HHH Guest Referee Question

Hey Scott.

Just a quick question about HHH inserting himself as guest referee into the Summerslam main event. Do you think it will hurt or help the buyrate?

Im sure Summerslam will get a great buyrate regardless but if people were unsure about ordering before RAW I think HHH might of turned people against it. The Cena-Bryan match should be awesome and didn't need any sort of stipulation to it to try and improve buys. Now we are expecting some kind of screwed up finish and feel it may put people off ordering. 

What do you think?


Buyrates are pretty much set in stone year to year right now and it takes a LOT to move the needle now.  Rumble does what it does, Wrestlemania does around a million give or take, Money in the Bank does 100K-120K, and Summerslam is pretty steady because wrestling fans are creatures of habit first and foremost, and only big things like Brock Lesnar influence their decisions.  People who were gonna buy the show (ie, me) aren't gonna suddenly change their mind because HHH is now there to fuck with the main event.   I think the show was gonna do the same as last year, and will continue to do so even with HHH in the referee role.