The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 10 – Featuring Sean Grande

On episode 10 of The Kevin Kelly Show, Kevin talks about the WWE’s TV deal, NXT, and movies staring wrestlers.
Kevin also welcomes Boston Celtics play-by-play announcer Sean Grande as his guest and Sean talks about Channel 9 Wrestling in NY, Bob Backlund, Bruno Sammartino, and crossing over from the world of wrestling to sports. Sean also talks about today’s NBA and calling games for a team having a bad season.
Kevin and Justin then play a game of sleaze thread “true or false” and preview the WWE Payback PPV questions! 
If you enjoy old school wrestling, road stories and wrestling’s urban legends, this is the episode for you!

Kayfabe Commentaries Presents: YouShoot with Sean Waltman

This interview was released in 2011. It was conducted by Sean Oliver

It runs at two hours and twenty-eight minutes long


He is asked about his memories of wrestling as a child. He first watched Florida Championship Wrestling as a child. He said that he started to visualize himself as a wrestler as a kid. He then goes in on how he was a f----up as a kid and barely made it to high school but used wrestling as a way to keep out of trouble. He also mentions loving the Japanese style.

Waltman said that he came up with the “Lightning Kid” name himself. He was trying to figure out a name and said that Dynamite Kid was a big influence on him and said that he was quick so he put those together.

Now, he is asked if he was ever told that he was too small to make it in wrestling when he was going up against Jerry Lynn in the Independent scene throughout the Midwest. Waltman said no but adds that he and the other smaller guys had to basically kill themselves by using dangerous moves in order to get noticed. Waltman also says that he is afraid of heights but cared more about making it in wrestling than that.

With regards to Jerry Lynn, Waltman said he was very innovative and willing to try new stuff. He said they were best friends when they first started and remain close today. He did say there was a riff between them when Waltman went to the WWF as he said he should have done more to help get him into the company but they have patched things up.

He is asked about his dark match with WCW in 1992. Waltman said that at the time, Kip Frey was in charge and said that he was influenced by the opinions of guys like Dave Meltzer and Wade Keller, who were advocating for Waltman to be brought into the company. He recalls that before his match, Magnum TA told him to go out there and do all of his “s---” and when he was asked about who he wanted to work with, Waltman suggested Bob Cook, an enhancement talent who guys like Terry Funk raved about, and knew that he was also trained by Boris Malenko. Waltman said that the match was great and Cook was awesome but Bill Watts became in charge the following week and did not give him a contract. Waltman did state that when Watts came into the WWF when he was there, he was cool with him and tells a story about how Watts first came to the WWF at a Madison Square Garden house show and sat in the stands, watching the matches and no one knew about it until after the show. Waltman said at that show, he had a good match with HHH, who was wrestling in his first match at MSG.


The first question is a very long one asking if Sunny ever fooled around with any other wrestler behind Candido’s back besides Shawn Michaels and if he ever heard any stories about Sable or Marlena hooking up with some of the other boys. Waltman is a little apprehensive and does not want to say anything but did state there was one time in which he could have had a chance with her but claims she was intoxicated and did not want to do anything. He then tells a story about HBK and Sunny, when Sunny was wearing a fuzzy sweater and went into HBK’s room.  He said he didn’t rememeber who was supposed to be watching the door but Candido was coming down the hall and a few guys knock on the door and they saw some of the fuzz from the sweater caught in HBK’s beard. Oliver then asks Waltman about Candido knowing about this and Waltman said he thought he did but just wanted to keep her happy.

