Historical reigns/Bryan comp

If the Internet existed in the 80s and early 90s what long term booking angles would have gotten the most hate?

One example I thought of was peak randy savage basically doing nothing from summerslam 89 to royal rumble 91 while earthquake warrior and the like main evented.  Another was bret toiling in the tag division when he was clearly ready for a singles push

Any great ones you can think of?

Dude, the internet totally did exist in the late 80s.  By the time I got to RSPW in 1992 it was already well established.  And people bitched just as much back then as now.  

More Reigns/Bryan (Sorry)


Can't we just see the glass half full and be glad that the WWE is pushing SOMEONE other than Cena? Bryan had an entire Wrestlemania built around him (whether by accident or not) and got to have a moment that most people will never get. 

If Regins is as bad as we all think he is, won't he just fall flat on his face anyway?

Yeah, but again, if they were actually PUSHING him, it would be fine.  But they're not, he's trading wins with Big Show and generally looking like every other midcard geek clogging up the show.  But with better hair.  If he was out there destroying Big Show and Kane and telling HHH to go fuck himself, then people would probably buy him as a legit threat.  But they're not.  Vince has seemingly decided that Reigns is the guy, and we'll all telepathically know this and accept him as the Brock-killer without any work on his part.  That's not how this wrestling thing works, unfortunately.  Reigns has no story being told about him, no real obstacles to overcome, and no mortal enemy to play off, so they can't even pull the "We're telling stories!  We don't know where the next chapter of the book is going!" bullcrap.