Best pre-Rock Rocky Maivia Match?

Hey Scott. I've been watching a lot of wrestling on Youtube lately and realized that I haven't really run across any pre- The Rock era Rocky Maivia matches. Would  you or any of the other readers recommend anything from Rocky Maivia or even the Flex Kavana days?

​No, he was pretty terrible in that era.  He was a guy who looked like a star and who was a project of the top people, but he didn't really develop into a good worker until the NOD era.  I'd call the HHH match where he won the IC title pretty decent and I recall the match where he lost the title to Owen Hart being not bad, but nothing else really stands out for him. ​

The Rocky 3 approach

So let's say that the Lesnar/Cena program is indeed building to Cena Never Giving Up and defeating Brock at Night of Champions. While it wouldn't exactly surprise me, it seems ridiculous that they would spend nine months building Brock up as an unstoppable monster just to give him a one-month title reign where he loses in his first title defense. Would the WWE really go to all this trouble just to run yet another Cena-redemption story line, especially one where Cena's fall from grace only lasted a month? Could Lesnar survive this scenario with any of his heat intact? And is there any chance he just takes the title hostage, as some speculate?

​There's always a chance, but I'm getting a real bad vibe from the buildup so far.  That being said, I fully expect Cena's next big program to be Rusev, although that might not be until Wrestlemania, so it's always possible that Rusev costs him the match to start the build.  Or maybe something in the middle, like Cesaro remembering he was a Heyman guy and costing Cena the title to occupy him for a few PPVs.  They're so thin on top that it's hard to find anyone that could legitimately hang with Cena in that position for the number of shows needed to justify it.  If Bad News was around they could try him there (Him making a smartass remark at gorilla when Cena was returning from the Brock match would have been awesome) or maybe turn Sheamus and run with him for a few shows.  Actually, that would work great because it would elevate the US title to the Cena level, and then Cena could represent the US as champion and feud with Rusev over that belt.  ​

Rocky 3

Scott, long time lurker now revelling in my mid 30's and missing the glory days of my youth… Are you surprised that the WWE hasn't done a proper copy of the rocky 3 storyline? I mean come on, its writes itself for Bryan to face lame duck challengers before getting smashed by the up and coming heel (a la Clubber Lang), who tells him exactly how it is. Then to have him struggle to come to terms with winning again, before the final redemption at Wrestlemania. Hell,  Brock would fit this perfectly with Heyman mocking Bryan for being the weak champion, whilst Brock goes on his path of destruction leading to a demolition job of Bryan for the title.
They could even call on old thunderlips if they want…

​Rocky 3 is a really great fucking movie.  
However, I would think this would turn Bryan heel and people would HATE that.  The story would have worked better with someone like Randy Orton, where people can buy him as a paper champion getting fed tomato cans by the Authority until Brock somehow bullies his way into a title shot. 
That's why they really need to build up Bryan as a fighting champion, who throws everything at Brock at Summerslam and just gets overpowered, forcing him to regroup and find a new strategy to win at Wrestlemania.  That being said, by next year it'll be all about Reigns or back to Cena, so I'm not holding my breath.  ​