They now play the “Ho Bag” and for this installment, Oliver asks Waltman to give one word about the person. I am going to note the highlights here, such as Waltman saying “big bush” about Lillian Garcia, which Waltman said was the word out of the Women’s locker room. Oliver asked if she was a ho and Waltman said she wasn’t but it would have been a redeeming quality if she was. For Stacy Keibler, he said “f------ hot” and said they had a lot of fun together (non-sexual) and deserves all of the success she receives. He calls Chyna a “cunt” and tosses it in the ho bag before mentioning how she can suck a cock like nobodies business. Waltman calls Sable an “International s--- smuggler” but doesnt put her in the ho bag, saying he does not want Brock Lesnar to kick his ass. Waltman said that he really liked the Kat and says he has a hard time airing out other people’s dirty laundry if he likes them and refuses to put her into the ho bag. He said Ivory is cool as s--- but never shuts the f--- up and cannot imagine anyone having sex with her for that reason. He was vague about Kimberly Page but did not put her into the ho bag. He then said how Tori was nice but “goofier than a shithouse rat.” He adds that she went overboard with new age stuff then tosses her into the bag but feels sorry and takes her out then puts in the Kat but takes her right out too. The Sean’s then make some cat in the bag jokes then adds that Tori also needs to shave her box. He said that he has to put Sunny into the bag because he would lose credibility if he didn’t. Waltman then talks about how he heard stories about Sunny regarding the “barter system,” which was trading sexual favors for drugs.

He is asked to tell a story about a wrestler disrespecting locker room etiquette and how it was handled by the others. Waltman tells a story of Juventud Guerrera while in Mexico and how he was warned by everyone to stay away from him but Sean said he wanted to be friendly with everyone. Juvy then went on a radio interview and talked about him so a year and a half later, when Waltman returned to the AAA promotion, he took a s--- in his bag. He claimed that the locker roomed popped for that and Juvy sold the rib like a bitch, noting that Alundra Blayze completely no-sold the same rib years prior.

Waltman is asked about Brian Knobbs and if he had ever pissed on him. He said no but tells a story about when he was in WCW, Knobbs was f------ with him a lot to the point that if he did it again, Waltman said he was going to fight back. He was at a bar in New Orleans and turned around and saw Knobbs. He said he wanted to avoid him so he tip-toed away and thought he was clear then felt someone yank his hair then slap him a few times. Waltman said he turned around a punched him in the face and as that happened, Sags saw what was going on and punched Waltman. Scott Norton and the Big Show broke it up and after that, Waltman did some shots with the Nasty Boys at the bar and they are cool today.

Now he is asked if anyone else but himself cut Michael Hayes’ hair during the “Plane Ride From Hell.” Waltman said that he was the only one with the nuts to do it then said that he got the scissors from a wrestler that was in tight with Hayes. He doesnt give the name, noting that they still work with the company. Waltman said that Hayes was very belligerent when he was drunk.

And finally, Waltman is asked about a play-by-play from the “Plane Ride From Hell.” He said that the days prior, guys were getting pilled up and taking GHB so trouble was brewing. He said that Curt Hennig was always competitive and started to wrestle Brock Lesnar. Waltman adds how people were making too big of a deal about them hitting the plane door, noting how Vince McMahon and Kurt Angle did the same thing during the previous flight. He adds how Flair was in his robe with his balls hanging out strutting around. Waltman then said that Hayes almost pissed on Linda McMahon, who was sleeping at the time, when he was shitfaced and thought he was at the bathroom and kept on saying “wait a minute” until someone dragged him away. Sean then adds that there was no way that Linda could have not seen Hayes do that. Still on the subject of Hayes, Sean said that while he did not see this take place, the story was that Hayes mamed Bradshaw in the forehead, which was busted open the night before, and as a result, Bradshaw knocked him out. Waltman then adds that Hayes was always burying him in booking meetings and always pushing for Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boyz to kill themselves in ladder matches, which leads to Waltman saying that he should have let them come up with their own spots instead of volunteering them to fall 20 feet off of a ladder through a table. Waltman then talks about how Hayes always told those guys what to do but never told him why they should do it and did it that way so they could always depend on him, comparing it to how Flair treated Sting and Lex Luger. Back to the plane ride, Waltman said that he asked for the scissors to cut the back of Hayes’ mullet and saw Lawler giggling in his chair, noting it was because Hayes would always try to bury his son Brian Christopher. Anyway, Waltman said that no one thought he would cut his hair and when he did, the others applauded. Waltman then said he put the hair on the wall the next day at the television tapings and auctioned it off.

