Banning safe moves


Obviously, it's early days on the Tyson Kidd injury, but people seem to be heading for the "oh no, they should ban the Muscle Buster" argument already!

Something must've gone wrong (freak accident) but surely this can't be tainted with the "Styles Clash should be banned" brush? The MB is simply a suplex/back bump when you take away the fancy set-up etc?

(I won't even touch the subject of the Styles Clash as it's been talked to death!)


Cheers as always!!

I've seen Tyson take (and do) some crazy shit in the ring over the years and I'm pretty sure a simple Muscle Buster bump is the least of it.  It sucks for him, absolutely, but I doubt that either him or anyone in WWE is calling for Joe's head over it.  
And the Styles Clash thing has turned AJ into arguably the biggest draw in Japan right now, so even that worked out OK for everyone except Yoshi Tatsu.