Ebook Plug 2: Running Back the Revenge of the Sequel’s Return: The Re-Reckoning

Hey Scott, Talbot from the blog here. Dunno if you remember, but you gave me a plug with my debut E-Book back in April, and it helped it reach all the way to #3 in its category on Amazon. So, you know, thanks for that. 

Anyways, I've got a new one out, and would be super grateful if you felt like giving it a plug. It's called Hungover & Handcuffed, and aspires to hardboiled, pulpy detective action in the tradition of Raymond Chandler and Black Mask Magazine. It has fuck-all to do with wrestling, but, uh… there's a serial killer who tortures people with a cheesegrater? There's a metaphor involving the phrase "deep throated a muppet?" There's.. violence, sarcasm, and explosions, mostly. At any rate, it's only 99 cents and has already reached #12 on the "Crime Fiction: Noir" charts, so people seem to like it.

Anyways, here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Hungover-Handcuffed-Mina-Davis-Book-ebook/dp/B00L1PKC2Y/ref=zg_bs_7130625011_14

And the cover: 

Thanks in advance! 

PS: As a promotional tactic, there's also a free story about the main character available on my blog at www.nicksblogamericain.com/blog/gettough

Double thanks! 

favorite running gag

hey keithster, whats your favorite wrestling running gag/meme?
– making fun of Russo (…on a pole etc)
– bret hart's antics "(he told me with tears in his eyes")
– hogan's tales of lies & exaggerations
– flair still living like it's 1986
– cluelessness of TNA/Dixie
– Cornette being Cornette
– Sunny's arrests
???? tell us pls! TIA

I have one guy who e-mails me literally every time TNA does something stupid, so that one's getting a little tiresome.
Probably I'd say Hogan's lies, because it's always fun to write you own Hogan promos and build the exaggerations on top of each other as you go along.  Plus nothing you say can be as ridiculous as the shit he's said for real.

Question about longest running & most Emmy award winning program ever

Two thoughts I was interested on everyones opinion after watching the first episode of Monday Night Raw.

1. What’s the deal with Rob Bartlett? He keeps calling Yokozuna “Yokozuma” and makes fun of Macho Man’s “Ooooh Yeah!” within the first five minutes.

2. Yokozuna is probably my favorite bad “worker” ever. As an adult, his matches are deathly dull, but as a kid he had this mystique which was so unique. This made me think…favorite bad worker?

Bartlett was just one of the things about Raw that didn’t go right. Keep in mind they’re trying to make this thing as radical, fresh, and new as they could. So, that was Rob’s part. He’s brought into this world he doesn’t know, and was probably just trying too hard to fit in. And while Yokozuma isn’t great, it’s a hell of a lot better than You-mang-ah. Plus, Rob was cool enough to send in an email to the blog and basically apologize. You can’t dislike a guy like that.

Kevin Nash, hands down. While a lot of people think he’s a terrible worker, I’ll always mark for him, and happen to think he has a vast amount of pretty damn good matches. But if we’re talking real, legit, bad-workers, than probably Glacier. I always got a kick out of him having to take his basic, original, idea and be turned into Sub-Zero on live TV, using these God-awful martial-arts moves while Larry would critique and give his approval, since he had a subscription to Black Belt magazine.

Could TNA and WWE be running identical Summer storylines?


TNA, if they are building towards Hogan vs. Bully at Bound For Glory might be running the same storyline as WWE is now. Take a gaander:

TNA – Roster + Brooke Hogan + Dixie Carter begging Hulk to not wrestle against Bully Ray. He says he has to

WWE – McMahon family + Roster beggiing Triple H to not wrestle because of his "concussion" incident. 

Quite strange. Both men booking themselves in the same sympathy storyline. Which do you prefer? I definitely prefer Hogan's. 

I find the HHH one pretty distasteful because it's not a story that anyone is interested in seeing or believes, and it plays on a problem that exists far too often in the real world.  Not to mention that the World champion has been out for weeks with a concussion because he's been killing himself for the company for years.  Whereas HHH does two matches a year and makes sure to put himself over the best talent in the company whenever he works.  

With the Hogan story, my problem is that Hogan CAN'T work the match and we know it.  The story itself is fine, but we're just sick of seeing the guy and we already know he's not going to move the numbers.