42 seconds of Total Divas

This is all I will subject you to, which I hope you will endure, as it
is germane to the point:


I know that Kay Fabe is dead (may she rest in peace with Katie Vick),
but regardless, doesn't it sort of diminish the "Everyman Appeal" of a
guy like Daniel Bryan to show him in first class, sharing a hot pair
of twins and eating sushi with the guy that most fans resent for
having the top spot in THIS BUSINESS?

The whole real/kayfabe mix on Total Divas is kind of mystifying to me in general.  I'm not even sure what it's supposed to be accomplishing, but I guess it just kind of exists in its own universe anyway.  Either way, I'm sure people can separate Bryan the sushi-eating jet-flying twin-banging person from Bryan the character.