“Love Hurts,” “All in the Family” and “Weddings and Funerals.” The
half-hour series will be available beginning in April in WWE Network’s
video-on-demand library with new episodes weekly.

Podcast host Chris Jericho challenges his guests in provocative, candid
conversations about their careers, their lives, past controversies and
the overall state of WWE. The monthly series kicks off Monday, April 6
immediately following Raw, with its first one-hour episode featuring WWE
Superstar John Cena.

Renee Young interviews WWE Superstars and other pop-culture celebrities,
covering just about everything, except what they are famous for. In
this short-form series, Renee’s guests include Grammy Award winner Wiz
Khalifa, five-time Grammy nominee Skylar Grey and WWE Superstars Roman
Reigns and Seth Rollins. Unfiltered will debut in May.

commentator Corey Graves reveals a variety of unique venues, customs,
music, food and people as WWE’s tour travels around the world. From
Marvel comic headquarters to a tattoo shop on the lower east side of
Manhattan, Graves examines the local culture with his unique perspective
and style. This short-form series will premiere in June.

WWE THE LIST – COMING IN JUNE: WWE The List is the best, the
worst, the most bizarre and interesting of everything and anything WWE.
If it’s amazing, outrageous, sexy or just plain fun, it just made

NEW EPISODES: In addition to the eight new original series,
WWE Network will also debut new episodes of the highly-acclaimed
docu-series WWE 24 as well as WWE Countdown and Rivalries. WWE will also
add more children’s programming by bringing back the popular 1980s
animated series, Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling. In addition, WWE
Network will produce compelling specials and short form content, while
continuing to add 1,000 hours to its robust video-on-demand library,
which currently has more than 3,000 hours of content.

WWE 24: The acclaimed 30-minute docu-series takes you on a
lightning-fast journey through a day in the life of WWE’s most
intriguing Superstars and groundbreaking events.

WWE COUNTDOWN: WWE Countdown settles the great debates across
WWE history. Who was the most dangerous Diva? Who had the best
catchphrase? This one-hour series allows the WWE Universe to determine
the top 10 in each category and have the final word on who tops each

RIVALRIES: This docu-style series takes a look at the greatest
rivalries in WWE history, as never told before. Get the real stories
behind WWE’s most exciting matches and entertaining feuds through the
eyes of the Superstars who created them. Each one-hour episode leaves no
story untold.

HULK HOGAN’S ROCK ’N’ WRESTLING: Harkening back to 1985, this
Saturday morning cartoon, which originally aired on CBS, features Hulk
Hogan, Andre the Giant, Junkyard Dog, Captain Lou Albano, and Roddy
Piper in a series that is both nostalgic and entertaining, 30 years


WWE Network will look back at this epic David vs. Goliath encounter at
WrestleMania 24 (2008) and its shocking conclusion coming just in time
for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, which is expected to be one of the biggest
boxing matches in history.

is here. WWE’s hottest up-and-coming Superstars compete to prove they’ve
got what it takes. More than just evolution, it’s a revolution! Witness
these WWE Superstars of tomorrow as they take over WWE Network with
live two-hour specials.

So we have a bunch of shows most people won’t watch, Takeover going monthly, new episodes of shows they already have, and Jerry Springer hosting something that sounds like Are You Serious but without the puppet.  But we can’t get 1997 Nitro?

Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline Series: 1996 WCW as told by Kevin Sullivan

With all of the 1996 WCW reviews and whatnot, I figured why not get some insight from the Bookerman himself, Kevin Sullivan. This was originally posted in July of 2013 but figured why the hell not read it again tonight.

This was released on June 25th, 2013.

Sullivan is asked about Bischoff giving away the results of the RAW Bowl, including the Smoking Gunns winning the Tag-Team Championship. He thought it was a horrible idea, as the fans who want to see what happened. He said that this really came back to bite WCW in the ass when they announced Mick Foley winning the World Title. He said at that point, he told everyone they were in deep shit but no one believed him.
On the January 13th edition of “WCW Pro” Sullivan squashed Damon Striker, who would go on to the WWF a few years later an become Edge. Sullivan is asked if he saw the potential in him and he stated that he did and should have courted him at the time.
The Public Enemy debuted, defeating the American Males. Sullivan said that he liked them and did not look down on them because they were from ECW, as he wrestled there at one point. Sullivan puts over Heyman as one of the brightest minds in wrestling and would always call him several weeks ahead of time when his talent was joining WCW, so he could make the best of the situation. Sullivan then compares wrestling to the circus, saying that there is stuff for everyone. This is one of the many analogies that Sullivan makes throughout the interview.
Oliver reads a legal letter from Bischoff, threatening to sue the WWF over the Billionaire Ted Skits. Sullivan said that he loved those sketches, as he is a fan of parodies. He then says that the American public is not stupid and does not want to see their stars and heroes become destroyed when a corporation or business says so, but rather on their own.
Sullivan is asked about a few things from Clash of the Champions XXXII. When asked about Elizabeth debuting in WCW, he said that believes Hogan’s wife wanted to get involved in the program. He is then asked about the three-way feud between Hogan, Dungeon of Doom, and the Four Horsemen. Sullivan said that the Dungeon of Doom was his idea of making Hogan relax, as it gave him cartoon heels to wrestle instead of the cooler heels, like the Horsemen. He also mentions that Hogan was getting booed a lot at this time and fans were starting to like the cooler heels. He then states how anyone can book but you need to have a strong personality to make it work. He brings up another analogy, this time about a sabermetrics argument on the MLB Network in which one of the ex-managers appeared to have won, because he had a forceful personality.
Sullivan is asked about the incident in which Brian Pillman grabbed Bobby Heenan’s jacket, causing him to swear. Sullivan believes that it was a shoot, then goes on to talk about how Pillman and Steve Austin went from being in a tag-team to breaking up on their own and developing “loose cannon” personas and got involved in a controversial angle in the WWF. He says that all the guys who drew money in the business magnified their own personality to get over with the fans.
Sullivan is then asked about the luchadores. He brings up his circus analogy, stating that they were missing the acrobats at this time. He said some of the workers complained about them, but those were usually the guys who used five minute restholds. He thought they would not be accepted at the top of the card but made for a great mid-card act.
Oliver brings up the debut of Loch Ness. Sullivan said he was a fan of European wrestling. He thought the guy could work and claimed he was the highest draw on “WCW Saturday Night” for that year. He then brings up another analogy, stating that if you eat steak every day for a long time, one day you are going to just want a taco. I guess this makes Loch Ness the taco of professional wrestling.
Sullivan is now asked about the “I respect you bookerman” comment made by Pillman at Superbrawl VI. He said it was a work and that Pillman came up with the whole idea by himself and he was just along for the ride, knowing that what he was doing had never been done before. He mentions how some of the workers thought that Pillman was being legit with all of his antics and told Sullivan how they wanted nothing to do with him, thinking that he was completely insane. He then says how guys like Kevin Nash in the WWF were buying the PPV to see Pillman shoot.
He is then asked about Elizabeth turning on Savage an aligning with Flair. He says that it might have been Hogan’s idea, as he and his wife were trying to get them back together in real life.
Sullivan is then asked about Arn Anderson beating Hogan on Nitro, giving him his second loss in three weeks. Sullivan brings up there was the pro-Hogan and the anti-Hogan parties in WCW. Hogan was told that he was getting heat for not putting other guys over and did this to shut up the anti-Hogan camp.
The first non-televised house show in a few years draws 11,000 in Baltimore, MD. Sullivan said he knew they would draw there and it was great for Hogan’s ego because he would think that he was the reason for the large crowd. During this show, Lex Luger defeated Johnny B. Badd for the TV Title but lost it the next night on Television. Sullivan claims that he was vetoed against shooting angles at house shows. He brings up how running everything on PPV ruins business.
The “Baywatch” episode featuring himself and other wrestlers is brought up. Sullivan said the actors hated the wrestlers and David Hasselhoff refused to be on that episode due to his hatred of Hogan.
Johnny B. Badd wrestles his last match for WCW, losing the TV Title to Luger. Sullivan said that he wasn’t missed and thought it was ridiculous for a white guy to impersonate a black guy then compares the Badd character to Al Jolson.
The Doomsday Cage Match at Uncensored is discussed. Sullivan said that the original idea was for himself and the Giant to face Hogan and Savage but everyone else was brought in and it became a debacle. He said that at the end, it worked out as it made Hogan happy and he was able to be steered towards more serious angles.
Hogan was written off TV on the April 15th episode of Nitro. The original plan was for Hogan to leave on a stretcher but that got changed to Hogan no-selling chairshots and a chokeslam from the Giant, after beating Sullivan and Anderson in a handicapped match. Sullivan said that Hogan took a shit on the company by doing that and said Hogan was too smart to not sell during this segment but he was very unsecure in WCW.
The Giant beats Flair for the World Title on the April 29th edition of Nitro. Sullivan said that they needed a heel champ for Hogan to face when he was going to come back but compares the Giant to a guy batting 8th in the lineup, thus not ready for the belt.
On the same day as the title change, Bischoff was attending a show in Japan in which the UWFi invaded NJPW. He said that Bischoff did not get the nWo idea immediately afterwards but rather called Nash and Hall to join WCW.
Diamond Dallas Page wins the “Lord of the Ring” at Slamboree. Sullivan calls DDP one of the hardest working people in the business but being friends with Bischoff helped him tremendously.
The Road Warriors wrestle their last match in WCW. Sullivan said that Hawk could have been a draw as a singles wrestler but was trapped in his gimmick. He thought that he should have went to Japan to revamp his character.
The first two hour Nitro starts on May 27th. Scott Hall returns and Sullivan claims that some of the guys in the locker room thought it was a legit invasion by McMahon. He said with two of Vince’s biggest stars and Waltman, who was a great worker, he just needed a seed of an idea to make this work.
Kevin Nash returns to WCW on the June 10th edition of Nitro. Sullivan also confirms that Shawn Michaels was offered a contract with WCW at this time but turned down the deal. Sullivan puts Michaels over as one of the five greatest workers of all-time.
Sullivan mentions the WWF lawsuit against WCW for using Hall and Nash. They were sued for likeness of character. He said he spent four days in disposition, where he told prosecutors that he was not using Hall as Razor Ramon, because he was not portrayed as a Hispanic drug dealer and wouldn’t because he is white.
Kevin Greene is brought up. He teamed with Steve McMichael against Flair & Anderson. He said that Greene had a mind for wrestling and said Mongo’s personality fit in well with the Horsemen. He tries to make another athlete analogy but in a funny momeny, mistakenly refers to Karl Malone as Moses Malone.
Hogan joining the nWo is mentioned. Sullivan said that Hogan and his agent were so nervous about the turn that he had them both stay over his house the night before the PPV and had Hogan arrive to the show He claims his agent was attempting to talk him out of the turn. Sullivan said he booked it at Daytona Beach due to the high concession sales and that it was surrounded by bars, so it would get a good reaction.
When asked about Flair beating Konnan for the US Title, Sullivan said it was beneath Flair but did this to show Hogan that he was going to book him and the nWo strong.
The moment in which Nash launched Rey Mysterio like a lawn dart into the production truck is brought up. Sullivan originally wanted him to be tossed through a window but was afraid Mysterio would get too cut up.
The black-and-white nWo promos are brought up. Sullivan believes that Nash and Hall came up with that idea. He also said how some in the locker room were really thinking that it was a legit invasion by the WWF and would come up to him, stating that they heard them talk to Vince. He also puts over Hall and Nash for getting on board with this promo style and making him comfortable.
Up next is the Hog Wild PPV and Harlem Heat getting attacked. Sullivan mocks the state of Wyoming and states the PPV was so Bischoff could ride his motorcycle. He said that having Harlem Heat show up there was akin to showing up at a wrestling show in Nigeria with a plantation owner gimmick.
Juventud Guerrera debuts and Mean Gene conducts an in-ring interview after the match but Juvy did not speak English at the time. Sullivan said that it might have been a rib on Gene. He then brings up Juvy walking through the hotel lobby in Australia naked, stating that he was Jesus.
Chris Jericho debuts defeating Alex Wright. Sullivan said that he knew Jericho was talented when he was in Smoky Mountain. He said that he was vocal but offered a lot of ideas and knew the business well.
The Giant is introduced as the newest member of the nWo, as he turned on WCW during a run-in after the Horsemen defeated the Dungeon of Doom. Sullivan said that this happened because negotiations with Davey Boy Smith fell through. Sullivan thought that only ex-WWF guys should have been in the group but even felt that Davey was a bad fit a he had been a face and didn’t need to be brought in as a heel. When Oliver brings up the rumor that Hogan nixed the idea of the Horseman making a comeback during the segment, Sullivan confirms and says that at that point, they were sucking the blood out of the company.
Glacier debuts. Sullivan said that this was the creation of DDP. He then states how a lot of Eric’s friends were giving ideas at this time.
The Fake Sting is brought up and Sullivan said that this was from Jason Hervey. He was against it as he felt it muddled up everything.
Waltman debuts as Syxx. Sullivan said he was planned for the original part of the group but legal issues delayed his debut.
Bret Hart turns down a three year, 8.4 million dollar deal from WCW. He thinks that Vince promised in carte blanche in the WWF and that is why he stayed.
The Outsiders defeat the Harlem Heat for the WCW Tag-Titles at Halloween Havoc. Sullivan is asked if the nWo was taking over the whole company and Sullivan completely loses me with an ice cream sundae analogy to explain the situation.
Piper’s debut at the show is discussed. Sullivan said that Bischoff thought he could put Vince out of business by bringing in all of his stars.
On the October 28th edition of Nitro, Sting is seen in the rafters wearing his crow makeup. Sullivan says that the idea was Scott Hall’s. He said he was kept off of TV because he was trying to get work as an actor.
Curt Hennig meets with Bischoff. Sullivan said that JJ Dillon was very helpful for them as he dealt with the contracts in the WWF before going back to WCW, thus knowing when they were close to expiring. He puts over Dillon for having a photographic memory.
Bischoff joins the nWo. Sullivan said that it was the idea of Hall and Nash.
Sullivan attacks Chris Benoit. He says that Benoit was always professional in the ring. Sullivan said that he and Nancy were not getting along at this point anyway, so the divorce was inevitable. Oliver then asks Sullivan about the murders, and he says he had no idea that would happen and nearly breaks down as they quickly switch to the next topic.
Giant wins World War III. He said that Bischoff always thought bigger was better. He also said that when he booked the match, he only really cared about the last ten guys in the ring. He said the entire concept was a bad idea.
Piper beats Hogan at Starcade. Sullivan said that this was Hogan’s favor to Piper for not putting him over in the WWF.
Sullivan is then asked about the dangers of a wrestler being given creative control. Sullivan said that they will always be about themselves but puts over HHH as the exception to the rule, because he has to think in terms of the company and puts over his program with Brock Lesnar as an example. He then puts over Hogan for making wrestling what it is today, stating he was powerful enough to replace SNL once a month.
Final Thoughts:  I would recommend this but beware that Sullivan tends to stray off topic at times. He also loves to use analogies so be prepared for that as well. He does offer a lot of insight to this period, especially from his position as the booker, although his justification of Loch Ness comes off just as someone who cannot admit failure. A lot of this is focused on the first few months of the year and if you are interested in the stuff that Pillman did, there is a ton of that here. Its available on demand at if you want to check it out.

Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline Series: 2008 WWE Blue as told by Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins)

This was released on December 22, 2014

The interview was conducted by Sean Oliver

It runs for two hours and one minute long.

For those wondering the “Blue” part of the title means that the interview only covers the Smackdown and ECW brands for this year.


Brian is asked about Batista. He says that at first he was intimidated by him and that he had a tone and demeanor that made him seem unapproachable but when he and Zack Ryder worked against him, he couldn’t have been more wrong about him and that he is one of the most generous and nicest guys. Brian also said that Batista is the only wrestler he knew that would go out of his way to learn everyone’s real name. Brian confirms Batista reputation as a ladies man when asked. Sean then asks him about Zack and he said that Zack began training three weeks after he began and they were suggested that they team together because they look alike. Brian then talks about his time training in Deep South for WWE Developmental under Bill DeMott, who was a drill sergeant and tough, but they both were so hungry to make it to the main roster that they would do anything asked of them. He is then asked about Zack’s YouTube videos as Brian said that Zack acts just like that with his friends but is very shy around those he does not know.

He is now asked about La Familia. Brian said that it was never a long-term plan but it went week-to-week to start. Brian talks about how he was with Zack as the Major Brothers and were dead in the water and convinced they were done. They pitched an idea to Michael Hayes, who they felt comfortable with, to be paired up with Edge. Hayes said he liked it but that they had to run it by Edge first. Brian said that to this day he does not know why Edge agreed as he went up to Edge to pitch the idea and asked for his email address to send him the plan in detail and from that Edge agreed. Brian was grateful that Edge took a chance on them and mentioned how he did not have to do that. Brian said that he heard from people that when he was with Zack as the Major Brothers that Hayes thought they gave off a “Von Erich” vibe and believes he went to bat for them. Brian calls Edge a “five-tool” wrestler.

On January 25th, the first episode of Smackdown aired in HD. Brian was asked if any performers were scared about HD. He said that he heard rumors about people getting worried and they did not find out until that day about the HD. They held a meeting for the talent about what not do to in HD as Brian recalls a video of Ken Kennedy’s spray tan sweating off of him during a match and how not to do that. Sean asks him about Kevin Dunn. Brian said that he had minimal interaction with him and says he heads straight into the production truck after the meeting and does not leave as he has his minions get him stuff. Brian describes one time he met with him when they wanted their entrance music changed and were told to go to Dunn. Brian talks about how he feels that entrance music is important then describes how he knocked on his door and Dunn was actually cool with them and a few weeks later they had new entrance music. Sean asks him some more about entrances as Brian said that they were told not to stand on the rope, as Randy Orton was doing that, then describes how when you are being told what not to do you end up looking awkward as you cannot react organically and jokes how they had a long period of guys getting into the ring and doing nothing.

Brian is now asked about the Undertaker debuting the Hell’s Gate (Gogoplata). Brian said that his fandom of MMA helped improve the product and cites an example of selling punches more realistically as opposed to the goofy way they did in the 80’s makes it better to watch, joking how people know its fake but don’t make me feel stupid for watching wrestling.

When asked about Eve Torres, who made her debut as a backstage interviewer several months after winning the Diva Search, Brian said that he liked her and thought that she was a hard worker. When asked how new girls are treated when they first arrive to the company, Brian laughs and said it is the same as a new girl in school and how the guys all talk about how hot they are.


They talk about Brock Lesnar making his UFC debut. Brian said that he was never a fan but watched when Brock fought due to the fact he was a former wrestler. Brian then said that he personally never felt that UFC was competition to the WWE and said that Vince has told them that in talent meetings before as well.

On February 7th, the WWE Dropped OVW as their Developmental Territory and replaced it with FCW. Brian said he was thrilled to be part of OVW when Deep South closed as they had a history of developing guys like John Cena and Randy Orton but when he got there it was terrible and a shell of what it once was. He said that he found out they closed down on a tour of South America when Colt Cabana texted him.

He is asked about the South America tour. Brian said he got sick from the water in Mexico and had to wrestle Batista and Finlay and told them he was sick, which he said was a mistake as they would press on his stomach during the match. Brian said the match was fun but he ran to the back afterwards and got sick in the bathroom. He then talks about how brutal the fans were and how they got pelted with batteries and garbage and recalls how one fan tossed a cup filled with piss in Edge’s face. Sean asks him about the nightlife and Brian said it was fun and hung around with Jesse, Festus, and Hornswoggle.

Brian is asked about how much money they make off of the action figures. He said that they do not make much off of them and how the stores like KMart and Target buy all of the action figures so if someone buys your action figure at the store, you do not get paid personally as the stores already bought them so if your figure stays on the shelf forever or sells out quickly, it doesn’t matter to the wrestler financially.

When asked about drug testing, Brian said that it is a terrible experience. When guys were getting busted using “fake penises” to cheat the test, they had a policy of being watched while they urinated and had to have the area from their nipples to their knees exposed. Brian did say that he has taken tests with top guys like Randy Orton, who he said were not exempted from testing.

Onto Floyd Mayweather hopping the railing at the No Way Out PPV and punching the Big Show. Sean asks if the punches were legit, as Show’s nose bled, as Brian laughed and said to watch the tape. Sean then asks about how the other wrestlers react when people from the outside come into the company as Brian said that he personally thinks that it wasn’t his spot to begin with and there are certain spots on the card for a reason. When asked about the Big Show, Brian said that he is a big baby who gets his feelings hurt easily but that he also means well and is a good guy.


When asked about Matt Hardy, who made his return after being out due to appendicitis, Brian said that he liked him a lot. He talks about how he would always tell stories and try to keep the morale up in the locker room. Brian also talks about how it is meeting someone you grew up watching and how cool it was to hang out with him.

Sean asks him about the WrestleMania Weekend Events that lead up to the show. Brian confirmed that you do not get paid any extra for doing that stuff and when asked how it felt, Brian said that it can be tough, especially if you are not wrestling on the show, but also said its your job and talks about John Cena and his crazy schedule.

When asked about whether or not you were required to be at the Hall of Fame Ceremony, Brian said not always as Axxess is going on at the same time then commented how some guys would purposely do Axxess so they did not have to sit through the entire ceremony. Brian did say that he made it a point to be there when Edge got inducted. This year, The Rock was there for his grandfather and father as Brian said that he killed it on stage.

He is now asked about Undertaker beating Edge for the WWE World Title at WrestleMania 24. Brian said that the whole show was sentimental to him. At first, they (Edge Heads) were not sure if they would be on the show and talks about how they ribbed them as they made them run down the ramp repeatedly, which was 120 yards, telling them that Vince needed to see it and they realized that no one was paying any attention to them when it happened. He then talks about sitting in on the discussion of the match with Hayes, Edge, and Taker, who told them to realize how special this was. Sean asks him about the payoff for doing a run-in at Mania. Brian said that he and Zack were waiting for the payoff, thinking it would be huge, and when it finally came it was for the same amount they would have gotten had they just sat in the back and ate catering during the show. Brian said it made sense as he ran in and took one bump as opposed to wrestling a 25 minute match.

