Bully Ray returning to TNA

According to multiple reports and pwinsider.com, Bully Ray is set to return full time to TNA as early as tonights tapings.
If this is indeed true, was a full time return to WWE just wishful thinking on Team 3d part? Bully spent months heavily hyping a possible return on social media. Was it simply a tactic to get TNA to cave in to a full time contract? Is this a way for TNA to please Destination America in bringing back a major name? http://pwinsider.com/article/94677/big-tna-spoiler.html?p=1

​I think it was more Bully Ray campaigning for months to go back to WWE, and when they brought him in at Royal Rumble and had the idea that he was just the same guy as he was in 2001, it pretty much killed his desire.  Can't blame him, clearly there was no future in him as a nostalgia act for WWE and really he never should have left his cushy position in TNA in the first place.  I think it was really a huge wake-up call for the TNA guys as well, showing exactly what WWE thinks of them in general.  Which is to say, absolutely nothing.  Much like Sting, anything you do there might as well not exist.  ​

Ken Patera returning in 87

When Ken Patera made his return in the spring of 87 he was heavily pushed as a fan favorite vowing revenge on Bobby Heenan and the Heenan family.
Now obviously Patera had regressed in the few years he was away, but he seemed to be pretty over at first, even getting his own Coliseum Video upon his return. He suffered a bad injury to his arm over the summer and never seemed the same. Would a heel turn and return to Heenan have salvaged his comeback? I am pretty sure the Observer or the Apter mags reported he was rumored to face Hogan at Wrestlemania 4 around that time.
​Yeah, if I'm remembering correctly the general plan around the time of his return was that he would still be awesome and would go heel to be the Hogan dead body of the month at some point, but he was such a spectacular flop upon his return that they just dropped all those ideas completely and jobbed him out.  Even before his arm injury he completely lost all his intensity and drive and just looked like a guy instead of a star.  ​Apparently when you're NOT high on drugs 24/7 you tend to be a calmer person.  Who knew?  

WoW returning…


With David McClane announcing the return of WoW, I figure now would be a good time to display what was, at the time, WoW's best ever match…

A Falls Count Anywhere match between Thug and Selina Majors:  http://youtu.be/sK_29nOh8KU?t=46s

​You'd think with the strides being made in cancer treatments they could find a way to make David McClane go away as well.  Oh well, hopefully whatever money marks he finds this time don't lose too much on it.  ​

Wally West Returning

I know it's probably something you already know about, but where's the love for Wally?  No DB question in sight

Well, the Flash revamp in 87 with Wally was the very first comic book I bought on an ongoing basis with my own money, and for my entire reading history Wally was The Flash, so the whole "Stick Barry Allen back in there because Geoff Johns loves the Silver Age" thing was definitely a sticking point for me.  If there can be 8 million Green Lanterns and 6 ongoing GL titles, I don't see why it was such a hardship for DC to have (gasp) two different people with Flash powers.  

Hogan returning to WWE

Hey Scott, there are reports out today that Hogan has signed with WWE, and it isn't a legends contract. The report says they want him involved in WM30 in some way, possibly even a match. So, my question to you is, who do you think that they would put him in a match with, if he were to have one? No name really jumps out to me as a perfect opponent for him, except maybe Punk, just because it hasn't been seen before, and I think Punk would be great in heel mode disrespecting Hogan's legendary status.
There's literally only one match that Hogan would come back for and only one match that would justify whatever money was being spent on him, and I think we all know what that would be.