TNA denying cancelation reports

TNA is apparently not only denying the reports that Destination America is canceling them, but is threatening to sue anyone who has reported that news.

I'd like to say I'm surprised by such a boneheaded PR move, but…

Yeah, just like they were denying that Spike canceled them, too.  This company is so stupid they can even screw up getting canceled.  I'd be amused to see how that sort of lawsuit proceeded.  

Election 2012: Connecticut Senate – Rasmussen Reports™

Obviously this is just one poll, but I think it's fair to say this race is no longer a joke.
Election 2012: Connecticut Senate – Rasmussen Reports™

Source: Rasmussen Reports – The best place to look for polls that are spot on

I'm actually quite disappointed that it wasn't the DEAN Rasmussen Reports, because that would have been awesome.  Can't believe Linda would hold a lead over anyone in any race, but maybe shitloads of money and incessant PR reforming can work in this mixed up political world of ours.  
More importantly, Tyler Reks quit WWE today.  Guess he'll have to go back to his other job after all.  

Fwd: CNN Reports on Doink the Clown, Heath Slater

———- Forwarded message —— You've probably already gotten this a million times, but CNN did an article on Doink the Clown's return against Heath "One Man Band" Slater:  It informs the non-wrestling crowd what a jobber is, and leads to the article's best quote: "[But] if tomorrow I had to get in the ring and you gave me a list of 10,000 wrestlers to choose from, I'm absolutely, positively picking the guy named Barry Horowitz." HA! ———————- Well that's your surreal story of the day.