Sean then asks him about the celebrities at the show. Brian talks about fans and said that Chili from TLC is always backstage with her kid when they go to Atlanta and are both huge fans. Brian said that Snoop Dogg was cool and that he wanted to get a look at Kim Kardashian but she spent all day in her trailer. He said that Floyd Mayweather was cool to be around and that his huge entourage were “throwing money around” all weekend.


He is asked about Natalya Neidhart making her debut. Brian said she was originally supposed to be with Harry Smith and Teddy Hart as the New Hart Foundation but that Teddy fucked it up and got fired. Sean then asks Brian about how a diva like Natalya feels about others without the in-ring talent or experience getting spots over her. Brian says that she is great but to keep in mind that this is not a sport like baseball, where the best nine guys get on the field, but that it is entertainment and not real so while it can be unfortunate, it is just the facts.

Brian is asked about their tour of Europe. When asked, he said the fans are more appreciative. Brian also loves traveling on the bus together with everyone. Brian then tells a story about how Matt Hardy was at the bar drunk and clowning around then Eve Torres ended up putting him in a choke hold and in fact choked him out. Brian said that the next day it was the buzz in catering and that Undertaker held a Wrestler’s Court and busted Hardy’s balls.

When asked about bringing back the King of the Ring, Brian said that as a fan it was awesome and thinks it was a great way to build up a guy then jokes about how it was ruined when Sheamus won and they gave him that “stupid, fucking outfit.” Brian also was shocked at the time that Regal won and Punk did not. He said it is fun and promotes wrestling and does not need any gimmicks.

Sean then asks him about David Taylor getting released. Brian said that he loved Taylor when he was his trainer in Deep South and says he is funny and a great storyteller off camera.


He is asked about Mick Foley doing the color commentary on Smackdown. Brian said that Mick would always go to the talent meetings and ask the talent to tell him things about themselves so he could say something on commentary. Sean talks about Mick complaining about Vince being in his ear during the show as Brian then talked about how he never understood exactly what Vince wanted in a commentator then said that Michael Cole has the toughest job as he has to keep everyone happy.


Edge retained the WWE World Title at One Night Stand. Sean asks Brian about the Undertaker’s health around this time. Brian said that he thought he was in awesome shape at this time and notes how Mark Henry referred to him as “Yoda.” Sean then asks if he noticed a decline in house show sales when Undertaker left and Curt said he didn’t and never thought fans came to see one person, just to see the WWE. Curt said that he liked how Undertaker “kept the law” in the locker room and that is missing today, with Cena being the closest replacement.

Brian is asked about Jimmy Wang Yang getting suspended for a wellness violation. When asked, he said that he did not know exactly what it was for but noted that Yang liked to party and was a good time. He said that he and Zack rode with Yang for a bit and said he was not a good influence. Sean asks what did they test for as Brian said everything.

The Draft episode was on June 23rd. Brian said that its a fun episode for the fans as the talent did not know where they would end up. He gives an example of when Michael Cole got drafted to RAW and how Jim Ross was legitimately shocked as he had no idea. Brian said that surprise element is missing from today. He then talks about how some of the diva’s would meltdown and cry because they had to switch travel partners.

He is now asked about CM Punk cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the World Heavyweight Title from Edge. Brian said that he remembers that vividly as they were all in the Gorilla position when they were told of the plans. He said that Punk was happy. Sean then asks Brian what Punk was like at this time as he said they rode together and were good friends. He also said that Punk does not like to be bothered by fans and is also the person who speaks his mind, so if he thinks something is “fucking stupid,” he will tell you that to your face.


Brian talks about Jesse & Festus and how he loves both guys. They all rode together in Deep South and in OVW as well. Brian said that Jesse is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the past ten years but never got a chance to show it then says that Festus (Luke Gallows) is very fun to be around. Brian also said that the Festus character was a Vince McMahon creation. He said that the house shows with him were a night off and a lot of fun.

He is now asked about the Edge and Vickie Guerrero wedding. Brian said they were at the arena all day fully dressed. He said it was not fun having to wrestle in those tuxedo shoes as they were slippery. Brian said that Vince directed the whole thing. Sean then asks him about the jokes made at Vickie’s expense regarding her looks. Brian said that he felt they went out of their way to make fat jokes at her expense and he felt it was a shitty thing to do. He also said that Vickie never showed that it bothered her backstage.

Now, he is asked about winning the Tag Team Belts at the Great American Bash in Long Island. He talks about doing test-runs for the four-way matches the before the PPV and did not find out they were going to win them until the day of the show. Brian said that they were both ecstatic and talks about those who think that he is a “belt mark” for saying so by letting us know that all of the wrestles want to be a champion, no matter if in the WWE or some garage indy-fed. After the show, he went with Jesse & Festus, Mike Knox, Evan Bourne, and Hornswoggle to his local neighborhood bar with the belts and closed the place down then the next day, since they were Smackdown guys and did not have to work on RAW, they spent that Monday at the beach drinking and having a great time.

Sean asks him about the Miz and if he gets a bad reputation. Brian said that the Miz was like the Miz character 24/7 for a while but has started to mellow out. He recalls how they would be on long connecting flights and talk nonstop as the Miz character and drive everyone crazy. He then says that he is a good guy.

Brian is asked about Shelton Benjamin winning the U.S. Title and why he did not connect with the fans. He said he cannot say why it happened but said that Benjamin got a million chances and that you cannot blame the WWE for him not getting over with that being the case.

When asked about WWE Studios and the non-Wrestling products, Brian said they were awful and that any non-wrestling thing the WWE produces ends up being a “giant pile of dogshit.” He then tells a story of how he was with a dozen other wrestlers who all got put up in a hotel to audition for the role in Marine 2 that ended up going to Ted DiBiase Jr. He said that he couldn’t even get motivated enough to watch the original film. When asked about Vince and how involved he is with the WWE Studios projects, Brian said that he is very committed and thorough with the scripts. He also says that the stories are so bad and that they would always have copies of the DVD’s backstage at the TV tapings to give away. Brian then said that he heard that Vince actually wrote “No Holds Barred.” When Sean mentioned that Vince was not in the credits, Brian nodded his head and said that he heard that Vince did in fact write the film.

He is then asked about the lawsuit filed against the WWE by Raven, Chris Kanyon, and Mike Sanders in which they sued for being classified as independent contractors are deprived of necessary health benefits while also depriving the IRS of taxes. When asked if they were wrong in saying that, Brian said no but if you want to make money in wrestling the WWE is the only game in town so you have to play by their rules. Sean then asks him about a union as Brian said that the top guys making the big money are never going to mess with that to form a union.

Onl July 28th, the PG era in the WWE began. Brian said that they were told this would take place in a meeting backstage before the Great American Bash. He recalls how Vince was speaking at a podium when Michael Tarver, who had been used sparingly at this point, asked a question to which Vince replied “excellent question Shelton.” He then said everyone laughed and Vince could not figure out why. He then recalls at the Bash, JBL and Cena had a brutal Parking Lot Brawl match that was taped the day prior and they showed the finish live and he was watching backstage on the monitor with Mark Henry who said “since when his murder PG.” He said that he were all trying to figure out the rules at the time.


On August 2nd, actor Freddie Prinze Jr. joined the WWE Creative Team as part of the Smackdown brand. Brian said he met him at WrestleMania that year when he was a fan then met him backstage at a taping when he said he could not wait to start working with them and had no idea what he was talking about. Brian then said that he believed if Vince let him actually write stuff and step back it could have been awesome but he never let that happen. He said he lasted for two months then came back in 2011 to teach acting classes, which Brian said were amazing and found them very helpful.

He is asked about the Hell in a Cell match between Edge and the Undertaker that took place at SummerSlam. Brian is asked about the match and he said that Undertaker at a stunt coordinator that walked him through the match. Afterwards, Brian said that all he could smell was burnt hair and skin then after that Undertaker told Vince that he wanted to not have to walk around with his foot in a cst or neck in a brace and that he wanted some time off.

When asked if he was shocked that Great Khali got to challenge for the title at SummerSlam, Brian said that he was and talks about how he always has heard Vince is enamored with giants and that he gives them chances.

Brie Bella made her debut on August 29th. Brian said that originally, the Bella Twins were going to be part of La Familia as Vickie Guerrero’s nieces and that he and Zack would be dating them. He also said this was going to take place around WrestleMania.


He is asked about the Championship Scramble Match that took place at the Unforgiven PPV. Brian said that he enjoyed it and always got a kick out of the fact that Brian Kendrick was the Champion for “about twelve minutes.” Sean then asks Brian if he saw any potential in Kendrick as a singles wrestler. Brian gave him credit for reinventing himself and said that size will always be held against you in the WWE but that Kendrick did was partying a lot and was constantly getting scolded by John Laurinaitis. Brian then talks about what he said earlier about drug testing and how you would not get a strike for getting busted smoking pot but did get fined $1,000 and that later got bumped up to $2,500 but Kendrick was constantly getting fined for that and the office took it as a slap in the face.

On September 17th, Jeff Hardy was escorted from his flight in Nashville after the flight attendants deemed him too intoxicated to fly. Brian said at that time they all partied and drank but that is no longer the case nowadays. Sean asked if management tried to get him help and Brian said they did and would for anyone, especially someone who could make them money.

He lost the Tag Belts to Carlito & Primo on September 28th. Brian said that you are not told how long you will keep the belts as it is on a day-to-day basis. He then tells the story of how he originally was supposed to squash Jimmy Yang & Funaki then shortly after that they were told that Carlito & Primo were going to beat them with the belts. He said that the plans happen out of nowhere.


Brian said that they turned Big Show face to play off of the sympathy he received after losing to Mayweather at WrestleMania but that originally they wanted to keep him a heel.

When asked if the voting for Cyber Sunday was legitimate, Brian pauses and thinks before saying that he thinks so but has been leery of the voting in the past. He also talks about how it puts the wrestlers and announcers in a shitty position so you have no idea what you are going to be doing. Brian said it is not easy to prepare for. He said that the concept was probably dropped because it was the “shits.”

S.D. Jones passed away on October 26th. Sean asks him about the role of enhancement talent as Brian said he was that the last few years in the company. He then said that it spoils the fans but also at the same time the company needs to get ratings.


On November 5th, Super Crazy quit the company. Brian said he never had a lot of interaction with him but rode with Crazy and Kendrick and had a good time then at TV he asked Kendrick where Crazy was and got told that he went to quit as he could no longer afford to work in the WWE anymore as he was traveling from Mexico to the TV shows, were you only get $500 per show and not making enough money to make it worth staying. Sean then asks Brian about John Laurinaitis. He said that he was always cool with him and when he stepped down to a producer role he was a lot more relaxed and easy-going.

He is asked about being in the “RAW vs. Smackdown 09” video game. Brian said that he is not a video game guy and didn’t even own a system. He said that he did some motion-capture stuff when he was in Developmental and do all of the moves and said it was a blast. He said that was the year before and that he and Zack did most of the entrances for the game. Sean asks him about the video game check as Brian said that is the biggest one you get but that has changed a lot now. He recalls his first video game check went to his parents house and he told her to open it and she was floored to see how much he got paid.

