Scott’s Mailbag of Doom 05.12.15

Who wants to discuss RAW when we can discuss what I think about stuff totally unrelated to RAW? Also, I'm doing the NXT recap/discussion thing on the Sporting News starting this Thursday as well, so that's pretty cool.  

Inside Scott’s (In)Box 4: Best / Worst Announce Teams

Jason Bellomo writes: 

fans talk about the WWE announce teams being subpar (which seems to be a
correct assessment, especially when comparing the current product with
the older stuff on the network). If you had your choice of anyone
(currently alive and well) to comprise the RAW and Smackdown announce
teams, who would you pick? 

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Well Jason, I’ll respond to you with the team that really set the wrestling world on fire. The team that made wrestling feel legitimate in ways that are nearly impossible to describe, but also too countless to count. 

Inside Scotts (in)box 4: Best Multiple Match Performance

Hey, here’s a good one from a Mr. Mallonee: 

In honor of Daniel Bryan’s impending multiple match performance at WM 30
who do you feel had the best performance at a PPV when they wrestled
more than once? My personal favorite is Kurt Angle at King of the Ring
when he fought Christian, Edge, and Shane-O Mac all in one night but I
thought you and the Blog of Doom might have other ideas.  

Actually I think you nailed it. I generally have an issue with Wrestler vs. Non Wrestler matches – for example even though Hogan and Vince had a great match, I thought it was weird that while Hogan is old he’s still a ‘wrestler’ whereas Vince just sort of has matches occasionally. In a kayfabe sense, Hogan should dominate Vince. See also: Flair vs. Vince, and so on. 

Now of course to have an entertaining match that can’t happen, but it’s a thing that can take you out of the narrative at least a bit.
Which is why I loved the above mentioned Kurt Angle pick. Since Angle had already wrestled twice, it would make sense to believe he was tired and weakened, and it gave Shane a fighting chance – though most of the match was Angle engaging in legalized assault and battery of a person smaller and less athletic than he is – which is generally how I do it too.
And my history is maybe fuzzy, but this was THE PPV that made Angle a legit star. If wiki is to be believed following this event the ‘Invasion’ started proper, and it was Angle as the proverbial American Hero against the evil WCW.
Aside from that, I’d imagine some of the folks doing doing crazy Japanese death matches deserve some credit. I don’t have the testes to watch the Funk vs. Foley exploding ring match, and I don’t know how good it was, but I’m assuming both dudes were so insanely tired and beat up that any actual match they had would be a victory in and of itself.
Speaking of Foley, it probably doesn’t count but didn’t he run in for the finish of the Austin v. Kane match at King of The Ring after taking those insane bumps?

Inside Scott’s (in)Box 3: Feud Blow Offs That Never Were.


What do you think are some of the best/worst feuds that never got a proper blow-off?  I will start the bidding with Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin (’97/’98)

I’ll see that bid and raise you Bret Hart vs. Tatanka  for least Native American person who talks like a Native American person. Seriously! Watch an interview with the guy!

If we’re being serious, I guess I’d imagine the NWO stuff in WCW is a big one. That just sort of petered out, right? It never had a big blow-off where WCW won?

A REAL Vince Vs. Eric Vs. Heyman feud
I think Eric Bischoff  vs. Vince was money waiting to happen but never really materialized in the proper way, though there was the “announce table near the entrance ramp” era.The ECW Reboot seemed like a great opportunity, but save for a shoot promo or two, it seemed that Vince – a guy happy to get his REAL ass kicked, was insecure about letting his precious WWE appear weak or vulnerable – perhaps due to possible stock implications.

Bret vs. Vince
Also not to turn this into a make fun of Bret Hart thread, but I really, really, really, really, really, really, fucking really, hated Bret vs. Vince at Wrestlemania. I may have told this story before but everyone I talked to that weekend was stoked for that match, based primarily on what Shawn was able to do in his ‘big return’ at Summer Slam. Bret was obviously going to be limited, but I guess I, and people not ‘in the know’, held out a sliver of hope that maybe Bret had a little magic left, but he didn’t. Bummer.

CM Punk vs. Mick Foley

I think Scott made a point about this one. They delivered a super heated segment, despite them not actually feuding and there being zero chance of them wrestling. It could have been a *great* match, and I bet Foley could have done some innovative ‘PG’ safe things, but as it stands all I remember is the awesome segment. I can’t even remember the PPV they were going for.


