Plug Request For a Darling Little Project

Dear Dark Lord and Savior,
Been reading your stuff since you were in kindergarten. My friend and I are two ex indie workers and current comics who have a podcast that is dedicated to the worst moments, gimmicks and PPVs ever. Like the brilliant Wrestlecrap, but we spend more time dissecting them, and in podcast form. We were wondering if we could please get a plug in? You can even mention Kevin Owens in the response so you get more clicks. Thanks!

Kevin Owens isn't even that much of a ratings draw on the blog.  Roman Reigns is still the king of that, oddly enough.  

Wrestlemania 31 review podcast (yep, it’s a plug request)


Long time reader of your various blogs and books, second time writer.  Yours is the only wrestling blog I read (yes, I am asking you for a favor, but that is true about BoD being my only online wrestling info source).  Anyway, we reviewed Wrestlemania 31 on the podcast "Don and his Amazing Friend" this week, and I personally invite you and your readers to listen.  We had a great time discussing the show.

D&AF is not normally a wrestling show – we dissect older genre movies – but wrestling always finds its way into the conversation.  The link to the show is pasted below, as is the Twitter handle.

By the way, I also watched the Macho Man doc last night, and I couldn't agree with you more about the awesome beginning, and then surprisingly lackluster coverage of his wrestling career.  That said, it is still worth the 90 minutes.



Twitter: @secretduck922

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Shameless Plug Request

Hey Scott, semi-frequent blog contributor, and long time fan here. I write for a geeky pop culture blog called Cultural Compulsive Disorder, and was wondering if you'd mind plugging the Best of SummerSlam  podcast we just did. I'll be your best friend!
​You sound like my daughter.  She offers EVERYONE "best friend" status.  It loses all meaning when you tell random kids on the playground that you'll be their best friend!  You have to earn that shit through years of emotional blackmail and mixtapes!  ​

Plug request…..

What's up, Scott?

Great job with the BoD, as always.  As a longtime reader (dating back to the Netcop days), I love what you've done re: diversifying the content and the contributing writers (….missives that no doubt relieve stress from your shoulders).   Your rants are still a must-read in any case, though.

You've helped me out in the past with a couple of on-site plugs, and was wondering if I could go to you for what could be a VERY location-specific plug.  

I'm based in Pittsburgh, PA, and in addition to the Major League Baseball team (the Pittsburgh Pirates), we also have an independent minor league team baseball about 30 minutes south of Downtown Pittsburgh…..The Washington Wild Things….home games in Consol Energy Park in Washington, PA).

This Friday (8/1), a good buddy of mine who owns a remodeling company, SDC Remodeling, is sponsoring an event at the Wild Things game featuring former ROH champ (and SDC Spokesman) Adam Cole.  Game time is 7 PM EST….Adam will be throwing out the first pitch, then setting up shop for a meet-and-greet (autographs, pictures…the usual).

Just throwing out there as something to do for anybody who is (A) a wrestling fan from the Pittsburgh area, or (B) a REALLY big Adam Cole fan from anywhere.  

(Again, Scott, I realize this is hyper-local, so if you feel this is TOO small-time for the blog, I understand completely.  Thanks in advance for any consideration you'd be able to provide)

-Darryl Grandy (posting occasionally on the blog as BoD-er "OSBL")

There's no such thing as too small-time for MY readership!

Plug Request

Hey Scott,

Brian Piccolo/foeaminute here – I have done the Legend's House recaps (all two of them).  A good friend and fellow stand up comic passed away this morning after battling cancer.  35 years old.  Anyway, I've put together a campaign where you can buy a shirt or just donate a couple dollars to his wife and kids to help with his medical bills that he unfortunately leaves behind.  If this isn't appropriate to share here, it's completely fine, but I'm just trying to figure out what I can do to help.

Here's the link, if it is fine:

Thank you, and do what you can to make today count.

Mark Crozer & The Rels interview (plug request)

Hey, Scott-

I help broadcast Roundtable Wrestling Radio, a live post-Raw radio show on Mondays. Tonight they're bringing in Mark Crozer and the Rels (the writers of Bray Wyatt's theme song, who performed it at Wrestlemania) for an interview. The show goes from 11:30 PM to 1:30 AM US Eastern on Think we could get a plug?

What Culture Article Plug Request: Bold Predictions for WM 30

Hi Scott,
With WrestleMania a few days away, I wanted to offer up this article I posted to What Culture with some bold predictions for this Sunday. These aren't the typical "pick the winner" prediction, but some off-the-wall ideas that aren't out of the realm of possibility and could make WrestleMania that much more memorable. Would be interested what you or the rest of the BOD'ers think of them:
Scott Carlson

Plug Request

Hey Scott, Lawrence Talbot from the blog here. This has jack all to do with wrestling, but I figured it was worth a shot. My first e-book is currently sitting at 10th place on the Short Sci-Fi list on Amazon, and I'd love to push it a little higher. I think you and the blog might enjoy it, as I know you at least have an affection for classic pulp adventure; the book, called "Put the Sepia On," is a hardboiled detective story set in a cyperpunk dystopia with mutant biker gangs and crazy shrapnel weapons. If you like stories about tough, wiseass pulp heroes facing impossible situations, it'll be right up your alley. 

