WMXI Shawn screwed Diesel!

Hi Scott,

I watched a Nash interview a while back where he claims HBK tried to sabotage him at WMXI by intentionally running a fast paced match in order to blow him up and make himself look good in the process.

I rewatched the match and basically, yeah, that seems to be what happened. HBK was basically Summerslam '05 it the whole way, basically running at the speed of light and doing every "look at me" bump he could think of. Shawn was obviously wrestling to Diesel's weaknesses and making himself the star.

Not only that, but the match itself seemed laid out to make HBK seem like a total world beater, getting a visual pin on Nash and, never having Sid interfere (Except once or twice which backfire and, thus make HBK look even stronger since he definitely would have won had Sid not been there.)  

What was the thinking here? Did Shawn purposely sabotage the match to get over at Diesel's expense? If so, how could he have gotten away with it when Vince himself was watching the match from commentary (Not to mention Lawler, who definitely would've seen what Shawn was doing).

Was the match actually booked to benefit HBK? If so, WTF? Why sabotage your top star in your biggest event when you plan on making him the next Hogan? Why not lay out the match to have constant Sid interference and have Shawn play Chicken heel like this match seemed tailor-made for him to play? Hell, it would've flowed perfectly into the Sid-Nash feud they were going into anyway?

I'm no Nash fan but, geez, this really seemed like a hack job.

​Yeah, we discussed this a lot in the post-WM 11 RAW threads, and Shawn absolutely backstabbed him in that one, bigtime.  ​Shawn was operating on such a high level as a worker that he was able to make it look like he was putting Diesel over, when in fact he was putting himself over.  It was the same kind of deal in the original ladder match with Ramon, but Razor was a smart enough worker to make sure he didn't get overshadowed like Diesel did.  
That being said, it was all Shawn.  Vince absolutely wanted Diesel to be the next Hogan, but I bet there was a big part of him that respected Shawn for going out and grabbing his own brass ring.  I think Nash has said in shoot interviews that he eventually figured out what happened and doesn't hold a grudge against Shawn for doing it.  Shawn saw his shot and took it, and you have to respect that a little.  

So are we fans screwed?

After the end of tonight's Raw, I really want to know, is there no fucking point screaming at how God-awful things have gotten with Cena vs Punk this fall? That come hell or high water, they plan on destroying what is left of Punk's credibility to prop up the piece of shit John Cena all in the name of having Cena get the belt and beat the Rock (another thing NO ONE but Cena and the WWE want to see)?
I came back to the WWE because of Punk and given the shit sandwich being served for three fucking hours daily, I have to ask if there is any point fucking bothering with wrestling again if the WWE seems dead set on spiting fans and fucking going out of their way to vindictively bury the only guy to give the company a sniff of mainstream attention these last couple of years, for the sin of getting over without permission and humiliating their "chosen one", who was made to look like the unliked bastard stepchild he is in real life? Should I just fucking quit watching, out of disgust and knowing that the company doesn't give a fuck about what the fans want, just what Mattel and the charity vultures want, due to it rigged marketing testing?
Jesse Baker

Sorry, what?