Inside Scott’s Box 2: Who do casuals/non-fans mark for?

Here’s a cool question from a fella who didn’t sign his name in a question, so I’m going to refer to him as Jeorge. 

Hey, (Insert traditional ego-stroking here)

In your personal experience, who are some of the
wrestlers the uber-casual fans you know mark for?  I’m talking people
who only watch wrestling when you’re watching wrestling.  And what
reasons do they give for liking who they like?

Thanks and appreciated.


Well, Jeorge, I’ve noticed a lot of Sports Radio guys, especially in New England, anyway, still mark for folks like Hacksaw, Hogan, Sarge, Macho Man, and Andre The Giant. If they mention any of those guys, they’ll eventually tag John Cena as the face of the company currently, what with him being a Boston guy and all. 
Beyond that, when I’m watching wrestling and my family pops in, so far the only people who have managed to keep them interested beyond and eye-roll and silent judgement of my entertainment habits, it’s been The Rock, Cena, Lesnar – essentially guys that fit the mold of muscled bad asses. 
In fact a few weeks ago my Dad was watching it with me briefly, and got really, *really* upset that the WWE expected ANYONE to believe that CM Punk could beat up Brock Lesnar.  “There’s no way! No Way! Come on! That’s so fake!”. 
My sister is currently on the path to becoming a professional dancer, but I’ve yet to be able to show her Fandango, though once she caught me humming his song and I had to explain why there was a ball room dancing wrestler when ball room dancing was hard enough as it is. 

On the subject of Fandango, there’s a great Kevin Costner movie by that title that’s really sweet and kind of cheesy. I’d check it out. 

Inside Scott’s (in)Box: ‘Changing Your Mind’

…Well this escalated quickly. Much like Glenn Jacobs is to Diesel, it looks like I’m the new, flabbier, Caliber, and now have ‘posting questions from Mr. Keith’s inbox’ duties, as well as officially handling QOTD from now on. So the first person I get to disappoint with a response that’s not from Scott, but instead from me, is Brent. Brent says:

‘Over the course of your time watching and, especially, reviewing pro
wrestling, what wrestlers have you changed your opinions on, both good
and bad? For example, I remember you not caring for Ronnie Garvin
matches years ago, but it seems you like his matches more now (hope I’m
not wrong on that perception). And are there match styles you like or
dislike more than you did when you started doing this? Thanks for the

 Brent Z.

Hulk Hogan.


Right around the time Hogan came back to wrestle The Rock, I think a lot of pro-wrestling fans kind of caught the nostalgia fever, and I was kind of glad to have him around. He wasn’t setting the world on fire, match wise, but I enjoyed his feud with Brock Lesnar quite a bit (“Brock Lesnar may be 23…and I may be…29, brother!”) and thought his match with Vince at Wrestlemania was one of those 3-and-a-half star classics like Angle v. Shane or Vince v. Shane that had no right being as good as it was. Plus he gave us one of the best ribs in the history of (my association with) pro wrestling, where Shawn Michaels spent the majority of the Summer Slam bumping around like a cartoon character behind Hogan’s back.

I’m pretty sure I’m mixing up two separate runs in there, but hey, memory is a funky thing.

But anyway, much like barfing up ice-cream, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I enjoyed Hogan the second time around – maybe because I was expecting far less than I actually got, and could actually appreciate what Hogan had to offer as an entertainer. Especially since I was ‘in the know’ versus being a kid who liked him because I was supposed too.

As far as wrestling styles go – I think a lot of fans are a bit more conscious of hardcore wrestling.  The first time I saw “I Quit” I was like 13 and loved every second of it. After reading “Have a Nice Day” and all the other crazy wrestler head-trauma related ish that happened there-after, I stopped enjoying matches where dudes bashed their skulls in for the entertainment of the millions (and millions) of fans watching at home.

But what say you, Blog ODers? 

