TNA and Destination America’s relationship

Destination America seems to have given up on TNA. They aren't airing the May 22nd episode of Impact at all for no reason other than it's Memorial Day Weekend. 

Instead, they'll be airing Slammiversary 2014 in its place.  
Did Destination America go into this expecting TNA to draw Raw-like ratings? Will they drop TNA before the contract has expired?

​They have a really weird relationship now, it seems, with the network now basically dictating the booking of the show and general direction.  Putting it on Friday was stupid enough and now TNA is basically getting thrown under the bus by their own network.  But really, both sides had to know what they were getting into, so I feel bad for no one except the talent caught in the middle.  And yeah, I think DA is going to wish TNA well on their future endeavors by the summer if I had to guess.  ​

TNA ends relationship with OVW

Apparently TNA has ended their relationship with Ohio Valley Wrestling, and OVW has removed TNA’s logo from their website.
So instead of developing their own stars they’re going to… what? Scout the indies for any new talent and rely on word of mouth and tryouts?
I get that they’re trying to cut down costs but isn’t developmental one place where you’d want to spend money when you want to bring in new talent (as Dixie keeps telling us she wants to do)?

Long term talent development is by far the least of their concerns at the moment.