BOD Daily Round-Up (4/16/13)

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What happened after Raw went off the air

Wrestlers fight for title opportunity in shock new format
WWE Main Event has it going on, people –

How long was Cesaro’s US Title ‘reign’?
Well, here’s a clue – it began at Summerslam – Wrestlezone

@RealGeorgieBoy – You know goes out there every week like “Boo me, but you’re buying the s--- out of my merch. Thanks for the money, slobs.”

@DeadmanDRB – Vince McMahon said is “more miserable and harder to deal with than HBK when he was on drugs” –

Comment of the Day 
Kenola was not Fandango’ing during the man’s segment on Raw last night, and here’s why:

Congratulations WWE, once again you killed off a potential star you stumbled on by trying to pretend this Fandangoing explosion was all some masterful design on the part of the writers. It took The Rock a LONG time to even acknowledge the fact that the fans were catching on to his gimmick and he resisted for a long time after that. Fandango should have come out there and told everyone to quit singing his music and dancing because they’re stupid and can’t do it nearly as well as he can. Naturally the fans would do it even more to piss him off to spite him. Now that WWE is like HEY LOOK WE CREATED THIS FANDANGOING PHENOMENON the fans are going to sit on their hands because WWE stole what was rightly theirs.

On This Day…
Triple H defeated Jeff Hardy to win the Intercontinental title on Monday Night Raw. (2001)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (4/15/13)

Remeber to ‘Like’ the BoD Facebook page. Had an interesting topic on ‘What would the WWE title look like if __________ won it..?’. So far, we’ve had the Godfather, and Sid. Check it.

Daniel Bryan doesn’t consider WWE ‘wrestling’

RVD returning to TV soon
But WHAT TV you ask..? –

Staying on course, is Madden’s advice
His always entertaining latest column for

@OldSchoolRaw – House show in Manchester highlights, 2005 – 

@facdaniels – RT : daniels can suck my balls.–My, you’re a fragile flower, princess. I’ll pass, though, no offense.

Comment of the Day 
cultstatus does it again, this time with some real food for through on Wrestlemania rebooking, and Taker’s streak:

Makes you wonder what happens later on that year if Jake gets that booking position and Sid doesn’t get popped for steroids. Speaking of that show, here is a crazy thought:
If they do Hogan/Flair at 8, that probably means Savage/Roberts and that leaves Sid and Taker probably facing each other. Which means the streak never happens, because you’d think without Sid/Hogan, Vince never turns Sid heel and he still had big plans for him so he probably puts him over Taker at 8.

On This Day…
ECW held the Hostile City Showdown. Two handy looking technical wrestlers by the names of Dean Malenko and Eddy Guerrero made names for themselves and were eventually signed by WCW, and later WWF. The Sandman also defeated Shane Douglas for the ECW World Heavyweight Title. (1995)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (4/12/13)

I won’t be able to do the Round-Up tomorrow as i’ll be staying at a pals and getting a bit messy.

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TNA runs injury angle for Hardy after TLC match

‘TNA ran what appears to be an injury angle with Jeff Hardy following Impact tonight’ –

Ryback discussed relationship with Vince
And meditation… –

Why Brock was kept off of Raw
And a little more on the Rock situation –

@TheCurtHawkins – : LIVE on pushes ! ” …You need to get out of the house.

@BuzzRP – I’ve had this for almost 15 years! So cool. thx you for everything you’ve done for pro wrestling

Comment of the Day 
cultstatus hit the nail on the head on the Hardy/Bully TLC on TNA last night:

The whole sequence of Bully Ray and Jeff accidentally breaking the first table and Bully easing up on to the second was one of the most business exposing things I’ve ever seen. Still a good match though.

On This Day…
Christian won an over the top rope battle royal for the #1 contendership of the World Heavyweight title on a SmackDown taping in Albany, New York. (2011)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (4/11/13)

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There’ll also be a few videos and s--- which aren’t necessarily worth posting a new article for on here, so it’s just a couple of tidbits on top!

Fandango’s theme continues to rise further still
‘Fandango’s theme song continues to go gangbusters on the iTunes charts following last Monday’s RAW.’ –

Rocky injury update
Is this even for real? –

Dates for TNA ‘World’ Tour announced
TNA’s American World tour… –

@WCWArchive – The April 10, 2000 edition of Nitro drew a 3.1 Nielsen rating, main evented by & . WWE Raw was a 6.2.