Kenny Dykstra got fired on November 10th. Brian said that he was perceived as being a dick but once you talk to him you find out that he is a really good guy. He said that any little thing can get you heat and that if a higher-up official says something about a guy then everyone else will agree. Sean brings up a rumor that Vince did not like him because he had a “swimmer’s body” as Brian said he was so talented then talked about how he never heard the rumor about his body.

Brian is asked about the launch of the WWE Universe Social Network. He said that instead of using Facebook like “normal fucking people” they had to own everything and create their own thing, expecting fans to log on like a loser. He recalls how dumb Tout was and how “no one on the planet fucking Touted” and that they should use Instagram like everyone else. Brian talks about the site and how bad it was. He is asked about all of the banned terms like “belt” as Brian said you are never told about what not to say and questions why wasting your time about little stuff like that and just focus on improving the product. Brian said that he has no idea where this comes from and how half the time the rules are never explained.

Sean asks Brian about Shane McMahon and his role behind the scenes at that time. Brian said that he did a lot of work at the office. He also said that he was always cool and wanted to be one of the boys. When asked about his departure, Brian said that he was never told why. He also never heard of any sibling rivalry with Stephanie either and that he focused on growing the WWE globally as Stephanie focuses on Creative.

Edge returned at Survivor Series to win the World Championship. When asked if the rumor was true that the original plan was going to be Vladimir Kozlov vs. HHH but their house show matches were so awful that they had to make the switch to a three-way, Brian confirmed that they were horrible matches and that Kozlov never got wrestling. He said it was a bad idea to push him as he never knew how to work and felt bad for HHH as he had to carry him. As far as Kozlov vs. HHH as the original plan, Brian said that he believed the three-way was the plan all along.


Brian is asked about getting jobbed out with Zack. When Edge came back at Survivor Series, Vince asked them to work on new things as he was going to split them up. When asked if he was depressed, Brian said no and that he never wanted to be that guy who pissed and moaned about having to put someone over. He also said how you could tell when a veteran would half-ass it in the ring with you because they are doing the job and how ridiculous it is and to relax as it is not real fighting.

He is then asked about Jeff Hardy winning the belt at Armageddon. Brian said that he can connect with the fans at a level like no other and thought it was a cool moment. Despite that, Brian never felt that management was behind him but rather gave into his “overness.”

As the interview closes, Sean asks him about any special moments that stick out in his career. Brian talks about how he and Zack did a run in during a cage match between Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair and how after that happened they were backstage soaked in Flair’s blood and thought that was cool, despite how sick and demented that would come across to a non-wrestling fan.

Final Thoughts: A tremendous interview. Brian did not hold back at all. Plus, he was not bitter, which is a great combination. You can tell the guy is a huge fan and did appreciate his time in the WWE.

This timeline gives a great glimpse of what it is like to work for the WWE. This year was also notable as the company changed when it went to the “PG” programming.

Brian gave a good timeline on the events that took place on Smackdown for this year but the stories backstage were the selling point. He provided great insight in that department. He lets you know just how it is to work for the WWE.

Overall, I highly recommend this interview. I guarantee you will not be disappointed after watching.

You can purchase the DVD for $20 or for $15.99 you can buy it On Demand (my preferred option), where you will always have access to it whenever you want. Kayfabe Commentaries is also compatible with a Roku as well. Click on the link below to purchase the shoot.

BoD Survivor Series

This has nothing to do with the WWE

Finally, BoD Survivor Series has arrived. Let’s jump right into things as we see a glimpse inside the locker room of the face side of the 5 Tag-Team Traiditional BoD Survivor Series match:

Mar Solo presents each member of the team with their own carafe of “Special Brew” coffee. Solo distributes them with great enthusiasm as he prepares a toast for his team, who are wondering where the cups are but Solo raises his own carafe and starts chugging as the other nine guys look at him in disbelief. After a minute, Solo finishes and slams down the carafe as he proceeds to run out to the ring for the match. The other nine guys look around then Dancin’ Devin Harris & Lil’ James proceed to GIT FUN-KAY. Abeyance & thebraziliankid are on their phones feverishly typing away in the BoD Evening Thread about god knows what. The Drivers arrive as the bus that takes them to the arena broke down and Dr. Facts & Onita100 are just happy to be part of the card. 

Now lets head to the other locker room:

Curtis Williams is putting on his tape as theberzerker yells “HUSS” repeatedly. WWF1987 & Bobby are getting ready as they prepare to stop the funk tonight. “Happening” Harry Broadhurst says that no one will get to hear Harry facts 18-27 but that Harry Fact #28 is that he will not get eliminated from this match. Danimal, Harry’s partner, appears to only be talking using insider wrestling terms as he tells Paul Meekin to stop “working the boys.” And finally the RIPSHIT KILLERS walk through the walls as THE YETAAAAY punches off the cinder block that was stuck on AAAARGH THE BARBARIAN’S antler. 

Strike Force & Dancin’ Devin Harris & Lil’ James & Abeyance & thebraziliankid & The Drivers & Dr. Facts & Onita100 vs. Curtzerker & Paul Meekin & White Thunder & RIPSHIT KILLERS & Harry Broadhurst & Danimal Crossing & WWF1987 & Bobby

Mar Solo has the 1986 Chrysler Lebaron convertible and tells his teammates to pile up as he proceeds to push them all to the ring. JAVA POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oddly enough, the Drivers, who take the bus to the arena, got driven out to the ring. Match starts with Williams and Harris going at it in the middle of the ring. Harris punches his way out and tags James, who comes off of the top rope with an elbow drop that gets two. James now tags Spicolli Driver as he stays on offense. Williams rakes the eyes and tags Thunder, who takes control of the match. Spicolli Driver tags out to Dr. Facts as he comes in swinging. DDT gets two. Gutbuster gets two. Dr. Facts climbs up top but Thunder ducks a crossbody then tags Meekin. Thunder puts on the figure four then Meekin hits the Earthquake splash for the pin as Dr. Facts & Onita100 have been eliminated. thebraziliankid comes in and dropkicks Meekin from behind. thebraziliankid tags Abeyance as they try to double slam Meekin but that fails. Meekin sends them both down with clubbing forearms then tags Danimal, who drops an elbow on Abeyance. Danimal stays on the attack and tags Broadhurst, who finally makes it in the ring! Harry Fact #29 is that Abeyance got stomped on the head and #30 is that a suplex got him a two count. Harry tags out to Meekin, who toys with Abeyance then taunts the crowd, who comes back with the signature “Shut up Meekin” chant. Meekin sends Abeyance into the corner but misses the Avalanche splash as both men are down. The crowd chants for Abey as Meekin picks himself up but White Thunder runs in and boots Abeyance down. thebraziliankid comes into the ring as the ref tries to maintain order. Meekin grabs Abey as the ref orders the Kid to the corner but Thunder accidentally hits Meekin instead with a high knee smash then Abey comes back with the Zig Zag off of the rebound and covers for the pin as White Thunder & Paul Meekin have been eliminated. OH NO, THE YETAAAAY has come in and knocked Abey down. The YETAAAAY tags his partner as the RIPSHIT KILLERS are destroying Abey in the corner. Abey needs to make the tag as Bobby is in the match choking out Abey with his foot. Bobby sends Abey in the corner but eats boot on a charge then Abey makes the tag to Harris as things are GITTIN’ FUN-KAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harris goes after Bobby and beats on him but WWF1987 runs in and now Lil’ James comes in and there is a four-man brawl in the ring. Neither team will stop so the referee ha no choice but to disqualify both teams as WWF1987 & Bobby and Dancin’ Devin Harris & Lil’ James have been eliminated as this is now a 3 on 3 match. Matt Indeed comes in as Mar Solo is highstepping and pumping his fist out on the floor as he still has on his white windbreaker. He’s excited, folks! Indeed hits Danimal with a pair of armdrags then highsteps himself while bouncing around. AAAARGH THE BARBARIAN tags into the match and Indeed ducks a clothesline and takes him out with a dropkick. Solo tags himself in and Strike Force takes out both of the RIPSHIT KILLERS with dropkicks as the crowd is in a frenzy. AAAARGH THE BARBARIAN tags in Broadhurst as Solo is in the match for the other team. Solo catches Broadhurst with a hip toss then parades around the ring pumping his fist. Juvydriver tags and chops down the Happening One. theberzerker tags as the HUSS section erupts. “HUSS” “HUSS” “HUSS.” theberzerker HUSSES and backs Juvy into the corner. Juvy escapes and charges at theberzerker but runs into a boot then Williams tags himself into the match and they put Juvy in the HUSS lock as Juvy taps out almost immediately as The Drivers have been eliminated. It’s 3-2 now as Williams jumps thebraziliankid from behind. On the apron it appears that Mar Solo is crashing as the effects of a carafe’s worth of coffee of caffeine has worn off. Danimal tags and yells “get heat” as he stomps away. Abey tries to rally the crowd behind his partner as Solo is sleeping on the apron. Indeed runs to the back as I have no idea what is happening now. Tag to theberzerker as he HUSSES a lot. Williams tags himself into the match and puts the Kid in a sleeper as two people on the face side are asleep. Indeed is pushing a tray down the ramp and…and…….THAT’S A CARAFE OF SPECIAL BREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Indeed tries to wake up Solo then pours him a cup. Solo takes a sip and is immediately awake then chugs the carafe as Danimal tags back into the match. The Kid slides underneath him and ducks a clothesline then comes back with an enziguiri as both men are down. The Kid is up first and rolls away then tags Solo, who is a carafe of fire!!!!! He runs in at full speed and knocks down Danimal then takes him out with a flying forearm and gets the pin as Danimal Crossing & Harry Broadhurst have been eliminated. Harry lets us know that Harry Fact #31 is that he was never pinned. thebererker is in the ring but Solo knocks him outside with a flying forearm. As theberzerker gets up, he notices the HUSS section. They are all yelling “HUSS” as theberzerker looks at them and yells “HUSS” right back. They are all communicating through the powers of HUSS but the referee is counting as Williams is yelling for his partner to get back into the ring but it’s too late as theberzerker got counted out and Curtzerker has been eliminated. THE RIPSHIT KILLERS head into the ring but Strike Force and Abey & Kid take them out with double dropkicks as Abey hits THE YETAAAAY with the Zig Zag and Kid climbs up top for the leg drop and gets the pin as THE RIPSHIT KILLERS have been eliminated and your winners are Strike Force and Abeyance & thebraziliankid.

SURVIVORS: Strike Force, Abeyance & thebraziliankid

In the Administration locker room, GM Bayless prepares his team for their upcoming match against Archie Stackhouse and the Riverdale Covenant. They then head to the ring. As they are inside, Stackhouse comes out with his Covenant that consists of Reggie, Hot Dog, Moose, and Pee Wee. Stackhouse then grabs the mic:

“Let me introduce to you all my Covenant. Here they are: Gosh Hopkins, Garth Holmberg, Rockstar Gary’s #1 Fan, and…………………………Nebb28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Bayless is beside himself. Those are his Administration cabinet members.

