What the World Was Watching: ECW Double Tables ’95

Joey Styles welcomes fans to the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  According to thehistoryofwwe.com, the show drew 1,000 fans.

Styles interviews Jason, who hypes the Pitbulls as the next ECW tag team champions.  The crowd chants that Jason is wearing a “K-Mart suit” before he introduces Jason the Terrible from Japan’s W*ING promotion.

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What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – January 31, 1995

Footage shows fans in Fort Lauderdale tossing chairs into the ring at the end of the ECW show there.

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Mike Reviews: ECW Living Dangerously 2000 – 12/03/2000

Hello You!

To say the past month or so of these reviews has been a tumultuous time for ECW would perhaps be somewhat of an understatement, with a costly leg injury to Rob Van Dam causing him to have to vacate his ECW TV Title and essentially blow the Main Event scene to pieces.

With the TV Title now vacated, we will crown a new Champion tonight in a 4 man tournament, as Super Crazy takes on Little Guido and Rhino has a long awaited singles battle with The Sandman. Sadly the Quarter Finals all got crammed in to one episode of Hardcore TV (The last one I did in fact) so the matches have all been chopped to pieces to fit the allotted time. Hopefully the matches tonight at least get some time to breathe.

ECW World Champ Mike Awesome doesn’t even have a Title defence tonight, as he will instead be defending one half of his newly won Tag Team Titles with Raven against two teams in a Three Way Dance. As a result, there isn’t really a clear marquee Main Event for this show, which combined with the general way the card has been thrown together means that I am probably less hyped for this show than any I have covered since starting these reviews last year.

I actually do own the DVD version of this show from Laser Light Digital, but I couldn’t find it so I’m going to be stuck with the WWE Network version, which means there’ll be music dubbing galore. Oh well, let’s just hope some of the dubbed music is good eh?

Anyway, that’s enough of wittering from me, let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

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What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – January 24, 1995

ECW Tag Team Champions the Public Enemy get on a boxcar so they can get from Philadelphia to Florida.  In Florida, in front of a Daily Planet sign, Johnny Grunge says that Superman is scared of them, which is why a chain link fence is in front of the sign.  Then, Grunge finishes doing some graffiti and makes fun of Sabu’s appearance.  Spliced between the promos are video highlights of an Enemy match in Florida against Mr. President and Death Row 3260.

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What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – January 17, 1995

A video package shows Raven walking through a snow-covered residential neighborhood and how he helped Steve Richards beat Hack Myers in the ECW Arena.  Then, in an arena’s boiler room he says he is a tortured soul and warns Tommy Dreamer to take heed.

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What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – January 10, 1995

Tully Blanchard tells ECW Champion Shane Douglas that other Horsemen might be afraid of him but he is not.

Joey Styles puts over the newly designed ECW Arena to accommodate more fans.  Fans shower him with chants of “You still suck.”

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Mike Reviews: ECW Guilty As Charged 2000 – 09/01/2000

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I wrote this up about a year ago as I didn’t plan I’d ever get this far in these ECW reviews. I’ve gone in and tightened some stuff up and added any additional bits I felt were necessary.

ECW made a big fuss in the build-up about how this was the first pay per view event of the new millennium, but it won’t mean much if the show itself isn’t any good.

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Mike Reviews: ECW November to Remember 1999

Hello You!

So here we are again with another ECW pay per view event of 1999. It’s been a tad hit and miss for ECW on pay per view this year, with Anarchy Rulz being good whilst Heat Wave and Hardcore Heaven were kind of just there and Living Dangerously was pretty bad. Hopefully tonight ECW can knock this one out of the park, especially as this show is supposed to be the biggest one they do all year.

I actually bought the live American pay per view version of this show years back from the dearly departed Extreme Central UK store in Manchester, which was a fantastic place to buy ECW/CZW/ROH tapes without having to faff about with arranging things online. The picture is a bit fuzzy but I get the real entrance music at least, so I’m counting it as a win.

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Monday Night Raw – June 17, 2002

Monday Night Raw
Date: June 17, 2002
Location: The Arena in Oakland, Oakland, California
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

It’s the go home show for King of the Ring and that means we’re getting the first two quarterfinal matches tonight. Unfortunately it means we’re also getting more of the mess that Raw has become. However, with WWE having to hit a big reset button last week, it should be interesting to see where things go from here. Let’s get to it.

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Monday Night Raw – April 15, 2002

Monday Night Raw
Date: April 15, 2002
Location: Reed Arena, College Station, Texas
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

It’s the final show before Backlash and the big Raw main event is the fresh matchup of Undertaker vs. Steve Austin for a title shot at the next pay per view. Raw has been dying in its first few shows and I don’t see that getting any better for a long time. They really need to figure out something with this Brand Split in a hurry because it’s getting bad quickly. Let’s get to it.

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RF Video Shoot Interview with Raven Volume 1, Disc Two

Disc Two runs at fifty-seven minutes long

You can read the Disc One recap by clicking on the link below.


Raven is asked where the Beulah McGillicutty came from. He said that he was hanging out in Miami for the Super Bowl and was hanging out with Ron Gant, then of the Atlanta Braves MLB team. He got introduced to Raven and she saw Beulah (real name Teresa Hayes) who told Raven that she wanted to get into wrestling again as she used to be Pillman’s sister in Calgary. She even volunteered to send some of her Penthouse Magazine photos to him and Heyman hired her to play his valet. At first, Raven hated the idea of having a valet as it did not fit the character. Raven then said that Heyman told him that it would fit the character then the McGillicutty name came about and Raven came up with the story of Dreamer blowing her off in Summer Camp as she was fat and had her face covered in acne but Raven slept with her anyway.

He loved the hardcore stuff and said it is more difficult in ways as it takes balls. He talks about garbage can shots not hurting then said that chair shot to the head was part of the show then puts over the Rock for being the best at getting his hand up at the last second when he took chair shot. He talks about the Pitbulls not wanting to take any chair shots or other moves despite the fact they did all sorts of crazy shit to everyone else and says he has problems with those who can dish it out but not take the punishment. He then said that Gary was a good guy but Anthony was a “schmuck.”

When talking about the crucifixion angle with Sandman, Raven said that he came back from rehab and had Sandman built the cross as he was not good with tools. Raven then slams the WWF for stealing the angle and his character with Edge. He then talks about his angle and how they made sure to shield what they were doing during the actual crucifixion so the crowd could not see what was happening and when he hoisted up the Sandman, the crowd went nuts and he talks about how it was done to perfection.

Regarding the story of Kurt Angle and how he was supposedly offended by the crucifixion, Heyman told Raven to apologize despite Angle not being offended at all in reality. Raven believes that Taz was the one who created that whole situation and said that the crowd shit on his apology as they did not want to be condescended too and that Angle loved the fact that Raven gave a half ass apology. He did say that some of the religious guys in the locker room got offended and jokes about he was told why didn’t he use a Jewish star. Raven said that Taz loved to be miserable but that he is much better now.