Scott’s Feedback Feedbag–May 15 2001

Back to the beginning, twelve years ago: Time to open up that ol’ mailbag… First piece of mail this week comes from Dave Simons, who goes that extra distance and not only criticises me, but actually wishes me dead and tortured. Now THAT’S passionate letter-writing. (2013 Scott sez:  Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was talking about how grumpy I was watching RAW because of a guy prank-calling me?  Basically it was some dude in Florida who sounded rather drunk and got a hold of my cell phone number, then spent two hours texting me messages about how I “touch little boys” and making dated jokes about my haircut from a decade ago.  Then he moved to voice mails advising me to kill myself by jumping off a cliff.  My wife trolled him for a while by constantly answering my phone and acting like she didn’t know who I was, but finally we got bored of him and blocked the number.  The funny thing is that he gave his name as though it was someone I should know and quake in fear at hearing from, but I’d never even heard of the guy.  So the point is, 12 years later my popularity remains unabated. On with this moron…)   

I just wanted to say that just when I thought you could not be more pathetic than you already are, you go and prove me wrong. I guess you forgot that you’re the guy who all this time has been using every chance he ever could to bash WCW. You’re the one for years who said they’d go out of business. (funny though how you never said a thing about the XFL, you goddamn shill) Now they finally have gone out of business and you were ecstatic about it, you faggot. You were the one who said how “surreal” it was to see you’re god, Vince McMahon, on wcw tv and how there’s no way they can fuck this up. Lo and behold, you got you’re wish, and now the WWF has gotten stale. Since you are so stupid, I will draw the conclusion for you–the WWF can’t even keep themselves interesting, there’s no way they could handle two promotions. It’s not your endless shilling that bothers me though. It’s how goddamn hypocritical you are. You say Buff Bagwell has no business in wrestling, but then say that the WWF “has to get Goldberg” they guy who wasn’t even considerate enough to show up to the last episode of Nitro (yeah I bet a guy like that really respects the business) You never complained once during the WWF comeback, which Vince Russo had an integral part in. But the second he comes to WCW, you don’t even give him a chance. Hell, you were the loser who made a chart of every mistake he ever made in the WWF, yet never pointed out these mistakes when he was working for the WWF. And now look at you. You’ve finally started writing about the WWF objectively. THe only reason you do this–it’s cause you’ve finally realized how little you count. The WWF doesn’t give a shit about you or your opinion–that’s why they had one of their columnist’s nail you (he did a damn good job too). And then all of a sudden the guy who spent his entire life kissing the WWF’s ass, and said Vince McMahon can’t fuck anything up, suddenly turns into a broken-hearted pussy when he realizes that the WWF doesn’t care about him. I’m real sorry about your apartment burning down–sorry that you didn’t burn down with it. Don’t worry though, I’m sure one day there’ll be a book burning party at your place, where we’ll torch “The Buzz on Professional Wrestling” Looking at the reviews on, it seems like more than enough people would participate. This time, though, we’ll make sure you’re inside the fire. I can honestly think of no one who deserves to be tortured and murdered more than you. And if there’s any justice in the world, one day that’ll happen. Oh,one more thing. Don’t ever act like you care about Owen Hart. You don’t give one shit about him. Ever since his death, you never once criticized the man who killed him and then crapped all over his death by continuing the show. These are words not just from me, but from his own older brother. And who do you think mattered more to Owen, his brother, or a dumb fuck like you.

So, Dave, what do you REALLY think? (I don’t know why I didn’t respond here, but the e-mail is so hilariously inaccurate that it kind of stands on its own.  I didn’t say anything about the XFL?  REALLY?  Doesn’t making fun of the very idea for months leading up to it and then practically dancing on its grave count?  And I never criticized Vince McMahon for leading to the death of Owen Hart?  And this guy was still defending Russo even after he brought down the entire promotion?  On the bright side, this e-mail was written well before 9/11, so at least he would likely have someone more worthy of being tortured and murdered now.)  Former Rant Crew contributor Andy Goss chimes in with a King of the Ring scenario  (which I’m deleting because it’s long and kind of not good.  I’m sure beating me another 200 times at You Don’t Know Jack will make up for it, though.)  … That’s, uh…very well thought out. I don’t think the WCW crossover is gonna happen anytime this summer, but it’s certainly no worse than anything else the WWF has been booking lately. John David, an embittered UK reader, writes in to bitch about the WWF’s UK PPVs, a popular topic it seems…

