Ref Reveals CHIKARA’s Future

Hey Scott,

Thanks to your plugs in the past, The Temple News has granted me my own wrestling column for the newspaper. I'm pretty pumped about it, and was hoping you could help me out again by plugging my interview with Referee Bryce Remsburg on the end of CHIKARA.

Thanks man!
No problem.  Hopefully the people running CHIKARA don't run into any temporal loops or past versions of themselves.  Time travel is not to be messed with by amateurs.  

Kona Crush Reveals His Grandfather was a Clown by Trade

Hi Scott-
Long time, no talk.  Hope you are doing well.
Not sure you remember this, but apparently Crush didn't like Doink because his grandfather was a clown.  No, seriously.  Discovered this while working on this week's new induction.
Take care, my friend!


Thanks!  You'll happy to know that I bought Death of WCW in Kindle format because I had an Amazon gift certificate, so hopefully you got a couple of bucks out of it.  Maybe wanna throw a plug for my latest Kindle book covering all of 2003 somewhere?
Anyway, considering the color scheme of Crush's tights at the time, I think it was pretty safe to assume that his family was made up of circus performers.  Hell, he even had experience painting his face!