He mentions how his memory is terrible from drugs and mentions that Dreamer’s memory is awful too but from all the chair shots he took. Raven did say if he does remember something then he knows everything about that situation.

On the “Chair shot heard around the world,” Raven said that he wanted for Dreamer to be the mirror image of him and even use his finisher. He said that Heyman wanted Dreamer to hit Raven 10-15 times but that Raven wanted to get hit just once so the crowd would not be desensitized and that he would sell it like death and talked about how that was in the opening segment of the show for a long time.

Raven talks about the feud against Sandman and his family. He needed a new valet as Beulah turned face and he ended up with Sandman’s wife, Lori Fullington, and made her dress like Courtney Love. Raven said that she looked incredibly hot like that. He talks about how Sandman’s son Tyler knew his cues better than he did too.

On the Barbed Wire match against Sandman, Raven said that Heyman made him do that to win the belt. Raven also said that he was petrified of doing this type of match and Heyman knew that but thinks that Heyman did this because he knew Raven could do this type of match instead of punishing him for being in rehab and as it turns out Raven thought the match was easy to do.

About rehab, Raven said that he was going through an emotional breakdown and that was the bigger problem than alcohol and quit drinking on his own. He worked through some childhood trauma in rehab and said he was fine after that. Heyman told Raven that he would tell the “sheets” he had to take some personal time. Raven said that Anthony Durante told him that he went to rehab so he would not have to drop the belt to which Raven replies he was not scheduled to drop the belt for another year.

He talks about how Dreamer’s wrestling skills are not good and needs the garbage stuff to have an interesting match. Raven said that Sandman was easy to work with as he wanted to get the shit kicked out of him.

Raven said that he thought ECW should have gone to PPV sooner but when it did it ended up being the beginning of the end for the company. Raven said he was gone shortly thereafter as Eric Bischoff offered him a big deal and he went to WCW. He gave notice prior to the show.

At the end of his first ECW run, Raven said that his relationship with Heyman was strained because WCW offered a lot more than what Heyman could.

When he left, Raven felt that he did everything he could have done and that their ideas were no longer revolutionary as the WWF and WCW copied them. He said how Heyman couldn’t afford to keep all of the guys he had as they were going elsewhere. He said that he believes his feuds with Sandman and Dreamer carried the company.

Raven said that despite being on top, the posters all featured Sabu vs. Taz. He said that Heyman told him it was because of Taz, who said that it was because of Heyman.

He talks about how fans turn into wrestling for the stories and uses an example of how Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero segments being the lowest rated while Big Show gets higher ratings because of the stories he is involved with. Raven said you need to have good wrestling too but the stories are the most important.

Raven talks about trying to rekindle the friendship he had with Heyman but that it will take a lot of time as Heyman has moved past that part of his life.

When asked about how he would conduct classes backstage at ECW, Raven talks about how he taught the Dudley Boys how to sell and that they learned very quickly. He also used to show tapes of Mid-South to the guys and forgot about that until Feinstein reminded him. Raven said he likes to teach to feed his ego and that he likes to actually teach people too.

He talks about his program with Shane Douglas and how he was cutting a promo with Kimona, who was unable to even remember a single line. The whole locker room was cracking up as Douglas was pissed. Raven thinks that he is a great worker and recalls a singles match Douglas had against Arn Anderson in WCW and how his selling was tremendous.

On Cactus Jack, Raven thought that his anti-hardcore gimmick was fantastic and that his promos were the best he has ever heard. He talks about how he was wrestling in Revere, MA and Cactus grabbed him in a ten-minute long headlock that pissed off the fans, who actually did the wave to entertain themselves.

He talks about the Freebirds and how he modeled his earlier characters after Michael PS Hayes. He thought that he was cool as he fucked all the chicks and drank tons of booze and snorted a ton of cocaine. He tells a story of how a girl at a bar in Atlanta while he worked for Global turned out to be the wife of Hayes and brought her over to him and told Raven that he made her watch him on TV all of the time.

When asked about any other memories of ECW, he talks about getting superbombed through a table in the double dog-collar match against the Pitbulls and how Anthony did not want him kicking out of the move as it would make him look bad so Anthony ended up bouncing Raven off of the table instead of putting him through. Raven said that the locker room thought he was dead after that. He also thought when Francine put Fluff on Stevie Richards it was hilarious.

He talks about how a heel prick has to show ass once in a while as it is bad for business and the babyface when you do not and says it is ego if you do not.

He closes by saying his ECW run was his favorite as they were creating something new and so much bigger than what it was.

Final Thoughts: One of the best shoot interviews of all-time. Raven, despite talking and talking, always entertains and shows his insight and knowledge when it comes to wrestling. He is an articulate guy. RF Video also shot another shoot right after this that covers his time in WCW and return to the WWF and that is also highly entertaining.

You can purchase this shoot for $20 at RFVideo.com by clicking on the link below


RF Video Shoot Interview with Raven Volume 1, Disc One

This was filmed in early 2003

The Interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein and Gabe Sapolsky

Disc One runs at one hour and fifty-three minutes long

Raven starts the interview by making fun of Gabe and Rob. He is then asked if he was a fan of wrestling as a kid and he said that he loved it and wanted to be an athlete but when he got into high school he became more of a “midcarder” then talks about how he wanted to be rich and famous and watching Ricky Santana & Dave Sierra (The Barrio Brothers) on Florida Championship Wrestling and how he thought that since he was their size that he could do it too. He also claims that Santana lied to him about being a tag team champion.

On how he got into the business, Raven said that he wanted to go to the Malenko’s school but was unable to find it due to poor marketing and saw Larry Sharpe’s Monster Factory in Sports Illustrated and despite not really putting any big stars into the business it had the most publicity.

His first territory was Memphis and jokes about how he never thought he would be back here (Raven was working for NWA-TNA at the time). He said that after several months at the Monster Factory, Sharpe told him that he needed to work in front of crowds and stressed out like crazy trying to send out a tape of his work until Jerry Lawler called him back. Raven said that he had a great time as he hung around with Marty Jannetty a lot. Raven recalls Jannetty dumping off Candi Divine at his doorstep at 6:00am. Raven said that he had a bad match against ome short masked jobbers called the Zebra Warriors and after that became a jobber himself and was let go after an angle in which Missy Hyatt offered to date Raven if he beat Lawler and when he lost, he got slapped by Missy and was done.

After Memphis, he went to Florida as the territory was being restarted. He loved that he got to do commentary with Gordon Solie but said that the locker room was awful and calls Brett Sawyer a “piece of shit” and threatens to kick his ass if he sees him again. He was in Florida for about ten months until he got fired when after not losing at all on TV, Steve Keirn told Raven to put him over and Raven said that he “hemmed and hawed” about it and the next day Mike Graham called him up and fired him as Raven said that he realized how he knew he was fired ten minutes after refusing to job and was glad it happened there instead of somewhere else. Raven liked Graham and said that Graham himself said he had to let him go but that he could call in a few months and they would see about bringing him back.