After watching InsurreXion on Sky Box Office the other weekend, I was quite surprised to see the announcement of the Manchester PPV Rebellion. Manchester is not that far from my home town of Liverpool, so myself and the four friends that I was watching Insurrexion with decided that we’d do our damnest to try and get tickets, since for the last few PPV’s we’d been unable to get tickets or we’d been unavailable when the tickets went on sale. We decided that each of the five of us would try to get five tickets (just in case some of us failed), we figured that if we had too many tickets we could always sell them on (Insurrexion tickets were selling for £150-£300 on eBay the week before the event). My friends Chris & John(II) would phone ticket master, Suze would go to HMV and Clare and myself (John(I)) would sit on Ticket Master’s website.
What I was surprised at was what happened on the following Friday. Tickets went on sale from Ticketmaster and HMV Box Office at 9am on that day, and so we were at our appointed posts. Clare and I had started checking the website at 8am, and at about 8:30am it experienced a notable slowdown, at 8:45 it was painfully slow on average getting a time out error every 10 reloads. At 9:00am it was dead stop almost. But we continued, knowing that surely one of us would get through on their website.
Ticketmaster’s website displayed that there were no more tickets for sale (or rather a “We cannot complete your transaction” message indicating sold out). Ticketmaster’s phone lines were about as much help, as they were constantly engaged for two hours. HMV – well they were a non factor, Sold Out it seemed were an order of the day.
So the five of us decided that it looked like we wouldn’t be going to Rebellion (and I really wanted to dress up as Steven Richards to the disgust of my four other friends). Once more the fickle hand of fate had dealt us a killing blow.
But no, like any good fairy tale this does have a (vaguely) happy ending – it transpires that quite a few coach companies had bought massive blocks of tickets and were selling them on in a package deal and we managed to scrounge some tickets out of them. So we will be going (and I really hope RTC doesn’t split up so I can go looking like a moron dressed as a member of RTC).
My point(s) on this matter –
1. The UK gets two PPV events a year and it looks like the WWF could easily expand that to more, such as they did when they were doing a “UK Tour” rather than just one event at a time, and certainly they would get the patronage, and transporting their wrestlers over for one show then transporting them back to the US is surely less cost effective than getting a few shows out of them while they’re over here.
2. Due to the limit on PPV’s – the UK fans become rather rabid at the thought of tickets, I believe that it was around 1hr that it took for all the outlets to sell out of tickets for the event, and it left many fans out in the cold – the US are very lucky in that they have house shows / PPV’s / TV Tapings to see their “superstars” in action. The UK gets one 2.5 hour segment every (if we’re lucky) 6 months, so it comes as no surprise to find the mass appeal for tickets.
3. And due to this ticket grabbing madness some people are making a LOT of money off this. I know someone who ordered tickets (and received them) due to the priority service that Ticketmaster runs – purely for the intention of selling them on eBay – he got 10 tickets at a cost of £35 each – £350. If tickets go for the same price on eBay that the Insurrexion tickets go for he can expect to get between £1500 and £3000 for them. Sickening really. Isn’t it?

Hey man, just be glad you don’t live in Canada – you’d only get the WWF once a YEAR unless you lived in Toronto. And if there’s one universal constant about ticket-buying systems worldwide, it’s that chances of people actually buying tickets through them are slim and none.
(Now up here you get WWE once every two to three years, if that.  And the UK doesn’t get PPVs anymore.  So everyone wins, I guess.) 
That’s all I got from the mailbag this week, until next time, keep smilin’…

(That was kind of a lame first edition, aside from the spectacular first letter.  I just don’t get that kind of passionate hate mail anymore.  Mostly it’s confined to people on the F4W board now.) 

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The Only Review of WrestleMania 19 [other than Scott’s] That You’ll Ever Need

WrestleMania XIX
Safeco Field, Seattle, WA
54,097 in Attendance
550,000 in PPV buys
. Pretty weak since they were expecting 880,000. Why do you guys think the buy-rate was so low?

