QOTD 20: Saving the best for…the middle of season 3.

Hola Otters, today concludes our 3-part series on TV series we loved and hated to see go, and how well they went. Today will be a little different, as we’re going to focus on our favorite episodes of shows, that may or may not be the finale.

What is your favorite episode of a TV show, currently airing or not? 

I have a few:

Scrubs – I actually really loved the ABC finale so much that it could have been my favorite had there not be OBVIOUS JD stunt doubles for a variety of shots. My favorite of the series is tough to pin down, but I always liked the one where JD’s Dad died and Dr. Cox has trouble being the mentor he knows he should be.

Roseanne – The one where Roseanne goes over and gets David from his abusive mother always gave me chills – “Well women in glass whore houses shouldn’t throw stones” is up there with “I am the Danger!” in terms of my favorite lines in TV.

The West Wing – While the season 2 finale gets a ton of credit (Two Cathedrals) my favorite series of episodes are probably the season four arc detailing the election, involving Bartlett coming to terms with his…bookish and nerdy nature, and not worrying if people think he’s relatable enough – ultimately challenging his opponent, and the nation, to realize that governing needs as many words as it can get. in the debate episode ‘Game On’.

The Wire – Season 4 finale. Sometimes people get out.

Breaking Bad – I initially thought that “Face/Off” was my favorite, but the thing about Breaking Bad is that it’s actually better ‘in the moment’ so to speak, than it is in pieces. Therefore my favorite episode remains the pilot for how fucking ribald it is.


Blog Otter Award: All of us, for being a bunch of dorky wrestling fans who happily admit we loves us some Betty, Bea, Rue, and Estelle in their roles of a lifetime.

1. I missed a ton of my favorite show endings yesterday, including Who’s The Boss, Fresh Prince, Sports Night featuring Agent Coulson, and the aforementioned Golden Girls.

2. If you’re having a hard time figuring out WHY the Sopranos is so god damn fucking insane when you think about it, I’m linking you to this insane article that is absolutely worth the read if you loved the show and wanted answers. For the record, while most shows have subtext you can pull out of them, David Chase, the writer and creator of the show, INTENDED to put in all sorts of little details and plot points to write the show. Get some coffee on, it’s a doozy, but worth every minute.

3. If you wanna do Breaking Bad Predictions lets keep them all to one ‘thread’ and reply to that. I have a few, including “Breaking Dad” where Jesse makes off with Brock, and another idea where regardless of whatever happens, Walt eventually ends up like he did in the pilot, no pants and a gun in his hand. He pulls the trigger with the gun to his temple. then *click*, the chamber is empty. Cut to credits.