Raven talks about a tour of Hawaii that featured other wrestlers from different territories then met Moose Morowski from Vancouver who got him a job for Al Tomko’s promotion in Portland. Raven said that Tomko constantly bitched about Verne Gagne pushing his son Greg for being too small then went ahead and pushed his own kid who Raven said made Greg look like Andre the Giant by comparison. He then talks about working as part of a six-man with Tomko’s kids and how they tried to have him dropkick the ref in their match for no reason then was told that a girl was threatening legal action and realied they were trying to fuck him over and got the hell out of the territory.

When he left Vancouver, Raven drove himself down to Portland in an attempt to get a job and met Dave Sierra and from that he got the job. He talks about Roddy Piper and how he wanted to see what he looked like and when Raven talks about how he used to do commentary with Gordon Solie, Piper gave him three weeks to get over as a heel commentator. Raven said that he would have quit if he was unable to get himself over in that time frame then talks about how he never waited for a promotion to push him and instead focused on how to get himself over.

Raven talks about how he dressed like a pimp and brought different women and how that helped get him laid. After that he discusses about how he drove with Len Denton and got to pick his brain.

When asked about GWF, Raven joked about how they skipped over his cocaine-filled days in Portland that were filled with banging “rats” and how all they had in Portland was the Trailblazers and that was it so they were all local celebrities and on Saturday night, their show beat “Saturday Night Live” in the ratings. He talks about how he found his valet, Ginger, at his coke dealer’s house smoking crack and she had huge tits but showed up on time. Raven said he told her to dress like a sloppy whore and how her tit popped out just before they went live and how they never edited anything and has the show went on the air she was shoving her tit back in her dress. He said that Matt Borne’s wife was pissed at him for putting her on the air because of how she looked but when Raven explained how she was there to get heat, she understood. After that he had a storyline with another girl named Veronica, who would go on to marry Rex King. He said that they had a mixed tags and the girl started shooting on each other. He got fired from Portland after two years and said that Len Denton was the booker and kept things at a certain level where as Raven thought they could grow and Denton thought Raven was making a play at the book and got fired around Christmas time.

After Portland, WCW called him up for a heel commentator job that paid $100,000 a year and he would still get to wrestle but realized that Denton fucked him over as back then they were close and Denton offered to talk to Jim Ross for him. After that, Raven learned that he had to do his own business in wrestling.

He did not think that there was a whole lot in GWF. He had to take a second job as a male stripper to pay the bills and thought it was great as he got even more pussy and drugs. He changed his name from Scotty the Body to Scott Anthony as he wanted to try to become an actor and felt he needed a last name.

Raven got to WCW after making a name for himself in the independent scene in Atlanta. He said that DDP got him the job after he went to Dusty Rhodes and told him to hire Raven. He then said that Dusty did not like him after what he did in Florida but DDP convinced him and he worked a dark match and got himself over then after that Dusty promised to make him into the next Ric Flair as he had the look of today. However, Bill Watts came in and decided that Raven was a “stooge” and that was the end of that. Raven hates Watts and said how he used to help his son Erik. He said that he used to ride with Steve Austin and Brian Pillman and how they were hilarious and that Pillman would be reading vocabulary books in the back. Raven talk about how Watts never booked him on house shows either and the only time they booked him was on the night of his 10th year high school reunion, the only day he wanted off. Watts said he never gave a reason for why he let him go and said it might have been because he was Jewish but Raven didn’t care and tells Watts to fuck himself.

He talks about how Atlanta had tons of hot chicks at this time that any guy could get a “10” because there were so many of them, even the girls working day shifts at the “titty bars” were smoking hot.

After WCW he went back to Memphis and thought his career was half-over as he felt he was too small for the WWF. The WWF ended up calling and wanted him to be a manager, which he interpreted as a manager who wrestles but found out it was just for a manager.

 He said that he took the Johnny Polo character as someone who had a lot of leisure time and brought a lot of ridiculous stuff to the ring. Raven talks about Vince getting him behind the camera but not in front of it.

On the Quebecers, Raven said Jacques knew enough to distance himself from him to get the heat on himself. Regarding Adam Bomb, Raven said that Bomb thought he was a legit manager and would ask him to make rental car arrangements and other things.

Vince made him an associate producer of RAW and got a salary and health insurance as a result but wanted to be on camera as a performer. Vince felt there was a disconnect between Raven and the Johnny Polo character.

He came up with an idea on “All American Wrestling” to put on a nostalgia match and that allowed him to sit in the library and watch old matches all day but was not allowed to select matches with guys that Vince was feuding with.

Raven now talks about how he would party with Shane McMahon until 4:00am just about every night. He also said that Shane could hang right with him. He also said that the boys thought he was kissing Vince’s ass by doing this but in reality he was pissing him off for keeping his son out all night. Once he left the WWF the friendship ended though as he talks about how that happens in wrestling all the time. He then jokes about how Shane could drink like a motherfucker and got tons of chicks. He said that he is fearless and a “tough motherfucker.”

On quitting the WWF, Raven said they took him off the air and he was unhappy. The guys in the locker room thought he was crazy for giving up $100,000 a year and benefits but he said he got into wrestling to wrestle.

After the WWF, Art Barr contacted him about being the third member of Los Gringos Locos in the AAA promotion but said that Konnan wanted that job and made sure to bury him so he would not get the job. He said that Konnan and him are friends now though. Raven said that Barr told him his character was based off of his Scotty the Body character but also said that Barr was a notorious liar as well. He did say his character had some similarities to Scotty the Body.

After that he met DDP who told him to go with a grunge look and adopt a tough guy gimmick after watching the movie “Point Break” and Raven dressed like that and listened to alternative music at the time anyway so took that and stuff from his “fucked up” childhood and created the Raven character.

While living in Philly, he saw ECW for the first time and was blown away. He originally talked to Jim Cornette to get into Smoky Mountain but all he did was blow smoke up his ass and never got brought in after all. Raven said that he needed a TV show to display his character depth and said he had to get into ECW and DDP called Paul Heyman. Page then called Raven up and his roommate woke him up after a night of partying and he was still fucked up on Halcyons. DDP told Raven to call Heyman and he did and got brought in after that.

Initially, Heyman thought the Raven character was going to be the Scotty the Body character in grunge clothing but after his first promo, Heyman saw that it clicked and had no idea he was going that way. Raven calls Heyman the greatest mind in wrestling that he had ever met.

He said that Axl Rotten was a very good worker and a lot more talent than people give him credit for and thought that Mikey Whipwreck was a more interesting version of the 1-2-3 Kid because he had depth as he was scared to do anything. He credits Heyman for hiding Public Enemy’s flaws and said that Johnny Grunge was an awful wrestlers but funny on promos and could bleed well.

Raven’s idea was to stay in ECW for four months to get Dreamer over then go to the WWF but liked ECW too much and didnt think the WWF would take him back.

Heyman was the one who came up with the idea for Stevie Richards to be Raven’s flunky. Raven said he made him wear daisy dukes and cut off shirts off hair bands to make him look like a putz. He said that Richards was a great worker. They never hung out at that time but are friends now. Raven said that is drug and alcohol problem was at an all-time high and made Richards his errand boy as he even paid him as much as Heyman did. He tells a story of how he wanted Richards to wear a bald skin cap to look like Baron Von Raschke as it was meant as a “funny homage” to his heroes.