@HeymanHustle – “RT: When is Paul heyman going to realise bald men shouldn’t have pony tails” When you realize stupid people shouldn’t tweet

Comment of the Day 
Mr_E_Mahn is hesitant over the push of Fandango:

I think that this is a momentary blip of psuedo-popularity resulting from bored fans at Raw and now carrying forward. I don’t think that there’s any legitimate love for the character and I think that it will die as fast as it lived. Pushing him to the moon will only create a backlash a la Eugene, who seemed pretty popular there for about 5 minutes too.
But who knows, I’ve been wrong before.
Once, in ’98.

On This Day…
Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff restarted WCW. The product underwent a two week closure in order to regroup and modernize the product. The historic episode of Nitro began with the entire roster in the ring with Vince Russo, and later Eric Bischoff. This would be the beginning of the short-lived Millionaires Club Vs. New Blood feud. (2000)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (4/10/13)

So after a hiatus, the Daily Round-Up is back.

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Triple H sensationally reveals mystery white coloured substance used on Wrestlemania entrance
‘After what appears to be a malfunction with the entrance equipment, The Game suffered second degree burns from dry ice that did vaporize properly.’ –

ROH press release for their umpteenth technical issue on iPPV
‘This past weekend at Supercard of Honor, we failed to provide our fans with the best iPPV, and feel it is important that we convey how truly sorry we are for the outage that occurred during the main event.’ – actually AKNOWLEDGE ‘Bizarro-world’ crowd at Raw
What’s more shocking is Vince is said to have ‘loved’ the crowd. Wow. –

@Wrestling_Memes – Amazing! Thanks to the has made The Sun website

@MarkMaddenX –  Ha! Well, take care of urself. Poor Jerry. Gr8 guy, Last match. Ref F’s up the finish, &he gets upstaged by your rectum.

Comment of the Day 
Worst_in_the_World is a walking continent of common sense:

I wonder if Sunday was it for The Rock and WWE, at least for a loooong while. The crowd support for Rock hasn’t exactly been through the roof in his latest run, and on Sunday it was pretty non-existant. I mean, Rock had to notice getting pretty much no heat during his big main event—in the sense that as the questioner stated, all the heat was on Cena. Basically Rock was getting the exact reaction that anyone else on the roster would get standing across from Cena.
And it can’t be ignored that the whole “passing the torch” moment wipes away a huge amount of Rock’s cool factor with the fans. He came in as the bad-ass Cena destroyer, and ended up a member of the Cenation. That changes things for a lot of his fans, and there’s no doubt the crowd on Monday would have treated him WAY differently then he’s been treated since his return.
Therefore, I’m betting we don’t see Rock in the ring again. He got his return pops, made a shitload of money for himself and the company, and put over the guy he wanted to put over. Anything past this point is just a needless risk, in terms of major injuries AND having the fanbase publicly turn on him, both of which could affect his real career.
Lastly… I know their MAIN goal was to make a shitload of money on his return, and on the Mania buyrates they certainly did. But you have to assume that their second goal of the whole Rock-Cena feud was to get Cena over more, and, well, I can’t see how that was a success in any way. Giant Rock endorsement later and Cena is in the EXACT same position with the fanbase he was 2 years ago. Can’t imagine that was their hope.

On This Day…
Paul Bearer is born. Bearer would pass away only recently, and be remembered as the Undertaker’s long-time manager, as well as Mankind, and Kane. He would be remembered in the Undertaker/CM Punk angle leading up to this year’s Wrestlemania. Below is one of my favourite Bearer/Taker moments – his 2004 return as the Dead Man. (1954)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/22/13)

New Swagger/Colter promos released (
‘WWE has released three new promos from Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter via Zeb’s “We The People” YouTube channel’

Ryback heel turn..? (
‘If WWE does in fact go through with the Ryback heel turn, he would likely feud with John Cena after WrestleMania.’

WWE officials high on the Shield (
‘Ambrose has been compared to the likes of Terry Funk, which considered a high compliment.’

