Fwd: RSPWFAQ App on Google Play

Hi Scott,

I just published the RSPWFAQ app on Google Play.  This is my first app
published on Google Play so you should feel honored. 🙂

Obviously, it's free for Android users.  Your links to Amazon and such
should still function as they would. It will take a few days for it to
be approved.  I'll shoot you another email once it becomes available.

Thanks and keep up the great work,

I'm totally honored!  Awesome work!  

rspwfaq.net Mobile App

For the iphone, users will need to go to http://rspwfaq.mobapp.at and
then save the app to their home screen.  Android users will be
prompted to install the app.
Up to you whether you put anything on the blog about it.  If you do, a
shout out to [email protected] would be appreciated.
Keep up the great work!  I've got a fever….and the only prescription
is more Lesnar!

No, thank YOU, Mark.  For those who haven't been following my e-mail conversation with Mark, which I guess is everyone, basically it's a mobile version of the site, kind of like the mobile app for Cracked.com, and it can automatically send notifications of new posts.  Although I don't think comments are supported on it, much like Cracked.  Still, awesome work all around.  


I’m quite a big fan of this new version of the site, so I upgraded via Google and bought my own domain name for it, rspwfaq.net.  So now you can go to either .com or .net, whatever you want.  Given that I can make this look and feel almost exactly like the old site with none of the server problems…this might have been for the best.