Stephanie selling shares

At work, wondered how WWE stock was doing, checked the company news and see that Steph has sold like 113,700 shares since Dec 5.  Almost 50% of her holdings sold seems strange.

It seems strange to a lot of people, as does her cover story of building a new house.  However, you can't exactly put her on the stand and question her true reasons if the story is a feasible one.  Given I know nothing about the stock market I can't really speculate on what her true motivations might be, but it strikes a lot of people as kind of weird and shady.  

Selling Old Tapes

Hey Scott, long time lurker here from back in your LJ days. I was wondering if you could plug some auctions I have going on eBay. Right now I only have Starrcade ’97 and Bash at the Beach ’97 for sale, but I will be adding more in the next few weeks. Thanks in advance!

V…H….S?  I know these letters, but I’m unsure of why they’d do together in that order.