Heroes of Wrestling Sequel

Hi Scott

I'd just find this match on youtube


"The Sandman, Chris Candido, and Sunny were so drunk that Sunny passed out in the ring. Sandman fell off chairs doing his usual entrance. Candido could barely walk and stumbled everywhere and just fell down. Due to this, the LWE has officially stripped Chris Candido of the LWE Title and it remains vacant."

Yeah, I remember that show and how people thought it was Sunny's low point in the business.  How naive we were.  

Rivalries: The Sequel

More rivalries from yesterday’s “Defining moment of a feud” post: 1. Rock vs. HHH 2. Undertaker vs. Kane 3. Undertaker vs. Foley 4. Sting vs. Flair 5. Edge/Christian vs. Hardys vs. Dudleys 6. RVD vs. Lynn 7. WCW vs. NWO

I would first like to rescind my Sting-Hogan answer and also go with Uncensored 97, because that was awesome. 1.  Backlash 2000, where they finally gave us the REAL finish. 2.  Uhhh…which one? 3.  Duh. 4.  Halloween Havoc 95, Flair turns on Sting. 5.  Summerslam 2000. 6.  Not a real “feud”. 7.  The 82 weeks Nitro won the ratings.

Worst sequel?

Alright, buckos, here’s the question of the day.

What’s the worst sequel to a classic match? I’d have to say Rock vs Hogan II from No Way Out 2003. The original may not be a technical masterpiece, but the crowd & atmosphere is amongst the greatest of all time. It’s one of my all time favorite matches. However the sequel was absolute garbage. It was slow, immensely boring, The Rock not only phoned it in, be called collect. An absolute dud.

I’m sure some may say Hogan vs Warrior 2, but that match is bad in a fantastic way. I mean, the Log-Roll of Attempted Discomfort is worth the price of admission alone.