@CMPunk – : you can’t win without cheat You were the best in the world but no more after dealing with shield !”

@IDropPipeBombs – Trying to improve my drawing skills by drawing and , as you can see,I’m not doing a good job xD

Comment of the Day 
JohnPetuka provided a fascinating link for us all to enjoy:

Speaking of childhood memories and the good ol days, someone went
through a lot of trouble to put Ric Flair’s first six months in the WWF
into a 2 hour youtube movie of sorts. Pretty neat. Here’s the link.

On This Day…
WCW presented Superbrawl ’98 (nope, this isn’t the same as yesterday, honest..), where Sting defeated Hollywood Hogan to win the WCW World Title for a whopping 7th time!

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/21/13)

Court date set for Swagger (
‘According to, WWE star Jack Swagger, real name Donald Jacob Hager, is scheduled to appear in court on March 12th to face misdemeanor charges of speeding, driving under the influence, and possession of marijuana.’

Take Two taking on some THQ staff, teams up Yukes with Visual Concepts
‘As we have been reporting for the past few weeks, Take-Two has
officially purchased the rights to the WWE Games franchise following the
bankruptcy of former partner, THQ. The following is the official WWE
press release on their partnership with Take-Two, and specifically with
their 2K Sports Line.’

Scott Hall’s first message since arrival in Atlanta (
“We took the video down because we wanted Scott to see it,” Page
admitted to me during a phone call this morning. “Scott has said to me
that he’s ‘a low tech redneck’ and doesn’t get on the internet, and he
thought this would show him in a bad light. Once he got here, he saw how
it could inspire people, and how we’re all about being positive.”

@TrueKofi – So Sony finally “unveiled” the PS4….Without showing a single picture of the actual PS4…. Well played…

@Arda_Ocal – More WWE t-shirt “through the years” galleries: Triple H: @JohnCena

Comment of the Day 
This one goes to Mrh610. Funny cos it’s true:

Updated story states DUI and possession of marijuana. Goodbye
Wrestlemania World Championship match, hello Jack Wagger: Leader of
Aces and Eights!

On This Day…
WCW presented Superbrawl ’99, headlined by, ahem, Hulk Hogan Vs. Ric Flair. Scott Hall also faced Roddy Piper in a winning effort for the US Title.

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/20/13)

WWE gets a bashing for Colter character (
‘Conservative site
also noted several other videos online of the pair “talking about
freeloading immigrants and welfare recipients in front of the Gadsden
flag, which has become symbolic of the Tea Party.”’

Austin gives update on Jake Roberts, praises DDP (
‘Jake is in there, doing the DDP Yoga, cleaned up, and he’s been sober for I don’t know how long. His mind is back.’

Santino undergoes procedure for neck injury (
‘WWE Superstar Santino Marella, who has been sidelined recently with a
minor neck injury, Tweeted this morning that he had undergone a
successful procedure.’

@WWECreative_ish – Any town we arrive in where Zeb Colter is a babyface is a town that we don’t leave the hotel

@AngryWrestleVet – “A heel should want people mad at him.” – Terry Taylor

Comment of the Day 
The delightfully named Wanker gives the low down on what he feels a World Title belt should look like:

Attitude belt was great, man. It was a similar design to the Winged
Belt, except it didn’t have the wings that didn’t adhere to the leather
and would look like they’d snap off.

Both belts were intricately designed, mostly gold with a regal blue,
and they stood out as the crowning jewel of the promotion. The
Undisputed Belt would have been accepted if it had been given a decade.

The new one is “cool”, but very plain and doesn’t look like a prize.
As I said earlier, it looks more like an enlarged belt buckle.

The best one is the WHC. Its lineage technically began in 2002, but
it’s the same physical one as WCW’s and it looks f------ grand. Plus,
you can spray paint ‘nWo’ on it and play it like a guitar.

Here’s what they need to pay attention to: whatever the belt looks
like, it should be so big and heavy enough that even a guy like The Rock
should have *a little* bit of trouble grabbing it with one hand. It
looked like a frisbee with straps, I thought a labrador was going to
come in and snatch it from him.

On This Day…
Bob Backlund defeated Billy Graham to begin his incredible six year title run. (1978)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/19/13)

Apologies for this being late today, folks. Big personal issue went down today and i’ve only just remembered..

