As Seen On YouTube

Holy crap, finally they're getting serious and adding stuff like the YouTube content that I've been screaming at them for months to add.  WWE Warehouse!  Top 10s that don't suck!  This can only mean Are You Serious is next!  Plus Tribute To The Troops is also getting added, which means more content for Scott to review!
Keep up this streak of awesomeness, WWE Network, so I don't have to bother with the shitty current product and can live in peace for $9.99 a month forever.

What haven’t you seen? Plus I call you out for killing ECW!

In this era of being able to see what you want, when you want, some 'Doomers might not know what it's like to read Scott talk about the Rocker's white tights being covered in blood and having to wait 3 years to watch the match (Shawn's first DVD was so great given the fact that it might have been the first "Hey, we OWN all of wrestling history DVD" DVDs).
Is there anything that you've heard of IN THIS BUSINESS that you've never seen that you want to? Being a former tape trader myself ('tween the ages of 12-18, seriously that Lucha on Galavision show bought me my first car!) I was privy to many ECT tapes with stuff like the Brody/Luger match, McMemphis,MutavsHase, assorted garbage wrestling, and my favorite tape-Eddie Gilbert's angles! Also, anything pre TNN ECW were big sellers (we tape traders are all to blame for ECW going under. You may not admit it to us, but how much money did you make of off ECW? I'd honestly say that I made around $300 net copying/trading/selling ECW stuff).

Now, aside from my question for you, can we have a copyright/youtube/google ad friendly thread where we can ask for rare clips/matches/angels and receive INSTANT gratification?
Oh man, Muta v. Hase was such great stuff.  Muta v. Liger was also amazing.  I miss comp tapes and WCW All Nighters.  The only stuff I haven't seen / can't easily access would be the stuff that doesn't exist anymore, like Sawyer v. Rich, or Bret v. Tom Magee, or Money Inc winning the tag titles from the LOD.  Really, if I suddenly decided I wanted to binge on Michinoku Pro or Muto's awesome 2001 run, there's tons of YouTubers or online DVD dealers who would hook me up.  
And I made way more than $300 off ECW.  You must not have been trying hard enough.

QOTD 47: As Seen on TV

We’ve all been here. 5am, wide awake, sick as a dog, and the only thing on TV is…infomercials. Turtle Wax, Oxy Clean, Orange Glow, Slapchop, ShamWow, Snuggie, P90X, the Bowflex, Jane Fonda Aerobics, Sweatin’ To the Oldies, and countless more products have become seared into our skull thanks to infomercials that are cheesy enough to make us think the products are crap, but, possibly, for 19.95 (plus S&H) may be worth checking out anyway.


What have you tried / bought / used that was from a TV infomercial? Does the Slap Chop work? Is the Sham Wow for real? Is the Snuggie awesome, or just a bathrobe you put on backwards?