DC Comics Doing Some Major Reshuffling

DC Comics is not only cancelling about 20-some titles, they're introducing a very diverse line-up of books. Black Canary, Starfire, Cyborg are three that jump out. There are a LOT of promising titles in this, honestly. The big thing they're touting is that they're going to focus more on the stories and less on continuity. Which sounds like they might finally give creative teams more breathing room. For the last few years, even before the new 52 launch, there were countless stories of how hard editors were on creative teams. So that's a good change.

Sounds like DC is trying to compete a little with Marvel's more diverse line up of comics and especially Image's diverse line of titles. Though boil it down, they're all still superhero comics, unlike Image's very diverse line. And it sounds like many of their main superhero titles, like Justice League and Superman, will still feel more like early 90s Image Comics than the DC comics I grew up on. Shame. But with this new direction, that might change, too.

​Yeah, as I mentioned before, the SUPER DUPER EVENT OVERLOAD burned me right the f--- out and I've been on an extended hiatus from comics in general since around October.  Honestly, at this point I'm happy with The Flash every Wednesday on Hulu, because it packs more nerd joy into one episode than I've gotten out of DC's comics line in many years.  GRODD GRODD GRODD GRODD GRODD!  Plus a Prison Break reunion with Captain Cold and Heatwave?  How awesome is that?  
On the Marvel side, I really really really miss Superior Spider-Man and I actually think it was a grave miscalculation to not just give Ock a new identity and let him be Venom in a new city or something.  It really sucked the fun out of the Spider comics for me when he left.