The Richest Wrestlers

Hey Scott,
Have you seen the list of richest wrestlers from Celebrity Net Worth?
I have just a few observerations
1. I'm amazed Ric Flair has this much money left and even more amazed China has any
2. Hulk Hogan was really cleaned out by his divorce!
3. Big Show really must have an iron clad contract. He's made more than both Shawn Michaels and Undertaker.
Your thoughts?

Steve Austin's merchandise must still do REALLY well.  Holy shit.  Although his direct-to-DVD movies do OK, too, so maybe there's that.  I'm kind of shocked that Hunter is only at $25 million, because you'd think with stock options and such he'd be WAY higher-up.  Unless he's got a pre-nup with Steph so that their assets don't mix or something.  Also surprised that Brock is only at 12 million, because I thought that his UFC stuff put him more into Cena territory as far as never having to work again.  And yeah, Hogan was really sent to the cleaners by Linda, maybe he should have hired Joseph Park Esq as his legal representation.