Scrap the Intercontinental Title

Hi Scott,

With Daniel Bryan seemingly about to go on the injured list again, do you think the WWE should just decommission the I-C Title? The belt has had zero prestige since 1999 or so, and the second half of last year saw The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper and Wade Barrett ping-ponging the title back and forth.

In contrast the U.S Title has been very strongly represented by Rusev and now John Cena, raising it to that semi-main event prestige once held by the I-C title. Maybe do a unification match or have Triple-H and Stephanie declare the title retired due to Bryans status (or have Repo Man repossess the title and never be seen from again 🙂

Your thoughts?

​They already tried getting rid of it in 2002.  It didn't stick then and wouldn't stick now.  It'll probably just get bounced back to Wade Barrett and become the same loser title it's been for years again.​