Inclusion of Rollins


Just heard that Seth Rollins was added to the Lesnar/Cena title match. Do you expect that to stick as a 3 way and if so what are your expectations for the match/outcome? If Brock is leaving why not just blow off his feud with Cena once and for all.
​My expectation is that they wanted to get the title of Brock before Wrestlemania in case of shenanigans with the contract negotiations, which is probably smart.  You don't want Brock holding that over your head.  But they don't want to beat him, so they'll have Cena and Rollins do the finish.  Either way Seth walks out as the champion, either by pinning Cena during the match, or cashing in afterwards.  Someone in the Daily Update thread hit the nail on the head, I think, with Cena beating Rollins to win the title and then a crazed Brock destroying everyone in anger.  Then the Authority cashes in on Rollins' behalf, puts him on top of Cena, and thus everyone looks like complete morons while Brock makes millions from his new UFC deal.  Either way, it's clear that this Brock shit isn't working and isn't justifying his pay, and it's also clear that Roman Reigns just isn't the guy and putting him over Brock for the title isn't the move that's gonna light the promotion on fire.  ​

Seth Rollins’ music


Seth Rollins' theme sounds like the musical version of clip art. Did WWE cut back on the budget for entrance music, too?


Yeah, ever since Jim Johnston moved into the movie division the entrance music has gone to SHIT.  Their in-house ripoff band does a decent job pumping out crap for them to sell on iTunes, but really what was the last memorable theme that they came up with as a company?  Ziggler's maybe?  

Title chain: lesnar-> cena-> Rollins-> reigns

Hi Scott –
Longtime reader, bla bla. There seems to be a groundswell lately – and rightly so – to just get the belt off lesnar at the rumble and have cena put RR over at mania.  That's fine, but doesn't this make even more sense: cena beats Brock in a war, Rollins finally cashes and either with Brock's help, or because cena is so worn down, takes it from cena. Now you have a ready-made feud from the shield breakup (why would cena have an issue with RR in storyline terms?), and we get the face going over the cowardly heel and taking revenge for the "sellout" at mania. Too logical?

​I just feel like Reigns winning the belt from Rollins doesn't do anything for him.  Lesnar is at least a top level star, as is Cena, and either one of those can kickstart the push.  Changing the title three times in a two month span is counterproductive as well.  
Really, the best thing would have been not putting the belt on Lesnar in the first place and letting Rollins cash in on Cena at Summerslam so that he could have been champion during this whole terrible dead zone from Sep-Jan.  ​Lesnar could have destroyed Cena but decked the ref to get DQ'd, Rollins pins the corpse of Cena to win the title, faces chase him from now until Rumble when Cena gets his title back.  

Ambrose vs Rollins Feud

Hey Scott, I wanted to get your thoughts on the current Ambrose vs Rollins feud.  To me it's one of the best booked angles in a long time.  It is so simple too.  Rollins turns on Ambrose and Ambrose wants revenge.  It feels like a legit blood/hate feud and it is so refreshing to see such a seriously booked angle.  Look no further than Ambrose's run ins during Rollins' matches.  He's in his street clothes and he doesn't wait for his music to cue(I always thought that was stupid.  If you want to sneak attack someone, why would you want your music to play in the arena?), it's little things like that, that have me enjoying this angle so much.  This actually frustrates me a little cause I have been watching this and I'm wondering why can't they book more angles like this.  Like you said, they know how to book someone strong(Reigns) and they know how to book a solid angle(like this one) but they just choose not too.  Your thoughts?  

​Well Ambrose is certainly a guy who gets it, although I still don't understand the reasoning behind just breaking up the Shield and then trying to retroactively create storylines for the guys later.  Now hopefully they don't beat the feud into the ground like they usually do.  I think Ambrose seems different because he was allowed to develop on his own before coming into the WWE system, and takes his influences from guys like Dick Slater and Jake Roberts, who weren't part of the modern system either.  Sometimes different is good.  ​

Rollins getting too over?

It occurred to me watching Raw tonight as the crowd chanted for Roman Reigns that maybe they turned Seth Rollins heel to prevent what happened back in 04-05 with Orton and Batista.  Rollins was going nuts the last few months with psychotic high spots drawing huge reactions. You think the WWE was nervous Rollins might start "stealing" Roman's heat?  Or was this just a "hey let's break up the Shield because…WCW"

I like the conspiracy motif, but the reason was that Vince was freaking out about the rating of the week before and decided to just do it at the last minute as something to do.    Because Vince.  

Seth Rollins – world champ?


Where do you go with Seth Rollins now that they pulled the trigger on the Shield breakup? Wouldn't it make sense for him to win Money in the Bank, cash in on a prone injured Bryan and hold it strong till Wrestlemania? Then you could have Roman win the rumble, beat him in a hopefully incredible match and you'd have 2 made guys as single stars.

​Hey, whoa, I like Seth Rollins as much as anyone, but let's not get crazy here.  If Hulk Hogan time-traveled from 1984 to sign with WWE today even he wouldn't get that kind of push.  Let's just see if he can get over as a heel before booking WM main events around the guy.  ​