Final Thoughts: Very good stuff. Raven does talk non-stop and strays off topic but he is engaging and entertaining most of the time so it is all good. If they asked more about his partying you could have had some insane stories too.

Disc Two will be up tomorrow.

September Classics: The Pitbulls vs. Raven & Stevie Richards – September 16, 1995

Greatest match in ECW history? It is certainly on a lot of people’s lists, and this came at the peak of ECW’s popularity. Back in 1995, ECW was offering something different than the stale WWF and Hogan-riffic WCW. Back in the day, a friend tried to introduce me to ECW by showing me this match. Not a bad idea, at the time.

RF Video On the Road with Raven

This was filmed in December 2006.

This is a two-disc set, totaling at two hours and fifty-eight minutes long

It is conducted by Rob Feinstein and Doug Gentry, in his last on camera appearance before he passed away. The poor guy looked sick too. A graphic for him is on the screen before the interview.

The disc starts with Raven on a shopping spree in New Hope, PA. He is walking around with some girl, who has one fine set of tits but a busted face, then walks into the “Witch Shop.” They talk about the Nip/Tuck season finale and some other TV shows before leaving.

He then talks to someone about his new character (the leader of the Serotonin stable) and how he wears a white suit. He then talks about meeting people at DragonCon and wants something that looks like it would hurt if it hit you but not too bad. He then wants Gentry to come over and be his guinea pig. Raven shoots the shit for several more minutes with the guys from the shop. He looks at various swords and masks along with other weapons. This is going on for far too long and is not at all interesting to me. The only thing remotely entertaining was Raven ragging on Feinstein and Gentry.

We are now shown Raven being picked up at the airport in Baltimore, MD on 12/28/06 as he heads to a show for Maryland Championship Wrestling. Raven then talks in the car about how the people in Philadelphia are bigger deviants than those in New York City and how Howard Stern said the same thing. Raven then calls Baltimore the ghetto version of Philly. Gentry talks about how he used to sell flowers as Raven seems interested and they talk about some notoriously perverted guy who used to pay boys to shit in their underwear and take it home with him and how Gentry sold him his socks for $10 when the guy offered to buy them and then heard that he would pay kids to go to the bathroom in his house.

Still in the car, Raven talks about falling in the trap of using drugs to be cool and how he wanted to be Keith Richards. He then says that there comes a time when you have to grow up once he realized that and stopped using. Raven then talks about Bob Evans after they pass it on the road and how he eats their pancakes with honey.

Raven then talks on his phone to his mechanic about having problems with his tires. They finally arrive to the arena as Raven wants to go to Bob Evans at some point. He is backstage as the camera work is too shaky to see who else is there.

We now see Raven get checked out by the Maryland State Athletic Commission. They take his vital signs as the old guy who is in charge talks about how Smackdown was in town recently and saw guys like Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes but forgot everyone else. To say this guy’s memory was gone is an understatement. The doctor then makes Raven do a sobriety test as Raven fucks around for a minute before taking it seriously.

Raven goes backstage and eats his food that he brought along from the Atlanta airport. Feinstein comments how it smells like shit as Raven responds by saying that it smells like Feinstein’s mom. Guys on the show like Jeff Jones and Danny Doring walk by and say hi for a bit.

Doring then comes back and talks with Raven for a bit as Feinstein asks Raven about his opponent tonight, Nick Berk. They then talk about the ex-boyfriend of an ECW rat who is here and how he invested the boys money. Raven asks Doring about Chetti and learned that his wife became pregnant with their 5th child the day after he got a vasectomy. He also said that Chetti told his wife that he got a $1,500 bonus for Christmas and she ended up giving him $300 and keeping the rest. Doring then talks about how he told Chetti not to worry about the 5th kid because in the next ten years he will found out that he had fathered six or seven more.

Feinstein is now with Nick Berk, who is pumped about wrestling Raven tonight. They then meet for the first time briefly as Raven heads over to his gimmick table past all of the fans at the event as there still Christmas decorations up with KC and the Sunshine Band playing in the background. Raven signs some autographs and is not exactly the friendliest guy while doing so as he seems annoyed when fans request a picture. 90% of the fans are obese and wearing hooded sweatshirts and glasses. Raven seems to warm up a tad to the fans near the end. He did insist one fan get an extra picture after she gave him extra money and when she refused, he gave it to a kid. Some guy who claims to sell wrestling merchandise at a flea market attempts to cut a deal with him as Raven said he will talk to him later. Raven briefly comments on the covers on Women’s Wrestling matches.

After leaving the gimmick table, Raven heads up to the locker room and talks with Berk. Raven comments on how he looks like George Hamilton with his mustache and how he has to rent “Love at First Bite.” Berk then comments on how he recently was on WWE TV portraying Michael Richards in a skit. MCW owner Dan McDevitt comes out and says that Tom Brandi will not be here as he had a part of the show as Raven and McDevitt talk about the past and how Raven would like to work here in the future. McDevitt then wants Berk to fill the role of Brandi and they go through the segment as a girl walks by dressed as a slutty elf. Raven learns that his match was not advertised and how he got the spot right before first intermission. Raven then suggests how to make the segment better and he ends up schooling them both with his knowledge. The owner is actually incorporating his real-life divorce into the story. Raven stresses to let the heels get the heat as several other wrestlers on the show stand around and listen to Raven lay out how to do the segment and says that the heel shouldnt be too funny in bringing up the divorce as the fans will laugh and how they should say things to make the fans feel uncomfortable so he still maintains his heel heat. Raven then walks Berk through on what to do that will make the segment work. Chasity comes out and chills with Raven for a bit and looks great to be honest. Raven then talks to Berk after everyone else leaves and asks if he gets were he is coming from. Berk responds by saying that he listens to Opie & Anthony and how they are offensive and uses that style but Raven reminds him how this audience listens to that stuff so they will not be offended. Raven then suggests to study tapes of Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman when they were in WCW. Raven is teaching these guys a lot and just does a great job of it to be honest. The WWE would really benefit from him in NXT but that is never going to happen.

Raven is now getting dressed and asks the owner if he can go on after the intermission so it gets more time and so he can stretch for a bit. He then talks some more about the segment and how the heel should “pat him on the back then shove it up his ass.” Raven closes the disc by alerting everyone that he has to take a shit.


We leave off with Raven still in the locker room. He then gets a Bob Evans delivery and shares it with Doring, who jokes about how he learned a lot from who he traveled with. For instance, he learned from Raven on what to eat and also learned to wear a rubber with your wife from Chris Chetti and not tell your wife that you got a Christmas bonus.

Berk talks to Raven about how he talked to him when he was in ECW. Raven then talks to Doring about Francine and how she claims to be in love with her boyfriend as Doring doesn’t believe her. Raven then says that he believes it is real as she can tell it in her voice. He then asks Doring if he ever got with her and he said that Francine told him that she was told who not to talk with.

