Good Reads at Place to Be Nation

Hey Scott –
Thanks again for your support. Wanted to share some big pieces we've done in the last week.
We rank the ten best *wrestling* matches from Halloween Havoc – complete with videos of the matches and commentary:
We break down TNA's worst gimmick matches:
Check out our Kevin Kelly and ROH approved weekly Ring of Honor recap:
Our Grappletalk podcast, fresh off being credentialed at the Manchester event, had some great interviews, including the recent TUF competitor eliminated:
The Hard Travelling Fanboys put together a monster piece on the Death of Superman:
Todd gave us his five scariest comic book characters as part of his Five SPOOKS of Doom:
Thanks again for your support of the site!

No problem.  I'm working graveyard this week so I'm prepping episodes of the Place To Be podcast as we speak.