February, 1999

Caliber: You mark my
words, man. Within 5 years I’ll be at WrestleMania, watching the Hulkster come
down the aisle in the red and yellow.
Caliber’s Friend: There’s
absolutely no way in hell that will ever happen.
I couldn’t believe my luck
that I was going to a Wrestlemania. Not only that, but the card wasn’t a WM4,
or WM9 type of situation. This was going to be a solid event. So, my
friends and I get tickets, and they’re pretty decent. When you watch the show,
you see the floor, then the arena starts to go up in levels. We’re right
in the middle of the first level, and that’s just about perfect. Plus, my seat
is at the end of the aisle, which is pretty choice. Especially since my
buddy on the end had to sit next to a guy who was so fat that he was literally
oozing over the arm barrier. Across the aisle was a guy dressed head to toe
like Roddy Piper. Obviously he did it for the chicks, but it’s always cool to
see peeps do that.
Rey Mysterio vs. Matt
Hardy [C] – Crusierweight Title

Great opener. It’s no Pillman/Liger, or Bret/Owen,
but it does its job damn well. Basically a condensed version of most of
Rey’s matches. They were executing everything flawlessly, and it was pretty
exciting for what it was. A shame it didn’t last longer. 
Matt rolls up Rey and holds the ropes for the pin
at 5:39 |  ***

Limp Bizkit plays Rollin’
to bring out Undertaker. I actually paid to see Limp Bizkit during the Anger
Management Tour, and they were great. 
The Undertaker vs. Big
Show & A-Train

We find out before the match that Nathan Jones was
jumped before the match, thus he won’t be able to complete. No, it had nothing
to do with his complete inability to wrestle. He was awesome in Tony
Jaa’s The Protector, though. On the way to the ring, A-Train disrespects
Undertaker by tilting the rear-view mirror on his bike. Will they escalate
the feud by having A-Train adjust Undertaker’s car seat and change his radio
Considering I believe the
American Bad Ass to be the worst main eventer of all time, I’m surprised this
match isn’t completely atrocious. 
It was a well done power
game, with no needless sleepers and other lame big-man spots. Good stuff.
The Undertaker hits
A-Train with the Tombstone for the pin at  9:45 | **3/4
Ugh, Miller Lite Cat Fight
Crap. I thought it was stupid and pointless at age 19 and I still do. At least
a woman worth her salt is up next…
 Trish Stratus vs. Jazz vs.
Victoria – Women’s Championship
I wonder why Victoria/Tara
doesn’t get more fanfare. She’s gorgeous, and more than capable of having a
good match. The PPV didn’t have a Woman’s Match graphic, which was fine because that meant I got to surf around Google looking at Trish pictures.
I totally forgot about her
coming down to that song by the Russian pseudo-lesbians.
Also, I have no proof that
Jazz is Stevie Ray, but I’m working on it. There is plenty of proof that Trish
really is a talent, watching her shows just how bad the current crop of models
from the Claire Lynch School of Acting truly are. This match was hard hitting,
fast, botch free, and flat out exciting. One of the best women’s matches
I’ve ever seen. Wow, after seeing these lower card matches, and knowing what’s
coming up, this damn well could be the best WM ever. 
Trish Stratus hits
Victoria with a Chick Kick for the pin & the title at  7:17 | ***
The Rock is in Hollywood
Rock mode, meaning he gives actual promos, and is at his strongest. He doesn’t
plan on losing to Stone Cold. 
Los Guerreros vs. Benoit
& Rhyno vs. Team Angle [C] – WWE Tag Team Championship
I never understood Vince’s
distaste for elimination matches. In any other federation, a Triple Threat is
elimination, same with multiple tag-team matches. But not here. I do like the aspect where
anyone can tag anyone. So if you’re stuck in a corner getting worked over, you
can tag whoever is there to take your place. It’s an absolute shame this match
didn’t get more time, because if it had, we would have had a sure-fire classic.
With the time we got, we
get a frantic, high impact, hard-hitting and fast paced match. It was
absolutely incredible. A damn shame they weren’t given more time.
Shelton Benjamin gets the
pin on Chavo after Rhyno hits the Gore at  8:45 | ***1/4
Oh snaps. The Cat Fight
girls argue over who started WrestleMania. You can tell they’re passionate
about it when one of ’em keeps insisting Hulk Hogaln started it. Indeed.
Chris Jericho vs. Shawn
The match starts off with
some of the ‘evenly matched chain-wrestling’ that some have grown to hate. I
don’t watch indy wrestling, so it’s still cool to me. Great spot that
soon follows is Jericho going for the bulldog, and Shawn launching him crotch
first into a turnbuckle. Later, Jericho works the back by applying The
Walls outside the ring, then smashing Shawn’s back into the ringpost twice
before discarding him like so much trash. Awesome. I absolutely love
it when Jericho kips up and does the Shawn-Flex, great taunt. There’s a million
great spots to mention here, but honestly I was just all sorts of sucked
in to the match. It’s incredible. Easily one of the best ‘new guy vs established
star’ matches ever. And Jericho kicking him in the junk afterwards is
Shawn gets the roll up and
the pin at  22:33 | ****3/4

We get the promo for Goldberg’s arrival. I
remember seeing that and screaming “NO! NO! Please God, NO!” However,
my pleas fell on deaf ears. 