Scott Hall makes it to Atlanta (
‘Scott Hall did in fact make the trip to Atlanta to begin living with DDP and Jake Roberts.’

New WWE ‘title belt’ without Brahma b------- (
‘ has posted a photo of the new WWE Title belt
debuted on Raw tonight, and the belt is featured without the
personalized Brahma Bull side plates.’

Positive vibes after Elimination Chamber (
‘According to, the backstage feel after WWE Elimination Chamber was nothing but positive responses.’

@KiddWWE – could Swoggle make the cut these days for Cruiserweight division? That’s the question

@TheCurtHawkins – Ok, what’s worse… being the last cruiserweight champion or being the last “ECW” ? Discuss.

Comment of the Day 
TenGermans has the same worries as me in regards to Daniel Bryan. How much more can they job this guy out and expect him to KEEP being over..?:

Bryan is more over than Kane. He’s better on the mic than Kane. When it
comes to actual wrestling? No contest. Hell, he’s the reason Kane is
over right now.

So who on the team is the constant job guy?

Daniel Bryan.

WWE, ladies and gentlemen!

On This Day…
WCW presented Superbrawl V, which pitted Hulk Hogan against Big Van Vader in the main event. Hogan went over via DQ to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Title. (1995)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/18/13)

Big Swagger/Dutch promo set for Raw tonight (
‘Colter talked about how Swagger had one of the greatest matches of his
career in the Chamber. Zeb revealed that they will give a President’s
Day State of the Union address on tonight’s RAW.’

Madden on ‘B+ wrestlers’ (
‘Bret Hart’s blistering critique of Triple H is ironic considering Triple H is exactly the same as Hart: A B-plus wrestler.’

JR full of praise for Dolph during Elimination Chamber PPV (
‘Jim Ross had high praise for Dolph Ziggler during last night’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, comparing him to Curt Hennig, Billy Gunn and Shawn Michaels’

@Arda_Ocal – Why wouldn’t the second referee get into the ring in the first place?

@WrestlingInc – Shane McMahon caption winner: “joegvo: Dad, I come from the future. Triple H is going to sell the company to Disney!”

Comment of the Day 
cultstatus doesn’t want a Cena/Rock trilogy. Are you bonkers?! What do you mean the Rock just stands there grinning for 5 minutes and says EVERYTHING twice?! He’s just EVOLVED, man! And Cena’s kept himself fresh in these ever changing times. You’re crazy, man:

With Rock saying he is coming back for WM 30, I have a feeling we’re
going to get the most unwanted trilogy since the Star Wars prequels.

On This Day…
Kerry Von Erich died at the age of 33. Kerry had achieved stardom in his WWF role as ‘The Texas Tornado’, as well as competing in the NWA. Below is a match against Shawn Michaels. (1993)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/17/13)

JR predicts ‘major upset’ for Elimination Chamber (
‘Jim Ross posted his latest blog at giving his predictions for tomorrow’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Ross went out on a limb and picked a dark horse to win the Elimination Chamber match.’

Christian cleared for return (
‘Christian has been medically cleared to return to action.’

TNA rating drops again (
‘This week’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling saw an 8% drop in viewership.’

@Arda_Ocal – Was looking for pro wrestling books online and it appears Lex Luger has an autobiography coming out in August

@JRsBBQ – : does Dean Ambrose remind you of Scott Hall?
No. Maybe Pillman …or …high praise 4 .

Comment of the Day 
brocore offered Cena some sympathy re. his Wrestlemania payout:

I think Cena finally earned some sympathy from me. I mean, he had to
settle for a meager million dollars. That’s gotta be rough. He
probably had to cut into his cargo shorts budget so he could no longer
buy the beige ones, he had to settle for the tan pair. F--- YOU, ROCK!

On This Day…
WWE held No Way Out, where Chavo Guerrero retained the ECW Title against CM Punk in the main event…. No, I kid. Cena defeated Orton by DQ. Not much better, is it? (2008)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/16/13)

Porn star denies Cena fling (
‘Adult film star Kendra Lust, who was rumored to be having an affair with
WWE star John Cena for a year while he was still married, has denied
the rumor by issuing a statement to’

DX/HOF update (
‘We had reported prior to the announcement of Bruno Sammartino going into
the Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden that D-Generation X was the
front-runner to join Mick Foley on top of this year’s class.’

