WWF Superstars of Wrestling September 5th, 1987

September 5, 1987

From the Selland Arena in Fresno, CA

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and class=”StrictlyAutoTagAnchor” href=”https://blogofdoom.com/index.php/tag/class=”StrictlyAutoTagAnchor” href=”https://blogofdoom.com/index.php/tag/vince/” title=”View all articles about vince here”>vince-mcmahon/” title=”View all articles about Vince McMahon here”>Vince McMahon

In action this week will be Jake Roberts, Hart Foundation & Danny Davis, Killer Khan, and Randy Savage.

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Savage as a draw

Scott –

Something I've always wondered: what kind of a draw was Randy Savage during his first year-long reign as WWF World champion? When Savage won the title at WMIV, was the plan always to have a year-long burn to losing the belt back to Hogan at WMV, or was that a decision made later?  Even if Hogan regaining the title was always the plan, what kind of numbers was Savage drawing as champion?

​I kind of thought we had covered this already, but I always enjoy talking about Savage and this is a quick and easy one.
Yes, they had the Hogan win planned from the moment Savage got the title.  He was always going to be getting it for the year and then dropping it back to Hogan.  And although he wasn't Hogan as a draw, he was still a giant star who sold out arenas against Ted Dibiase for months, and in particular caught fire at the tail end of his title reign after the heel turn.  He wasn't a flop like Warrior by any means, and I'd say he would be analogous to someone like John Cena, where business went down when he wasn't around but never really took the company to the next level or anything.  That being said, Summerslam 88 did 500K buys, which would be Wrestlemania-level today, and doing a scan of house shows from 88 shows that Savage-headlined B shows were doing between 7000-12000 people depending on the market whereas the C-shows were doing 2000-3000 (usually with some combo of Jake Roberts or Rick Rude or Jim Duggan on top).  So that's pretty definitive evidence that he was a big draw.  

Randy Savage/Crush Summit: Savage shoots on Hogan

 So I am watching the Monday Night Raw episode on the WWE Network where Crush turns heels and attacks Randy Savage, because Crush says Savage turned his back on him because he didn’t save him from Yokozuna a while back. During the episode, Savage makes a Comment how he friendship went down the drain with Hulk Hogan. And he also made the comment how Hogan is an backstabber, big ego and how Hogan thought of himself as God but there’s only one God. This seems like an shoot from Savage and not something Vince told him to say.

​I dunno, sounds like something Vince would say by my reckoning.  But as noted a few days back, Hogan and Savage had a really bizarre relationship and they were definitely in the "hate" portion of it in 1993.  ​

Let Me Tell You About Randy Savage, Brother!

Hey Scott–

Loved your Sporting News piece (and a fan of your work for close to 15 years now.) I am thrilled that Savage will finally get his due. As a Bay Area native, you can bet I'll be there at the ceremony. I also won't be one of these small-time indie guys who thinks it's appropriate to attend a ceremony such as this in a Shane Douglas t-shirt; Horsemen finest all the way, baby! (with perhaps a pair of Randy's lava shades on for a bit of flair.)

However, there is one turd in this resplendent punch-bowl; Hogan is doing the induction speech? Given the metric-ton of made up bullshit the Orange Goblin has dropped on us over the years (how heavy is Andre now?) what is going to come out of that man's mouth?

What do you expect out of Terry Bollea on March 28th? And if you had your druthers, who would you have inducting Randy before Lanny makes his speech (hopefully with a poem for good measure?)

​It should have been Lanny doing the induction, period.  We didn't need a separate speech; the show is long enough as it is.  The Hogan thing is strictly a ratings and ticket-selling ploy and a pretty transparent one at that.  I bet you any money though that Hogan will tell a story about how Steamboat and Savage had their classic at Wrestlemania III and then Hogan was the first one to go shake his hand and congratulate him on the great match or something.  In fact, he probably booked it himself and refereed it.  ​

Luger or Savage as the third man

Hola Scott,

Just reading the Bischoff shoot piece and he brings up how Sting was going to be the third man if Hogan backed out (nothing new there). But in terms of storyline, wouldn't it have made more sense for either Luger or Savage to be the third man? Both had just jumped ship from the WWF, and thus it kind of made sense that they would align with Hall & Nash. To that point, you can even say they made MORE sense than Hogan (and especially more than Sting).

Why do you think they would have gone with Sting as the second option rather than Luger or Savage? I mean in the end, Hogan was the smart business move, but still. 

Well at least Sting and Hogan both had the advantage of never having been a heel before (in the modern era of both performers, at least) whereas Luger turned all the time and Savage was most famous for being a heel.  I just don't feel like the angle would have worked as well as it did with anyone but Hogan anyway.  