GM Bayless & The Administration vs. Archie Stackhouse & Riverdale Covenant

Nebb starts off the match with Average Joe Everyman. Joe tries to tell his friend to come back to the Administration but Nebb laughs it off and pulls out HIS PET ROCK!!!!! Bayless yells from the apron that the rock is his but Nebb bounces it off of the head of Joe then hits a Downward Spiral for the pin as Average Joe Everyman has been eliminated. And now the other Covenant members not involved in this match carry Joe to the back as White Coat Security heads after them. Nebb tags #1 Fan as he heads over and decks Gary. He tosses Gary into the corner then tags Archie, who smiles then hits the Neck Crank and covers for the pin as Rockstar Gary has been eliminated. And Moose and Pee Wee are back and take Gary away. It’s 5-3 as Archie grabs a jacket and shows it to Bill Ray. It’s a Covenant Jacket with his name on it as they are recruiting Ray! Bayless yells at him not to take it as Ray seems conflicted. Justice Gray sneak attacks Stackhouse from behind now but Stackhouse turns right around and grabs him by the neck. Bayless & Ray now take down Stackhouse from behind but the entire Covenant runs in to save their leader. The Administration manage to escape the ring as Bayless yells at the fabulous timekeeper, Mister E Mahn, to ring the bell. The bell does no get rung as we do not have official word that this match is over now Bayless tells the remaining men to head back to the locker room and as they head up the ramp they run into Reggie and Hot Dog!!!!! The Administration and the GM now take off through the crowd as the entire Covenant chases after them. The ref counts to ten as the only person in the ring is Archie Stackhouse and he has won the match by default since everyone else has been counted out. Stackhouse calmly walks out and heads to the back as this feud appears to be far from over.

SURVIVOR: Archie Stackhouse

After hearing from the Champion side of the match two weeks ago, lets hear from the challengers:

Mikey Mike: “I lost the C-List Title once and I will get it back, DBSM. And when I do it’s staying with me forever and when that happens you can say by to Mark Linn-Baker and Harvey Grant forever!

Andy PG: “Perri, what you did to my friend Stranger was inexcusable. It was chickenshit! Tonight, I will pay tribute to the Stranger by eating a meal similar to his. I had Frankenberry for breakfast, a donair for lunch then a can of soda and the pulled pork pizza from Papa John’s for dinner before kicking Perri’s ass all over the ring.”

Magoonie: “Tonight, Upper Midcard Express, we get our revenge on you then after that we will take the Tag Team Championship Belts right back to the midcard! 

Ferrari: (gets off of his cell phone) Sorry but I don’t have time as I have to judge the 4th Annual Poughkeepsie Bird House Festival. Rita Dugan is looking to take home her 4th PBHF #1 Trophy. Is their an assistant around to hand me a Larabar? No, oh, uh, Upper Midcard Express, we comin’ for you!

Kaptain Kiwi: “Hart Killer, I went to New Zealand and trained in conditions that would make any third-world prisoner jealous. Sir Garea was hard on me so I could take on anyone and win anything. And after this, I will win the BoD Solid B+ Player Championship. 

Before the match starts, DBSM comes out to the ring with his entourage and is about to introduce the newest member of his posse. Who will it be:

DBSM: “Now, the musician of the posse, the one who will always sing on the drive to the parties and when we use Uber to bring us home, get up on your feet and put your hands together as it’s virtually insanity that you get to see him. Ladies and gentleman, here is…………………………………………………..


Technically, he is Jay Kay, but fuck that and the group too. All the stars are here tonight, folks.

Champions vs. Challengers
DBSM & “Marvelous” Matt Perri w/ Miss Danielle & Hart Killer & Upper Midcard Express vs. Mikey Mike & Andy PG & Kaptain Kiwi & Midcard Mafia

Starting off this match are Magoonie and DBSM, who points at his posse in the front row as we see them. Jamiroquai’s hat is blocking the view of everyone else. DBSM is acting a bit cocky here as he slaps Magoonie on the back. Magoonie slaps him back and drops him with a back elbow smash. DBSM scurries over and tags kbjone, who comes in and stares down Magoonie, who is a house of fire. Magoonie takes him own with a hip toss. Magoonie tags his partner, Ferrari, who comes in and works the arm. Ferrari gives kbjone a backbreaker and that gets two as Petuka runs in for the save. Magoonie runs in but the ref orders him to the back as the UMX are double-teaming Ferrari. Petuka is now the legal man and he puts the boots to Ferrari. He whips him in the corner but Ferrari dodges a charge. Ferrari hits a suplex then kbjone runs but Ferrari takes care of him. Magoonie runs in but Petuka ducks and he accidentally boots his partner down. kbjone grounds Magoonie as Petuka covers and grabs tights for the pin as Steve Ferrari has been eliminated. The UMX are now beating on Magoonie as they hit him with a double suplex as Ferrari is livid. Ferrari appears to leave but stops and goes back in and kicks Magoonie right in the face! The UMX are shocked and the rest of the Challengers are irate as Ferrari heads to the back. Piers tries to go over to him but Ferrari completely ignores him. Uh oh, CALL THE NATIONAL GUARD!!!!! PETUKA BAZOOKA IS ABOUT TO BE LAUNCHED.

petuka bazooka
Petuka Bazooka

And Petuka covers for the pin as Magoonie has been eliminated. The Champions now have a 5-3 advantage. Andy PG is in the ring as Perri also tags into the match. Andy begs Perri to come over but he tags kbjone instead. Andy takes down kbjone then tags Kaptain Kiwi. And Kaptain Kiwi is unleashing some GAREA MADNESS!!!!!!! Two jumping side headlock takeovers and a hiptoss. Petuka runs in and Kiwi backdrops him. Kiwi goes over to kbjone and puts him in an abdominal stretch then takes him over in a cradle and gets the pin as kbjone has been eliminated. DBSM runs in and takes down Kiwi from behind. DBSM hits a back suplex that gets the thumbs up gesture from the guy who played Waldo on”Family Matters.” Perri tags in and boots down Kiwi as Miss Danielle cheers from the outside. Perri whips Kiwi but he leapfrogs him and hits a crossbody as both men are down. Kiwi gets up and somersaults then tags Mikey Mike, who goes right after Perri, who runs over and tags DBSM. The C-List champion and his challenger go at it in the ring trading punches. DBSM gets a knee to the gut and once again signals over to his posse but that allows Mike to roll him up and get the pin as DBSM has been eliminated. It’s 3-3 again in the match as Hart Killer runs in and chop blocks Mike then immediate turns him over for the Sharpshooter but Mike grabs the ropes. Perri tags and kicks Mike then taunts Andy, who is sitting on the apron. Andy runs in and shoves down the referee and goes right after Perri. The ref signals for the DQ as Andy PG has been eliminated. Andy takes Perri outside and is laying into him with right hands as he is fighting for his friend, Stranger in the Alps. Perri then puts Miss Danielle in front of him as Andy stops and Perri heads through the crowd. Andy sidesteps Danielle and chases after Perri as the referee counts to ten as Matt Perri has been eliminated. It is now 2-2 as Petuka is beating on Mike. Hart Killer tags and starts choking out Mike. The ref breaks that up as Petuka and Hart Killer are beating on Mike as Kiwi looks on in anger. Or not as Sir Tony Garea taught him well to master the stonefaced facial expression. Hart Killer now as Mike in the Sharpshooter. Mike tries to reach the ropes but Hart Killer pulls him back in the middle of the ring and after a valiant effort, Mike taps out as Mikey Mike has been eliminated. Its now 2-1 as Petuka yanks Kiwi off of the apron. He rolls him back inside as Hart Killer puts him in the Sharpshooter. Kiwi is in the move but look he is powering out!!!!!!!!!!! His facial expression remains the exact same as he gets out of the move. Petuka tags in and quickly goes after Kiwi. Petuka gets him up and DEAR LORD NOT ANOTHER PETUKA BAZOOKA. But wait, Kiwi floats over and uses a reverse rollup that knocks Hart Killer off of the apron and gets the pin as John Petuka has been eliminated. It is now 1 on 1 as the crowd goes nuts as Kiwi has Hart Killer where he wants him. Kiwi hits Hart Killer with a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGG jumping side headlock takeover. That was so beautiful Sir Tony would think about cracking a smile. Kiwi is now firing away as Hart Killer calls for time but his wish does not get granted. Kiwi goes up top and tries for a crossbody but Hart Killer ducks the move and rolls him up and grabs the ropes and gets the win as Kaptain Kiwi has been eliminated. Oh man. Kiwi rolls right outside and heads up the ramp as we are all getting 1986 Tony Garea flashbacks when he really didnt feel like doing the job. Has the bad luck of Kaptain Kiwi returned? Will he ever be able to beat Hart Killer for his title when they finally meet?

SURVIVOR: Hart Killer

Backstage, an angry Steve Ferrari heads to the parking lot and goes up to the Yaris, but walks right by it and gets into a black sedan. Guess he is traveling in style to his next gig.

Team Ice Cream: Hoss & Primetime Ten & Biscuit & Tommy Hall & Dock Muraco vs. The Good Guys: Beard Money & Joe Dust & Logan Scisco & “Mr. WCW” Chris F-B & Night81

Hoss has pushed out a cooler full of ice cream and plates of lettuce. He yells at his team that if they lose, they will have to eat lettuce. Hall, who according to Wade Michael Meltzer, has been so desperate he was found dumpster diving at Panera Bread, starts off the match with Scisco, his BoD Mania opponent from last year. Scisco starts unloading on Hall, who looks too depressed to even fight back. Scisco charges and hits a flying forearm then goes up top and drops an elbow and gets the pin as Tommy Hall has been eliminated. And Tommy slumps out of the ring as Hoss yells at him to eat his lettuce. EAT YOU’RE SAD LETTUCE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muraco, wearing his “If You Want Me to Attend You’re Wedding, Don’t Schedule it During the G1 Tournament” T-Shirt comes in and hits Scisco hits 14 chops. He then yells at Chris F-B, saying that the Barbarian never had a *** match. Muraco yells some more but that allows Scisco to fight back. He tags Joe Dust, who drops Muraco with a backbreaker. Beard Money tags and does a ****-star cartwheel as he catches Muraco in a bearhug but Hoss runs in and breaks that up. The crowd boos Hoss as the camera pans to granny as she is upset in the crowd. Beard Money gets up as Muraco tags Biscuit, who boots him right in the face. Biscuit is a grizzled veteran who in fact is so grizzled that everytime he thinks about using an ice pack to relieve his pain, he smashes glass into the ground then grinds his knuckles into the remains and does a 100 pushups instead. Biscuit tags back Muraco, who does not care for sports entertainers like Beard Money. Muraco locks on a cross armbreaker but Money reaches the ropes. Muraco tries to work the leg but Beard Money escapes and tags Mr. WCW, who climbs up and waits for Muraco to get up and when he does he hits a flying shoulder tackle then puts him in a small package and gets the pin as Dock Muraco has been eliminated. It’s 5 on 3 now as Muraco is fuming over the notion that the Barbarian was having ***+ matches in WCW. Mr. WCW looks at him but that allows Hoss to attack him from behind. EAT YOUR -***** LETTUCE, DAMMIT! yells Hoss at Muraco. Hoss then picks up Mr. WCW and hits the pants-shitter (atomic drop) and chokeslams him for the pin as Mr. WCW has been eliminated. Scisco tags in and he leaps off of the top but Hoss catches him and slams him down. Hoss then picks Scisco up and hits another chokeslam for the pin as Logan Scisco has been eliminated. Hoss has made it a 3 on 3 affair. Night81 comes in as Hoss tags PrimeTime Ten so he can have an ice cream break. PrimeTime and Night go back and forth for a while until PrimeTime rakes Night in the eyes. Biscuit tags back in and goes after Night as these two have had quite the battle the past few weeks. Night regains control and hits Biscuit with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Joe Dust tags but Biscuit reverses an Irish whip by Night and sends him into Joe as Biscuit rolls up Joe and get the pin as Joe Dust has been eliminated. Joe rolls outside as he is not happy at all. Biscuit beats on Night then tags PrimeTime, who crashes and burns after a top rope splash. Night gets up then somersaults underneath PrimeTime and makes the tag to Beard Money, who whips his former enemy into the ropes and catches him in a bearhug and gets the pin as PrimeTime Ten has been eliminated. Its a 2 on 2 match now as Beard Money is in with Biscuit. He tags Night, who goes to work on Biscuit. Night gets his Irish whip reversed and Hoss knees Night in the back. Biscuit clotheslines down Night then tags Hoss, who hits a chokeslam and gets the pin as Night81 has been eliminated. Its 2 on 1 now as Beard Money gets into the ring. Biscuit tags in and takes Beard Money down with a knee smash. The Midwestern grappler tries to stretch out Beard Money but gets taken over with a hip toss. Hoss runs in and Beard Money usees his momentum to shove him to the floor. Beard Money then looks outside and see Hoss flip out on the ice cream man because he is selling ice cream bars. Hoss thinks dirty hillbillies are the only ones who eat ice cream on a stick. The ice cream man won’t give Granny her money back as Hoss is yelling at both of them. Beard Money comes out but the Ice Cream Man whacks Beard Money in the face! WAIT A MINUTE, that is not an ice cream man, that is…………………………BIFF KENSINGTON III!!!!!!! BK3 takes off his fake mustache and cap as Hoss rolls inside and just beats the ten count as Beard Money has been eliminated. Hoss rolls outside and laughs with Biff, who calls himself the Ice Cream Man. Biff grabs the mic:

“And here is my first member of Kensington Enterprises, HOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And guess what, he can get all the ice cream he wants.
Hoss grabs the mic:



Lets go backstage and see what is happening:

Mar Solo is with his partner, Abeyance and thebraziliankid. He is brewing his victory roast as he runs around high-fiving everyone

The production crew is running away as Archie Stackhouse is coming down the hallway looking for the administration. We see another camera crew that caught up to GM Bayless, Gray and Bill Ray down the road. Ray keeps looking behind him as Bayless’ driver, Trunk Barlow, takes him away to his secret location.

In catering, Andy PG and Matt Perri are fighting as Miss Danielle is screaming. White Coat Security is running in to break things up.

Backstage, Jobber and the Job Mob approach Parallax:

Jobber: Parallax, you ready for the match?
Parallax: (Pissed) I am but you lie to me again and I will curb stomp each and everyone of you. And even if you do not, I will get that title off of your waist. Maybe not today, but starting tomorrow, every day I get out of bed I do so with the full intention of being the champ. Not you, Forum Boy, or that Fuj shithead will stand in my way. (Parallax blows by them as he heads to the ring. 

Jobber & Parallax & Job Mob vs. Jef Vinson & Fuj & Adam Curry & Kyle Warne & cabspaintedyellow

Before the match, Zanatude proudly proclaims that GM Bayless has made his Six-Man Tag Championships official. Match starts with Cabs and the illustrious Stuart Chartock in the ring. Cabs gets the best of him. Zanatude tags and Cabs works the arm. He hits a dropkick as Parallax tags into the match. Cabs goes right after him, the man who curbstomped him out of anger a few months ago. Parallax swings and misses and Cabs gets two with a DDT. Shoulderbreaker gets two. Cabs sends Parallax into the corner but eats boot on a charge. Parallax climbs up top and pulls back the arms of Cabs and hits a Super Curbstomp then covers for the pin as cabspaintedyellow has been eliminated. Kyle Warne is in the match as Zanatude tags himself in now. Zanatude tells us all that he is indeed the six-man champion of the BoD. Warne locks up with Zanatude, who grabs the ropes. Big Dirty Murph runs over and decks Warne from behind. Zanatude slides over and covers but that just gets two. Chartock is in the ring now and he tries a slam but Warne floats over and hits a lungblower as both men are down. Warne is up first and makes the tag to Adam Curry! The pride of Buffalo runs in and spears Chartock. Curry runs over and decks Murph and Zanatude off of the apron. He then backdrops Chartock and follows that with a Lionsault then tags Warne as they set up for the powerplex. Warne comes off the top with a superplex and Curry hits the SSP and covers for the pin as Stuart Chartock has been eliminated. Murph runs in and cheapshots Curry then puts the boots to him. Murph whips Curry but misses a clothesline and gets hit with a leg lariat. Curry hits a springboard dropkick then puts Murph in a La Magistral Cradle and gets the pin! Big Dirty Murph has been eliminated. Jobber is in now and he kicks Curry in the face. Jobber picks him up for a slam but Curry turns that into a small package for two. Jobber send Curry into the ropes and Murph with a chair cracks Curry in the head. The ref yells at Murph to leave then Jobber picks up Curry and hits the Razor’s Edge for the pin as Adam Curry has been eliminated. It’s 3 on 3 now as Fuj enters for the first time and goes back and forth with Jobber. A medic is tending to Curry, who brushes him off and heads to the back, presumably to look for Murph. Zanatude tags and comes off the top with an elbow on the head of Fuj. Zanatude tries to go up again but Fuj cuts him off. Zanatude is able to shove Fuj off but gets caught coming off the top with a double axe handle. Fuj then picks up Zanatude and hits a wheelbarrow suplex and rolls through to put Zanatude in the ankle lock! Zanatude is panicking the taps out as Zanatude has been eliminated. Parallax enters and stares down the Fuj. These two are not fans of each other to say the least. Now the action starts as they are swinging wildly. Jobber runs in but Vinson flies across the ring with a flying forearm as the match has completely broken down. Vinson takes himself and Jobber to the floor with a clothesline as they are brawling. In the ring Fuj ducks a clothesline as the ref gets flattened. He is out like a light. The Job Mob run down the aisle and are carrying a table. But wait, Adam Curry is coming down and he flies right after Murph! It’s mayhem in the BoD! Curry is fighting off the Job Mob by himself but is falling prey to the numbers game but out from the stands come Cultstatus. He boots down Chartock then spears Murph through the barricade!!!!!!!! The ref slowly gets up as Zanatude slides the table near the ring apron as Parallax and Fuj are battling. Cult runs in and Parallax has Fuj up for a back suplex through the table but Cult whacks him with a chair in the face and they both crash through the table!!!! The ref gets up and starts counting and gets to ten as both Parallax and the Fuj have been eliminated. Cult is now going over to both guys and slams down the chair as White Coat Security drags him away as he is not medically cleared to be here tonight. Jobber is in the ring now as Vinson is busted open. Jobber picks up Vinson and hits a backbreaker that gets two. Jobber puts Vinson in a Boston Crab now as the champ is in complete control. The medics are coming out to check on both Parallax and the Fuj as this match continues. Jobber places Vinson up top and goes for a Super Death Valley Driver but Vinson counters with a DDT in midair as both men are down! The crowd starts a “holy shit” chant as each man slowly gets up. They start trading punches as they get to their feet. Jobber with a leapfrog but gets caught with a dropkick as Vinson stopped short. Vinson with a rollup that triggers a pinfall reversal sequence as the crowd is into this match. Vinson tries a crossbody but Jobber catches him and falls forward with a slam and that gets two. Jobber pulls up Vinson and signals for the Razor’s Edge. He picks up Vinson for the move but he slipped out. Vinson tries to get Jobber in the TKO but Jobber stops that and they trade reversals for a minute. Vinson gets sent into the corner but Jobber misses a charge and Vinson stuns him with a hook and picks up Jobber and hits the TKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vinson covers 1………………………………….2………………………………………3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as Jobber has been eliminated. Vinson gets up and looks at the carnage that surrounds him as he is the lone survivor of this match. The camera shows Parallax and Fuj being helped by medics but they see each other and are now brawling in the aisle!!!!!!! Vinson is back in the ring as he is the winner and will get another chance to face Jobber or the Title. TUNE IN NEXT WEEK TO BoD RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline Series: 1988 WWE as told by Jim Duggan

This was released in 2010

The interview was conducted by Sean Oliver

It runs for two hours and four minutes long


Duggan is asked about all of the animal mascots in the company and how miserable the guys who had them would be as they had to handle them on the road. Duggan said that he recalled one of the British Bulldogs yelling at the dog to take a dump while outside in the freezing cold then talks about how the Bulldogs gave the dog beer and also some “downers” when it was barking to loud then talks about how the dog also probably got a few steroid injections from them as well. He then talks about how Jake had a few different snakes play Damien and recalled one night they partied all night at a few strip clubs in Detriot. First, Duggan tells the joke about wrestlers and strippers by saying that strippers are wrestling fans, have good drugs, and a bisexual, which are three things that wrestlers always looked for back then. After a night of partying, they woke up and there was 4-5 inches of snow on the ground and they opened the trunk where Damien was frozen to death as Jake forgot to take him out of the trunk. Duggan also said that a lot of guys disliked Jake and would purposely fuck with his snakes by abusing them.

He is asked about battle royals and Duggan said he enjoyed them. Duggan tells a story about being in one with Curt Hennig, Big Boss Man, and the Ultimate Warrior. Boss Man and Duggan beat on Warrior in the corner while Hennig slides out and ties Warrior’s tassles to the top rope. Warrior tries to leave the corner but can’t break free so Chief Jay Strongbow came out and had to cut them off with a knife. Duggan then said Boss Man, Hennig, and himself had to go up to see Vince after that. Oliver then asks Duggan about ribs they pulled. Duggan said the guys know travel by themselves and use laptops where as they would travel 4-5 in a car and would split hotel rooms.

When asked about the Royal Rumble and how the concept was created Duggan said that he believes it was Pat Patterson who started it and calls him a genius. He then talks about how he can hang his hat on being the first ever winner of the Rumble and how fans today still talk to him about that. He then discusses the differences between how he cut promos back then and the way it is done today. Duggan said the way they did promos were all different and today it feels homogenized as everything is scripted by the same people.

Duggan is asked about the Dynamite Kid as he had a seizure on January 30th. He said that he was a bully, as was his partner Davey, and hated that. Duggan puts him over as a wrestler. He said that guys like the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage got lost in their characters to the point that they became them outside of the ring.

Oliver asks Duggan about the WWF issuing a fine policy for certain things like throwing your opponent into the guardrail. Duggan said that was true as it was a liability issue because fans were starting to sue as the guardrails moved and could hit fans. He said that they did issue a dress code but that they only had to dress up “a little bit.”