Nash gives fans his thoughts on the Hall situation (

@KayfabeComment – Timeline WWE 1994 with Sean Waltman goes before the cameras tomorrow. Tweets and pix to come from the set.

@AntonioCesaro – “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” –
Ben Franklin. Seems like Americans are working overtime these days

Comment of the Day 
CulturebUlly questions exactly how WWE calculate their attendance:

Well look, there may only be 76,500 seats, but what about the camera
men, the arena staff, the lighting guys, everyone backstage, aren’t they
too technically in attendance? That’s not even to mention the
wrestlers, and people like Big Show and Mark Henry, who count for 10
people each. Mick Foley might be there, he counts for 4 people. Also not
to mention the pregnant women in attendance, their unborn babies count
too. So that brings it up to at least… 77,000?

On This Day…
WWF held In Your Hourse – Final Four. The main event was a 4 way match for the vacant WWF Title between Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Vader, and the Undertaker. (1997)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/15/13)

DDP reaches out to Hall, Hall says he’s “dying” (Video) (
Nothing more to say on this other than it’s really heartbreaking. Hope Hall makes it there soon..

Bruno’s figure WAS indeed BS (
‘No word on why Sammartino claimed he was only receiving $5,000, but it’s
possible he’s trying to downplay the money end of things so it doesn’t
appear as if he’s accepting the induction solely for the pay.’

Amazon WM 29 listings give away line-up..? (
‘First off, Triple H is being listed as one of the wrestlers on the show, however The Undertaker is not listed.’

@Maffewgregg – Sheamus, Ryback & Cena together is like the Boss Team from King of Fighters ’96.

@RealKevinNash – Scott told everyone 2 months ago he was going to DDP’S going to be there
that weekend.Show me the tape when he walks in the door.

Comment of the Day 
Philippe TCA realises that in hindsight, everyone was perhaps a little cruel on X-Pac/Sean Waltman:

This might just be me, but I actually kind of mark out whenever I see
X-Pac these days. Guys, remember when X-pac was the worst part of any
show? I look back and I sort of think that maybe he wasn’t really all
THAT bad.

On This Day…
WWE presented No Way Out. This featured two Elimination Chamber matches, one for the WWE Title, and one for the World Heavyweight Title. Triple H and Edge won, respectively. (2009)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/14/13)

Take Two officially take over at WWE games, and employ members of THQ (
‘Take-Two, and more specifically their 2K Sports line, was the leading
company in line to take over WWE and Yuke’s contracts, and have made
deals to hire former THQ employees responsible for past WWE games.

How much IS WWE paying Bruno for HOF..? (
‘A new interview with Bruno Sammartino has surfaced online, during which
Bruno discusses his WWE Hall of Fame induction, and reveals that in
addition to receiving a ring’

Top TNA star injures quad. Also, dates released for pre-taped TNA PPVs (
‘Still trying to re-hab my quad muscle. Might have a slight tear.
Happened in Table Match last week. Gotta work through the pain.’

@Reymysterio (this one’s so f------ lame, I had to put it in) – TEMPTATION$

@Maffewgregg – Botchamania DOES fear …it’s scared it may have to watch your matches.

Comment of the Day 
Miko363 works out the all important formula for earning yourself a US Title shot on WWE television:

So getting the s--- kicked out of you in consecutive weeks earns you a US Title shot? Got it.

On This Day…
WWF held the one-off St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, where Steve Austin would face Vince McMahon in a steel cage match. Vince would take a bump from the cage tailbone first on to the edge of the announce table. (1999)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/13/13)

US Title match added to Elimination Chamber (
‘Antonio Cesaro will defend the United States Championship against the
Miz, for the second time since January’s Royal Rumble event.

Raw ratings down despite Rock appearance (
‘Early viewership information for this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night
Raw have the show dropping for the second week in a row.’

Rhodes Scholars ‘reunite’ for EC pre-show (
‘The new team of Brodus Clay and Tensai will take on Team Rhodes Scholars
in tag team action, exclusively on WWE’s YouTube Fan Nation channel. ‘

@TheCurtHawkins – My road wife.

