Does WWE realize how awful their writing is?

Hey Scott, Just finished Daredevil and am starting Better Call Saul and I got to thinking: Does WWE ever realize how terrible their show is from an artistic standpoint? I’m not commenting on their booking or star-making capabilities. Purely from a writing standpoint, the show has to be some of the worst storytelling in history. It has no sense of continuity. It’s jokes are juvenile and repetitive. Compared to even mediocre TV, it falls short. Do the writers realize this? Do they care? Is there mindset to basically fill 3 hours and push whoever Vince says to push? Or do they really their cranking out quality TV? More important, does Vince really think, as he once implied, that his shows on a par with Sopranos, ER and their Modern Equivalents? Thanks I think the writers are under no such impaired judgment, but according to everyone that’s talked to him, Vince really does feel like his product is somehow competitive with those shows, yes.  He also seems to feel like his ham-fisted attempts at parody (like the Donald v. Rosie “match”) are right up there with the great comedies of this generation.  But yeah, it’s been said before that if RAW was a TV show on a regular network, it would have been laughed off the air long ago. Characters like Roman Reigns change motivations and personality traits on a week-to-week basis, characters disappear and reappear with no explanation, the Bellas are heel face heel.  Even the worst soap operas have someone to at least make perfunctory attempts to keep track of this crap.