Catfight girls come out to
waste everybody’s time. 
Promo for Triple H vs
Booker T. I completely forgot this match was even on here, and it’s pissing me
off all over again. What the HELL was the point of Triple H winning
here? Can ANYONE explain it?
 Triple H [C] vs. Booker T
– World Heavyweight Championship
Not too much to talk about
in the beginning, it’s a pretty basic Triple H match. He hits a sweet
spinebuster, and then soon follows it up with a clothesline to Booker
while he’s in the corner that’s easily the hardest one I’ve ever seen Triple H
give. I mean, Booker explodes forward with how hard Triple H hit him.
That’s soon followed by a great moment with Triple H leaping off the second
rope, only to meet Booker’s kick mid-air. Jerry and JR are in prime form
during this match, showing just how much of a bore The King is when he’s a face
announcer. Booker T is doing a Bret Hart style job of selling the knee, kudos. WHAT
THE HELL? I knew the ending was bullshit, but that was it? C’mon, that was an
EASY ‘he’s down, but OH! He’s up at the last second’ sorta thing. Booker
couldn’t get pinned right after the Pedigree? He had to wait for Triple H to
hit the Pedigree, go paint a house, order a pizza, decide he didn’t like
the color he painted the house so he paints it again, then comes and pins
Booker? Horseshit.
The real bummer is this
could have been a classic, because as it is, it’s a damn fine match. 
Triple H hits the Pedigree
and scores the pin at  18:50 | ***3/4
I really enjoyed the promo
video for Vince vs Hogan. Plus the whole ordeal with Vince signing Hogan’s name
in blood was fantastic.
 Hulk Hogan vs. Vince
McMahon – Street Fight
Finally. This was ALL I
cared about since it was announced for the card. I didn’t dream of sitting
during this match either. I was finally going to see Hogan live. The guy
across from me, Roddy, was giving a mighty boo to both. They start off in the
ring, obviously, with Vince working the shoulder. Eventually it leads outside, as
each gets their own time with a chair. There’s a spot where Hogan swings
on Vince, but hits Hugo Savinovich instead, and he even blades. What a trooper.
Few bleed as well as Vince, as it just works so well with his face.
Point exactly when they get that awesome shot of him looking over the ring once
he gets the pipe. Now of course this is the moment where Roddy Piper
comes into the ring and the dude near me EXPLODES. If I didn’t know any better,
I’d think he was gonna go home with Piper or something. It was a cool
thing to see though, and one of the things that make wrestling so much
fun. I was losing my mind during the Hulk-Up as was everyone around me. Loved
every minute of it. You know, you’d think after seeing Hogan Hulk-Up about
30,000 times that Vince would know he couldn’t hurt him. 
Hulkster drops three legs
on Vince for the win at  20:48 | ***
We get the recap vid for
Rock vs Austin. Basically, Austin returns after his whole ordeal with not
laying down for Brock, and The Rock challenges him for a third and final
showdown at WM19. One guy wants to get what he’s never had, the other wants to
protect his legacy.
I know it’s not two single
people who are supposedly dating as the GM tries to make a scandal out of it,
but it’s the way to a match that I prefer. 
 The Rock vs. Stone Cold
Steve Austin

