WWE Schedule leaked

Interesting from my perspective to note that they've basically killed off Western Canada at this point, with the last Calgary show drawing a disastrous 3000 and Edmonton not doing much better.  And yet still both cities get two visits next year and here in Saskatoon we haven't had a show of any kind since 2011.  Regina has had something like 2 shows since then, I think.  It's so funny because this market used to be their easiest sellout every time when they were hot and draw the most faithful audience, and now there's not much left.  
The rest of the list should make for interesting discussion, I'm sure.  

Network Schedule for Week 2

So now that the free trial is almost over, they're starting to add more cool stuff, like old Maple Leaf Gardens shows and a live version of Main Event from before the Smackdown tapings.  I really like focusing on a specific PPV on Sundays, and hopefully they'll start doing old WCW TV on Saturdays pretty soon.  You'd have to assume that with 250ish episodes of Nitro in the can as well that would be an awesome time-filler show.  
Like others, I'm really enjoying the random nature of the live stream, tuning in and watching, say, the Kurt Angle cowboy hat stuff from the Steve Austin DVD.  It's like with Netflix, where sometimes there's SO much choice that you need someone to just decide for you.  

Update WWE DVD Schedule

http://www.lordsofpain.net/news/wwe/WWE_Drops_Divas_DVD_Makes_Several_Release_Changes_Updated_Schedule_for_2013.html Definitely looking forward to Best of Wargames and the Mid-South DVD.  That “History of WWE” one, though…it just feels ominous.  However, there’s about an 80% hit rate here of stuff I’d buy, so that’s a good sign.  Especially the Best of MSG and Best of In Your House, two long overdue DVD concepts.

Fwd: Insane Dec. taping schedule

———- Forwarded message ———- Scott, Check out the WWE's crazy late December taping schedule: http://www.lordsofpain.net/news/wwe/Update_on_WWE_s_Complicated_TV_Schedule_for_Late_December_Around_the_Holidays.html I'm glad they aren't concerned about burning out both the talent and the audience who have to sit through all of this…
———————- But they're telling stories!