When asked if he partied with Flair, Waltman said that he really didnt all that much. He then tells a story of when he was with Scott Hall Flair kept on trying to get them to take shots. He and Hall were both trying to stay sober at the time but were getting sick of Flair and got shots of Jack Daniels. Well, Waltman said that Flair always drank Kamikaze’s, which Waltman said is a “pussy” drink and when it was time to do the shot, Flair threw the shot of Jack over his shoulder. Oliver mentions the “gargle rule” and Waltman said it was started by Curt Hennig, who made eeveryone gargle their shots so he knew that they were not trying to get out of taking a drink.

Someone asks if he ever partied with Shane McMahon and he said that he did a little bit. Waltman said that Shane has a lot of balls and recalls a story of how he went skydiving with him and Alundra Blayze and that while he was scared, Shane did a back flip out of the door.

He is now asked to compare a night out on the town with the Wolfpac versus a night with the New Age Outlaws. Waltman said with the Wolfpac, they started out with sushi, then either some pills or pot then finish at a bar or a strip club then Nash preventing World War III from happening due to something that Hall did. Waltman said the same things happened with the New Age Outlaws except it was Billy preventing World War III from happening due to something that Road Dogg did. Waltman then talks about how Somas make you crave complex carbohydrates.

Waltman is asked if he did indeed prevent Scott Hall from attacking Rob Feinstein in a hotel room when he was intoxicated. He said that he did and it was when Hall was supposed to be filming a shoot interview. Waltman said that he went to the hotel lobby and heard that Hall was drunk so he went to the room and saw them set it up and looked at Rob and told him that this was not going to happen because he was so f----- up. Hall then got up and started to open-hand slap Feinstein, who did not provoke him, and that was when Waltman stepped in and restrained him.

He was asked about the best rib he saw Owen Hart pull. Waltman said they did a lot of them together and he could write a whole book about Owen’s pranks. Waltman said that Owen would always f--- with his brother Bret, who got pissed that he did that while he was the champion. Waltman said that Owen was the best worker in the Hart family but didnt take it as seriously as Bret. Waltman said that Owen enjoyed riding to different cities with fans and said how he got to the arena early and decided to open up a can of sardines and hide it underneath the ring. Well, during his match with Bret, Owen rolled outside and put his hands under the ring and rubbed the sardines over them and went back inside and put Bret in a chinlock and smeared the juices all over Bret’s face. After the match, Waltman said that their bags were packed and he and Owen left the arena before Bret got to the locker room.

Someone asks Waltman about how the Stephanie/HHH relationship started and how the HHH/Chyna relationship ended. Waltman said he used to ride with HHH/Chyna and said it felt uncomfortable at the end. He also mentioned how HHH never liked to complain but one day more or less told him that he thought Chyna was a psycho. Waltman then said he saw the chemistry between Steph/HHH from the storylines and when they shot a music video for D-X. Waltman then talks about Chyna and how she made HHH out to be an awful person but said that its all revisionist history and says that Chyna once told him that the rape story she told in her book was false and what really happened was that she got drunk and took on the basketball team then felt embarrassed about it and decided to make some accusations. Because of this, he has a hard time believing Chyna with anything. He even adds how Chyna once told him that someone date raped her and when he went to confront the person to kick their ass, he saw the reaction on her face and knew that she was a liar.


He is asked why he is no longer in TNA. Waltman said that he was scheduled to wrestle on a PPV but failed a physical due to testing positive for Hepatits C. Waltman also said that the company knew of this a week before the show and at that time, was not doing any “no-shows,” despite Taz saying he did on commentary.


He is asked when he first hooked up with Chyna. Waltman said it was after he left the WWE and was in Los Angeles. He just broke up with Ryan Shamrock and learned that Chyna was training at Inoki’s dojo, as was he, then they met up and it took off from there. Waltman adds that he is shy around women and that Chyna “sunk his hooks” into him. When asked if HHH said anything to him about this, Waltman did say that HHH left him a message asking what kind of “psycho s---” are you getting yourself into. He then said that it went downhill because they were both using drugs.

Waltman confirmed that Chyna was using steroids, even saying that he got some from her. He also said that Chyna had issues with multiple personalities and that she was abused as a kid too.

