Sony $0.99 Flash Sale

Holy schneikes.  They're really trying to make sure I never have any desire use my Xbone any time soon.  All the original Crash and Spyro games for a buck each?  YES PLEASE.  
On a related note, I started playing the latest Ratchet game this weekend and then finished it in the same day, which was kind of disappointing for $30 but in a sense it was pretty satisfying to level my weapons all to the max within hours.  I do love me some platforming, though.  Next up on the backlog should be GOW: Ascension.  I also picked up Ninja Gaiden Sigma for super duper cheap and will probably regret attempting it, but it seems like it's worth a go.  

TNA up for sale?

Saw this from The Cubs Fan on The W who was reporting about what Dave was saying on The Wrestling Observer podcast last night…

Your thoughts?
I was listening to that podcast on the way home from work, yeah.  Obviously there's only two viable options here: Viacom buys it and runs it as a TV show, or Vince buys it for the video library and picks at the bones of the talent left.  
Unless maybe Steph was cashing in those $14 million worth of stocks for something OTHER than building a house…

DVD Sale (UK Only)

Hey guys,

So i’m hitting a bit of a hard time right now financially (as i’m sure many of us are), to the point were we’re struggling to put food on the table.

I’m waiting to start a full time job working in a school, but i’m waiting a very long time for my CRB to come back. In the mean time, i’ve been doing paid freelance media work, which is starting to bring in cash. Problem being, I got in so much debt in the mean time paying the bills that it’s barely making a dent.

So anyway, sob stories aside, i’m clearing out some of my DVD’s to try and make a bit of money! Hopefully a few packages here people may be interested in.

Can only accept card payments, only, and all prices include 2nd class delivery fees. All retail values are primarily calculated based on Amazon prices, or if not, prices:

Multi-disc bundle (£55 – retail value of £80)
The Greatest Hell in a Cell Matches of All Time – Hell in a Cell (3 Disc Set)
The Ric Flair Interview (4 Disc Set)
The Best of Raw – 15th Anniversary (3 Disc Set – WITH a bonus Raw 1993 DVD, totaling it up for 4!)

WWE PPV bundle (£25 – retail value of £66)
WWE Rebellion 2002
WWE Judgment Day 2002
WWE Vengeance 2006

MLW 9 DVD pack (£30 – retail value of £54)

If you are interested in any of the above packages, please email at [email protected]

Thanks, guys!

WWF VHS Collection For Sale

———- Forwarded message ———-

Hey Scott, CulturebUlly from the blog. I have found a super old set of WWF VHS from my collection days. I'm not really an Ebay kind of dude so I'd appreciate if I could maybe plug these on the site? The list is as follows, all VHS original packaging and in good – great condition:

Royal Rumble 1994 Royal Rumble 1995 Royal Rumble 1997 King Of The Ring 1993 Summerslam 1992 Summerslam 1993 Summerslam 1996 WWF 1994 Year In Review WWF 1995 Year In Review Best of Raw 2 Best of Raw 4 Best of Raw 5 Best Of Raw 7 WWF One Night Only (1997 UK PPV) US Rampage 1992 Smack ‘Em What ‘Em WWF Hottest Matches UK Fan Favourites The British Bulldogs The Undertaker… He Buries Them Alive! Superstars Entrances Music Videos Wrestling’s Greatest Champions (Savage/Liz cover) Beyond The Mat UFC 23 And… um… Bodyslam the movie, with Dirk Bendict, Tanya Roberts and Lou Albano
Please e-mail any interest to [email protected] … I've got no real price plan and am willing to get rid of them one by one if need be. I am based in the UK but am happy to ship anywhere. Thanks!

New shirts, Macho Man shirt on sale, and working with Mick Foley

Hey Scott, your previous plug for our site was awesome in helping us move some Macho Man shirts.  Wanted to see if I could trouble you for another, since yesterday we added a few new shirts to the site and have dropped the price of the Macho Man shirt down to only $10 bucks, for 3 days only.  But more importantly, we also designed a sufficiently bad ass Mick Foley shirt that is only gonna be available from the man himself.  He'll be selling them on his comedy tour this summer and at the shows he's doing in Edinburgh UK.  Later this year, we'll be selling them on our site with some of the profits going to benefit, which is a charity Mick is heavily involved in.  But for now, buying them direct from Foley on tour is the way to get them.  His tour dates are here:
ALL of the shirts we sell can be seen here:
But the 2 wrestling related shirts are right here:
Macho Man/Kool-Aid "Oh Yeah!" shirt – ON SALE FOR $10
Mick Foley's Cheap Pop
Thanks for helping us spread the word, and I'm sure Mick is thankful as well!

Sure, but does he ever e-mail me to tell me so?  NO.  Does he take me on a Wrestlemania dream trip?  NO.  Damn Scotsman.
Love the shirts, keep up the good work!