Two weeks worth of Deadspin Wrestler run-in Stories

Quick Note: I am back from vacation so I will post my TNA weekly PPV review on Saturday and then will follow my schedule after that.

Read on to see what Matt Hardy bought at the mall and how Hornswoggle disrupted a bar. Also, a fan tells the Road Dogg that he loves him and Macho Man tells a fan to see him on the Spice Channel.

Here is last week’s installment. Read on to see which wrestler made a fan by him a kebab and who likes lemon slices with their Coors Light. Also, nice stories about Owen Hart and Hillbilly Jim.

More Deadspin Wrestler run-in Stories

Read on to find out how which two wrestlers were dicks to a young fan backstage at Nitro in 2000. Also, find out much Brock Lesnar cares about blocked fire hydrants and if Road Dogg prefers blunts or rolling papers. Also, Kevin Nash shares stories with a fan and Roddy Piper is mesmerized with the pastry case at 7-11.

More Deadspin wrestler run-in stories

Read on to find out about Macho Man at the Senior prom and view a photo with Steve Austin wearing a fanny pack at an AC/DC concert. Also, Nick Dinsmore agrees with a fan about his “Eugene” character and New Jack lets us know why black guys dont play hockey. Tons more stories inside about various other stars being nice and acting like pricks.

Deadspin Wrestler run-in stories

Decent installment. Read on to see what happens with Mick Foley and “Dollface” and find out how Lou Ferrigno is a dick. Plus, dont tell Scott Steiner what size pasta to order and don’t mouth off to Lesnar. Also, a great Virgil story and a funny one about th Bushwhackers.

More Deadspin Wrestler run-in stories

An alright installment. Read on to find out which former Four Horseman got shot down when he offered to sign an autograph for a fanand what former WWF Intercontinental Champion was passed out drunk on the beach. Plus, Mick Foley hits on the mom of a 12 year old fan and a flight with over 20 wrestlers.

More Deadspin Wrestler run-in stories

Decent installment. See what happens when Papa Shango promises free Royal Rumble tickets and when a mother/daughter proposition Brian Christopher during a covention.  Also, Randy Orton likes to wear the T-shirts of fans and Big Poppa  Pump is your strip club hook-up. There are  nice stories about Terry Funk, Hardy Boyz, Christian, Kane, and Vince McMahon!

Deadspin wrestler run-in stories

Good installment. Read on to see what happens when you call Steve Corino a “faggot” or how a college student broke the news of Crash Holly’s death to Mick Foley during a Q & A. More stories about Ric Flair partying in bars and CM Punk denies a fan an autograph. Also, see what happens when you “tit flick” Johnny Grunge and is Goldberg bathroom shy?.

Deadspin Wrestler run-in stories

Good batch of stories as Scott Steiner and Macho Man swear at kids and Glenn Ruth only lasts a couple of weeks working at Home Depot due to his fellow employees constantly hounding him over his past. There are also nice stories about Ernie Ladd, Rick Rude, and the DOA. Read on to see if Lanny Poffo won a $100 bet with Barry O.

New Batch of Wrestler run-in stories on Deadspin
Not bad. Greg Valentine is pretty damn cool and Neidhart is a complete psycho. Plus, another Virgil story and photo.

Paul Orndorff was BADASS in his day.
Also, no matter how crazy Neidhart comes across, his wife is supposed to be even worse.  There was some epic domestic disturbances in that household and I'm shocked Natalya turned out relatively normal.  

Wrestler run-in stories on Deadspin

Scott, this is poster Brian_Bayless from the blog. I do not recall seeing these segments on the blog but they are becoming popular on Deadspin. Its readers writing about their encounters with pro wrestlers. The John Morrison story is great and they always close the segment with a Virgil story. Anyway, here is the link to the newest installent.


Coolness.  Road Dogg seems like a fun guy to hang out with.