A video submission shows a bunch of cardboard cutouts of wresters asking how big is Chyna’s cock. Waltman was laughing hysterically throughout the video as Oliver was laughing/embarrassed throughout. Waltman said her clit was about half of the size of her ring finger. The next question asks Waltman do rate the sex with Chyna between 1-10 and he says 10. Waltman said she can suck your inside’s out. He also said that the sex tape idea was all her’s. At that time, Waltman said he was constantly f----- up on drugs and that made it easy for Chyna to manipulate him. He says that the tape itself is gross and they were all f----- up and did anal sex, even though he hates it, because he couldnt get off. He said they shot for 8 hours before he got off. Waltman said he found out the tape came out when he was in rehab and does not want to do anything to promote it further. Waltman said that he made about $250,000 and Chyna made a lot more, despite what she says.

When asked about the incident between him and Chyna on the “Surreal Life,” Waltman said that when they filmed that show, he was all f----- up and a douchebag at the time. He said that he came to the set with flowers to give her and the producer said he should bring them up to her then had him sign a release, which Waltman said he was too f----- up to realize what was going on at the time. He came to the house with roses, a $300 bottle of champagne, and a bag of weed and that was when it all went downhill. He is then asked about the last time he saw Chyna. Waltman said the last time he saw her was when he took her to Cedar Sinai hospital.


He is asked how he hooked up with Jenna Jameson. Waltman said she was at a show in Pittsburgh and took a picture with her after the show. Mark Madden then called him up and said Jenna was on stage and wanted him there, so he told HHH and Chyna, who he was with, that he had to go and went to the show. Waltman said he popped a few hits of ecstasy before he got there and Jenna brought him on stage and stuck her tongue down his throat. He said that he was with her all night and thought the sex was cool but he was on E and that altered it a bit but thinks her memories are slightly different than his.

Waltman is then asked if he had sex with any other women in the business. He said he went from Tori to Chyna and this past Summer, had a fling with Nidia.

He is asked if he ever banged any chicks together with Hall & Nash. Waltman said no but tells a story of how in Cleveland, he was banging this hot Vietnamese stripper while sharing a room with Hall. He said that he left the light on in the bathroom if he wanted to see the girl but Hall was drunk and yelled to shut the light off, as he was pissing on the carpet because he didn’t want to leave the bed.

Someone then asks Waltman to play “F---, Marry, Kill” with Terri, Sable, and Sunny. After some thinking, he would f--- Sunny, marry Terri, and kill Sable.

Now, someone asks him to play the same game but with Hall, Nash, and Michaels. Oliver then tells him to answer this if a woman asks him, because he spent a lot of time with them. He said f--- Nash, marry Shawn, and kill Hall.


He is asked his favorite drug and drink. Waltman said it is marijuana and Patron Silver.

Oliver then brings out the “joint rolling challenge,” for which Sabu holds the record at 19.21 seconds. Waltman then breaks that record with 18 seconds flat to become the “YouShoot Roll-a-Joint Champion.”

Someone asks if Vince McMahon smokes pot and Waltman said while he has never seen him, he talekd to Vince before who said he smoked pot in the past. Waltman said that Vince likes Dewar’s.

Waltman is asked about the weirdest place he ever passed out from taking too many somas and said that he didnt know but tells a story about passing out from the first time he took GHB. He was with HBK and ended up passing out and pissing himself so HBK put him on the luggage cart and wheeled him through the lobby of the Stamford Weston and when Waltman woke up in his room, he was on his bed and still covered in his piss.

Now, they play the gimmick bag

Jack Daniels: Curt Hennig
Marijuana: Curt Hennig, Sabu, or a lot of other guys
Cocaine: every wrestler in Mexico
Pills: Jim Neidhart
Crack: Trent Acid. Waltman  really didnt seem to want to say his name.
Needles: He said himself as he used to shoot up Nubain then crystal meth
S---: Sable

Someone asks him if the WWE or TNA are doing enough to curb drug use. Waltman said that the numbers are still the same but the holdovers from the old days are still not all gone. He then said that guys with drug issues will show whether they test or not but thinks that the newer generation of guys are not nearly as wild as guys he was with.


