The 24/7 Rule

Am I alone in thinking a fun way to fill some time on the Network would be to bring back the 24/7 rule that accompanied the Hardcore Title? Except this time, maybe use Zack Ryder's Internet Championship. Something to kill the extra few minutes in between shows or even to cut in to something live.

Hell, with the WWE app, you could even get real-time alerts. It's 1am and you get an alert on your phone ("Cody Rhodes challenging for the Internet Championship right now on WWE Network!") and the few night owls that are awake at the moment turn it on and there's Cody, beating up Zack at a Burger King drive-thru to win the title and run off into the night.

It's something that probably wouldn't be acknowledged much on TV but it'd give the lower card guys something to do, give the internet fans something amusing to talk about, and give the Network a little bit of new material.


I thought Zack was sold to YouTube for $10 as a part of the cost cutting.