@AntonioCesaro – A picture is worth a thousand words

Comment of the Day 
tzunset puts it in a way even the IOC should understand:

Wrestling: a sport played, in some form, in every country on earth;
requiring minimal equipment and no specialized venue, meaning even the
poor can potentially master it. That’s the sport the IOC’s Executive
Board chooses to cut. Nice message.

On This Day…
NWA-TNA hosted their Against All Odds PPV, headlined by Nash Vs. Jarrett for the NWA-TNA Title, but AJ Styles and Chris Daniels stole the show with an Iron Man match. (2005)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/12/13)

6 Man Tag to be held inside the Chamber? (
‘ is reporting that the match will indeed take place inside
the chamber, which will be the first time a tag team match has been
contested in an Elimination Chamber.’

Format change to TNA’s “Every Match Is A Cage Match” in pipeline (
‘I’m not sure they are doing the all cage format this year.’

Punk calls Pope a ‘nazi’, Angle loses his s---/gets hacked – you decide (
‘After news broke today that The Pope has decided to resign, WWE star CM Punk posted the following on Twitter…’

@SmarkInProgress – Rey’s like that kid at your school who was always sick and missed half the year.

Comment of the Day 
Calibur_Winfield with another fond Nash memory:

I love the story of Bischoff confronting Nash about being drunk on air.
To which Nash says “I’m not drunk”. Then looks up as someone in the
balcony drop a drink to him, he catches it perfectly, takes a sip, and
walks away. Drunk off his ass.

On This Day…
TNA Against All Odds took place. This PPV will be remembered for the unfortunate accident that left rookie Jesse Sorenson with a broken neck during his match with Zema Ion. Ion’s knee appeared to compress the neck of Sorenson on a moonsault to the outside. Bobby Roode defended his TNA World Title in a 4 way against Bully Ray, James Storm, and Jeff Hardy.

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/11/13)

Miz drops Punk on his head (
‘The following photos feature The Miz botching a suplex during a match at last night’s WWE house show event in Springfield, MO.’

Cody’s “Major announcement” turns out to just be the reuniting of a tag team that broke up 2 weeks ago (
‘WWE’s Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow “re-united” for a series of house
shows this weekend, even going so far as to have “Team Rhodes Scholars
Reunion” shirts made up for the event.’

TLC officially does lowest buys of 2012 (
‘WWE’s TLC pay-per-view in December did the lowest number of buys in 2012 according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.’

@FnBodySlams (Ok, it’s me. Putting myself over, Triple H etc…) – Brooke ‘Like a bad smell’ Hogan scrounging for votes on ‘Best reality star turned singer’. How much about this is wrong?

@WWEMcGillicutty – Wanna thank everyone for the support today. Helped alot knowing my family has inspired so many people. Thank you.

Comment of the Day 
Despite WCW 2000 being my guilty pleasure, I had to give COTD to brocure. I’ve been lucky enough to sit and have a chat with an inebriated Kevin Nash, and this thought is absolutely hilarious:

The only good thing about any of the Spring Break episodes is a drunk
Kevin Nash mocking The Giant, then doing a cannonball into the water.

On This Day…
Superbrawl VI took place with the double main event of Hogan Vs. The Giant, and Savage Vs. Flair, both in a cage! (1996)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/10/13

Miz replacing Ryback? (
‘ The arena’s website is advertising CM Punk vs. Ryback for the show, although Punk wrote on Twitter that he would “beat up” The Miz at tonight’s event.’

Bruno tells his side of the story on Vince (
‘Bruno went off on internet fans and the speculation that he would have nothing to do with the WWE CEO and Chariman.’

Impact does more s--- ratings (
‘Show draws second lowest number of 2013’

@THETOMMYDREAMER – had a really good match tonight took a rock bottom in garbage can &
handle went into my spine I’m in a lot of pain legs numb uggh

@TheCurtHawkins – Two of my all time favorites; Jerry Lynn & Lance Storm. I’ll never out grow loving wrestling.

