Resurrecting WCW PPVs

Hey Scott, maybe you've discussed this already, but here goes anyways.  In your opinion, do you see any worth/chance of WWE using any of the old WCW PPV Themes?  What would be the harm to the product to run Bash At The Beach, or a Halloween Havoc, or Spring Stampede?  Hell, even Hog Wild?  Say whatever else they will against WCW, at least they tried to use different settings for their shows.  Even Nitro would be broadcast live from non-traditional venues.  Is it simple a "we won't do it because WCW", or what?  Granted, some of these shows that WCW ran failed in  spectacular WCW fashion, but surely the WWE Juggernaut should be able to succeed where WCW failed.  Thanks for all of your work,


PS:  DS9 Season 7 Review?

Geez, I'm still only 7 episodes into the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy (FUCK YOU, CLAY!), not to mention that I wouldn't even remember what was going on at the end of DS9's sixth season.  Those reviews were binge-watched in the days when I worked early mornings and had all day to fuck around and do whatever I wanted.  That was long before marriage and a 4 year old and stuff.  
As for the WCW PPV idea, we've been calling for that forever, especially the change in visual presentation that the product so desperately needs.  Everyone has to learn to work WWE style, and all the production guys have to learn to direct Kevin Dunn style.  Doing a show from the beach or a theme park or ANYTHING would break up the monotony so much.  Remember the train station where they did the first Shotgun Saturday Night?  That was FUN!  Do a show from the fucking ECW arena, whatever.  SOMETHING.  

Resurrecting Finishers

Hey Scott,
Curious which finishing moves from the past no longer used in WWE/TNA would you want pulled out of the mothballs. Personally I always like the Buff Blockbuster, though not the wrestler. Jerry Lynn's cradle pile driver was also pretty cool but that one surely would be reappearing in WWE any time soon.