Doring and Raven then talk about masturbating and it is a pretty funny conversation to be honest. Its all just shooting the shit stuff but actually entertaining, unlike Raven in the shops of New Hope, PA. Doring is always hysterical in shoot interviews.

Raven then tells Berk again that being funny kills heel heat and to not think funny when he interrupts the owner’s speech but rather think mean. He even suggests some lines to him as they finish up talking as Berk thanks him. Again, Raven did a tremendous job giving advice.

After some more bullshitting, Raven heads backstage in the gorilla position and stretches as McDevitt and Berk have their confrontation. He then talks with Chasity and Jeff Jones and after a few minutes, peaks through the curtain and a few minutes after that, Raven is introduced and he runs in and clotheslines Berk, wrestling as a character called Nicky Benz, to the floor. Raven then cuts a promo before beating the crap out of him outside of the ring. They have their match, which isnt anything special, and Raven wins that. He limps to the back then talks to McDevitt in the locker room about how he should have not pulled the microphone away from Berk as it turns to a pissing contest and it hurts his sympathy a bit but most importantly, it kills the tension as the heel should be in control of his own segment and that is why there were two microphones. This is Raven offering constructive criticism and not being a dick. Overall, Raven puts over the segment and said it made the crowd sympathetic towards the face.

Raven then teaches Berk some more and how the heel needs to build heat so the face can make the big comeback. He says that when the face is on the ground set up, attack them. Raven talks about how as a heel, you need to be good enough that when you show ass, people still think you are a prick. Berk then thanks Raven for all he has taught him.

Final Thoughts: To begin, this was a documentary, not a shoot interview. No questions were really asked to Raven and he was filmed the entire time during his normal daily routine. The only stories provided were from Danny Doring as he ragged on Chris Chetti. The beginning with him at the shops was tedious but watching him at the show and seeing him shoot the shit backstage, interact with fans, and teach others about wrestling was fantastic. It was all raw footage and very, very interesting to watch. It doesnt make for an interesting recap to read though.

Raven really stood out here with his wrestling knowledge. He was teaching everyone and not in a condescending way either. Watching and listening him explain his reasons on how something will and will not work was something else. Also, watching an indy show from behind the scenes is about as dreary as you would expect. From the venue to the talent, it was sad at times.

Another problem was that the sound quality was rough as it was hard to listen when Raven was shopping and when he was backstage waiting for his cue to come out to the ring. The camera work was shaky at times too. However, I do recommend this shoot as the footage of Raven at the show is worth watching. My recommendation is to skip until he reaches the venue as everything else is dull. Luckily, a majority of the shoot takes place at the show.

You can purchase the video at RFVideo.com, who has a sale lasting through tomorrow for 25% off shoot interviews.


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RF Video Face Off with Honky Tonk Man and Raven

This interview was filmed in the beginning of 2007. It runs at two hours and twenty seven minutes long. This was the first installment of the “Face Off” series.

The interview starts with a graphic honoring Doug Gentry, who passed away prior to this filming. Gentry worked for RF Video and was responsible for filming the ECW FanCam footage

The interview starts with the food delivery arriving and the first few minutes are disorganized as the give the delivery guy instructions.

Raven asks Honky about him refusing to drop the Intercontinental Title and everything else that happened afterwards as a result. Honky said that Vince was worried because he already spoke with Jim Barnett of the NWA, who told him to not drop the belt on TV. He said he and Randy never had a problem over what happened, as he understood it was business, then said that Randy actually thanked him at one point due to receiving the World Heavyweight Title as a result. Honky goes through what was told to him after he got word from the office they wanted him to drop the belt, stating that he was told he was getting “rebuilt,” which he believed was back to the opening matches against guys like Lanny Poffo, S.D. Jones, and Pedro Morales and how that would greatly lower his income as he was just starting to make money when he was selling out the “B” shows. He confirms that DiBiase was promised the World Heavyweight Title and a feud with Hogan. He then says how he went to Vince and asked him to keep him strong on TV for a while and give him a chance to get over and make a little bit of money and if he failed, he would gladly do whatever Vince wanted.

Still on this topic, Raven goes into how back then, they had job guys to put over the stars and that the stars never did the job clean on TV and would wrestle the other stars at house shows and make money that way, which is not the case today. Honky adds that the contracts were not guaranteed then like they are today. He also says that back then, there were other places to go work unlike today. Honky also states that Vince respected him for standing up for himself.

Honky is asked by Raven about his costumes. He tells him that the ones he uses for independents is $3,500 and the one for special occasions and signings was $10,000. Honky talks about how the guys today all look cookie-cutter but that people recognize him due to his costume. He brings up how he talked to Jimmy Hart a few days ago and how the red and yellow color scheme always draws attention and was first used by Barnum and Bailey Circus before Hulk Hogan, adding that those colors always works. Raven talks about young guys not wanting to spend money on their look yet wait around for the office to give them a push. They both say how you will not make it if you do not try to set yourself apart from everyone else.

Honky talks about going to the WCW Powerplant when that was running and how all the young guys were sleeping on the floor instead of watching matches ot listening to advice. He goes on about how he drove 400 miles in a small car with other guys when he first started and did not get guaranteed money or even get plane fare to a training school. Raven says that Steve Keirn gave him the best advice when he first started and that was watch as much wrestling as you can. He then adds that you can do as many moves as you want but it doesnt mean shit if you cant sell tickets. Honky said that he asked Johnny Rodz if any of he guys he trained ever come back to train and he said no one does as soon as they get their first booking. Honky said when he first started, he would book himself on the weekends and go back and train twice a week for about nine months. Raven said you have to eat, sleep, and breath wrestling to make it and if you want to be a star or do flips, join the Cirque de Soleil. They then laugh at guys who think Hogan and Lawler cannot work because they do not use highspots in their matches.

They now talk about working the crowd. Honky said that Col. DeBeers told him if they yell boring, take it down a notch as if they are responding, they are paying attention.

Honky is asked about the hardcore stuff they did in Memphis. He said that it was controlled hardcore back then and he worked with guys that he had good chemistry with. Raven said when he got to ECW, Heyman thought that faces and heels were a thing of the past but he said it made it difficult to build a match so he decided to be a heel anway. He told other wrestlers in the company that he was only doing one chair shot in his match and some of them would complain about how others were doing ten at a time and Raven’s response was that it doesnt matter what they did as in his match, he can sell one fine. Honky recalls watching a RVD/Sabu match once that contained at least 25 chairshots. Raven also compares to the cruiser matches of today and how they do not sell. He says that today, many guys either no sell or act like they are dead, with nothing in between. Honky goes back to the ECW match he saw and said that he likes both guys and that was how ECW was structured. Raven said that he did less than others, partly due to laziness and drug addiction, but also because he wanted to build drama. Honky says that he tells the guys breaking in today that if you lose control, then the crowd and the match is lost.