Anyways, figured it couldn't hurt task for a plug on the blog? Thanks in advance. 

Kindle books are indeed awesome.  Hope this helps.  

Question/plug request

Hey Scott, This is SteveOB, minimal commenter, on the blog. First, I need to request a plug for mine and my friends Springsteen blog,   You've plugged for us before, and we greatly appreciate it.  If you, or anyone else here are going to any of Springsteen's upcoming shows let us know. We'd love to hear from you. Secondly, I have been watching a lot of early 90's WCW ppvs on the network. The pre-Hogan stuff is pretty great with Flair, Sting, The Steiners and Pillman. But man once Hogan and the Dungeon of Doom hits things turn awful. My question though is:  Why Kevin Sullivan?   It seems all the other heels were proven WCW draws (Flair, Vader, Luger) or guys Hogan brought in to work with (Earthquake, Kamala, Beefcake).  Sullivan was never a WCW main eventer, and as far as I know wasn't one of Hogan's guys. He doesn't have a good look (a short, chubby, balding man from Boston) and isn't very good on the mic, but gets put into a feud with their #1 face that lasted for years!? Also, why did WCW bring in retired foreign wrestlers like Haystacks Calhoun and King Curtis Iaukea to join the dungeon?   Couldn't they find anyone else on their massive roster to take those spots? God, I hate the Dungeon of Doom. Thanks again, Scott! Best,
In the immortal words of Brian Pillman, "I respect you, bookerman".   

Plug request: What Culture article on Attitude Era stars

Hi Scott,
Longtime reader, semi-infrequent poster (as Joe Boring). I wanted to share with you an article I wrote for What Culture about Attitude Era superstars who might be able to contribute to today's WWE (even if we're talking a couple appearances). If you have the chance to read it and think it's worth sharing with your readers, I'd really appreciate if you can plug it on your blog.
Thanks in advance, and if you have any thoughts about the list, I'd always love to hear them.
Scott Carlson

Whatculture Plug Request

Hey Scott I was hoping you could throw a plug my way for a few articles I've written recently. Thanks for providing the best place to discuss wrestling online.

6 Potential Mania Moments That Could Happen

Scott Steiner: 5 Awesome Matches and 5 That Sucked

Scott Hall: 5 Awesome Matches and 5 That Sucked

Someday I may do another WC article, too. 

Canadian Bulldog’s World plug request

Dear Scott Keith,

Canadian Bulldog here (don't pretend like you don't know who I am!!!). We were once Stampede North American tag team champions together – at least until that no good J.R. Foley sent his goons out to destroy us.

Anyways…. I have written about professional wrestling since 2002, but today for the first time I have created my own website at There is a "hype video" at – but essentially the site's mission statement is that Wrestling Should Be Fun!!! 

It's a mixture of squared circle memories and merchandise, and has been called "the best blog about wrestling ever! EVER!!!" by people such as Scott Kei….. er, I mean, various people.

If you could please direct people to Canadian Bulldog's World I would be eternally grateful. I'd even be able to forgive you for missing the hot tag in '84.

Canadian Bulldog

That was, at best, a lukewarm tag and I think you know it.  Besides, you were holding me back anyway.  

Request for Plug

Hi Scott, 

Long time fan of the blog! If you can, could you plug my blog The Sludge System? The most recent article covers The XFL's incredibly bizarre Cheerleader Cam Halftime Special, which really gives you insight into the madness that is Vince McMahon's id. Thanks!

J Kennedy

Speaking for the rest of the world, no one wants insight into Vince's id.  It's just safer for everyone that way.  

Shameless request for a Podcast Plug

Hey Scott long time fan of the blog, I’m sure your mailbox is spilling over with CM Punk related shenanigans right now so here’s something a bit different, a shameless request for a plug!

We’ve put together a Podcast about the Scottish wrestling scene which has been picking up a bit of steam for a while now and we want to share our enthusiasm for it with you good people. Whilst its still early days we’re aiming for it to be better than 10 Superbowls! I don’t want to oversell it, judge for yourselves. 
Thanks for your time and enjoy!

Rumble Podcasts Plug Request

Hey Scott,

Longtime reader blah blah rantsylvania blah blah blah blah you know the rest.  As part of the Rumble season I participated in a few of the podcasts on Voices of Wrestling's Rumble Rewind series, and I would be very grateful if you could throw the link to them on the blog so folks can have a chance to hear them.