Waltman is asked about working for AAA. He said that it is crazy and for guys who work in the U.S., they would be horrified at the working conditions. He said that the guys get paid s---, noting some of the bigger names barely get paid $100 a night. He also said that the guys in Mexico don’t know any better because they have always worked under those conditions. He said the Roldan family never lived up to any single term in their agreement an if you called them out on that, they would flip out. Waltman also adds that the ring conditions are terrible and the psychology is rotten. He did say that the guys he worked with are all wonderful.

He asked about his suicide attempt. Waltman said that he was feeling some financial strain as the Roldan’s never lived up to their agreement. He also adds that a lot of other factors, like custody issues with his girlfriend’s (Ryan Shamrock) son and he also started to drink again. Waltman said that he didnt want him to smoke pot anymore, which he claims helps him from drinking and taking other drugs. He then said that he was all f----- up and Ryan started to hit her and when Ryan broke a picture of him and her son over her knee, Waltman said that he lost it and hit Ryan, which he said was first time that he ever hit a woman and felt like a piece of s--- and took a bottle of Valium and drank a bottle of Bacardi and hung himself. Ryan found him and saved his life. He remembers waking up three days later in the hospital. He then said that Vince put up the bill for him to stay at a place in Houston, which he said is a great place that helped him a lot, adding that he stayed longer than necessary to make sure he would not relapse when he left. Waltman said he went through a lot of therapy there, talking about how he was molested as a child amongst other things.


He is asked about the weirdest place he took a s---. He said in a Wendy’s cup in order to put it into someones’ back. He then tells a story about Rip Rogers, who he calls a piece of s---, who stole money from Jerry Lynn at an independent show and tried to do the same to him. Waltman said that Rogers went to a TV taping to do some jobs with the WWF and brought in a book to show Pat Patterson, that showed a girl sucking off one of his trainees and when it came to the last page, it was revealed that the girl had a dick. Waltman said he showed this to Patterson as an attempt to get on his good side because he knew he was gay. He then said he took a s--- in his fanny pack and Rogers blamed Davey Boy for that.

He talks about the Sable incident. He said that it was her last night and she was very unpopular among those in the company. He feels bad now and said he was the only one who was dumb enough to put it in her bag. He did note that it was not his and wouldn’t say who took the s---. They were in England at a PPV and it was Sable’s last night in the company. Waltman said that someone took a s--- and told him where it was while he was in the Gorilla position waiting to go out for his match. He then said that he told everyone he had to take a piss and ran to the other side of the building took grab the s--- and put it in the bag and ran all the way back to Gorilla in time for his match. Waltman then said that everyone blamed Bradshaw for what happened. He then adds that a few days later, Jim Ross came to him and asked him about if he knew who s--- in Sable’s bag then he told him that the office was thinking about doing DNA samples, which Waltman laughed off as being ridiculous. Again, he apologized for what happened and said that at the time, he felt like he had to do that but looks back now and feels awful, stating that Sable never did anything to him.

Waltman then admits to putting the s--- into Sunny’s food, in between the chicken and pasta. He then said that he was not even in the company at the time when someone took a s--- into Mark Henry’s sub but gets blamed anyway. He said he was told about the incident with Henry though and tells it to us. Waltman said that before he went out for his match, Henry told everyone in the locker room that his sandwich better still be there when he got back from his match. While Henry was in the ring, someone deconstructed his meatball sub from Subway and s--- in the bread then put it back together and when Henry came back from his match, he sat down and ate the entire thing. This leads to an incredibly lame segment in which Waltman shows us how to make a “s--- sandwich.”


He is asked about the term “X Pac Heat” and his take on the term. Waltman said that he didnt notice the difference between regular heat or that type of heat in the ring. He said he became a regular heel chant and many people have also been told that they suck and he is not the first.

Waltman is asked about John Laurinaitis. He said he got along fine with him but when he took that job, he tried to rule with an iron fist, unlike Jim Ross who also had things run smoothly when he was in charge. Waltman said that he mentioned to HHH and HBK how people complain about him and they told him that no one wants the job. He calls out Laurinaitis for fining the wrestlers and questions do they really need the money that badly, saying at least give it to charity or put it aside for a Christmas party or something.

