Mike Reviews – ROH Night Of The Grudges (14th June 2003) – Concluding Part

Let’s finish this one off. When we last left things in Part One, Justin Credible had made his ROH debut and CM Punk had once again gotten the better of Raven in their ongoing feud. Later on in this concluding part we have a match between AJ Styles and Paul London, as well as The Group taking on The Prophecy.

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Mike Reviews – ROH Do or Die (31st May 2003) – Part One

ROH Wednesdays continue for another week!

They are giving some new faces a chance this time out, hence why they’ve gone for the “Do or Die” name, as if you make the chance count then you could potentially get some further bookings down the line. The second half of the show is scheduled to feature the usual top talent as well, with a Homicide Vs Samoa Joe Main Event pencilled in.

As usual we’ll break this up into a couple parts.

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Mike Reviews – ROH Vs FWA: Frontiers of Honour (17th May 2003) – Concluding Part

Back again for another ROH Wednesday!

Last week we left things with the FWA leading the inter-promotional series with ROH by a score of 2-1. This week they will try to close the series out when Zebra Kid, Flash Barker and Jody Fleisch take on Samoa Joe, Low Ki and Christopher Daniels respectively.

We’ve also got an FWA six person hardcore brawl on the docket as well, so let’s wait no longer and conclude things on this here shindig!

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Mike Reviews – ROH Vs FWA: Frontiers of Honour (17th May 2003) – Part One

It’s time for another ROH Wednesday!

This week we’ve got a special show from 2003 where ROH takes on the FWA. The FWA (Frontier Wrestling Alliance) was the main UK based indie of the time and regularly featured the likes of Doug Williams, Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm on its events.

ROH and FWA had friendly relations with one another, so they agreed to get together for a show where they would face off in six match series to see which company came out as the overall victors. There are also some FWA matches on the under card, featuring the official in-ring debut of Paul Burchill before he went across to America to play a pirate.

This show comes on two discs, so we’ll do disc one this week and disc two next Wednesday.

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Mike Reviews – ROH Retribution: Round Robin Challenge 2 (26th April 2003) – Concluding Part

ROH Wednesday’s Continue!

Last week we left things with Christopher Daniels and Paul London both winning a match each in the Round Robin Series with them due to meet one another later on. We’ll review that match today, along with Samoa Joe taking on Doug Williams for the ROH Title. Let’s waste no further time and see this puppy get concluded!

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Mike Reviews – ROH Retribution: Round Robin Challenge 2 (26th April 2003) – Part One

ROH Wednesday’s Continue!

Last week we concluded our review of The Epic Encounter (Check the archives if you haven’t read that one and are feeling generous to this humble scribe) and now we move on to the next show in the form of Round Robin Challenge 2.

The first Round Robin Challenge had one of the best matches in the early history of ROH with Bryan Danielson and Low Ki going at it. This time we’ve got Christopher Daniels, Paul London and The Amazing Red competing. They’ll all wrestle each other once, and the person with the best record overall will win the challenge.

We’ll split this one into two parts as per usual

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Mike Reviews – ROH Epic Encounter (12th April 2003) – Concluding Part

Hey there ya’ll!

ROH Wednesday’s continue, as we conclude The Epic Encounter show.

Last week we had CM Punk and BJ Whitmer having a cracking match, whilst Dan Maff joined Christopher Daniels’ “Prophecy” stable.

This week we’ve got ROH Champ Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson taking on Paul London, so there should be plenty of good wrestling to come.

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Mike Reviews – ROH Epic Encounter (12th April 2003) – Part One


I thought I’d stick with some classic ROH in the Wednesday slot, and once again we’ll be splitting this show up into 2 or 3 parts depending on how long it is. The big draw for this one is that Dusty Rhodes has come in to back Homicide up in the Main Event. It’s also the first show since Samoa Joe became the ROH Champ, so I think we can expect him to do something as well.

If you’d like an update on the storylines then I suggest heading into my archives and reading the two parts of ROH Night of Champions, which was the show previous to this. Heck, I’ll appreciate the page views if nothing else!

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Mike Reviews – ROH Night of Champions (22nd March 2003) – Part Two

Let’s finish this off.

The highlight of Part One was a darn fine technical wrestling battle between Doug Williams and Christopher Daniels (Yeah, Doug Williams had a great technical wrestling match, what are the odds?).

This week we’ve got AJ Styles, Low Ki and Samoa Joe on the show, so there’s probably even more good wrestling to come.

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