Comment of the Day 
ETB757 took a look at JBL’s title reign and summed it up pretty well:

I don’t know. Bradshaw was a very weird case. He gave great interviews
that generated tons of heat but some matches were so atrocious that they
were downright unwatchable. And not in that ‘he sucks, I can’t wait
till someone kills him’ HTM way. It was more like ‘please get this guy
out of the main events.’ I loved to hear him talk but hated to watch him

I think his awesome commentary stints have cleansed our memories of
his horrible matches. Remember when he briefly retired, got rave reviews
from his commentary, actually got people buzzing about a return to the
ring and when he did he had that awful feud with Jericho?

As long as he’s talking he’s money. Just keep him out of the ring.

On This Day…
TNA held ‘Against All Odds’ which was headlined by Kurt Angle Vs. Christian for the TNA World Title.

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/9/13)

Hogan encouraged Dixie to ‘go big, or go home’ (
‘It’s the same place we were with WCW – you either run with the big dogs or be a little dog and stay on the porch.’

WWE Main Event takes new direction ( 
‘WWE officials have discussed the idea of having the WWE Main Event program center around the Intercontinental Title’ 
It’s an “Oh No!” moment for Kassius, as he loses a few teeth against Xavier Woods (

@CMPunk – “: when is the dangerous alliance going to form?”
1987. You missed it.

@IndiesWrestler – Starts out like a Mandible Claw, then up into a Sidewalk Slam, finish like Emerald Fusion

Comment of the Day 
Many were in agreement with Worst_In_The_World on his view on an Austin comeback:

The Rock is wrestling a part-time schedule. Brock Lesnar is back. Bruno and Bret came back to the company.

Those are all things that seemed much less likely than Austin ever
coming back and wrestling one more match, so I just don’t get the whole
definitive “Austin will never wrestle again” answer.

Anyway, I’m also not here saying I think it will DEFINITELY happen,
but I think there are enough factors in favor of it (The perfect
opponent in Punk; WWE will have burned through the freshness of Rock and
Lesnar by next year’s Mania; Austin himself having said he’d physically
be able to wrestle full-time for a few years if needbe, nevermind one
more match; the need for something huge at Mania 30; and also, shitloads
of money) that there’s a possibility, for sure.

On This Day…
Wrestling Society X held its first show, which featured the Battle Royal main event featuring Sean ‘X Pac’ Waltman, Vampiro, and New Jack. (2006)

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BOD Daily Round-Up (2/8/13)

Jeff Hardy signs new long-term deal with TNA (
‘Carter revealed that TNA just re-signed Jeff Hardy to a new, long-term deal.’

Christian & R-Truth return imminent (
‘Injured WWE stars Christian and R-Truth are expected to return to WWE TV within the next two weeks.’

Details on TNA/Impact Zone (
‘The Wrestling Observer is reporting that TNA’s lease with Universal Studios is expiring in March.’

@RealKevinNash – Got the guns just not paying Valentines prices for the roses

@RealKevinNash – (On Aces & 8’s) That’s all I wanted to comment about,story line is getting weak by adding sub mid card players,history always repeats itself

Comment of the Day 
JusticeGray and Triple H share the honours today:

“WWECLASSICS.COM: Do you think Superstars will be able to connect with Bruno?

TRIPLE H: That’s one of the reasons why I’m excited to have Bruno
back in WWE. I’m hoping he can instill some of that when meeting and
being around the talent in the coming years. It’s one thing to watch a
video of somebody you’ve never met. It’s another thing to meet them and
hear their stories. I’m jazzed up just sitting here. I feel like a
little kid listening to Bruno talk about all these opponents and Shea
Stadium. It makes me want to get a DVD and start watching Bruno matches.
But if the talent meets him and talks to him, it leads to them wanting
to find out more and wanting to learn that history. To me, that’s where
the business needs to be. It needs to step back in time, not forward in
time, to learn from the past. To me, that’s what will make it better.”

The last 3 sentences – man, that’s the oldtimer in me but massive
props to HHH for that. I already respected the heck out of him for
getting Bruno back in the first place but at least from the talk I think
his head is in the right place for the future.

On This Day…
CM Punk faced Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno) in a 90 minute thriller. It was matches such as these that lead to the two gaining a huge cult following. Below is some of CM Punk’s best from IWA-Mid South. (2003)

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