From that, they segue into the “What a Dick” game in which if that person is a dick, he goes into the dick bag. He tossed Juvy right into the bag. He said that he loves Shawn Michaels but even he himself would admit that he was once the biggest dick in the business. He loves Bob Holly but says that just about everyone else thinks he is a dick and puts him into the bag as well. He doesn’t put HHH in the bag but said that he is really good at being one. He tosses in Kevin Dunn. He tells a story of Billy Gunn while they were in the Sky Bar in LA when Tori Spelling talked s--- about what Gunn was wearing, which he overheard, and according to Waltman, Spelling left in tears that night. He said that Vampiro is full of s--- (most people say this about him in shoot interviews) but says he is not a dick. He said that Flair is too charming for him to call him a dick. Calls DDP neurotic but not a dick. He likes Eric Bischoff now but at one point in his career, he would have tossed him right into the dick bag. He tosses in Heyman because someone recently told him something Heyman said about him but he calls him a genius and would have him run his wrestling company if he had one.

Someone asks him about a line from Mick Foley in 2001 in which he said “No one knows where X Pac is and no one seems to care.” Waltman said that the line was fed to Foley by Brian Gewirtz, who Waltman disliked.

He is asked about an altercation between himself and Masahiro Chono. He was using a lot of cocaine and meth at the time and was teaming with Chyna against Chono & Tenzan. Waltman then said that people were upset over Chyna being there and took it out on her in the ring. Waltman said that Chono took her head off with a Mafia kick and did not want to do a scheduled beatdown on him because they were not sure that they wanted to come back and did not want to bury the guy. Waltman agreed to this but did not want to touch him and Chono apparently flipped out and spit at him so Waltman hit him really hard and busted his ear. Waltman said he was tweaking out on meth at the time and thought they were going to get killed in Japan.


He is asked if he ever spoke to Dave Meltzer and his thoughts on him. He said that he did when he was younger but talked to Wade Keller more because he was from Minnesota and more supportive of him. Waltman said he was in Japan with Meltzer and went to a few shows and Tokyo Disney and respects both guys for being good journalists.

Final Thoughts: A very enjoyable interview. I also thought that the rapport between Oliver and Waltman was great. He got a lot out of him and made him say more than he probably wanted. Waltman also came across as likable and did not have an agenda against anyone and was more than willing to open up about his own problems.

When I finished watching the interview, it made me want to root for Waltman. He does seem likable and most of issues are seemingly caused when he is intoxicated. He does have a sense of humor about himself, which is nice to see. I also liked how this was not just about questions regarding the Kliq too.

I recommend this interview. It is very good for a “YouShoot,” which can be hit or miss and a lot better than is RF Video shoot from over 12 years ago when he was stoned and unwilling to talk.

Sean O’Haire

How the hell did Sean O'Haire not become one of the top guys for WWE in the early 2000s? I'm watching his Devil's Advocate vignettes on YouTube and his character was brilliant. He was also pretty damn good in the ring. Such a waste, especially since he looked like somebody that they could do huge things with after they bought WCW.

It was actually a specific issue in that he did a great job on the pretaped vignettes, but when asked to duplicate them live, he bombed.  Since he couldn't maintain the character outside of the studio, they pretty much had to drop it.  

UPDATE! With Sean Mooney!

Instead of forcing fans to sit through b------- video recaps, why not bring back the old school "Control Center" segments? Build a set, through up some graphics, and get a couple of guys to give exposition on the storylines to recap them?
And hell, get Zach Ryder and Eve to do them (thrown together by AJ to punish Eve) and go forth with the cliched angle of "male and female newscasters who hate each other and constantly make catty remarks about the other while covering the news".
Similarly, they could bring back the power ranking stuff and use that to keep up the sliver of an appearance that CM Punk does matter as champion by having him as #1 on the ranking board.

I don't know about power rankings, but a thousand times YES to the return of the UPDATE centers, where they actually run down storylines and hype upcoming PPVs and such.  Such an easy way to emphasize things that you want without beating it into the heads of the fans, and it makes it seem important by highlighting it even without dramatic music cues.