When asked about Andre the Giant, Duggan said that he met him early in his career while in World Class in 1979. He said that he got along well with him but others didn’t and noted how he could be irritable. Duggan tells a story about Andre and how he sometimes had poor hygiene. During their match, Andre told him to come closer and they were about to do a spot where Andre choked him out with the strap of his singlet but instead Andre put the strap around Duggan’s mouth and squeezed it as the sweat was going into Duggan’s mouth and laughing. Duggan said that he actually vomited after that. He also said that he would sometimes step on your hair then pull you up by the arms and how he did that a lot when he wrestled Jake Roberts.

Duggan is asked about Honky Tonk Man refusing to drop the Intercontinental Title to Randy Savage at “Saturday Night’s Main Event.” Duggan said that Honky could be tough to do business with and while he didn’t need a belt, some guys started to become obsessed with the belt, like Terry Taylor. He then tells a story about Savage and how overprotective he was of Elizabeth, even writing down the mileage on her car when he went out and checking it again when he returned. Anyway, they were in Europe at the airport when a fan wanted a picture. Jerry Sags then walked by and ripped a huge fart as Savage went off on him for doing that in front of his wife then put Elizabeth on a plane back home. Blackjack Lanza, who was an agent, told Vince that Savage sent her back home so Vince then put her on a plane to take her back over to Europe and reportedly told Sags that was the most expensive gas he has ever passed.

When asked about Bruno Sammartino leaving the company, Duggan said that he never understood where Bruno was coming from when he was complaining about the company’s direction as if it was not for wrestling he would have probably been working at a steel mill. Duggan said that he made more money wrestling than he would have at anything else before talking about himself and how an investment in a pair of boots and wrestling trunks led to a 31 year career that allowed him to put his kids through school.

Duggan is asked about the Iron Sheik returning and the incident in which they both got arrested together. Duggan tells the arrest story. He just came into the company and the Sheik came up to him and asked for a ride because he forgot his credit card. Duggan agreed and during the drive Sheik had him stop over for beer. Duggan said that he was not a big beer drinker but had a bag that consisted of 3-4 joints and they smoked that then Duggan cracked open a beer and they drove by a state trooper who pulled them over. Duggan said that he was used to living in Louisiana and their almost non-existent open container laws so didn’t think anything of it at all. The cop asked if they had anything in the car so Duggan said that he had a few joints, expecting the trooper to take it then give him a ticket or tell him to leave but the trooper ordered him out of the car and frisked him. More cops arrived on the scene as they put Duggan and Sheik in separate cars and took them to the station. When they pulled out the Sheik’s wallet, they found cocaine so he went in front of the judge and they let them off and they went back to the car and went to drive to the show. Duggan then called his wife to tell her that he got arrested and didn’t think anyone knew about it but the next morning she called him back and said that everyone knows about the arrest. He said that his dad, the Chief of Police in Glens Falls, NY, got a lot of shit from people about his arrest After calling his dad, he called Vince and immediately got through to him. Vince asked “What have you done to us” then told Duggan to turn in his plane tickets and go home as he was fired. He reports that someone told him about Vince telling the talent that he would never work there again as the business was bigger than a “six pack and a blow job.” Duggan said that he hung out at home for a few weeks and was going to have a meeting with Dusty Rhodes but Bruce Prichard called him up and told him to hang tight and not sign anywhere and sure enough he got hired back. Duggan talks about all of his success and how that he still believes he has never recovered from the arrest on a professional level.


He is asked about the TV angle that kicked off his feud with Andre the Giant. Duggan said that Andre accidentally jabbed his thumb in his lip and busted him open. Duggan said that she still has the scar to this day. He said that elevated him from a midcarder to a main event talent.

When asked about the Jake Roberts/Rick Rude feud and how bringing in your wife or girlfriend never ends up well, Duggan joked that Rude wasn’t the only one in the locker room kissing Cheryl then talks about her wife had been on camera a few times and even once beat Sensational Sherri in a match when Sherri was the champ. Velvet McIntyre missed the show due to a blizzard so Lanza asked him if his wife would fill in because she had been in the ring a few times in Mid-South.

Duggan is asked about WrestleMania IV and goes on about how the event has evolved into a whole weekend then talks about how WCW turned him into a janitor but he did not care as he was on TV. Duggan then said that they wanted him out and was surprised that got over so decided to turn him against America to join Team Canada. Nothing at all to do with 1988 WWF.

On interactions with the celebrities at WrestleMania, Duggan said they had little interaction with them but said hi to Donald Trump a few times, who knew the wrestlers but the rest usually sat in their own dressing rooms. He said the celebrities were usually respectable expect for Mickey Rourke at WrestleMania 25. Duggan tells the story of how he was at the hotel the night before the show and went upstairs to check on his daughter and said after a few drinks and without his glasses he saw three guys walking towards him and figured they were all WWE people as the floors were secured and he brushed by them then joked if they had enough room. Well, Rourke got heated and yelled at him so Duggan called him an “asshole” then after that realized it was Rourke. Duggan said he told Rourke to stand up when he talks to him, which is something he claims to say to short people who confront him, but Frank Shamrock and some other UFC guy were there with Rourke and calmed things down. Duggan then said that most of the celebs are respectful, especially the ones who bring their kids to the shows.


Duggan is asked about touring overseas. He talks about the plane rides and recalls a trip where Ric Flair said he had a big day and did not want any ribs or anything other pranks being pulled so when everyone woke up, their eyebrows were partially shaved by Brian Knobbs, who shaved off his own to sell the prank. Duggan said they got Knobbs back on a red eye flight where they tied cans to his shoes and painted his fingernails with Steve Keirn writing “I’m a dick” on his forehead with lipstick.

He is asked about wrestling Hercules and Duggan said that he always a troubled soul who got into a lot of fights. He then tells a story while in Europe when a bartender approached him so say that Hercules was hitting on a transvestite and Duggan told him that Hercules probably didn’t care.


On whether or not families were allowed in the locker room back then, Duggan said that they were and how wrestlers generally accepted other people’s families.

When asked about Vince’s locker room speech on the dangers of steroids, Duggan said that guys were going to do what they wanted to do without testing and how Dr. Zahorian was giving out steroids. Even when asked by the FBI during McMahon’s trial, Duggan said that he told them he was young and naive and the doctor was handing them out. Duggan did admit that the steroid use was rampant back then.

Duggan says that now the biggest marks in wrestling are the wrestlers themselves as they believe if you are not going all out with cool moves then you are not doing anything. He said that he could start a few chants and have the whole place cheering.


He is asked about Haku being crowned King. Duggan said that he is one of the toughest and how he would grab guys trying to fuck with him by saying he would first kill them then eat them afterwards.


Hogan returned to team with Savage to face off against Andre the Giant and Ted DiBiase. Duggan said that he always got along with Hogan even though they were never very close.

On July 25th Duggan wrestled against Andre the Giant in a Lumberjack Match at Madison Square Garden in the main event. Duggan said that was the pinnacle of his career.

Duggan talks about Curt Hennig, who made his debut at the WWF in July. He said that Hennig took the best bump he ever saw during a hockey game in Minnesota. The crowd booed him and he walked on the ice and slipped then fell as the crowd went nuts.


He is asked about the talk show segments and if they are scripted or done on the fly. Duggan said that you would follow the host’s lead most of the time then talks about promo skills are a lost art today.


Duggan talks about Terry Taylor, who made his debut as the Red Rooster. Duggan said that he was talented but always ran his mouth and thinks the gimmick was a rib on him but also said that Taylor half-assed the gimmick and could have gotten it over if he took it over the top.

On the Akeem character, Duggan believes it was created as the One Man Gang wanted to take time off but was going to have a feud with Hogan. Gang went home and came back then Duggan believes that the gimmick was punishment for that but also said that Gang embraced the Akeem gimmick and that is why it got over.


Duggan is asked about the Jacques Rougeau/Dynamite Kid confrontation. Duggan said that the Bulldogs picked their spots and thought that Dynamite had it coming because he always fucked with people.When asked, Duggan said the Bulldogs never fucked with him then said that they an Outback Jack out of the company.


In November, Ted Turner bought out Crockett Promotions and renamed the company “World Championship Wrestling.” Duggan said that they were not getting offers right away and he did not get one himself until Hogan signed with them.


Big John Studd returned to the WWF. Duggan said that he teamed with Studd against Haku & Andre the Giant, who did not like Studd. Duggan said that Studd was leery of Andre and there was a lot of friction there.

Duggan closes by saying a lot of guys are bitter about the business and how people remember the bad stuff from wrestlers but that he is not bitter and wants to be a reminder of how guys like him, Bob Backlund and Tito Santana saved their money and do not hold any resentment.

Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed the stories that Duggan told here. He is an engaging storyteller who is not bitter at all and has a great sense of humor. And Duggan did go off topic a ton in this interview but luckily he was entertaining a majority of the time. But one complaint I have is that you didnt learn much of anything that took place in 1988. This was one of the earlier timelines and interviewer Sean Oliver was not as polished as he is now so he just let Duggan talk and had little command of the interview. Oliver also seemed to be in awe of Duggan’s presence too. They might want to revisit this year in the future.

In closing I recommend this interview but for those you want to specifically learn about 1988 WWF, you might be disappointed. If you want to be entertained, then by all means watch this interview.

You can purchase the video for $20 by clicking on the link below

Old Survivor Series ???

Spending my Thanksgiving weekend watching the original SS shows (87-89).  Couple random ones:
1) after wrestling in 87-88, Danny Davis is back to a ref in 89; was there an angle where he turned face and got his referee license back?
2) what was the plan for Bam Bam in 88?  He was booked super strong in the main event and then bounced out of the title tournament at WM 4 and just gone
3) how awesome was the women's match at the inaugural event??? Is that the best women's match in WWE history?  Or is the 95 elimination match better?
4) don't you miss the epic ten-team tag matches? Those were two fast and phenomenal 45-min matches

1.  Not really an angle so much as Jack Tunney coming on TV one week and being like "I think Danny Davis has learned his lesson, and can now referee again."  Sidenote:  Vince McMahon thought Evil Referee Danny Davis would be the biggest thing ever and was apparently shocked when it bombed completely.  The idea of a referee cheating all the babyfaces and then getting his comeuppance was supposed to be a moneymaker, I guess.  Plus Danny was always a good worker and had a good look, which is why he was used as Mr. X when they need a jobber.

2.  He was injured at WM4 (hence the short match) but in general Bigelow was a case of someone where they thought the look and aura was going to make him into a huge star, and he just never drew when they put him in those positions, and the relationship fell apart pretty quickly.

3.  It was pretty great, but not the best ever.  Jumping Bomb Angels v. Glamor Girls at the Rumble still holds that distinction for me.  If we're counting the modern era, Trish v. Lita on RAW.