Still on the subject, Honky hates table spots due to the lack of control as you have no idea if the table will cut you. Raven said you can have a feel of what you are doing after a while and that is why he uses an elbow drop, instead of a flippy-move that you have no control over. Honky said that a powerbomb through a table is something he hates as when you are taking the move, you have no idea where you are going. He then says that wrestling is entertainment and athletics, not stuntman routines. Raven says that he tells the young guys that he wants to wrestle until he is 50 years old and that the guys he was with in TNA four years ago who did all highspots are now starting to take it down a few notches as they are already beat up. Honky brings up Mick Foley and how after falling off the top of the cage, there was nothing left to do. Raven adds that the fact he was a good talker is what kept him relevant after that.

Raven talks about the Japanese style of working stiff and says that he showed one of his friends a tape of the work and wasn’t impressed at all, stating that he could it a guy for real if he wanted to and that there was no skill in working stiff. Raven adds that the real skill is making it look realistic while not hurting yourself or your opponent. Honky says that he cannot sell an actual punch the same as a worked punch.

They now talk about facial expressions and body movement and how the guys today really lack those skills. Honky said that he learned to use body movement to sell when he worked under a mask at the beginning of his career and when his hair grew out, he could jerk his head and have his hair move around. Honky adds that Bret Hart was able to overcome his complete lack of facial expression because his body movement was excellent. Honky talks about three guys who completely lacked animation: Lex Luger, Ultimate Warrior, and Tom Magee. Honky talks about Magee and how he was supposed to be the next Hogan and was 6’7 300lbs and do backflips off the top rope. Raven asks how come they didnt stick with him and Honky said that he had no lateral movement at all and couldnt even sell anything. Raven then tells a story about how he had to work with Bill Goldberg in WCW and that Goldberg told him he wasnt going to sell anything.

The above discussion about Goldberg leads into a rant on Bret Hart by Honky. He brings up how Hart said in an interview that he didnt like working with him because he was “too soft” in the ring. Honky then tells Bret who would he rather work with for the next five years, him or Goldberg, who kicked him in the head and put him out of the business. For a more profane and animated version of this rant, check out Honky’s First YouShoot DVD. Honky adds that Hart and Flair worked the same match every night then Raven laughs about the fact that Hart accused Flair of working the same match every night when he did the exact same thing.

They now talk about Flair. Raven said that Flair dissed him while he was in WCW. Honky brings up Flair’s book and how he said that he wouldnt have been a main event talent if it wasn’t for Hogan. Honky adds that he was in main events before going to the WWF and added that Arn Anderson wouldn’t have amounted to “dog shit” if it wasn’t for Flair and that his head was shoved so far up his ass that he was surprised he could even breath.

They now talk about friends in the business as Honky adds that all the stars had their own versions of Brutus Beefcake. Raven says that you want to get your friends jobs but only build them up to their skill level and not to promote them further than that. Honky said that was how you got to get jobs in other territories back in the day. He said guys like the Bushwhackers and Joe LeDuc would help him out. Raven said that he always tries to get his friends like Sandman, Disco Inferno, and Johnny Swinger jobs but that no one else wants to do that today. He recalls a story about Edge, who he was very close with in the WWF, asked him to go to the office and help him out for a program or to take a look at as he was getting jobbed out, but he refused. Raven also brings up that Edge did the same thing to Johnny Swinger, who was the best man at his first wedding during his time in the WWE. Raven doesnt get why people do not want to help there friends and asks how fucking selfish can you be. Honky believes the friendships died when the territories did as you would go to the WWF and guys you worked with for years wouldnt talk to you anymore. Then after that, the greed really started to set in and everyone stopped looking out for each other. Raven jokes about how Disco never thanked him for creating his gimmick and he is one of his best friends.

Honky talks about getting into the ring with younger guys on the independents and that most of them are a bit nervous and some of them do not realize who he is but a lot of them screw up in the ring. Honky recalls that when he first started out, he wrestled against Lou Thesz and got the shit kicked out of him and that he deserved it as he kept screwing up but that was how you learned. He then adds how guys with nine total matches will approach him about wanting to do certain spots and how hat boggles his mind. Raven talks about how guys on the indies will say that they have been working for three years but when you ask them ho wmany matches they have had they say ten. This leads to a discussion about Taz, who yells at guys for not paying their dues constantly, yet Raven says that Taz spent one day in Memphis and quit and worked just a few matches in a four-year span. Honky adds that Taz used to tote around Kevin Sullivan’s bags then Raven tells a story of how Taz had an orgasm in the ring after being on the receiving end of a German suplex by Sullivan. Honky finishes by saying you no longer ask someone how long they have been in the business but rather how many matches they have had.

Raven talks about when he was relegated to “Sunday Night Heat” that the jobbers he would work with who claim that they could do all sorts of stuff and he would have them punch and kick each other in the ring and 9-out-of-10 could not do anything. Honky said that when he first started, he would get the VHS tapes of his matches and watch them all night to improve on what he was doing incorrectly.

They now talk about wrestling schools and how they are no being run by guys with very little experience. Raven said that he trained at Larry Sharpe’s school, who was a nobody in wrestling, but was mostly trained by Charlie Fulton, who was a solid worker for many years. Raven said that they guys who train the students there now are those who wrestled several TV squashes in the WWF and that is their qualification.

Raven brings up the Disco Inferno again and how he always wanted to be the Honky Tonk Man. Honky said that he met Disco once then again a few years later and Disco did not recall meeting him that first time. Raven talks about how he got Disco his first break when he was in Memphis and Jerry Lawler asked him what his gimmick was and he said that it was the Disco Inferno. Raven said that he took it from a guy in Calgary who wrestled with a disco gimmick. Raven asks Honky if it means something to him that he was a reason that a wrestler got into the business. Honky said that it does because you impacted the life of someone. Honky then said that people want to be the next Rock but that he did not last in the business long enough as he found another way to make millions of dollars.

Back from a break, Raven asks Honky about the Hall of Fame. He says that it is an honor in the sense that there are a lot of great names associated with the award but that he does not want to sign over all of his rights with to the WWE (control of his character), which will not let him continue to earn on the independents. Honky adds that if they are going to let Mike Rotundo be an agent and have Barry Windham on payroll, at least let him sweep the floors.

Now, Raven has the list of the 101 dirtiest rumors in wrestling, a popular list. He and Honky go through some of the rumors. I will list the rumors and post their thoughts:

Kevin Sullivan spends his vacations at a nudist colony. Take that image through
the day.

Honky thinks it could be true then recalls how he teamed with him in Atlanta before Ole Anderson fired him.

Tommy Rich did some favors for Jim Barnett in exchange for the NWA World Title

Honky believes that is false, as he knows Rich. He then recalls how he was one of the most recognizable wrestlers on television before Hulk Hogan came around. This then leads to Honky talking about the Fuller’s who gave him some payoffs in pot. Raven said that he heard rumors about them giving the boys “powder payoffs.” Now, Raven, asks Honky about Robert Fuller having a huge cock, which Honky confirms and jokes that they called it the “gutwrench” and doesnt understand why he didnt go into porn.

NWA World Champion Gene Kiniski bought Kevin Von Erich a hooker in Las Vegas,
when Kevin was TWELVE.

