More like Bull$#!t, right?

Hey Scott,

Watching NXT lately, and I think it's pretty obvious that Bull Dempsey really really sucks. But he's getting a pretty solid push so obviously somebody sees something in him. Am I missing something here, or is this just a thing where Triple H decided that the wrestling world was ready to embrace the retarded love child of Rhino and King Kong Bundy or what?

​Eh, you always need big guys.  It's NXT, they can always find a new gimmick for him or make him someone's bodyguard later or something.  Obviously Baron Corbin is the guy they're going all in with anyway, so I wouldn't sweat the Dempsey thing.  ​

You Still Do Brock Lesnar Questions,Right?

With Brock,why is he so shielded and protected? I know that's a broad question,but in terms of match quality and how quickly the initial buzz/pop wears off after each return,is he worth the outlay? For example,Brock returns and loses a hot match to Cena. OK. He then draws a big buyrate against HHH. Their two rematches sucked however,but one was a WrestleMania and one was a rushed B-show bout so no real spotlight,in terms if numbers, was shone on either. His Punk bout at SummerSlam last year was a **** affair at least but the event flopped finacially. The Big Show angle stunk in every respect earlier this year, and the subsequent Taker stuff had historical value but the match itself was never going to be a classic. Now,he's going to be champion in a few weeks,timed brilliantly to 'save' the Network, and then pretty much vanish with the belt. I still like Brock and his mystique a hell of a lot,but when the dust settles on this run will it be exposed as an expensive luxury?
​I wouldn't say the Big Show stuff stunk as such.  It was pointless as a storyline and the post-match beatdown was overdone, but it got him over as a giant-killing monster again​ at least.  
As for Brock's worth, he already justified the cost of his initial contract by adding extra buys to Extreme Rules, so anything on top of that was gravy.  Plus someone with his kind of star power really does add an extra rub to whatever show he's working on, whether or not he's putting over Cesaro at the time.  I'm not saying the money has been perfectly spent on him and that they didn't flush millions down the toilet by beating him in his first match and wasting three PPV slots on HHH, but it's hard to call him a flop either.  

You still do Weird Al Yankovic news, right?

What's your favorite of the eight new Weird Al videos?  Word Crimes
really appeals to me by touching on my biggest grammar pet peeves, but
the swerve he throws on us in the second half of Foil is phenomenal.

Also, please plug Mandatory Fun to the American Blog of Doomers, so
that he may finally get his long deserved number one selling album.

Personally I'm still most fond of "Tacky" because it was the first and remains the biggest ear-worm even if I'm sick of the original song.  "Handy" is also great as a parody ("Who dat / Who screw dat" is genius) but not as inspired as a video.  I love "Mission Statement" because I hear that shit EVERY DAY as serious stuff I'm supposed to follow.  I do wish he'd release all the polka medleys as a greatest hits, though.  



You still do comic news right?

​Rock was BORN to play Black Adam, not Shazam.  The main hero should be, like, a younger Michael Cera saying the magic word and turning into Mark Wahlberg or something.  ​
Also, I'd like to think Rock is smart enough not to jump on the trainwreck that is DC's movie division right now.  He should be fucking NAMOR, man!  It's been rumored for YEARS.  
Also, I finally watched Pain & Gain on Netflix tonight, and wrestling fans from the 90s will eat it up because it just nails ALL the details of douchebag weightlifters from the time period.  Plus Rock throws a weight at Kurt Angle's head in jail, so there's that.  It's long but REALLY good.  

Plug: An article on getting the RIGHT training

Hi Scott,
Was wondering if you'd be able to plug my article/interview that I conducted with three UK wrestlers on the importance of training in British wrestling (and wrestling in general, I suppose)? It's bigger message is about getting the RIGHT training…
I'm not sure if this is a problem in the US, but here in the UK there seems to be a lot of people that think that they are wrestlers after having the bare minimum training… it's worrying.
I hope that this article can be seen by as many eyes as possible to spread awareness that not just any Tom, Dick or Harry can do this – you have to really WANT it, COMMIT to it and find training from reputable sources…
HUGE appreciation if this is possible to plug!
Keep up the great work on the blog!