4.  I miss having 10 tag teams at a given time, period.  

The SmarK Rant for WWE Survivor Series 2014

The SmarK Rant for WWE Survivor Series 2014 So my local EBGames has WWE 2K14 used for $20 here lately. I recall it getting rather mixed reaction – is it worth the buy? Because I’m certainly not dropping $70 on the Xbox One version of 2K15. Live and FREE (except for those already subscribed to the Network, or Canadians, or those without broadband access who have to order the PPV) from St. Louis, MO. Your hosts are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler & JBL Vince McMahon is out and guarantees we won’t forget this show. This brings out HHH & Steph, who are in full kiss-ass mode, as well as John Cena. Vince recaps the stakes tonight and Cena wonders if he’ll have to personally throw HHH out of the building later. Stephanie clarifies that even if they lose, they’ll still be running the show from Stamford, but Vince re-clarifies that in fact they will be fired from running the show ever again. And the only person who can bring them back is John Cena. You’d think that would be the kind of exposition that would be on the RAWs leading up to the show. And really, they can’t even commit to firing the Authority? They have to remind us that they’ll still be given cushy office jobs even if they lose? WWE tag team titles: Goldust & Stardust v. Miz & Mizdow v. The Usos v. Los Matadores Great, four teams where I have no way to tell them apart. I hate that. Fernando rolls up Stardust for two, but Miz (or is it Mizdow?) rolls up Fernando for two. Fernando and Miz do a goofy sequence while Cole overexplains the Mizdow gag and thus kills it. JBL notes that Papa Shango cursed Mizdow years ago and that’s why he can perfectly emulate Miz. Jey exchanges chops with Fernando, but Stardust pulls down the top rope and the tag champs work Jey over. You know this whole thing is a big buildup to Mizdow getting a hot tag and the crowd exploding so I bet the crowd is indifferent to everything leading up to it. Miz tags himself in and Diego runs wild on him with a backstabber for two. Miz comes back with a beating in the corner and they do a really clever bit where Miz poses for boos and Mizdow mirrors the pose to cheers, and finally Miz tags him in. And then Goldust tags himself in immediately and the crowd is robbed of Mizdow again. So the Dusts beat on Diego with more boring stuff and Stardust informs us that we don’t want Mizdow, we want him. Good to know. Diego keeps taking a beating while the crowd only cares about Mizdow. Stardust with a sunset flip on Diego for two, but they exchange tombstone attempts and Diego gets a tornado DDT and brings in Jimmy. He runs wild on Goldust and the crowd absolutely does not care. They clear the ring with superkicks but Goldust powerslams an Uso for two. Dogpile on the floor and the Usos hit them dives while JBL cheers like a dork. So everyone is out after the trainwreck and we get the Tower of Doom spot, but Mizdow tags himself in and steals the pin on Goldust for the tag titles at 15:41, finally giving the crowd their payoff. And of course Miz keeps both titles. **1/2 More like a RAW match, but it was the right time to pull the trigger on the Mizdow deal. Steve Austin comes to the WWE Network with his podcast next week. Now that’s an awesome idea. Meanwhile, Adam Rose and the Bunny settle things with action figures. Welcome back to 1995. Slater Gator interrupts the proceedings, and Rose challenges them to a tag match tonight. Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae & Layla v. Natalya, Naomi, Emma & Alicia Fox Paige dumps Nattie and brings in Layla. Emma rolls Layla up for two while the announcers immediately start ignoring the match and making jokes about Doink the Clown in 1994. Paige beats on Emma while JBL starts talking about Alundra Blazye & Aja Kong for some reason. They fight on the top and Emma gets a superplex, but Paige tags out to Cameron. Apparently the Funkadactyls split up at some point when I wasn’t paying attention, which would narrow it down to the past three years. The crowd is so excited that they chant for Mizdow. Naomi comes in with something resembling a crossbody and follows with a stunner for two. Everyone runs in for some reason and we get more embarrassing spots before Naomi rolls up Cameron to eliminate her at 6:27. Over to Summer, who stomps Naomi down for two and shoves all the faces off the apron. The announcers continue reminiscing about stupid Survivor Series teams while this match just keeps going for no reason I can fathom. And then we get Fox teasing a highspot on the heels before backing off and yelling at them for being chicken. JBL clarifies that this is “The old chicken spot.” This match feels like a rib on all of us. Fox pins Layla with a backbreaker at 9:35. Nattie dominates Summer, but gets booted by Paige from the outside. Summer celebrates prematurely and gets knocked off the apron, so Paige throws her back in and Emma finishes her with the Dilemma at 12:05. This leaves Paige alone and friendless, much like watching this match feels like, and she wisely takes a walk, but the faces cut her off. Naomi misses a moonsault but hits the butt-butt for the pin at 14:20 to sweep the heels. * for Tyson Kidd standing at ringside like a douchebag the whole time and then celebrating for the ladies when they win. Otherwise this was a total disaster. Dean Ambrose v. Bray Wyatt Slugfest to start and Ambrose stomps him down in the corner, but they brawl to the floor, where Wyatt takes over. Back in, Ambrose comes back with a corner clothesline and they head to the floor again, giving us the best sign of the night: “HA HA / I LOVE IT / MAGGLE!” Back in, Wyatt with a senton for two while the stream drops to dial-up modem quality off and on. And I’m watching this on the PS3, with a hardwired Ethernet connection, so the problem is not on my end. Back to the floor and they collide with a clothesline out there and then charge back in to beat the count. Ambrose makes the comeback with a bulldog and does his own crabwalk in the corner (“That’s what Bray Wyatt does!” notes Michael Cole) and guillotines Bray for two. They fight over a superplex in the corner, but Wyatt fights him off and hits the uranage for two. Senton misses and Dean gets two, and follows with a crossbody for two. Wyatt cuts off his comeback with a lariat and Ambrose bails to the floor, so Wyatt drops him on the stairs and back in for two. Bray is so distraught that he stops to cut a promo about how they should be ruling the world together, and chairs get involved for some reason. And so Ambrose lays him out for the DQ at 14:03 for the shit RAW finish. Mediocre match with no real finishing sequence or ending. ** Ambrose puts him through a table afterwards, buries him in chairs, and then hauls out a ladder to pose. So this is obviously setting up something at TLC. And in fact they announce later in the show that they’ll have a TLC match next month. And hey, here’s some commercials for Kmart. Meanwhile, HHH gives Team Authority a pep talk. Adam Rose & The Bunny v. Slater Gator Adam Rose immediately runs into a Slater high kick for two as the announcers give up on the match and start making rabbit jokes. Slater Gator double-team Rose in the corner, but he makes the hot tag to the Bunny, who cleans house and hits a missile dropkick for the pin on Slater at 2:34. The entourage leaves with the bunny and abandons Rose, as they’ve been running this storyline for weeks now with no point evident. DUD And now some commercials for knockoff WWE Lego and Larry the Cable Guy. Roman Reigns does a satellite interview. He dislikes Seth Rollins and he’ll be back in a month. Divas title: AJ Lee v. Nikki Bella Brie grabs AJ for a kiss, and Nikki pins her with the Rack Attack at 0:30 to win the title. DUD See ya, AJ, enjoy married life. So I guess the Bellas are reunited. And yet they gave the elimination match FIFTEEN MINUTES?!? John Cena, Big Show, Ryback, Dolph Ziggler & Erick Rowan v. Seth Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Luke Harper & Mark Henry Big Show knocks out Mark Henry at 0:45. Which makes one wonder why he doesn’t just do that all the time. Rollins tries to attack Show and gets chased out of the ring, so Kane comes in and gets dominated by Cena. Next up, the big Harper v. Rowan showdown, but Rollins tags himself in to prevent that. So Ryback overpowers him, and splashes Kane for two. Rusev comes in and walks into a spinebuster and clothesline, and it’s BREAKING LOOSE IN TULSA. Rollins curbstomps Ryback and Rusev pins him at 8:08 to even it up. Rusev slugs away on Big Show and then tags in Harper, who puts Show down with a dropkick. The heels pound away on Show, but he gets the tag to Ziggler as the announcers discuss the “elation around the world” if the Authority loses. Oh come on now. Ziggler quickly gets beat down and worked over, and it’s VINTAGE KANE with a sideslam for two. Big boot gets two. Apparently the Authority will somehow gain “absolute power” if they win, despite Vince already being established as above them in the fake hierarchy. Dolph fights back on Rusev, but gets slammed for two. Cole notes that Ziggler has “the uncanny knack for being able to hang in there.” Except for all the matches that he loses. Rollins runs Ziggler into the corner and Rusev chinlocks him, until Dolph fights back with a DDT on Rusev for two. And then it suddenly breaks down again with everyone hitting their finishers and a big trainwreck on the floor. Rusev puts Ziggler on the Spanish table, but misses his splash and puts himself through the table for the countout at 21:03. Lame. Back in the ring, Cena runs wild on Kane, but Rollins comes in with a curbstomp and Cole is OUTRAGED. What does he want the ref to do, tackle the guy on the way into the ring? Harper and Rowan renew their rivalry, and Harper finishes him with the lariat at 24:12 with an assist from Rollins. And then Big Show turns on Cena and Rollins pins Cena at 25:00. How many heel turns now for Big Show? And Show walks out at 26:15, leaving Dolph Ziggler by himself. Way to go John, maybe don’t be such a selfish dick. So it’s Ziggler v. Harper, Rollins and Kane and they toy with him, but Ziggler gets the Zig Zag on Kane at 29:33. Ziggler bails and Harper follows with a dive on him. Back in, superkick gets two. Powerbomb gets two. Ziggler grabs a rollup and hooks the tights for the pin at 31:38, and it’s down to Rollins v. Ziggler. Seth beats on him outside, but a small package gets two in the ring. DDT gets for two Ziggler. Rollins powerbombs him into the corner for two, however, and goes up to finish. Flying knee misses and the fameasser gets two. Rollins blocks the Zig Zag, but a second one hits and HHH pulls out the ref. The beatdown is on and Rollins gets another powerbomb, but Ziggler gets another Zig Zag and HHH lays out another ref. So this time he takes matters into his own hands and beats on Ziggler personally with a KICK WHAM PEDIGREE. Scott Armstrong comes out to count, but STING IS FINALLY HERE. And he’s not taking HHH’s shit tonight. HHH takes the deathdrop, Ziggler gets puts on top of Rollins, and the Authority is finally done at 43:14. I wouldn’t say this saved the show, but the drama with Ziggler fighting alone at the end was off the charts, and the one match on a one-match show delivered. **** The Pulse Although the main event exceeded expectations, the rest was a boring mess on a night where they were supposed to winning over new fans. Thumbs in the middle, leaning down.

Best Survivor Series match post 2000

Hi Scott,

You recently mentioned that you enjoyed the Survivor Series matches from 87. Is there anything more modern that you may have also enjoyed?


I literally couldn't name a single Survivor Series match past 2002, outside of "the one where Shawn Michaels superkicks Mike Knox and then shrugs with confusion"​.  It just doesn't mean anything to me as an event anymore.  

Survivor Series Spoiler

Prepare for internet to blow up imminently… Mike Johnson is reporting that Sting will make his debut at the Survivor Series.  Makes sense with the release of the game and the 18 million fantasy Sting matches on YouTube right now under WWE’s channel, but I didn’t think it would ever ACTUALLY happen.  So that should be pretty awesome if done right. 

Me @ Survivor Series

So I'm going to be on camera and plan on bringing a few Tell 'Em Steve Dave signs, getting sloppy drunk, and yelling TELL EM STEVE DAVE as much as possible… Bad idea?

My IQ dropped 4 points just reading that e-mail and I feel like you literally owe me money for making me waste the 30 seconds that it took to read it, post this response, and come up with the insult required to sum up my feelings on it.
So, you know, whatever.