Honky thinks it could be true as he was Canadian and they are not as uptight about sex as American’s.

A coked up Kerry and Kevin were once playing with a saw blade in the back
hallways at the sportatorium. Kerry saw a cat, so he threw the saw blade at the
cat, killing it.

Honky said it could be true then praises Kerry for being a great guy but that he was unable to read the cue cards for the house show promos in the WWF.

R&R Express walk in on Jimmy Valiant laying on the floor jerking off under a
glass table that a hooker is shitting on. Ricky throws up and leaves, while
Robert stays to watch.

Raven says that it sounds entirely plausible but Honky can’t see Ricky leaving the room in that situation.

Dusty Rhodes got Baby Doll fired (or something) because he was pissed that she
married near-jobber Sam Houston instead of him.

This leads to a discussion of how the business has changed with the women as they used to get in the business to be with the boys and now they get in to wrestle. Raven also adds how back then, the women used to get with the main eventers but now they are with the undercard guys.

Manny Fernandez took a dump in “Number One” Paul Jones brand-new Stetson hat,
put it back in the hat box on the airplane, like nothing happened, and went to
sit back by Jones for the remainder of the flight.

Honky said it sounds true as Manny would do just about anything.

Raven got caught in a hotel room with Becky Bayless at age 14, and Becky slept
with Joel Gertner and his wife.

Raven said that she was in the room but nothing happened because he knew she was underaged and he was interrogated by the police and let go as they even knew that nothing happened. What went on was that he was two other adult woman and they slept together and they left in the morning and when the cops came into the room, Raven was naked in the bed and Becky was in the room. Raven then added that Mikey Whipwreck told Heyman that Raven got arrested. Honky joked that Raven really did work for Lawler.

Rip Rogers pulled Barry Windham’s keys out of a commode filled with shit and
Jack Daniels after a particularly hard night of partying with his bare hands.

Raven said that sounds true and that Windham was known for having the spray shits. Honky said that Rip would do just about anything for money. Rip said that he never drank or did drugs but would do stuff for money.

Johnny Valentine would take a dump and strategically place it where it couldn’t
be found easily like the inside of bed posts.

Both guys talk about the stories they heard of Valentine being vicious in his pranks. Honky then tells a story of his son Greg and how one day he saw Greg piss in the ice machine at a hotel and to this day, he will never use or even allow his kids to use those machines.

Shawn Michaels supposedly invited three hot girls back to his hotel room. He
told them to all get naked and get on their knees. He whips out his ding dong
and the girls figure it’s going to be a suck-fest, but instead he proceeds to
take a piss in each of their mouths.

Honky said that sounded like something that Marty Jannetty would have done. This leads to the guys telling a few stories about Marty. Raven tells one of how a girl moved into his house and started to get her mail sent there and when Marty tried to kick her out but the judge ruled that since her mail was being sent there, she had a right to stay and Marty basically got kicked out of his own house. Honky then tells a story of how he was with Marty in Scotland a few years ago, just a few days after he was baptized by Shawn Michaels. Honky got a bottle of Bell’s Whiskey and Marty was telling him how he was clean and getting back in the WWE. Honky had the bottle and asked Marty if he wanted a hit and he declined. At 3am, Honky heard a knock on the door and it was Marty, asking for a taste of the whiskey. Honky gave him a good sized glass and Marty left then came back five minutes later. The next day, Marty asked for something for his back and Honky gave him some codeine. Marty asked him how many to take, Honky told him if you are not drinking, you can take 2-3. Marty asked him a few hours later if he should take more and Honky said as long as you are not drinking then Marty took four more. Marty then asked for some whiskey and Honky said that it was not a good idea but Marty drank it anyway. They get to the show and Marty is puking out of the car then goes in the arena and has the match. That night, Honky heard another knock on the door and it was Marty and again he was asking for some whiskey. Honky says that he loves Marty and that we all have our problems.

Raven asks Honky if he thinks people have really found religion. Raven said that Terry Taylor has but Honky is weary of that, stating that he is still stabbing people in the back. Honky said that Greg Valentine told him he has found religion and has stopped lying and double-booking himself. Honky talks about Ted DiBiase and how he was full of shit for calling Vince McMahon the devil then going back to work for him. Honky then jokes about Ted fucking a preacher’s wife.

Apparently after Lawler first arrived in the good old WWF a lot of people
disliked him for his general arrogant attitude. Hall, Nash, and Michaels didn’t
take to this too well, so at one of the Royal Rumbles, Lawler left his crown in
the dressing room to do the Rumble. So the Kliq decided to shit in his crown.
But apparently this wasn’t like a couple of turds in the crown. They apparently
filled King’s precious crown to the brim with a nice, hearty Kilq shit.

Honky said that he heard a rumor that is was someone who is now an agent in the WWE and got fucked over on payoffs from Lawler in Memphis. He didnt want to say who it was as he didnt know it to be 100%. He said it was not someone from the Kliq.

The guys now talk about Bam Bam Bigelow, who passed away shortly before this interview. Honky said he was agile and could work like a big man, unlike Vader who wanted to work like a cruiserweight. Raven also talks about Kamala and the One Man Gang being great big men too, as they could sway back and forth and not fall down.

TAKA fucked Sunny while Candido watched.

Both guys praise Chris for being a great guy. Honky said he was the most forgiving person and Raven adds how he was very caring and how it was a shame that he died of a ring injury after he got his life back in order. Honky then adds that sometimes, nice guys die first and that Jake Roberts, Jim Neidhart, and Kevin Von Erich will probably live forever.

Jushin Liger likes to loan out his wife to folks like Sasuke, TAKA, and
Hayabusa. He may also like to watch.

Neither guy has a clue but Honky tells a story of how he saw a Japanese Porn of a guy tied up and a bunch of girls lined up in a row to kick him in the nuts. He said that he sent it to Dory Funk as a joke. He then says that the Bushwhackers send him a lot of porn. Raven talks about how Japan censors penetration in their films.

Mike Rapada paid $25,000 to win the NWA belt.

Neither guy has a clue if this is true or not but it leads into a discussion about how others were rumored to have done this sort of stuff in the past. Raven brings up the rumor that Magnum TA’s other took a mortage out on their home for him to get the NWA belt in the 1980’s. Honky then says he would give Vince money today to be the world champ as long as he got half of what he made. Honky then talks about the money Hogan made in the 1980’s saying that he wrestled nine times a week and usually made about $20,000 plus more for the big shows and for his merchandise sales and says that adds up to over $200,000 a week. He says that people do not believe him when he talks about the money Hogan made but it was true and that gys like Austin and Rock do not even compare. Raven asks if Hogan should have gone to bat for the other wrestlers to unionize and get healthcare but Honky said there was no reason to risk his payday. Honky said that there should have been a profit sharing system if you have been there for a certain amount of time then Raven joked that Vince  would probably fire you a month before that was to happen.

Curt Hennig was supposedly one of those that shit in Lawler’s crown.