It's a huge problem here, in fact.  One of the many things that is slowly but surely eroding the indy scene and thus the potential pool of future stars.  

QOTD: “Game Over? Damn right, I’m Over!”

The above quote comes from one of the two wrestling-related clothing items I’ve ever owned. It was a Triple H shirt I bought before I 1) Realized what being ‘Over’ was, and 2) Realized Triple H is kind of a sillynanny and kind of like Pro Wrestling’s Jay Leno – not dynamic, but hard working and good at corporate politics.


What Wrestling Related Merchandise do you own? Shirts / Figures / Games / Toys / pillows / misc. 

I have:

Have a Nice Day,
Foley is Good,
Hardcore Diaries
Countdown to Lockdown
Tetiem Brown

“Stone Cold” University shirt
“Damn Right I’m Over” Shirt

Booking Revolution
WWE Smackdown: Know Your Role
WWE 2k13
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2005(?)

Misc assortment of action figures from my youth, specifically The Rock in a football jersey with a Brama Bull on it.

A ‘talking’ Stone Cold Steve Austin figure that you plug into your computer with a parallel port.

I also have one pro-wrestling autograph.

It’s Gillberg.

Were they right?!?

Had a chilling thought.

What if WWE ends up being right in the way they booked Daniel Bryan this past summer?

Well, maybe it's more of a wrong that has turned into a right.

I can't help but reflect on the overtly positive reaction Bryan has been getting from recent crowds. From the hijacking of the Ascension Ceremony to the fever pitch during last night's main event. The fans are just ravenous for Bryan to win that title.

Yes, I know it's more in spite of the booking than anything else, but I remember reading a report that creative was satisfied with Bryan's title chase with Orton. That he's a main eventer now and he could go on and build up the Wyatts while Big Show feuded with Orton/HHH. Seemed like a demotion, a rug pulled out but that was the report as it read. But here we are an the fans are the thousands of elephants in the room, chanting for the guy they want to see win.

Do I think they expected this much outpouring of Bryan support two PPVs later? Maybe not but they've created a MONSTER face whether they knew it or not, by keeping Bryan from holding that title all this time.

If the pops last they just have to let him finally get that belt at Mania, right? Pretty please?

Yeah, you just keep believing that.  Punk might get it, at least.  

Customer Isn’t Always Right

A couple of months ago, when The Shield (despite having the Tag/US titles) seemed stagnant and aimless, a lot of the Internet crowd was calling for WWE to break them up, or at least turn them babyface. If that had happened, however, we likely wouldn't have The Shield being as awesome and integral as they are in the current Bryan-Orton-HHH story line.
Can you recall other notable cases in which the wrestling fan base was heavily in favor of something that, in the long run, wouldn't have been the best idea? Or something that the crowd wanted that actually did happen but turned out to be a bad idea? I think at least one of the D-X reunions would fit here.

Who in their right mind was calling for the Shield to break up or turn?  

Is TNA actually doing the right thing?

So TNA fans are up in arms about AJ Styles possibly leaving the company ( but the strategy behind it makes sense. If they know that the guys in the current spots aren’t going to draw more $$$, doesn’t it make sense to build for the future by signing 4 or 5 younger wrestlers for the price of one salary? Isn’t this exactly what everyone has been saying is the problem with TNA in the first place? 


Yeah, really AJ might as well sow his wild oats while he’s still got value.  He’d be a perfect fit for NJPW right now or as the big fish in the ROH pond.  Probably not WWE.  But yeah, TNA has pretty much told all the stories with him that they can and it’s best for both if he moves on.

Sounds about right…

A 77 year old liquor store owner was shot in the eye during a robbery. He says that CM Punk losing the strap is worse than that. r

See what you and your stupid elbow mean to people, Dwayne? Go back to Hollywood where you can buy more arm butter and practice your peck-pop.

If Scott dresses me down for openly speaking against The Rock then I’ll be forced to tell the Federal Government about the drugs he forces his writers to take. Fuj is actually Zahorian’s son.