Wrestlemania XXXI Thread: The Second Hour (8-9 p.m. EST)

All right Blog O’Doomers, we’re three threads in. Disqus apparently is going to make sure we don’t break any records tonight but I appreciate the people that are sticking through the issues and completely understand those who aren’t.

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Second Best WM

There has been a lot of talk on the blog in the last day or two about the worst WrestleMania.  If we take the opposite of that and say that WM 17 is the best (which I think would be very hard to argue against), what do you think is the second best WM?  I personally think it’s WM 19.  What say you?
Daring choice with 19!  I’d go with 20 myself but I can see why that one would lose points now. 

Tag Tournament Round Two: Second Half!

Funeral arrangements for Damien Sandow should probably be made now. That bottom portion of the bracket has some teams that are getting a totally undeserved free ride and shows the dangers of random seeding. Bulldog/Owen v. WGTT should be a hell of a deal, though. Tag Tournament Group CC Tag Tournament Group CD Tag Tournament Group CE Tag Tournament Group CF Tag Tournament Group CG Tag Tournament Group CH Tag Tournament Group CI Tag Tournament Group CJ Tag Tournament Group CK Tag Tournament Group CL Tag Tournament Group CM Tag Tournament Group CN Tag Tournament Group CO Tag Tournament Group CP Tag Tournament Group CQ Tag Tournament Group CR

Big Brother – Is Dan Gheesling playing for second place?

Hi Scott,
What a crazy last half this season of Big Brother has been.  I was really curious what your thoughts were regarding the latest back stab by Dan and his chances of winning.  Will a shell shocked Shane enter the jury house and only stir up the bitterness towards Dan?  I am a huge fan of Dan but I'm worried now that he cannot beat either Danielle or Ian.  Danielle looks to have Frank, Shane, and Jenn locked up as votes and that leaves Britney, Ashley, Ian, and Joe where she'd only need one of those.  Dan vs Ian it looks like Ian would have Britney (Coach loyalty?) Frank, Ashley, Shane and possibly a bitter Danielle — Could Danielle even vote for Dan after he lied to her 100 times and then got her voted out? With the up coming HOH, it almost feels like Dan has to lose on purpose so he won't have to cast the final vote and lose a jury vote. I think ultimately, Dan has no shot vs Ian, and can only barely beat Danielle depending on bitterness of the jury – Thoughts?
http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mabhadSlHe1qz82gvo1_500.jpg Danielle's amazing jaw drop face =D

I think Dan would destroy Danielle in a jury vote, like not even close.  Everyone knows she's his puppet at this point.   I think Ian definitely beats Dan, though, although even if Dan only gets second he's still getting the $25000 from the online poll so he'll make out well either way.  And yeah, Danielle would still vote for Dan, because he's probably already used the DAN MIST on her and convinced her that voting out Shane was for her benefit.  Honestly I'm fine with any of the three winning it, they all deserve to be there and they all played a great social game.  Ian will be back for the inevitable All Stars 2 next year even if he doesn't win this, and I'm sure Frank will too if WWE doesn't sign him to a developmental deal.  
And not to spoil anything, but it doesn't appear like Dan's in the comp throwing mood now.  

Pushing Guys First/Title Second Trend isn’t helping wrestling

Hello Mr. Keith Again.  Always love the feedback you give on certain topics, so I'd like to ask another among the topics that is hot on your site, Titles.
I think the majority of fans, at least on the internet, agree with you that the Titles are basically props these days are are beyond devalued.  I hope they can be salvaged but I don't see that happening anytime soon, and honestly don't know how they would be able to anyway.  I do however, see one point that really pushed them as being meaningless, and that is the trend of "Give him the title, see if it works and/or push him regardless", as opposed to "Push him, see how he & the crowd responds, then give him the title".   I want to say this really kicked off with Orton's first Title win over Benoit, as I did not even consider him anything above IC Champ at the time.  Whether that was the the start or it may have even happened many times before, but since that particular win, WWE really has me wondering why give Wrestler X the title already? I think fair examples are Orton, Sheamus, Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & Great Khali.  I may have seen some appeal to them at the time of their first title wins, and some crowd reaction, but never once did I think they should be considered a Main Event Champion, let alone headlining any PPV where they are defending the belt around the time they first got it.

Any thoughts?  I know you have mentioned Orton's first win aswell, and I almost want the throw The Miz in there, but I kinda got it, too bad it didn't last the way it could have though.

Given they have no long term planning these days, that particular genie probably isn't going back into the bottle any time soon.  I think that in a lot of ways now the issue is that they don't pull the trigger on guys QUICKLY enough, because people seemingly over stay over for a short window now and you need to get the belt on them while you can.  Del Rio was the perfect example of that, because he was very over in 2010 and was naturally leading up to a win over Edge at Wrestlemania, and they delayed his ascension to the main event to Summerslam and killed his potential to be a money drawing heel in the process.  Plus the titles are worthless anyway, so building these guys up for a chase isn't going to lead to a payoff that's worthwhile anyway.