ECW On Sci-Fi #81 12/25/2007 (Retrospective)

ECW On Sci-Fi #81 12/25/2007

This is a retrospective episode with highlights of Lashley’s feud with The McMahons, New Breed vs. Originals and Morrison vs. Punk. It ends with with Tazz kicking Joey Styles into a Christmas Tree so this GIF saved you an hour.

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YouTube Recommendations?

On the subject of cable-cutting, I do a lot of casual YouTube viewing now, mostly videogame shows, so I thought I’d open up discussion for what channels people are watching on the YouTubes and what might be good new ones to check out.  Plus this way I can throw some traffic their way.  My current list: WWE:  Duh. GameSack: Not as professionally done as some of the other ones, but if you’re into retro gaming and like the “Two guys just talking about games” format, it’s consistently interesting stuff. Yuriofwind: His thing is the “Gaming Mysteries” series and a lot of videos of beta versions of games, plus the occasional series on things like the history of StarFox and other things.  The “Bullshit Gaming Creepypastas” series is also fun, as the guy’s snark level is off the charts much of the time. That One Video Gamer: Aka Jirard the Completionist.  I’m really just in it for the Completionist videos, where he reviews and finishes games 100%, but there’s the usual “Let’s Play” and top 10 stuff on there as well.  The sense of humor is very much in line with mine and he tends to play lots of games that match my interests (Mario, Donkey Kong, etc).  JonTron: Another guy who’s part of the same crew, he does the wacky top 10s and game retrospectives and has a cybernetic parrot.  Seems like he’d be a cool guy to hang out with.  Doesn’t update as often at the moment, sadly.  Caddicarus: A very British gamer, also part of the same group as above, he does a lot of fast-talking game reviews and retrospectives, although he’s only 19 so it consistently makes me feel old hearing him wax nostalgic about the PS1, which I bought when I was in my 20s.  DYKGaming: Did You Know Gaming, which is a series of 5 minute videos with fun facts about famous game series.  Much of the narration is done by the guys above, as the YouTube gaming community is a bit incestuous.  Tested: Kind of a spinoff of Mythbusters, it’s pretty hardcore nerd stuff, with tech reviews (their comparison of all the iPads against each other was great) and things like taking the PS4 and Xbox One apart to see what’s inside.  ScrewAttack: Gaming news, top 10 lists, general wackiness.  Any other interesting channels out there?