Reading an old Observer

Reading the March 30, 1998 Observer, and two things struck me. I was curious what you'd think.
"In the 4/27 battle with Raw in Hampton and Nitro in Norfolk, WWF has sold 5,910 tickets for $102,000 or about 80% of the building while Nitro is already sold out at 9,000 tickets and $164,000."
This, of course, was the famous DX Invasion. When I've seen the WWE's side of the story, Nitro was supposedly papered to all heck, but according to this, the Nitro show (during the peak of WCW's business) was sold out in a bigger building with a bigger gate, faster than the WWF show cross-town. So who's right here? Is the WWE lying today, or did Meltzer get ba


info back then?

Given that Nitro was at its hottest point then, it's pretty clearly WWE lying.  In fact WCW used to err on the side of going too small with the arenas for a while when they could have sold out bigger ones.  But that was the propaganda line from Vince — they paper their shows, we don't.  

"Kevin "Nailz" Wacholz, the original Latrell Sprewell, is expected to join the NWO and get a big push."
Nailz was supposed to get a WCW job? What happened? Do you remember this? This seems out of the blue, as this would have been seven years after choking McMahon and four years after the steroid trials. In retrospect, this would have been a bigger disaster than Warrior in WCW, right?
​But what would they have named him?  Nutz?  Boltz?  ​