Honky said no but that Hennig did shit in the bag of Chief Jay Strongbow’s son (Mark Young). Raven tells a story of how Hennig was a puppet master and when the 1-2-3 Kid came in, Hennig saved his eyebrows and blamed it on the Smoking Gunns so the Kid put super glue in their cowboy hats then the Gunns gave him a receipt.

Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissey describes seeing Andre screwing – “like a lion raping a

Raven said that Buddy Rose was proud of the fact that Andre once shoved his thumb up his ass.

Raven did not wear clothes backstage in TNA until someone complained that Dixie Carter would see his horsecock.

Raven said that was true. Honky then goes on and says that the locker room should be the sanctuary for the boys. He then says in the WWF, when Sable and Sunny would have their catfights, they would get separate locker rooms and they would all have to dress in the hallway if there were only two locker rooms in the arena and they couldnt change when they were out in the hallway. They both talk about how they hate when people bring their friends and family into the locker room when they are trying to get dressed. Raven says that he was working for 3PW and Jasmin St. Claire would complain that he would walk around naked. Honky tells a story about how Virgil was their with Jasmin in the locker room and told Honky he couldnt get dressed as she was in the room. Honky told him that she got gang-banged on film and Virgil started to take off his clothes. Raven tells a story of how Colonel DeBeers would pretend he was gay in the locker room towards Rex King, who was very homphobic and would chase him around naked.

Raven talks about locker rooms in ECW and how women and men shared the rooms and they didnt have any showers so he would just wash himself in the sink. Honky said that they treated the women wrestlers like their sisters back then and would turn around when they got dressed.

According to a referee who was released from the WWF, Bradshaw tied up a
wrestler in the shower while he was naked and rubbed baby oil all over him
threatening to rape him until he cried while the lockerroom looked on and
laughed. I think the victim might have date-raped a girl, or may have just not
been well-liked. It was never specified who the victim was other than this
happened in like ’98 or ’99 and the guy was a fairly well known wrestler, I also
heard it might have been Brian Christopher aka Grandmaster Sexay.

Raven said this was true and it was in fact, Brian Christopher. Raven also said that Christopher was screaming that “Guys don’t do this to other guys” as Honky wants to know how come Bradshaw hasnt done that to Jerry Lawler.

Remember when David Flair quit IWA Puerto Rico due to unfit living conditions?
And everybody ragged on him when they found out IWA had put him up in a nice
house? Well, that nice house belonged to Victor Quiones. I shouldn’t have to say
anymore, but I will. David was sleeping one night and was woken up by Quiones
standing over him about to blow a load on his face. David quit the next day.

Neither guy has a clue but they are reminded that Ric Flair tried to go after Quiones and this prompts Honky to talk about going after someone in front of a bunch of people is not the way to go and that you should take the person aside and try to work out the problem. Raven asks about Koko B. Ware going after someone once and Honky talks about he came after Hacksaw Duggan with a nip once as Duggan slapped it away from him and said get the fuck away from him. Raven tells a story of how Billy Jack Haynes almost killed him once in Portland after Art Barr blamed him for a rib that he pulled. They talk about Jericho taking down Goldberg as Raven says that Jericho has that “Canadian retard strength.” Honky again stresses that you do no to this in front of everyone and work it out on the side.

They now talk about the Dynamite Kid/Jacques Rougeau incident. Honky says that Dynamite broke Jacques jaw after punching him while he was sitting down playing cards. He said that when Dynamite got hit, everyone was saying how he was holding two cups of coffee and couldnt defend himself but they add how neither could Jacques when he was sitting down holding cards. Honky then goes on about how Dynamite claimed in his book that he slapped him and Honky cried. Honky tells the story about they had a confrontation one night and he approached him the next night and asked Dynamite if they had a problem and he said no and that was the end of that. What happened was that Heenan made a joke about Harley Race not being able to take an ass bump due to a colostomy bag then someone spread a rumor that after a sold out show at the Boston Garden, Honky said that he paid the boys’ rent. Honky actually told Jimmy Hart that at least they paid their rent tonight and that Dynamite would mention that to him for the next two weeks. Honky then talks about Dynamite weighing about 130 lbs when he first started and that he got bigger because of steroids. He then says that he terrorized Terry Taylor and would cut up his clothes, which is not a rib but just destroyin someone’s property. Raven says that when that happens, its a lose/lose situation as if you fight back, it means that you cannot take a rib. Anyway, Dynamite flipped out on him after drinking all day long and asked him why he said that about Harley and Honky told him that he didnt say the joke, Bobby Heenan did. Honky says that Dynamite might have been a tough guy all jacked up on roids and drunk but if there was any crying, it would have been Dynamite after he stuck his foot up his ass. Honky says that he pissed off all the European guys after saying that Dynamite deserves everything he got after the way he treated people. Apparently, Finlay was irate over this and threatened to fly over there and kick his ass. Honky then mentions how Diana Smith called Dynamite the biggest liar he has ever met.

Honky closes by saying that he has done a lot of bad things and some good things but he doesnt care what people say when he is gone as he can’t hear them. He doesnt even care what they say about him when he is alive.

Final Thoughts: A fantastic shoot. Both guys were insightful and hilarious, especially the Honky Tonk Man who stood out a lot more than Raven did here. The interview had a little bit of everything from gossip, gross stories, hilarious stories and even some heartfelt moments. The first hour contained a lot of knowledge and how it is lost on a majority of the wrestlers today, which is still a glaring problem today. Having the guys go through the list of rumors was a fun segment, even if it did drag a bit but the side-stories that they told were usually better than their own insight on the rumors. As the debut of the “Face Off” series, I dont think that any of the fifteen other volumes that have followed can compare to this one. I give this a high recommendation. You can download the video for $9.99 at Highspots.com. I did and it is well worth the price, IMO. Here is the link:


Terry Funk & Raven vs Julio Dinero & CM Punk

Quite possibly the weirdest match I've ever stumbled upon, but
probably par for the course for the weekly PPV days of TNA?

The match actually makes sense within the storyline — Punk and Dinero were Raven's flock, they turned on him, and Raven recruited Funk to help him get revenge.  Pretty decent brawl too, although short-haired Raven always looks wrong.  

Who The Fuck Hired Raven?

You probably won't remember any of this, but it popped into my head recently, and I figured I'd give it a shot.  How big of a wasted opportunity was Raven's second ECW run?  He popped up in a huge shock, won the tag titles with Dreamer.  They started doing a whole thing where Dreamer was trying to trust Raven, but Sandman was totally against it and Raven kept comparing Sandman to his father.  But then it seemed to all go away?  I think there was some thing where Raven teamed with Mike Awesome for a little bit and then nothing?  I know from Raven's second shoot that he ended up doing a self-imposed detox at some point during that run, but did they ever even bring any closure to that 3-way Raven/Dreamer/Sandman angle?

I wasn't paying huge amounts of attention to ECW on TNN at the time because the show kind of sucked, but I don't remember any particular payoff to that, no.  Pretty sure Raven mostly flaked out on Heyman and then left him in the lurch to jump to WWE in 2000, but he was damaged goods by then due to years of addiction and WCW anyway.