Latest rumor regarding D-Bry

Rumor has it (evidently) that Chris Jericho and/or Daniel Bryan are going to turn heel at Payback. Curious as to what your thoughts are on turning the absolute hottest face in the company now, right on the verge of mega stardom. Just because it worked with the Rock doesn't mean it will work here. Does the crowd bite, just because they actually care about the character? Do they cheer anyway? Whattya think? Keep up the good work. Andy


ericho turning heel would be kind of a nothing move for him, and turning Bryan would be suicidally stupid for them.  Although he had ostensibly been a heel for most of the Hell No run and that didn't stop him from getting over as a babyface anyway.  
You know what they should do with Bryan?  Have him win the MITB briefcase to prove himself, and then challenge Cena at the end of the show and win that too, as the ultimate way of showing he's not the weak link.  Cena can squash Ryback in shockingly fast fashion to allow them to have a long match, too, just to really stack the odds against D-Bry.