Match starts off in Stone Cold’s favor, before The
Rock shifts the tide by zeroing in on Austin’s knees. Man alive, is there any
wrestler anywhere who does a move shittier than The Rock’s Sharpshooter?
It’s TERRIBLE. It looks more like a suggestion that a submission “gee,
would you mind tapping out? Are you too uncomfortable? My bad!” The
Rock puts on Austin’s vest, and he looks like when your younger brother would
edit the wrestlers in No Mercy, giving them odd clothes and such.
There’s a great spot where Rock goes for the People’s Elbow, and Austin moves
out of the way just as Rock brings the elbow down. Austin pops up, goes
for the Stunner, only for The Rock to push Austin into the ropes and hit him
with a spinebuster. It’s moments like that,
that make Austin and The Rock so fantastic. A great match with an awesome
ending when you see it in retrospect. Austin
knew it was his last, but just wouldn’t die, and even though he knew The Rock
had him, he still kept trying. Great match.
The Rock hits a third
& final Rock Bottom for the pin & Stone Cold’s career at 17:53 | ****1/2
Recap vid for Angle vs.
Lesnar. We see Brock win the 2003 Royal Rumble, then Team Angle beat the hell
out of Brock on Smackdown. Followed up by Angle pulling a switch on Lesnar during a
Smackdown match and getting the pin. If I recall, Angle was needing time off
for surgery, so they wanted to keep him fresh and avoid all chance of injury.
I’ve actually never seen the match, so I’m really looking forward to it. 
Kurt Angle [C] vs Brock Lesnar – WWE Championship

They of course start the match with traditional
wrestling, with no complaints from anyone. Angle does a sweet suplex on Lesnar
that launches him back first into the turnbuckles, an awesome move that reminds
me of the powerbomb into the turnbuckles from No Mercy. Honestly, not too much
memorable happens until Brock just about kills himself. What a disappointing
match. Some wrestling, a REALLY long wrest hold, nothing else too
interesting or exciting, and then the Shooting Star. 
Brock hits the F5 on Kurt
Angle and grabs the pin & the title at 21:04 | ***1/2
Showcase Showdown: My
friends and I left in the middle of the Title Match because we just didn’t
care. As we were almost out of our exit we hear the crowd give a collective
“OOOOH!”. As we walk back into the arena we hear someone say
“Brock snapped his neck! He’s dead!” If there’s anyone you can
trust for reliable info, it’s a wrestling fan. We saw everything was fine, and
once again headed for the exit. My friend glances over this rail down to
the floor and sees Arn Anderson. He’s a life-long wrestling fan and yells out
“Arn, you’re a legend!”, to which Arn turns around and waves. 
My other friend, who
absolutely hated The Horsemen at a young age and would never forgive himself
for not telling The Enforcer off, yells to him “Arn, you’re fucking
fat!”. He felt vengeance was his. All in all, it’s a great WM. I still
don’t feel it’s the best, as WM24 holds that title for me, but 19 is fantastic
and my favorite live show. The fact I got to see Hulk Hogan, in the red and
yellow, is one of my favorite memories. I find it funny the DVD included both Limp Bizkit performances, and
the Cat Fight Girls, but left out when John Cena came out to battle rap a card
board cut out of both Jay-Z & Fabolous. 
I still have my Hulk Still
Rules bandana that I got at the show, and wear it on occasion. Mostly at
black tie events. 
Since you’ve all been so
kind, I figure I’ll reward with a recap of the following Backlash’s main event.
A match I’ve never seen, and a decision I’m sure I’ll regret
The Rock vs. Goldberg –
Backlash 2003, April 27, 2003
Rock basically makes the
match after Goldberg shoves him down following a tie-up by saying “Oh, you
are in trouble now!”. However, he then ends up making this match
far more boring that I could imagine. Honest to God, in TEN MINUTES we’ve seen
two lock-ups, a slap, a shoulder block, and a clothesline. He’s stalling
beyond belief. On the plus side, I will say that Goldberg delivers a far more
impressive Rock Bottom than the Rock ever has. Following that, Rock
slaps Goldberg in The Polite Suggestion [Which is what I’ve dubbed his
Sharpshooter. Because it’s far from a submission, it’s more like he’s politely
suggesting that said person give up]. Rock hits Goldberg with a spear, and pops
right up for a pose, yet when Goldberg speared The Rock he was down for
just about as long as Rocky. I mean, how on Earth is this supposed to make
Goldberg look powerful? This whole match The Rock has made him look like
a GD chump, and it’s as if Goldberg is barely able to escape with his life.
Which leaves me with no surprise as the arena fills with “Goldberg
Sucks” chants. I will say when The Rock gets speared, he gets
speared. Certainly not a good debut, and it wasn’t going to get any better as
the montHHHs rolled along. 
Goldberg snags the pin
after hitting The Rock with the Jackhammer at 13:03 | **

Hope you guys dug it. I appreciate the requests for good shows, you’ve all been kind. What would you guys like to see next? 

Thanks to Steven Ferrari for taking the time to check this article and allow me to look professional. 

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