Simple, straightforward question: are there any ideas/gimmicks from the Russo era that you'd like to see resurrected today?

Example: I'm probably crazy, but I kind of miss the 24/7 hardcore title defenses. Sure, the matches were train wrecks but for the most part, they were fun to watch, if only to see how far they'd take the "anywhere, anytime" title defense concept.

​Russo was fine as an idea man behind a filter, but his issue is that he wanted to be the guy running the sh​ow.  Someone on the blog had a great suggestion where Russo gets a huge cheque to come in one day and throw 150 of his best ideas at Vince and the writers, then fuck off back to New York again forever.  Then they can take those ideas and distill them into a watchable wrestling program.  If the show starts to get boring again, call up Russo again, repeat as needed.  
The 24/7 stuff was fun for sure, although it wore out its welcome pretty quick past a certain point.  However, the "hardcore" genre in general as defined by that time was something that needs exploring again, because it featured a variety of different locales and settings, even if it's just going backstage for a match as a change of pace.  I do also miss chaotic brawls from the Austin/Rock heyday where it was basically safe but just all sorts of crazy stuff going on.  There was an APA open bar fight challenge in the post-Russo era that was trying for that spirit but didn't quite get there.  I think Steve Austin would also be a really good idea man for that sort of thing, if he actually cared enough to get involved with creative.  Which he wouldn't.  I also feel like they should hire Bret Hart to come up with finishes.  But we're getting off-base from Russo here.
One thing I did like about his involvement in TNA was making the backstage stuff more organic, rather than "robotic interviewer asks retarded question" as setup for someone cutting a promo.  Even up to the early 2000s, they used to have much better backstage segments and they've totally fallen off of that, which is ironic because the shows are now 3 hours and there's more time to fill with exactly that sort of thing.  Like go back and watch the Christian/Jericho/Lita/Trish stuff sometime, or of course the gold standard like the random wacky running storylines with Mick Foley and Edge/Christian/Angle.  I know that stuff wasn't Russo, but a big part of his deal was coming up with character moments for guys in the midcard like that, which gave you World's Greatest Curtain Jerker the Godfather.  That is absolutely the spot that Enzo and Cass should be occupying right now on the main roster, no question.