New savage dvd

Scott- I know your review cue is backlogged as is but the new savage dvd is really an amazing piece of work. It feels pretty honest as it covers savage the person more than savage the wrestler. It confirms a lot and hints at the steph thing too. Its also just overwhelmingly sad. I have no need to watch it again but glad I watched it.
A definite check it out.
​Yeah, I know.  One of my regular e-mailers was nice enough to buy me the Ultimate Warrior DVD off Amazon recently so I've gotta check that out as well (although it's on Netflix anyways), but I'm really pumped for the Savage set.  There's actually a bunch of stuff up on Netflix and the Network now that I haven't seen before, either, and the Netflix stuff is frequently the full three-disc version.  Too much to watch, not enough time!  ​

randy savage ring attire

hey scott, how are you? hope you and the family are doing well.

my question regards randy savage and specifically how he went from having the coolest attire i ever remembered – the tights with the star motifs, the yellow boots, the sunglasses, the bandana, that somehow segued into one of the worst in-ring outfits i saw: yes that combination of long tights, tassels and stupid cowboy hat (and how unfortunate that he saved his most hideous color/design combination than in his blowoff tuesday in texas match with jake the snake).

i just wanted to ask when exactly did randy change his look, and why? as i can recall, he changed nothing of his character along the way (still, the crazy, wild-eyed, paranoid wrestler) but just did a complete 180 with regards to his look.

thanks for reading, scott.

Basically he went off steroids for good in late 89, I think because he wanted to have a baby with Liz but I could be misremembering that, and he got very self-conscious about his shrinking physique.  So the tassels and shirt were his way of disguising the lack of muscle mass at that point in his career.  

George Steele on Randy Savage


Kind of fascinating look at one of the underrated programs of 1986, if you ask me.  Also a great look at how bonkers Randy Savage was.


Oh he was crazy all right.  Funny to read that excerpt and think of George Steele writing it.  Not the kind of guy you'd normally think of to be making literary allusions and sly pop culture references.  

Savage vs Steamboat II?

Dan from New York checks in with a question about The Madness & The Dragon…

am 31 and started watching wrestling in 1986-87.  The greatest period
of booking and wrestling I remember is the build to the Mega Powers
angle from Post Wrestlemania III – Wrestlemania V.  Here’s one question
from that era:

On SNME after WM III, Steamboat has his first IC Title defense
against Hercules and Savage is on commentary spazzing out at the chance
someone other than him will get “HIS” title back from Steamboat.  He
actually does a run in and then saves Steamboat from a post match
beatdown.  They were obviously building toward a rematch from WM III
with Savage obsessed over the IC Title.  Now I’ve long heard rumors that
Steamboat only lost his hard earned title because he asked for time off
to be with his kids and HTM was in the right place at the right time to
get the shot.  This allowed them to turn Savage face with the same
agenda, try to get HIS IC Title back. 

Here’s the question: What is Steamboat doesn’t take time off?  What
if he decides to run with the title rather than go be with his family? 
Does Savage stay heel and feud with him all year?  Steamboat’s title
loss and departure in 1987 paved the way for two years of angle making
with the rise of face Savage, the rise of HTM as IC Champ, which ends up
creating the Mega Powers.  So what is Steamboat stayed around?   Thanks
in advance.”
Yeah, that was basically it. Steamboat truly was the anti-Flair in terms of gimmick & personal life. He wanted time off, the brass was pissed because they wanted to build him as a long-term IC champion. Which I assume they didn’t change the plans at all when Honky was inserted. Anyway, so Steamboat went away, came back, and management was still pissed, thus no real push to speak of. 

If Steamboat never left, I see him as one of the pillars of the WWE, and a future World Champion. The guy was loved by everyone, had a great look, could back it up in the ring, and didn’t mind doing hokey shit like training for a match by fighting ninjas. The same ninjas I assume attacked Mike “Major Guns” Quinn during his posing routine at the 1992 WBF Championship. 
But then again, aside from a rematch with Savage, things may have stayed the same. Hogan would have definitely seen Steamboat as a threat, and perhaps done what he could to hold him back. Steamboat is such a nice guy he probably would have paid it no mind, and continued having fantastic matches in the mid-card.

How say you guys?

Any others that just want to see their question in the bright lights of the BoD, and don’t mind if Scott may not answer, send’em on in to [email protected]

Savage v Flair

———- Forwarded message ———- > Hey Scott, I'm watching Savage/Flair at Wrestlemania 8 right now, and just wondering.. why don’t all professional wrestlers these days just quit? At their best, they’re terrible compared to this, and this is smack dab in the middle of the mid card. Why don’t they all just find another occupation?  This guy gets it.