Did WWE miss out on a big money match with Hogan and Race in 86?  I was a NY kid who didn't know what NWA or WCW was so I only knew Harley as "the King" with the stupid purple outfit.  Why didn't Vince do the Flair angle 5 years earlier with the tough as nails 9-time NWA Champion?
​Race-Hogan made about all the money it was going to make on the house show circuit and did fine.  Keep in mind that Race was beyond shot by that point anyway and so broken down that he couldn't even have watchable matches with guys like Orndorff, so really anything was gravy.  If they had managed to grab him before Starrcade 83 like the legend says then maybe there might have been something, but King Harley Race was a shell of a wrestler.  ​